Condolence & Memory Journal

I miss you Scott, as an artist songwriter singer & person. We will always keep your music alive. You are a legend.

Posted by Michelle Phebus - Parkville, MD - Acquaintance   December 04, 2019


"Still missing your amazing voice and fantastic energy, you were such a talent and will always be remembered for the music you devoted your life to". RIP may you find much Peace and Love

Posted by S Stambler - W Hills, CA   September 03, 2018

Still crying

Posted by Susan Mergenhagen - Silver Spring MD, MD - Friend   June 22, 2018

Scott, I am listening to your brilliance right now. Always will. I know this is 3 yrs late, not oftentimes My appreciation comes posthumously, Jimi Hendrix as an example. Your music will live on as long as we do. God bless to your family. I love you, Susan Mergenhagen

Posted by Susan Mergenhagen - Silver Spring, MD   May 07, 2018

You may now finally rest your body down, and your soul find the peace you was looking for. You are so loved by many an your songs will always live on.
~Thank You SCOTT~

Posted by A friend   March 01, 2018


You are missed very much Scott. Rest in Peace. Love, Helena Himmelright

Posted by Helena Himmelright - Mechanicsburg, PA - acquaintance   January 04, 2018

Sad to see you go brother. One of the greats, for sure. RIP Scott.

Posted by Shane Riley - Spokane, WA   December 11, 2017


Life without your beautiful voice and presence is so sad! RIP Scott

Posted by Mary F - WI   May 15, 2017

So sorry of our loss, Scott. Been very hard to accept your passing. You wrote and sang some of my all time favorits. Rest well and glad you finally at peace. H. Russell, Chino, CA

Posted by Hellen Russell - Chino, CA   May 08, 2017


I love you Scotty.

Posted by Lynn Dees - Madison, WI   March 29, 2017


Posted by Valenda Newell - Indianapolis, IN   December 04, 2016

Greatly missed - stay cool!

Posted by Darren - Sydney   December 04, 2016


On this first anniversary of your death, we want you to know how much you are missed! You touched us in ways that can't be described and we continue to miss you every single day. Rock on in Heaven!

Posted by Robert, Marnie, and Kelly - Buena Park, CA   December 03, 2016


Happy Birthday in Heaven, Scott Weiland...You were a phenomenal singer and songwriter. You are missed.

Posted by Helena Himmelright - Elizabethville, PA   October 27, 2016


Always thinking of you, dear Scotty.

Posted by Cassandra-lee Rowe - Berri, SA   March 17, 2016

You will be missed ♡♡♡

Posted by Teresa Cross - Maryville, TN - Acquaintance   February 19, 2016

Leave a condolence or a memory.I can not believe it already has been 2 months since Scott passed away..a true rock star one of best singers

Posted by Regan DeSisto - Lowell, MA   February 05, 2016


Scott, you lived fast, but your light and talents reached so far. You are my generation's Rock Legend. Peace and Love Forever.

Posted by J H - Toronto, ON   February 04, 2016


I still can not believe this has really happened - you were a great guy, a great musician. You will live on in our memories and through your music. Rest easy now - we'll miss you dearly.

Posted by Lily Camp - Rochester, NY   February 04, 2016


"RIP Scott. You made so many people happy with your beautiful singing and songwriting. It is very sad your life was cut short and you are apart from your family and friends. May you find peace at last."

Posted by Diana - Calgary   February 01, 2016

R.I.P. Mr. Weiland. You will be terribly missed, you are and always will be the greatest front man of our generation, a master entertainer and story teller. condolences to the family, wife and children. God Bless.

Posted by P D - Tampa, FL   January 26, 2016


Thank you Scott for allowing us into your life. We will greatly miss you.

Posted by Tonyah Thompson - Eagle, WI   January 22, 2016


Posted by Laura C. - Arlington, TX   January 21, 2016

R.I.P. Scott. You were an exceptionally gifted singer and songwriter and have made many, many people around the world happy through your music. Your music and legacy will live on. My condolences to your family and close friends. Diana from Canada

Posted by A friend   January 18, 2016


Posted by CORY BLUM - ST. PETERSBURG, FL   January 13, 2016


Your battle is over Scott, no longer are you "stuck here in the Vasoline." Music & the entire world, will never be the same. R.I.P Scott....

Posted by Joey hamblin - Ellicott city, MD   January 10, 2016

I can't even express what Scott's legacy has done for my life. He has gotten me through so much through out my life. Him as a person and his music and also being a friend. He will forever be missed. He went from my idol & hero and now my angel. Rest in Peace Scott

Posted by Ashleigh - Bolingbrook, IL - Friends   January 08, 2016

You are truly unforgettable, the greatest rock star of the past century. You will live forever through your music.

Posted by Kim    January 06, 2016

You are a great man...will love U always..

Posted by Grace W    January 06, 2016

From Spain my condolences to the family.Scott will always be in ours hearts with his music.

Posted by mery maria hetfield - Madrid   January 06, 2016

Love and miss you everyday Scott, no one on earth has the talent as you, God Bless You RIP ❤

Posted by Celene Frasier - Amsterdam, NY   January 06, 2016

I'm a fan of Scott.He needs to be remember for music he had some beautiful music.He battle and never had a chance seems people forgot Scott at times he in heaven singing with Elvis knowing Scott He never quit singing through all.

Posted by Tina Neal-Rose - Houston, MO   January 01, 2016

This will be on the studio wall forever

Posted by A friend   December 31, 2015

The first time I heard Scott's voice I knew that I would have to follow him through his career, he was my idol. On my bucket list was shaking his hand and thanking him for the healing I got from listening to his lyrics. I can identify with him.....I don't think he ever got over Janine. I saw part of myself in every image or show and of course in his lyrics. After connecting with Layne's Mom, Nancy ( super nice, graceful ladie ) & meeting Chris Cornell I was sure that I would have a chance to check the box on my bucket list next to his name.

I'm still at a loss of words over this and I am struggling as I speak right now. In the lyrics of "Atlanta" there is a hint where you can see that he "nearly forgot his broken heart"(reference from Chris Cornell's latest hit......Scott wrote "memories of candles and incense and all of these things, REMEMBER ME".

I wanted to be the best friend that he longed for, someone who didn't care who he was but paid more attention to what he was. In almost every photograph of him in the early STP days he was making the rest of the band laugh. I believe that was his genuine stress relief before the World got to him and only saw dollar signs.

You will never be forgotten and I will raise my glass when I see your face on the TV tonight. Playing "Atlanta" tonight & "Say Hello To Heaven" in your honor........

Posted by Ray V    December 31, 2015

Posted by Ray    December 31, 2015

you carried the torch after the music truly died with your passing.

Posted by Side Walk - Washington, DC   December 28, 2015

Posted by Cory blum    December 25, 2015


Thank you. Your music and that unique and incredible voice mark my memories as a younger man. It was a privilege to say I was a fan of STP and truly knew your music as a Bass Player. Sin, Still Remains, Pretty Penny, Kitchenware, Silvergun, And So I Know, Trippin on a Hole, Hello, It's Late, Glide, Wonderful, Dare if You Dare... The list goes on and on and the memories are impressed with such emotion. Thank you Scott.

Robert Zondo - Kid from Vegas.

Posted by Robert Elizondo - Las Vegas, NV   December 22, 2015


When I saw someone had said you passed on youtube while I was listening to "Song for Sleeping", I didn't believe it, but then I read it for myself, you were gone. I honestly felt like someone had punched me in the stomach, I love your music, your presence, everything about you. RIP Scott.

Posted by Candice Matteo - Philadelphia, PA   December 22, 2015

Scott you were my favorite singer of all time. I'm so mad I missed your show in Jim Thorpe PA and you passed several days after. I will never forgive myself for not calling off work on Black Friday to go see you. Music died that day when u passed. I cried for days. Love you and will continue to keep your music alive. Your autographed pic is hanging above my bed. Fly high my friend. You are the best!

Posted by Diane Sparrow - Dunmore, PA   December 22, 2015

will be greatly missed thanks for the great music you left us with and the time I met you in Cleveland after THE SHOW AT THE palace theater. one of the greatest voices of the last 25 years.

Posted by jason belohlavek - cleveland, OH   December 21, 2015

Very hurt to hear of your passing, love you Scott ALWAYS!

Posted by Tarona Sensel - Indianapolis, IN   December 21, 2015


My heart is broken

Posted by Laura Hirchag - Wofford heights, CA   December 20, 2015


Scott, I've loved you since the first time I heard your beautiful voice, from STP to VR & Solo you never disappointed. I will never forget the last time I saw you which was the Sunday before you left us. I was so close to the stage but I couldn't reach your hand so I grabbed your ankle. I couldn't help myself & I'm glad I did. I will never forget it! Your music brings such joy & happiness to my life. You will always live on in our hearts & through the great body of music that you've left behind. LOVE YOU FOREVER SCOTT!!!! <3><3><3>

Posted by deborah - Islip, NY - fan   December 20, 2015

You were a hero and an idol to me and a huge inspiration musically. You left to soon. But your voice will live forever.

Posted by Cale Blevins - Chattanooga, TN - Huge fan.   December 19, 2015


Rest In Peace Scott. You brought so much good music. Condolences to the family.

Posted by Christina - Lawrence, KS - Fan   December 19, 2015


Posted by Mary - MD   December 18, 2015

R.I.P. Scott. I have loved your singing since the 90's. You will be greatly missed.

Posted by Mary - MD   December 18, 2015

Scott and stp were a huge part and influence dury my youth. That also carried over and was renewed through some of the most troubling times of my adult life. It was his relentlessness to carry on that gave me resolve go overcome the same demons he battled. The gift is truly the curse. He will be forever missed.

Posted by Hall - Cincinnati, OH   December 18, 2015

So sorry ... way too young... saw you in Las Vegas with Jeremy... great show at The Palms... saw you at The Welmont in Jersey on November 28th, 2015... Gifted in so many ways... unbelievable talent...awesome performances... miss your posts on FB and your throwback Thursday pictures from your childhood days... you were just like one of us except you grew up to be a true legend and one of the greatest rock stars ever on this planet... Rest in Peace Scott... I will forever miss you... Secaucus, NJ

Posted by Antoinette Marko-Koeller - Secaucus, NJ   December 16, 2015

Your music and voice was one a of kind and you will never be replaced. I have seen you in concert (STP, VR, Solo) 10 times and was eagerly looking forward to the 11th show in Houston ,but the angels took you away sooner. May you find rest and peace and your family and kids find peace in this tragedy.

Posted by Thomas Grabowski - Spring, TX   December 16, 2015

Loved watching you perform. Gonna miss you Buddy. Praying for your family.

Posted by David Seale - Pasadena, TX   December 15, 2015

I hope you have found the peace you were so desperately looking for.
Thanks for the great music, so sad to know that you are gone.


Posted by Maggie B - Triangle, VA   December 15, 2015


Scott - When I met you I had just gone through 2 brain surgeries and had so many things going crazy in my life. You voice was like a beautiful harp to my ears. My husband and I would come to see Velvet Revolver and STP each and every time you toured our area. While your world was upside-down down. Your magic was the fruit that brought people together and lives together. I prayed for you during this past year and I will continue to pray for your family. Thank you for the legacy you left behide.

Posted by Sharon Eddy - Westhampton, MA - Fan   December 15, 2015

Thank you, Scott, for providing the soundtrack of our lives for the past 20+ years. My husband & I feel blessed to have seen you play many times over the years, and to have met you & the Wildabouts twice this year. We were determined to make every Wildabouts east coast show. You are SUCH a big part of our lives, and have inspired me to write & play music for many years. No one can match your lyrics...melodies...stage performance. We watched you go through life's changes as we went through ours, and know you have a heart of gold. Our lives will never be the same. Your music and legend speaks for itself. May you find the peace in Heaven this world denied you. Our prayers to Jamie, your children, family & bandmates. Thank you for sharing your heart, soul and music with us. Rock on in Heaven with Jeremy, Superman.

Posted by Rebel & Michelle Wright - Baltimore, MD - Admirer, supporter, fan   December 15, 2015


Love you and hope you are at Peace with the Angels. R.I.P S.R.W.

Posted by Andrea - Bemidji, MN   December 14, 2015

From Core to Blaster it's been a hell of a ride! The world has lost one of the greatest musicians ever! Fly high like the Rock God you are and perform for the Angels in the sky! ❤
~Tracey from York,PA

Posted by Tracey Botterbusch - York, PA - Fan   December 14, 2015

One of the greatest musicians and performers I have ever seen or ever will see. Your voice and talents will be missed and remembered by millions. Your music will live on forever.

Posted by Scott Ross - Madison, IN - fan   December 14, 2015

Fell in love with your voice on Interstate Love Song. Rest In Peace my man. God Bless your Children & Family.

Posted by karen mccallister - pittsburgh, PA - fan   December 14, 2015

I was lucky to see you live a few times with STP. My last time was recently at Lupo's 11/24/15. Who would've known just a week & a 1/2 later you would be gone!? So sad.... You were one of a kind! You will be missed. RIP Scott...

Posted by Christine Marfeo - Providence, RI   December 13, 2015


Rest in peace Scott Weiland. Loved your voice, your lyrics, your music. You were a musical genius! Thank you for all the memories. Will miss you!

Posted by Tracy Bawcum - Detroit, MI   December 13, 2015


Love you forever Mr.Weiland. Thank you for all that you did. Fly free ♡

Posted by C W - ON   December 13, 2015

With deepest sympathy, we are wishing the family of Scott Weiland--a very talented and highly-valued songwriter and singer--the peace and comfort that only the God of comfort can provide during this sorrowful time. None of us are perfect, for all make mistakes. The key is to be humble as we grow in our journey of self-awareness, asking one another for forgiveness for our wrongs. It is our petition that Scott Weiland end his journey for ultimate peace in the promised Paradise!

Posted by John and Brenda    December 13, 2015

Still missing you today. -Steph ( Washington dc)

Posted by steph michele - washington, DC   December 13, 2015


RIP to Scott Weiland, one of the greatest vocalists of all time. One of my first concerts I went to with my girlfriend was at Meadowbrook in Gilford, New Hampshire in 2012 to see Stone Temple Pilots kill it for the first time in a long time. Had been a fan since the 90s so had seen them rock out on the Eastern Seaboard countless times in the early 2000's before that. Seen Velvet Revolver kill it on the West Coast as well when I lived out there. Whatever band Weiland was in he made that band the best including The Wildabouts who I saw this year in Brighton, MA at a small club with my girlfriend and they rocked. It was cool getting up that close to the stage again to see one of your idols as there is no way I got that close at many STP shows that did not have general admission in the mid 2000s on. Scott will be the most missed vocalist of 21st Century no doubt. He had better vocal range and more onstage energy than the majority of vocalists out there. He was a true brother and he set himself free. We will miss him. RIP Scott!

Posted by Robert - Somerville, MA - Big Time Fan   December 13, 2015


Your music and life meant so much hoping one day we will hear your voice again

Posted by SCENICA WILLIAMS - Kingston, NY - Friend   December 13, 2015


So much left to say...your heart always poured out onto that stage. Eyes were glued to you. Your anthems sung in unison. Thank You for sharing your soul thru your music. It will live on forever. And even though some memories may fade, they will never burn out. Rock in peace, Scotty!

Posted by Carolyn Rizzo - Sea Cliff, NY - A fan   December 13, 2015


Your music touched my soul & will live on in my heart forever. I love you Scott, you will never be forgotten.

Posted by Paula Kirkman - Bloomington, IN - Fan   December 13, 2015

Good thoughts and prayers to your children, family and friends. Thanks for the wonderful music, the antics and for just being an outstanding earthling, flaws and all. The heavens must be rocking!

Posted by Kimberley - Al Ain, Abu Dhabi, UAE   December 13, 2015


To one of the greatest vocalist of our time gone to soon but never forgotten R.I.P brother\m/

Posted by Chris Bruzaitis - Granite City, IL - Fan   December 13, 2015

Hey Scott,
I had some difficult time when I was an adolescent and you really could't imagine how much your music helped me then. Anyway, even if my life has improved much since then, I've always been listening to your great music. I do really miss you terribly: it has been quite like the loss of a family member for me. May you can rest in peace brother.
Love you.

Posted by Massimiliano - Guastalla - Friend   December 13, 2015

We shall never forget you! I shall keep your music alive until my end of days! I shall rejoice the memories of meeting you and speaking to you! God bless you our friend our idol our legend!
We love you Scott!
Always And Forever
Nick Maybury & Daniel Newman Lovers
Katie Rodeo Lester

Posted by Katie Lester Rodeo - London - Friend and friends of the band   December 13, 2015

I'll always love you, Scotty. I'll always pray for your loved ones. XO

Posted by Cassandra-lee Rowe - Berri, South Australia   December 13, 2015

When my dad passed the question asked by all those attending "did this man we know and loved live a full life" that question came to mind again when I heard Scott was in heaven too. The answer clear, yes Scott did too. A loving wife beautiful children great friends close band mates devoted fans worldwide many talents a poet a singer a friend more importantly a human being with struggles like us all. Thank you Scott for all you shared. A full life indeed. I'll be waiting on a Sunday afternoon..... with only love for you prayers to your family and friends. You will be forever missed.
Patty, Palm Harbor Florida

Posted by A friend   December 13, 2015

Dear Scotty,
On the day that you were lay to rest, I was an angel at a Christmas Pageant. Thank you for the difference you made in the lives of your friends, family and fans. You will always be remembered. I love you forever, my brother in Christ.
Love, your angel. Cassandra-lee.

Posted by Cassandra-lee Rowe - Berri, South Australia - Fan   December 13, 2015

We truly loved loved you Scott ! There's a hole in our hearts where you once were.

Posted by Duane Dudgeon - Avon Lake, OH - Friend   December 13, 2015

You will never be forgotten Scott. No one can ever wear that hat like you could. Thank you for all the music and memories. You were the best Artist that came into my life for more than 20 + years. It broke my heart to see you leave but you were tired. God asked you to come home and you did. Rest in Peace. I love you my friend, always will..

Posted by Janet Dust - Manistique, MI - Friend   December 13, 2015

Thank you so much for the wonderful music. You are part of the soundtrack of my life. Sleep well my friend.

Posted by Sarah Teske - De Pere, WI   December 13, 2015


Love you and miss you Scott

Posted by Mark Van Pelt - Canton, OH   December 13, 2015

R.I.P. thanks for all the great music that made my life more enjoyable.

Posted by Tim Wages - Springdale, AR   December 13, 2015


Posted by Sally Sault - Ketchikan, AK   December 13, 2015


R.I.P. Scott

Posted by mark sandusky - bridgeview, IL - Fan   December 12, 2015


Just want you to know that you are and will always be a huge inspiration to me. I always looked up to you and thought how awesome you are. Many lives were touched by your talents and your music is now your soul. I will miss you bro and godspeed

Posted by Philip Smith - defiance, OH - Life long fan   December 12, 2015

What more can be said about a man who touched so many. so many ways. After all is said and done, he was just a man. Someone's son, husband, father, friend. He, like all of us. ..stumbled through this life the only way he knew how. ....with as much grace as he could matter. ...there were hard lessons learned....and good days enjoyed. ..he was human and faced all of the human failings and successes that we all have to face. In my opinion he did so with a style that was truly unique. He will be remembered fondly by all who valued him ...he will be sorely missed by all who knew and loved him....and there will never be another like him. He was indescribably talented ...he was dynamic......he was unique...he was Scott Weiland.....God Speed to you

Posted by Patricia Ruttle - Peterborough - admirer   December 12, 2015


I will miss you! There will always be a special place in my heart for you! We will miss your music & talent! Be at peace! XOXO

Posted by Heather May Jatczak - Brilliant, OH - FAN   December 12, 2015

Posted by Jazz - Montreal - Fan   December 12, 2015

I stopped doing opiates the day you died.... You are and always will be my make believe rocker boyfriend.. I am sad your gone but I am hopeful that you are at peace. RIP SCOTT WEILAND

Posted by Sally Sault - Ketchikan, AK   December 12, 2015


Still loving you and all you lent your voice to for 23 years strong! I miss you sooo much and cannot wait to see you sing with Jim in heaven you will always be my hero! You have no idea how much you changed my life when you sang "Circles" to me while holding hands and me crying.. I thank you for your attention April 26, 2015 as well as everything you left behind.. Please rest in peace now, Scott! Ask if you can bring a friend and what is the rent like up there?!

Posted by Jamie Tracy - Birmingham, AL - biggest fan ever!!!   December 12, 2015

Scott, For 23 years I devoted all of my listening to whatever you put out. I have a lot of memories that I will cherish during your live performances. There will never be anyone like you, you were the best! I pray that you are rocking with the best of them. Thanks for showcasing your talents and allowing us to join the ride, you will never be forgotten.

Posted by ~ Shane Williams - Clayton, NC - Fan   December 12, 2015


I think you touched more lives than you realized. So sorry that you aren't here anymore, but you are finally at peace.

Posted by Kim Purnell - Hadley, MA - Fan   December 12, 2015


Scott I will miss not being able to see you at live shows anymore but I will keep you in memory forever as I listen to your music. I will never forget meeting you on Nov. 27th outside your tour bus. I will forever remember the thumbs up and salute you gave me. Forever your fan Scott.

Posted by Bryan Troutman - Elizabethville, PA - Fan   December 12, 2015


Rest in Peace Scott
Your music will live on forever in my heart
My sincere condolences to you family

Posted by Erica Murray - Ajax, ON   December 12, 2015

Never got to know you, I have listen to your lyrics a lot! I know one thing, I'm 36 and when I'll be older, I am still going to listen to your songs. They captivated me and still do. My high scholl and all the years after them, I always had a few of your songs on my playlist. To me your has alive as you were and always will .

Posted by Garry - Gatineau   December 12, 2015


You will be missed so much by so many Scott, thank you for all your music, your words affected my life and helped me so many times and will be with me forever.

Posted by James Hill - sheffield, England - Fan   December 12, 2015


RIP Scott Loved your voice❤music God Bless you Bros xx

Posted by Sherry Melanson - Ottawa,Canada - Fan   December 12, 2015

Thank you for being my inspiration your music. Your voice is magical. Helped me through everything. Hope you are at peace. You deserve it. Will miss you and love you. Sweet dreams and rock out in heaven. Love you Scott

Posted by Rhonda cope - Joshua tree, CA - Fan   December 12, 2015

Thank you! God bless you

Posted by Ed Snukis jr - Pottstown, PA - Friend   December 12, 2015

God Bless Ya Brutha!

Posted by mike whitney - buffalo, NY - fan   December 12, 2015

So happy Ur now at peace!

Posted by - rochester, NY - Nick & music   December 12, 2015

I loved your music you were truly gifted

Posted by Lizzy Compston - Marion, OH - fan   December 12, 2015


Your music was heartfelt and amazing , I have listened and admired your talent for years
And I hope you have found peace

Jason mcminn

Posted by Jason mcminn - Houston, TX - Friend   December 12, 2015

Thank for your inspiration in music and lyrics, you will always be remembered for your talent. Rest In Peace Scott, save a space for me.

Posted by Alexander J. Guajardo - Homewood, IL - Inspired fan   December 12, 2015


Ur gona b greatly missed and ima so miss the way ur energy took over while on stage..ur voice ill say it overand over ..u have a voice of an n peace i hate this..u were taken way to soon.say helo to my cousin which passed one month before u from a.l.s ..hope yall r are able to meet and reminise a u always a fan from luray viginia.tracy taylor

Posted by Tracy Taylor - Luray, VA - Fan   December 12, 2015

So sorry for your loss of one of the greatest front-men of all time. He will be greatly missed. Madelyn Kidder

Posted by Madelyb Kidder - Boston, MA - fan   December 12, 2015

You have been an inspiration to me since I was an early teenager. Your part of the reason I'm who I am when it comes to playing music on stage or off stage. Weather it's a gig, or around a campfire with friends. Every time I've ever sang a cover song for the last 20 years, It's always been one of yours. You have truly blessed this world, and even those who do not even realize it yet. I don't have any candles, but one will always be lit inside me. I promise I will carry on your legacy as long as I live. I miss you so much already, but I know your able to shine upon even more as an angel. Love you man... I can't wait to join you when it's my time.

Posted by JoNnY B - Detroit, MI - Musician   December 12, 2015

love you buddy. thanks for your honesty, musicianship, artistry and performance. you blew my mind watching/hearing you in concert in toronto in 2000. thank you for everything. ❤

Posted by ryan dismatsek - toronto   December 12, 2015

R.i.p great man ....we will miss u but always honor u . heaven must sound really awesome right now R.I P BROTHER

Posted by Erica wooj    December 12, 2015


You are such an amazing soul and I am more than glad to have found your music. You are a blessing and your music has helped me so much in my life as well as my journeys. Thank you for being the man you were and blessing all of us. I hope U are at peace now and we will continue to celebrate your life and legacy. Much love

Posted by Laila Navarro - Corpus Christi, TX - Fan   December 12, 2015

Scott u left us to soon man . breaks many hearts .. But ur music is left to hel us carry on . u will never be forgotten never we always show much love and respect here in michigan .. We love u scott may u be making the heavens sound beautiful with many other souls we have lost .. Love u brother R.I.P SCOTT ❤

Posted by Erica Greenwood - Bay city, MI   December 12, 2015

My brother forever. Not even time will heal this wound. "Somebody told me, I know where to go" THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING.

Posted by Flint Dodson - Springfield, MO - Fan   December 12, 2015

May Your powerful voice live on moving forward to a more powerful place. I feel privileged to have seen one of your last shows two weeks before your untimely death. You will forever be a missing piece to the music I love....RIP Scott

-Susan A
Westland, MI

Posted by Susan A - Westland, MI   December 12, 2015


Thank-you Scott for the and memories R.I.P

Posted by William Walls - Boston, MA - fan   December 12, 2015

Scott, you were truly a great friend. Such a talented man and caring person. You taught me to always see the good in every situation even when it looked bleak. Thank you for your friendship, I will hold those jokes and memories close to my heart forever. I'm glad you found peace and are now able to jam out with Michael again. I'll see you when I get there Scott. I love you friend.

Posted by Becca Stewart - Antigo, WI - Friend   December 12, 2015


We Miss You! As A Human Being And Great Songwriter Musician And Talent! We Love You! God Bless You And Your Family And Band Mates! Your Music Helped Me Out Through Hard Times And Truly Devastated! Your Music And Voice Will Live On Forever! R.I.P Buddy! #ScottWeiland #StoneTemplePilots #VelvetRevolver #TheWildabouts #GoneWayTooSoon

Posted by Frank - fairfield, CT - Fan   December 12, 2015


Some of my best memories came while attending your shows. Rest in peace Scott. Thank you for all the years of great work and for all of the inspiration.

Posted by Derek Delaronde - Kahnawake - Fan   December 12, 2015


Scott, I truly hope you are now able to find the peace listening to your music always gave me. Sleep well xo

Posted by Jennifer Castonguay - Dubreuilville, ON, Canada   December 12, 2015

Thank you Scott for helping me with my struggles and even when i was high, with your beautiful voice. Ill never forget you man. Wish i could have met you although i felt i have at your shows. I dont care what people say. You werw rock n roll not alternative. I hope that I can see you in that far and beyond wicked garden to heqr your beautiful voice again. Rest Easy brother. Hope that there is an interstate in which we will meet and you may show me the way.

Posted by Chris Szerszunowicz - BOSTON, MA - Friend   December 12, 2015


Thanks for the memories. Loved your artistry more than words can express. Lucky to have seen you 17 times in concert, would have been 18 that terrible night you left us. Love and Peace to Lucy,Noah, Jaimie and family. That Beautiful, talented, tortured man saved my life! 496 days clean Janet a Forever Fan Chippewa Falls Wi

Posted by Janet Revoir - Chippewa Falla, WI - A Forever Fan   December 12, 2015

It's insane how many people you brought together. Wish you could see it. #beenalongweeksinceyouvebeengone

Posted by Cale - Chattanooga, TN - Fan   December 12, 2015


Thank you for all the years with awesome lyrics and melodies. RIP Scott

Posted by Annett Brockmann - Fan since the early 90s   December 12, 2015


Scott, still can't believe your gone.i hope your at peace now. Your music brought many people together
Love always .....Jen NJ

Posted by Jen B - NJ - Fan   December 12, 2015


Scott Weiland, a true legend. The best front man! RIP. I will never forget your music and will continue to be fan. I will miss getting so excited when I purchased tickets to see you in concert. Your music was such a huge part of my life and now I have an empty place in my heart. Thank goodness, music lasts forever. I just hope you know how much you were loved and admired. Peace and love to your family members during this difficult time.

Posted by Brandie Dame - Valdosta, GA - Huge fan for 24 years   December 12, 2015


Hope you find what you been looking for...what a wonderful life youve had net you cant wait for the next one and your at peace

Posted by Cynthia stadnick - Grinnell, IA - Admirer   December 12, 2015

Scott May you rest in peace! You have been the biggest inspiration in my life since I was a kid your music helped me with all of my problems in life. Your music will forever live on in my heart and my biggest fear in life was losing you and my fear came true. I will remember what a fret friend you were your smile could light up a room. I love ya you went from being my hero to my idol my friend and now my angel!!!! Thank you for everything!!!!

Posted by Ashleigh Koutsopanagos - Bolingbrook, IL - Friend   December 12, 2015

Scott you was so amazing.. Thank you for the music it will always be with me.. May you rip . your a beautiful soul and now you will be my angel looking over all of us.. Rock heaven.. you will never be forgotten always in my thoughts and my heart.. You will be sadly missed..

Posted by brenda - lebanon, IN - fan   December 12, 2015

Scott, I am broken hearted by your passing, as you were one of my very top favorite singers of my generation. I am glad that I got to see you on stage a couple of times. You have left a legacy behind for all of us to hold onto, so I thank you for that. Thank you for all of your music that you shared with the world. You will NEVER be forgotten! You'll ALWAYS be loved by many, many people who appreciated your music. I pray that your passing has brought you peace, and that you are resting in heaven by God's mercy and grace. Goodbye Scott.

Posted by Lis Leyva - Lompoc, CA   December 12, 2015


Scott RIP you will be in my heart and thoughts forever you truly were loved by so many people I'm sure you knew that. Rock heaven God bless your family and friends and fans thank you for the music xxoo

Posted by cali - cincinnati, OH - fan   December 12, 2015

Love you scott, thank god your music will live on forever. ..gonna miss seeing you in concert. ..sleep well

Posted by Dwayne Gustas - Mt vernon, NY - Biggest scott fan ever   December 12, 2015

Rest In Peace, Scott. Thank You for your amazing music. You will be missed.

Posted by Shane Croteau - Etobicoke - Fan   December 12, 2015


Mr. Weiland,
You are beautiful in so many ways. You and your music has helped me in many aspects of my life, whether it was something so small like teenage angst or something so large as addiction. I will forever be grateful for you and the impact you have had on so many people. You were and are still loved by many. I'm praying for your family and love ones to find peace during this difficult time.

Posted by Molly Heisler - Indian Head, MD - Fan For Life   December 12, 2015


Scott, thanks for all the great music over the years. You helped more of us than you could have ever imagined. I'm so happy I got to see you perform for the 1st (& last) time just three weeks ago in St. Charles. Rest in peace.

Posted by Alec LeHouillier - Algonquin, IL - Fan   December 12, 2015


Bless you Scott, may your spirit fly free and your burdens lessened. You touched so many with your songs and words, I had the pleasure of seeing STP open for the Rolling Stones in the early 90's in Toronto and then I saw you rehearse for MMVA here in 2001 and we had that awkward moment for which I now do apologize for. You were one of a kind man. Most Sincerely Steven A Banfield.

Posted by Steven Banfield - Toronto - admirer-er   December 12, 2015


This world is a little bit darker now. Thank you for hanging in there and giving this world all you could each and every day. I hope there is peace and rest on the other side. Save a front row seat...Will surely miss you and your talent. So long for now...

Posted by Verdia Bolster - Montgomery, AL - friend/fan   December 12, 2015

I've loved you since the first time I heard your voice . I feel so fortunate that I got to see & touch you in person. You will live on forever through your children & your music . Another genius talent gone too soon. Love you forever Scott!

Posted by Deborah Haskamp - Islip, NY - Not related.. A long time fan   December 12, 2015


Thank you Scott for the music. You were such an inspiration for me as a teen getting into music. You're the ultimate rockstar of my generation and I miss you so much. Just know that we all still love you and miss you so much. Good luck on your adventure into the afterlife. Peace be with you my brother.

Posted by Derek Peoples - Enterprise, AL - Friend   December 12, 2015

Life here on earth will never be the same U have touched so many lives through your music and kind heart u will greatly missed by many .

Posted by Chantyl Wald - Minot, ND   December 12, 2015

Scott you were such an amazing talent gone way to soon thank you for the music I pray your soul is resting peacefuly

Posted by cheryl severns - los angeles, CA   December 12, 2015

My heart is broken ......but I thank you for all the joy you have brought into my life over the years. I know you've finally found the peace you've been desperately searching for. And that helps ease the pain for me somewhat. GODSPEED! Keep rockin in the new life!

Posted by Donna    December 12, 2015


Posted by Nichole Haynie - Lake Charles, LA   December 11, 2015

The day the music died for sure!

I mean- this was like Lennon passing or Morrison...
You rank right there with them! In a way I'm mad but we have all these songs (that are timeless) to keep us HAPPY;)

People remember where there were on 911-
Well my friend ! you were the rock-n-roll 911 ,
I'll never forget the morning I woke to this news;(


Posted by Tee B - KY   December 11, 2015

Great artist of a generation that rocked.Very ,very talented singer.Hopefully you can have peace Scott...

Posted by Pat Oboyle - Miamisburg, OH   December 11, 2015

We will miss you, fans of Argentina

Posted by Ernesto Ranieri - Buenos Aires   December 11, 2015

I'm crying my eyes out nonstop about this! I'm sad I didn't come give you a hug in Austin after your show. You were really great! In all respects!

Posted by Didi Gruenwald - Nyc, NY   December 11, 2015

RIP Scott, you were an unimaginable influence on my journey into music. Peace.

Posted by Cormac Doherty - Ireland - Fan   December 11, 2015

So sorry for your loss he was a great musician!!!

Posted by Sue Hickman - Knoxville, TN   December 11, 2015

I am so glad I got to see you one time with my father who has also since passed away. It was a great show. Because of you, I will always remember the great times with my dad. Because of your music, I will always remember and cherish you. I pray you are at peace now. With a heavy heart and a lot of love,

Posted by Gena Duval - Corpus Christi, TX   December 11, 2015

Scott, I'm so sad that you're gone! But now you aren't suffering anymore. May your soul find peace . Love you my friend.

Posted by Dita - FL   December 11, 2015

Absolutely heartbroken & gutted.....still in disbelief over this. You beautiful soul. My prayers for you, your children, family, friends & fans. You gave us many wonderful gifts. Thank you!

Cindy Lou

Posted by Cindy Lou - GA   December 11, 2015

My deepest condolences. May God provide you with the strength and comfort you need as you cope with your loss. (Psalms 9:9 NWT)

~Angela Flores
Las Vegas, NV

Posted by A friend   December 11, 2015


Scott r.i.p. never forgotten,your music will live on forever

Posted by tracey plaskett - chelmsford   December 11, 2015

Scott, I am still numb. No one will ever know how you reached to me through your voice. I was a fan since day one and that will be with me forever. I hope you are in peace my friend.-Marc

Posted by Marc Kaye - Seattle, WA   December 11, 2015

RIP Scott Weiland , you help me thru mine darkest time ,when I was going thru chemo , had the pleasure getting to see you and STP in Virginia Beach and Hersey Pa . You just could not get rid of the demon , now you can RIP, thank you the beautiful music you and STP put out.

Posted by Kathy Pearson - Stafford, VA - Not   December 11, 2015

I am heartbroken - love you Scott. Saw you 7 times and each concert is a memory I will never forget.

Posted by A friend   December 11, 2015


God bless your family and friends. Your voice and music fed our souls. RIP

Posted by J. Nunn - Glasgow, KY - Fan   December 11, 2015


My prayers will continue for you Scott, for your eternal peace, and God's protection for those you left behind.

Posted by Cydney    December 11, 2015

Dear Scott... God bless you and give you peace and joy now for eternity, my fellow Catholic brother.

Thank you for the music you wrote and performed that brought me joy and solace so many times in the past 20+ years. I know that all who love you will see you again, and it will be for eternity.

May God always bless and protect your children and family. Your life was very worthwhile, Scott. I believe that you know that now.



Posted by Cydney - Dallas, TX   December 11, 2015


Always a fan.

Posted by - CT   December 11, 2015

You will always be one of the best frontmen of all time. Thank you for the music and all of the good times that came with it.

Posted by Shay - NY   December 11, 2015


You will be missed by many, my sincere condolences to your family and children

Posted by Delia - Harleysville, PA   December 11, 2015

R.I.P. scott. The news of your passing has truly broken my heart. Your music, talent, and gorgeous beauty will always be loved and remembered. Thank you for all of your beautiful sings and glorious talent, love you always

Posted by Parus LOVE - Glendale, CA   December 10, 2015

Scott, this has been a very difficult week for me. I just want to thank you for giving me 23 years of amazing music! I will never forget you! Rest in peace.

Posted by Lori P - Raleigh, NC   December 10, 2015

Very sad you've left. Spent hours listening to your music. In peace may you rest....

Posted by Kristin - Minneapolis, MN   December 10, 2015

Scott... I am happy you are no longer in pain. You carried around a tormented soul far too long and now you are free. Your secrets are safe with me.

Posted by K.B. SCOTT - APPLE VALLEY, MN   December 10, 2015

Scott, They say Only the good die young you were one of my favorite singer - songwriter's.... I've took your passing pretty hard.. It seems un-real.. May u Rest in Peace ..

Posted by Deborah Roland - Nashville, GA   December 10, 2015

Peace and love to your family.... RIP always Robbin

Posted by Robbin Scelso - Long Valley, NJ - fan   December 10, 2015


It has been a week now, a long week. Story after story, I am still trying to wrap my head around this. Am I crazy that this is all I think about? No, I'm not going crazy. Just in mourning for a friend who understood me even tho we never met.. your music made me happy, sad, and
This candle is for you Scott Weiland, may you now rest in peace! Love you much! Me.

Posted by Me - IL   December 10, 2015

big fan, my heart is sad and my soul hurts.............

Posted by harold dykstra - redlands, CA   December 10, 2015


We loved your soul which played out through your music, thank-you for making a life a better one #ripscottweiland

Posted by stephanie emmert - washington, DC   December 10, 2015

RIP, Scott. Listening to your "12 Bar Blues" as I'm typing this... Condolences to your loved ones.

Posted by D T - Hoboken, NJ   December 10, 2015


Your music, your voice and your words will live on forever. One of the best male vocalists in the music industry. R.I.P., Scott.

Posted by Angela S. - Chicago, IL   December 10, 2015

Words still fail me. It's hard to read all the negative about you. You were so much more than that. You were so much more than you were given credit for. I hope now, wherever you are, you are no longer in pain and haunted by the demons that stole the light in your eyes! Your absence will always be felt in my soul. Rock in paradise my friend. Xox S

Posted by Sher McAfee - Tampa, FL   December 10, 2015

Sei stato un Grandissimo mancherai al mondo intero.

Posted by Fabio Tatti - Vimercate, Micronesia   December 10, 2015


Make sure my candle was lit, because you guided me out of the dark many times...

Posted by Andrea Juskalian - AGAWAM, MA   December 10, 2015


Thank you Scott you will be forever missed by this girl!

Posted by Andrea Juskalian - Agawam, MA   December 10, 2015

The world is a better place due to Scott's contribution. He left us all too soon; leaving his body of work as his gift to the world. The hole he leaves is vast and perhaps most significantly felt by his children. For them and the rest of the Weiland family, I am truly sorry.

Posted by John Dunn - Armonk, NY   December 10, 2015


Scott, you are the Light which will Never, Ever burn out or dim. See you on the other side ...

Posted by Theresa - CA   December 10, 2015


You were so musically talented.... Your voice can never be replaced. When I found out you passed, I felt like a part of of my young adulthood died. I know your with your brother...smiling down from heaven with no more pain. You will be missed.

Posted by Christina Maestre - San Bernardino, CA   December 10, 2015


RIP Scott I will never forget you

Posted by Angie l - Lansing, MI   December 10, 2015

Rip Scott your music made some tough times in my life a little easier to live
I will never forget you

Posted by M M - Montreal, QC   December 10, 2015

I send the deepest love and condolences to Scott's family, kids, and closest of friends at this time. Your music saved me and helped carry me through two different times in my life. One was a school bullying incident that led to a suicide attempt. The other was going through a hefty methadone detox. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for that. I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for that help. I am a musician and know the power of music. I also know addiction and have been diagnosed with bi polar disorder. Love, Amber

Posted by Amber Ippolito - Saint George, UT   December 10, 2015


The suffering has ended for you, but remains for your loved ones.

Posted by A friend   December 10, 2015

Thank you for all your songs that will live in all of us forever., God Bless..

Posted by Maureen Fial - Buffalo, NY   December 10, 2015

I was looking forward to hearing more from you as you got older... I was looking forward to seeing where you would go musically. I am sad for your friends, your wife, your kids, everyone you loved and everyone you hurt...I can't even imagine all of the emotions they are feeling. You broke everybody's heart. Be not afraid anymore...
Natalie Lipson (Ottawa, ON Canada)

Posted by Natalie Lipson - Ottawa, ON   December 10, 2015

We are heartbroken that you are gone but never to be forgotten. You touched so many lives in so many ways. A true artist and genius in what you did. You don't know what an impact you had on so many lives. One of a kind! A beautiful man with so much talent and insight. Your death is so painful to so many. Rest in peace! Know your music will live forever. Thank you for such wonderful music, words and having the opportunity to touch so many lives. Big Empty now. Our sympathy for your family and loved ones.

Posted by MB & Ian - Charlotte, NC   December 10, 2015

R.I.P Scott. You will be so missed. Prayers for your family

Posted by Tina Benningfield - Campbellsville, KY   December 10, 2015

My daughters and I were so excited to be going to see Scott and the Wildabouts on Dec. 16th, but it was to never be. Devastated is the only word to describe how we feel. Saw STP live once and it was truly unforgettable. Scott will live on forever through his music. Thank you Scott for that gift. Prayer going out to his family and friends.

Glenna Whitley
Dumas, Tx.

Posted by Glenna Whitley - Dumas, TX   December 10, 2015

As I right this I am overwhelmed by grief as with so many thousands of other fans who like myself claim to be the number fan I am trying to let it sink in as I feel I have just lost a member of my own family how hard that is considering I never met the magic that was mr weiland the man who whenever I heard plush new at that this was more than a man the this was an aura a presence much more than a human a force and idol who would shape my life from that moment on such a talent Scott Weiland changed my life the most influential person of and era the best singer songwriter I have ever experienced he was the voice of a generation and will continue to to so as long as music is a thing I saw him on 8 occasions and was ready for so so so much more but it wasn't to be I spent so much time converting the people I met listen to this I threatened you will love this and they all did you don't have to convince someone who sports a pair of ears but I took so much pleasure in doing so music will never be the same ever again the music the best dressed man in the business a man with such song writing abilities just watch the look of the surviving doors members faces they haven't had a time like that since Morrison a man who cracked it the aim is to be a legend in your own lifetime very few did Scott did so who now I'll give you my answer not gonna happen just think what could have been so so sad now I am lost but thank you so much Scott for the magic you gave so many may god guide you on your next endeavour and if there is life after death Scott has got to be the resident entertainment up there at least you were able to leave us with so much music music that will capture generation after generation god bless your children and all your family you will never truly leave us my friend you were the magic rip Scott you will be forever missed rest easy brother

Posted by Robert Littlejohn - Scotland   December 10, 2015

Rest easy brother.

Posted by Vanessa Vantine - Delmar, NY   December 10, 2015

Posted by Dawn Farrell    December 10, 2015

Scott you will truly be missed you were a one of a kind performer. Ive seen you with STP numerous times, Velvet Revolver and Ive gone to see you perform your solo work. Everytime I saw you I was never disapointed. When I got to meet you at your book signing it was one of the greatest moments of my life. I will truly miss you and it makes me sad that I will never get to experience your music live again your music helped me get through my rocky highschool days. RIP Scott you will always be loved and remembered.

Posted by Dawn Garofano - Bergenfield, NJ   December 10, 2015


Dearest Scott, I will miss you. You were one of the last great front men and a voice of a generation. Much love ....Suzanne

Posted by Suzanne Sledge - Marietta, GA - Friend   December 10, 2015

"the emptiness we all try to fill as we go through life has a toll on us all . you are in heaven with the greats as you deserve to be . we will miss you and wish your family our condolenses .we enjoyed your time on this planet you have made quite a ripple !

Posted by Edwin Mejia - MT.DORA, FL   December 10, 2015

I will love you forever!

Posted by - las vegas, NV   December 10, 2015

Your music and voice was like no other. You were a true performer and legend who has left this earth too soon. I hope you are at peace. Condolences to the Weiland family.

Posted by Dan - Philadelphia, PA   December 10, 2015

Dear Scott,

Your music was a major part of my life ever since I was 19. Thank you for making it so nice. Your voice and song moved a generation.

Mike Fed

Posted by Mike Fed - Miami, FL - just a fan   December 10, 2015

So very sad about this he has been and remains on my Playlist. I had high hopes that he would make it. I had just told my best friend he was the last great left sadly she gave me the news but didn't want to. You will be missed so much. Wish somehow it wasn't true. Bye Scott and rest in peace

Posted by Jennifer Lewis - Danville, AL   December 10, 2015

Scott- your greatest gift to the world - your music - will live on forever.
I pray for Mary & your children.

Posted by Lisa Lorusso - Willow Grove, PA   December 09, 2015

I only saw you in stone temple pilots once...that was all the believing I needed that I was one of thousands blessed to be in the graces of such tragic beauty.Ill remember the beauty and not the tragedy of your art.

Posted by mariah carmack - indpls, IN   December 09, 2015

May you forever rest in peace you will be extremely missed

Posted by Peter Caruso - Derry, NH   December 09, 2015

Scott, your music and you're singing touched me to the depths of my heart and soul. You had an amazing gift and it will live on in your music forever. I will always treasure your music and your gift of you that you gave to all you touched through your music that came from your heart and soul.Thank you so much for being you! Fly free now brother with the angels in heaven. Rest in peace and know that you are loved by many here on earth. RIP SCOTT WEILAND

Posted by Diana Alain - Redondo Beach, CA   December 09, 2015

R.I.P. Scott, You will live on through all the great music you left us with. Saddened to see it come to an end. Your family are in my prayers especially the children. Hope you finally find some peace. Thanks for all the years of keeping us rocking!!

Posted by Donna Herbst - West Salem, OH   December 09, 2015


I never knew you but your music with STP's got me through some rough times. Now when I listen I just remember good times. No matter what you struggled with I prayed for you as I pray now for your family. I will miss your terrific voice and beautiful face. Be at peace and Thank You Scott. Much Love

Posted by Susan Young - Hopkinsville, KY   December 09, 2015

Thanks for the music of my generation's youth. I saw STP only once and was privileged to be in the front row. What a show... One that I will never forget. Your music has been a huge inspiration for me and my band. You left a very deep footprint and will be dearly missed by many.

Posted by Adam - Ottawa, ON   December 09, 2015

My heart is broken. What an incredible loss of an amazing talent

Posted by sara hart - ME   December 09, 2015

We went to the same High School, grew up in the same area. I always felt a connection to you, though I never met you. I followed you through your whole career, loved your music. Always thought you were so gifted with that VOICE of yours! I can't seem to shake off the sorrow, you aren't out there anymore, singing your wonderful songs. But you are at PEACE, no longer fighting off the drug demon. I will always treasure the music you left us, long after you've been gone! I hope to meet you someday in the next life, when you will be free of the torment you had in this one. Rest In Peace, Scott. Now you are really free.

Posted by Diana Grasser - Middlefield, OH   December 09, 2015

Scott thank you for the music and the memories, You will forever be immortal in our hearts. May you finally find your peace.
To your family, Thank you for sharing Scott and his talents with us. We as fans mourn with you, I pray you find peace and comfort in knowing that despite his personal demons there are many who's lives he touched in way to deal with ours...
R.I.P ~!~ Scott...
Thank You

Tara D.

Posted by Tara D - Keansburg, NJ   December 09, 2015

Your music was such an inspiration!

Posted by A friend   December 09, 2015


I love you and will miss your music and beautiful face

Posted by Cindy    December 09, 2015

To the man, the myth and now the legend. Thank u for filling me up with so much joy. You were larger than life to me and ill never forget you. Your free from the chains that bound you!
Peace brother.
Frank Wilcox
New Albany, Indiana

Posted by Frank Wilcox - New Albany, IN   December 09, 2015


May you rest in peace, Scott Weiland! You're a legacy and you will never be forgotten. We will always miss you & always remain true fans! I'm sorry you struggled with them demons but no one should judge you! Much respect to your family & friends, they got the chance to really know you! You will live on through your music, while you're in heaven singing away! We love & miss you!

Posted by Sonia Rosas - Indianapolis, IN   December 09, 2015

Thank you Scott for the memories. R.I.P
Jeff and Linda golden
Columbia heights, mn

Posted by Jeff Golden - Columbiaheights, MN   December 09, 2015


In Loving Memory of Scott Welland RIP Scott you be missed so much

Posted by Regina Saunders - Dumfries, VA   December 09, 2015

So sad to hear of Scott's passing been listening to stp videos and that he was such a very talented person my prayers are with his family Scott you will be missed very much .

Posted by Regina Saunders - Dumfries, VA   December 09, 2015

Your music touched my soul. You are loved and will be missed.

Posted by Steff B - Morristown, NJ   December 09, 2015


Dear Scott, you'll be sadly missed - RIP man

Posted by Darren Lewis - Sydney - fan   December 09, 2015


Posted by Holly Birch - Carlisle, OH   December 09, 2015

Thanks for the music. Hugs and love to your wife, children, and to Tommy. May his heart and soul heal.

Posted by Holly Birch - Carlisle, OH   December 09, 2015

Scott, your tragic departure has left a huge void in my heart, you were my favorite songer/performer from the first time I played my core cassette in high school. I am one of your biggest fans and I will always be, your memory will live on forever in my heart and you will be deeply missed, I hope to see you again when it is my time to join you and everyone else I love in heaven, R.I.P,

Posted by Thomas Weidlich - Titusville, FL   December 09, 2015

You left this world way to early but you will live on in song and video for eternity! RIP Scott

Posted by Joe Chesser - Cincinnati, OH   December 08, 2015

His presence on stage in the late 90's early 2000's was God like. We have NEVER EVER seen a front man like that in rock n roll and we may never again. He was an AMAZING performer and artist. Amen Brother - I remember the New Year's Eve 2001 performance at the Hard Rock like it was yesterday. RIP Scott

Posted by Robert & Antoinette Garcia - Melbourne, FL   December 08, 2015

Scott, you were a true musical genius. You started out as a grunge "surfer-type" dude, but you ended up reminding me of David Bowie & Mick Jagger! Not a bad comparison. You made quite an amazing metamorphosis during your career. You were such a talent. What a voice, you could do baritone and tenor with full force...without going into falsetto.....very few can do that. Your song-writing was amazing. Your music touched my life. I will listen to your music for as long as I get to be on this earth. You left a legacy that I'm sure you knew you would, but I think you probably didn't fully realize the full force of it. I hope you know it now. Godspeed to you, Scott. And love to your family as they are missing g you.

Posted by Jane - West Palm Beach, FL   December 08, 2015

Watching your dvd that comes with the Thankyou cd and just want to say "Thankyou" back for your gift of music. Like so many others have said, you shall be sadly missed. Rest in peace and much love to family, friends and fans xxx

Posted by Ruth - AB   December 08, 2015


You made me laugh, smile and cry with your music. I will cherish the memories that left us to early.

Posted by steph emmert - washington, DC   December 08, 2015


R.I.P. Scott. For me, you will always be alive. Thank you for everything!!!

Posted by Nuno Loureiro - Lisbon - Portugal   December 08, 2015

Although I never knew you personally, I wanted to thank you for the years of music you gave me, that I will continue to listen to throughout the rest of my life. Far too young to leave this earth, but I believe you have just gone onto your next life and your soul is still alive, leaving your worn down body behind. Rest in peace. You deserve all the love and light to warmly shine on you in the safe hands of the angels in the spiritual world.
See you in the next life...

Posted by Laura - NY   December 08, 2015

An amazing talent gone to soon.

Posted by Tara Stewart - Willingboro, NJ   December 08, 2015


R.I.P Scott You are in my thoughts and prayer's

Posted by Marie Parmentier/Grass - Union, ME   December 08, 2015

Sorry to loose such a talented artist Scott you were unique in your own way and you are sadly miss'd You were a great performer R.I.P

Posted by Marie A - Parmentier, ME   December 08, 2015

thank you very good talent rest in peace Daniel kobel angola ny

Posted by A friend   December 08, 2015


Rest In Peace, Scott. Stone Temple Pilots and Velvet Revolver will let your legacy live on, as well will the fans. Much love and prayers to your wife, children, family, friends, and fans. You might be in a better place, but you will never be forgotten down here.

Posted by Britt L. - Gary, IN   December 08, 2015

gone too soon

Posted by A friend   December 08, 2015

So much talent lost. I have been listening to you since STP first came out and right along to VR. Saw you in concert with STP many years ago and have so much of the music that you will always be remembered. Prayers are with your kids. RIP

Posted by Lori - St Louis, MO   December 08, 2015


He gave us many great times with his music and personality. He'll be greatly missed. RIP Scott

Posted by peggy austin - Chicago, IL   December 08, 2015


thank you. rest now.

Posted by myra kulp - bethlehem, PA   December 08, 2015

Scott, I enjoyed listing your music over the years. Although I've never attended one of your concerts, you gifted us with your talent and performance. May you rest peacefully.

Posted by Defforest Robinson - Atlanta, GA   December 08, 2015

Man...I grew up on you. You were it brother. A voice and stage presence like no other. Man were you talented. You made it look easy. The best people are the tormented. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the music you gave. Now there is a Big Empty place in my heart. God Bless you always!

Plush forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Anthony Biscello - Howard Beach, NY   December 08, 2015

I didn't know you personally. I've only met you one time and it was such a big moment in my life. I met my idol. I'm having a hard time dealing with your passing as listening to your music won't be the same. Knowing i'll never see you perform again, just makes me so sad. Your music has touched me so much and I can't believe you are gone.

My sincere condolences to your family and close friends.

Posted by Michelle Wolf - Mt. Laurel, NJ   December 08, 2015

I am smelling like the rose... Everytime I play this song (juke or DJ) alot of people sing the beginning at the top of there lungs. RIP Scott Weiland! ☆

Posted by Jerry Flick - Hyde, PA   December 08, 2015

Rest easy dear one. No more suffering but you will be missed horribly. I am forever grateful of the music you left behind to listen to for eternity.

Posted by Carrie Allman - Belmont, NC   December 08, 2015


Scott, I have known you through your music only in the last 10 months. Enough to love you and never forget you. I will meet u on the other side. Now is time for you to be finally happy. Ciao, Cinzia.

Posted by Cinzia Morando - Turin Italy   December 08, 2015

My heart goes out to Scott's family. Scott was so talented, and had a gift with creating masterpieces. The world lost a
great soul who will be missed by millions. Rest in piece, Scott. Xoxo

Posted by Christy Rodbro - Round Lake, IL   December 08, 2015

His music meant a lot to me. This was indeed a loss the music world could have done without. My condolences to all who loved him. RIP Scott, you will live on through your words.

Posted by Dave Bourke - LIMERICK, Ireland   December 08, 2015

May you Rest in Peace and God keep you in his care.
To the Weiland family and friends, I am so sorry for your loss.

Posted by Lisa Malarkey - Hanover Twp, PA   December 08, 2015

scottie , thanks so much for all the memories , you have left us far too soon . GOD BLESS .

Posted by A friend   December 08, 2015

R.I.P Scott your music will live forever!!

Posted by Curtis Jackson - GA   December 08, 2015


R.I.P. Scott Weiland. You will be missed dearly by your loved ones and fans. Dear Lord wrap your healing arms around his family and friends to help them through the pain they feel. Amen

Posted by Jennifer Balla - Tucson, AZ   December 08, 2015

Condolences to the Weiland family. God bless.
Ann Lisheron
Milwaukee, WI

Posted by Ann Lisheron - Milwaukee, WI   December 08, 2015


Love, Comfort & Peace to Scott's family; especially Noah and Lucy. I am truly saddened for the loss of an amazingly talented soul.
Requiescat in pace Scott Weiland

Posted by Diane - TX   December 07, 2015

Rest in Peace

Posted by Libby Randall - Savannah, GA   December 07, 2015


May time soften the sorrow of such a profound loss. Thank you for sharing your beautiful gifts with the world. Rest in peace.

Posted by Angela R. - Richmond, VA   December 07, 2015

To the Weiland Family,
So very sorry for your loss. I had the pleasure to meet Scott several times. Always the gentleman. His music gave great pleasure to myself and especially my daughter. I hope he sees all the memorials and kind words and knows just how very much he was loved. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

Posted by Lauren - Cleveland   December 07, 2015

Forever in my heart and the memories of you will last for a lifetime from the moment I heard Stone Temple Pilots at the beginning, up to the last performance with The Wildabouts. I am forever very grateful for so much joy you brought this past year and I hope you continue to shine bright up in heaven dancing freely in peace with Jeremy. I give continuous love and support to Jamie, Noah, Lucy, his family, close friends, bandmates, and to those who have been touched by his kindness, and beautiful heart and soul. Forever loved Scott, Thank you, and please rest peacefully in heaven. This is not a goodbye, believing we will meet again.

Posted by Kerri Hyde - Toronto, ON   December 07, 2015

Scott you will be missed dearly. Everytime I look up at the stars I will think of you and fun times. Our prayers go out to your family.

Posted by Kai Nalu - Earth, CA   December 07, 2015

God rest you, Scott. I will miss you, and I'll miss looking forward to whatever creative road you would've traveled down next. You were unique, special, and had many inner burdens that many of us have never had to deal with. I love you, Scott Weiland. Thank you for your music. It brought me so much joy, and will continue to, for the rest of my life.

Posted by Cydney - Dallas, TX   December 07, 2015

No farewell words were spoken, no time to say goodbye, you were gone before we knew it, and only God knows why. Sing with the Angels, our dear Scott.

Posted by Natalie and Scott    December 07, 2015

Since 1a.m. Friday morning my 16 year old daughter and i have been crying over hearing about you passing .She grew up with you it is like a part of our past she and i shared together is gone . I pray everyday that you are no longer in pain. You will and always will be loved and deeply missed.

Posted by Diana Pollock - Kansas City, MO   December 07, 2015

Scott youwillbetruelymissedi,vebeenafanforyearsthere, deepest condolences to your family.heavenwilltruelyblessed.myyourestinpeacescott.. Your fan forever. Sincerleydianedavis.

Posted by A friend   December 07, 2015

His presence on stage in the late 90's early 2000's was God like. I have NEVER EVER seen a front man like that in rock n roll and we may never again. He was an AMAZING performer and artist. I'm very sad about this. He was the real deal. I was at Rolling Rock (Latrobe) and Chicago & Kansas City Rockfest as well as others and those were his best shows. I think even he would say that. He did it his way though good for him. May God be with his family, a true legend - Grant Baldwin (Kansas City)

Posted by Grant Baldwin - KC, MO   December 07, 2015

Scott you will be missed. I listened to your band stp since your album purple and were a true and gifted frontman in rock music.. I can't believe that you are gone...I don't want to believe it. you are in the heavens from are up there with the angels...your fans miss you...

Posted by m - NY   December 07, 2015

Posted by Andria Hixson Hiselman    December 07, 2015

Posted by Andria Hixson Hiselman    December 07, 2015

I am so lucky to have the memories I do of you - not just a brilliant musician, but a big-hearted, generous, kind, loving soul of a man .. Our days together were short, and any of my family & friends will tell you that me being your Personal Assistant was the best "job" I ever had ~ thank you for the memories ...
My thoughts and prayers go out to your beautiful Mum, Sharon; to your gorgeous children that you cherished, Noah & Lucy; to your lovely wife, Jamie ~ and to all your family, friends, bandmates and fans ... we are all heartbroken at your passing!
The world lost an amazing talent and a wonderful man ~ your music will live on, and your love will shine thru!
R.I.P. now Scott ... as per our last words together, "I LOVE YOU" ...
Jypsey xo

Posted by Jypsey Weber - Kyle, TX   December 07, 2015

May god be with your family you were a gentle soul and my all time favorite artist you will truly be missed

Posted by Andrea Rydle - Donegal, PA   December 07, 2015

Just a life long fan and will really miss your tremendous talent. You were handsome and talented almost to a fault.

Posted by Jeneanea Lawrence - Hollister, MO   December 07, 2015

Such a gifted and talented musician. His music will live on. My thoughts and prayers go out to his children and wife.

Posted by Arlene Edith McCormack - El Paso, TX   December 07, 2015

Loved you so much, you were my wordman , the first to come along for me since discovering the doors as an early teen. Your passing was too early but i am happy to have heard your voice and witness your charm, charisma and ferocity live. You have touched many lives, especially mine. Rest easy. Much love from Canada. Ben Mandley

Posted by Ben Mandley - St. Catharines, ON   December 07, 2015

R.I.P. Scott for peace is now your gift. Leaving so many behind that can't fathom what you were fighting will never know . You are so saddly loved and missed.

Posted by Suzy Spicuzza - Chas., SC   December 07, 2015

Posted by Andria Hixson Hiselman    December 07, 2015

Posted by Andria Hixson Hiselman    December 07, 2015

Posted by Andria Hixson Hiselman    December 07, 2015

Posted by Andria Hixson Hiselman    December 07, 2015

Posted by Andria Hixson Hiselman    December 07, 2015

Posted by Andria Hixson Hiselman    December 07, 2015

Posted by Andria Hixson Hiselman    December 07, 2015

Thank you for music that got me through some of the longest nights of my life.. I wish nothing but peace for you and your family..

Posted by A friend   December 07, 2015

His voice gave me comfort, his words gave me wisdom, his music gave me happiness. I learned to be myself & to love myself. Because of him I grew into the woman I am today. Thank you

Posted by Amanda Lamas - Mission, TX   December 07, 2015


Ralph M Parham II

Posted by Ralp Parham II - Va Beach Va, VA   December 07, 2015

What a beautiful, musical soul. This world will miss him deeply for all the gifts he gave us through his music. My heart breaks listening to the songs I grew up on. We will miss you and your presence. We will never forget your legacy.

Posted by Nicole Kay - Houston, TX   December 07, 2015

Can't thank you enough for the music over the years. It has been such a big part of my life and got me through some tough times. Thinking of you and your family....RIP Scott.

Posted by Daniel Sellers - Weatherford, TX   December 07, 2015


Scott, you may be gone but your memory will live on through your family and songs. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family in this time of sorrow. At least you are at peace with yourself. Something I believe you just couldn't find in this world. R.I.P. you will always be loved and missed by the ones who new you best. Love and respect always, Mary

Posted by Mary Maans - Baltimore, MD   December 07, 2015

Dear Weiland Family,

I was saddened to hear of Scott's untimely death. Music is forever changed without his charismatic voice.

May you find God's comfort strengthening during this extremely difficult time.

With condolences,

Lona C.

Posted by A friend   December 07, 2015


I am sending my deepest condolences to Scott's family. I pray you all find peace and comfort during this difficult time.

Posted by Kelly Gray - Pittsburgh, PA   December 07, 2015


Rest in peace Scott....

Posted by Frank Alarcon - Fresno, CA   December 07, 2015


Heaven requested the Angels to bring them a beautiful voice to sing to. Those chose you to be the voice of Heaven!

Posted by Patrick Fay - Titusville, FL   December 07, 2015

Scott weiland thank you for being a friend and giving us all the great music and performances in all of the different projects you contributed too you were a true musical genius and my favourite performer and one of my favorite amazing human beings in the world who will never be replaced your hard work and legacy will be remembered by everyone forever thank you for all the great music and happy memories you gave us God bless you Scott and your family we will all truly miss you rest in heaven brother

Posted by Alan j Mozylisky - Regina, SK   December 07, 2015

Dear Weiland family I am so sorry for your loss. May the God of comfort be with you and especially the children at this most difficult time. Scott's memories will live on through his great music.

Posted by Emma Curry - MI   December 07, 2015


R.I.P. Great singer who won't be forgotten. God bless & comfort for his family, friends and many fans.

Posted by D. AbuSaft - Chester, PA - Fan   December 07, 2015

The memory of the Flawless STP concert a few years ago will never be forgotten- sadness is the word that explains Scott's memory for me- Matt Nado - drummwer

Posted by Matt Nado - lake Wallenpaupak, PA   December 07, 2015

I'm shocked. The reality of it hasn't soaked in. Scott you were the best vocalist there ever was. Your songs touched me and I felt the lyrics in all of them. You will be missed. Say hello to Layne Staley.

I will be thinking about you a lot.


Jack ( Alma Arkansas)

Posted by Jack Chambers - Alma, AR   December 07, 2015

Such a loss. My heart is broken. May you rest in peace finally. You're music got me through some really hard times as a teenager. My husband and I met when you're music was popular in the 90s and a lot of our memories were of concerts we attended together. You music was literally the soundtrack of my life. I did get to meet you at your book signing and you were such a gentleman. It was one of the highlights of my life.

My God bless you and your family. One day I will see you rocking out in heaven I hope. I will be praying for you.

Posted by Sue Apicella - NJ   December 07, 2015

Best front man in the last 30 years. R.I.P. say hello to Welch for me.

Posted by Marc - charlestown, RI   December 07, 2015

RIP Scott <3>

Posted by A friend   December 07, 2015

Man I'm still in shock! Music has lost one of its finest. Your music was always my escape growing up and to this day. Rest in peace will forever be missed.

Posted by jennifer - Cleveland, OH   December 07, 2015

Rest In Peace, Scott Weiland, with love

Posted by Anne Crowe - Chicago, IL   December 07, 2015

May God bless you and your family in this time of sorrow.

Posted by - OH   December 07, 2015


Rock n roll lost another star....the music industry will never be the same. Scott Weiland was such an enigmatic soul that will be greatly missed That rollar coaster ride is finally over.... RIP SCOTT WEILAND

Posted by Jodi Crews - Melrose, FL   December 07, 2015

The most charismatic, energetic front man and lead singer I've ever heard! Heavens choir now has a new angel to lead us in song! Peace at last my dear Scott! Always in our hearts!

Posted by Christine Brumfield - baton rouge, LA   December 07, 2015

One of the nicest and most talented people you could ever want to meet.I'm sad he's gone but he lives on through all the wonderful music he has left us. Thank you Scott.

Posted by P.J. Walter - Essington, PA   December 07, 2015

Until we meet again Big Brother.

Posted by Dr. Kandice Barchers - San Antonio, TX   December 07, 2015

Thank You for changing my life for the better exponentially with your creative talents. Wherever you are I hope you are at peace.

Posted by Mark P. - Downers Grove, IL   December 07, 2015

Posted by Natalie Coburn    December 06, 2015


Scott, in our hearts, always.

Posted by Natalie Coburn - South Shore, KY   December 06, 2015


Scott, I wish I could have told you in person how much your music lifted me. You had such an impact on so many people, you will be missed. Rest In Peace

Posted by Edward Berger - Philadelphia, PA   December 06, 2015

I attended his solo concert at the independent in San Francisco two and a half years ago. I am truly sad for the terrible loss of scott weiland. Condolences to his family and friends. He is for sure rocking out in heaven and singing with the angels. He will be missed by all of us fans.

Posted by Dr. Maria Rey - San Francisco   December 06, 2015

Scott- the collective heartbreak that we all feel is a testament to your incredible talent. You were and will continue to be part of the soundtrack to all of our lives. Your reach was so deep, through decades and generations and will continue on. Thank you for bringing so much beauty to the world. We miss you. Sending you love...

Posted by Holly and Todd - MD   December 06, 2015

Leave a condolence or a memory.

Posted by Chris Harrington - Friendship, MD - fan   December 06, 2015

Sad to hear of your passing. Sad for your children who will never get to know you in the years to come. You will not go to their graduations. Noah is 15 years old. He is becoming a man. He needs a strong male figure to help guide him. I pray he has strong males in his life. You lived life the way you wanted. Now your life is over. R.I.P

Posted by Judy Fry - CA   December 06, 2015


Rest in eternal love and peace, and Thank you for your gift of music. It'll be forever cherished

Posted by Liz and Chris Varano - Howard Beach, NY   December 06, 2015

May you rest in eternal peace, and in everlasting love. Thank you for your music that I basically grew up on, and loved to the fullest. May the angels carry you home. RIP Scott, and again, Thank You. Your music will reign forever ❤

Posted by Liz and Chris Varano - Howard Beach, NY   December 06, 2015

I've loved your work since the beginning, Scott. Thank you for many great memories! Rest in peace. I will forever remember you. Karen (Sandy Springs, GA) P.S. You were the one from the grunge era who could actually sing and carry a tune.

Posted by Karen Lewis - Sandy Springs, GA   December 06, 2015

One of the greatest vocalist and truly gifted musicians "The real deal" regardless of Scotts personal struggles with addiction nothing can take away from his musical greatness in our time. Totally bummed he is gone. Prayers to his family especially his children. Totally Sad in Seattle JB

Posted by A friend   December 06, 2015


RIP and thank you, Mr. Weiland. xoxox

Posted by Stacy Radford - Johnson City, TN   December 06, 2015

I am soul sick over your way-too-early departure. Thank you, Mr. Weiland, for filling the back ground of my life with your magnificent vocals and song writing ability. I will never forget you singing "Shine on, You Shiny Diamond" in Atlanta, Georgia. May you rest in peace and watch over your children from Heaven. With love, admiration, and sincere gratitude, Stacy

Posted by Stacy Radford - Johnson City, TN   December 06, 2015

Thank you Scott for the great music you gave us. I hope your at peace finally. RIP

Posted by Mike Bjark - Edmonton, AB   December 06, 2015


Thank you for sharing your voice with the world. May you be at peace. Thoughts and prayers for your loved ones during this difficult time.

Posted by Heather - Asheville, NC   December 06, 2015

You are finally at peace, in God's care. I will miss you. God rest you, Scott. Thank you.


Posted by Cydney - Dallas, TX   December 06, 2015


May God take you swiftly to heaven.

Posted by Brian Medoro - Rochester, NY   December 06, 2015

Sympathy to the family, I think of his children, Noah and Lucy.
You're are the best vocal.
You will stay in my heart with your songs.
Love you Scott.

Posted by Johanne R - Montreal, QC   December 06, 2015

One of the last true frontmen. Your legacy will last forever. May you forever guide your loved ones, including your children, in spirit.

Posted by Mayberry Angel - Albany, NY   December 06, 2015

I remember Stone Temple Pilots in the background on some of the best days in memory, specifically Interstate Love Song when it came out. Great stage presence, too -- saw a show in FL. Have had a Stone Temple Pilots weekend, and last night had the DJ at the big bar we were at blast Interstate Love Song for everybody in honor of -- it picked the place up real quick. I don't think a lot of the younger crowd had ever heard it. Thanks for the music man.

Posted by Jay D - Atlanta, GA   December 06, 2015

Posted by Loretta Robinson    December 06, 2015

RIP Scott

Posted by C arol Sullivan - Ha y ward, CA   December 06, 2015

RIP Scott

Posted by Carol Sullivan - Hayward, CA   December 06, 2015



Posted by Yolanda Verrilli - Stratford, CT   December 06, 2015

Your immense talent will resonate well beyond a life that ended far too soon

Posted by Karen Jones - New boston, MI   December 06, 2015

What a tremendous talent...a great voice ...Scott you will be're legacy will live on forever!

Posted by Yolanda Verrilli - Stratford, CT   December 06, 2015

Such a sad time. Scott's voice gets into your soul. Irreplaceable.

Posted by A friend   December 06, 2015

love to your family.. rest in peace, my friend.....barb

Posted by A friend   December 06, 2015

You will be greatly missed. You will be with us forever with the music and memories. The music you created is rock & roll at its best no matter what decade.Our deepest sympathy to the Weiland family.

Posted by Tony & Mary Alonzo - New Berlin, WI   December 06, 2015

Whenever I was depressed or feeling down, I would get into my car, put on a STP CD, and crank up the volume. Your music is timeless and you had the voice of an angel. I hope all of your pain is gone and that you rest in peace.

Posted by Gail Banks - Malverne, NY   December 06, 2015

You will be forever missed and I am ever so grateful I got to do your hair and make-up, your music was the best and you sang so amazing you could feel every word..

Posted by Peggy McIntaggart - Woodland hills, CA   December 06, 2015

We lost one of the best voice and rock singer of the 90s stone temple pilots one of my favorite bands Scott weiland made the 90s a good decade to live in r.i.p Scott weiland

Posted by Shane Rieger - Brookfield, OH   December 06, 2015

So sad for his family, so sad for us - we who look forward to hearing and feeling something novel, different, personal and universal, with raw affection and everlasting. Been playing his voice over and over. Will miss him.

Posted by just me    December 06, 2015

With deepest sympathy to all who loved you, your songs touched a generation and will live on through people who know greatness. I was privileged to see you perform twice,each one surpassing the other. Thank you. RIP

Posted by Kathleen Crissey - Orland Park, IL   December 06, 2015

Scott truly had an amazing voice and such talent. He was one of the best voices of 90's music and will be greatly missed. I have enjoyed STP's music for several years. He is such a huge loss in music. RIP Scott.

Posted by Cristina Wilson - Knoxville, TN   December 05, 2015

You were the one more than Kurt or any other of your era that moved me. You have a place in my heart and I would have loved to have told you before your mission came to an end. I love you, Scott. Thank you for coming into my life as a teen and making a Stone Temple Prophet out of me

Posted by Zach Wheeler - Bartlett, TN   December 05, 2015

You were the one more than Kurt or any other of your era that move me. You have a place in my heart and I would have loved to have told you before your mission came to a conclusion. I love you, Scott. Thank you for coming into my life as a teen and making a Stone Temple Prophet out of me

Posted by Zach Wheeler - Bartlett, TN   December 05, 2015

We all in the Rock World have lost an Amazing Creative Soul. Scott' voice is enduring in heaven and I hope to hear it in the future when we are all together in the kingdom. For now I'll have to enjoy his earthly music. Tell Dio we miss him too.

Posted by Brenda Ossovicki - Cleveland, OH   December 05, 2015

Love you Scott. Will hold on tight to your music and creative legacy.
Josie Anthony

Posted by A friend   December 05, 2015

The world has lost an incredible voice and great story teller. Your music will live on. Thoughts and prayers going out to your family and to all the people you've touched....RIP Scott

Posted by Ann Armstrong - BC   December 05, 2015

I enjoyed listening to you, ans STP, may you now be able to rest in peace, Scott,

Posted by Melissa L - Charlotte, NC   December 05, 2015

Wow scott saw you in 2001 in zetafest florida and you rocked. Followed you through all your career and it hurts me to see you leave. You are and will be my idol cause i dont use were cause to me you still are. RIP my friend

Posted by mario ravelo - hialeah gardens, FL   December 05, 2015

Thanks for the awesome discography of music you've left behind for all of us to enjoy forever.

Posted by A friend   December 05, 2015

I remember seeing him on unplugged for the first time. I instantly thought this guy was a legend. R.I.P.

Posted by Jason Wolfe - L.A., CA   December 05, 2015

Oh Scotty why did you leave me now I must wait until we are ethers
In heaven together forever. Thank you for all the joy you brought into my life I will carry you in me always....

Posted by Metal Gypsy - San Francisco, CA   December 05, 2015


you were one of my favorite singers! i hope the best for your family. It is a true loss to have no more of your singing!

Posted by Heather - barre, VT   December 05, 2015

Scott Weiland it is with a broken heart for you, your family and band/crew that I write this. Scott I hope you finally find "where the river goes and what the rents like in Heaven" God bless you and may you rest in peace...

Posted by Bill Hazel - Longmont, CO   December 05, 2015

Posted by David J Bhaltazhar Esq    December 05, 2015

Thank you for the great music, my background of the 90's. RIP

Posted by louise wisinski - west allis, WI   December 05, 2015

As you know Scott, our '98 conversation had much to do with my decision to recreate The Lords with Brian. Those crystalline moments meant so much to my happiness and success since then. Thank you ever so much mate. I only wish I could have seen you once again before you got upgraded.

With sympathy for your family, friends and fans.

Best Love,
The Lords of the New Church & SM

Posted by Steven Marque - Knightsbridge, London, Engla   December 05, 2015

Thank you for everything you gave me. Your voice will be shared and loved forever. I will never forget you. This is not goodbye....

Posted by Andrea Blackburn - Toronto, ON   December 05, 2015


RIP, Scott

Posted by The Hazel Family - Longmont, CO   December 05, 2015

I worked at the Civic Center In Huntsville Alabama and he was a great showman and sang the entire time. I was so impressed and also loved the STP may god give his family strength during the coming days . God bless

Posted by amy keel - huntsville, AL   December 05, 2015

Well as always: One need only slap a record on to feel one with you brother! You'll be sadly missed and misunderstood forever- just they way you wanted it! Lol!

Posted by Gooch Copper - Streetman, TX   December 05, 2015

Too beautiful for this world. With a stage presence like no other. Indeed a sad loss for the rock world. This one hit hard. Rest well, sweet prince.

Posted by Esther Fuentes - San Diego, CA   December 05, 2015


Posted by anonymous    December 05, 2015

Rest in peace my beautful Scott. Love, peace and prayers to your family who will no doubt miss you like crazy and to your fans who you have left a permanate imprint in our lives.
All our love,
April and Luke (your biggest fans) ❤

Posted by April Chappuis - Southington, CT   December 05, 2015

Dear Weiland Family Rory and I would like to express our condolences's on the loss of Scott Weiland.luv,Faith/Rory

Posted by Faith/Rory Tobin/Dockett - Newton Centre/Brighton, MA   December 05, 2015

RIP Scott. Life Lived Large.

Posted by Janice Morryson - Williams, AZ   December 05, 2015

My condolences to the family and friends of Scott Weiland. May you find comfort and peace in God ,family and friends.

Posted by A friend   December 05, 2015

May the God of all comfort give you comfort in this difficult time. My deepest sympathy

Posted by A friend   December 05, 2015


The world lost a wonderful talented man and the angles gained a beautiful voice. I'm so grateful I got to see STP 4 times live and Scott solo once. Are hearts are broken and thoughts are with your family. We will always love and miss you. RIP

Posted by Tom Serena - Boston, MA   December 05, 2015

I'm so sorry for your loss! I have loved Scott for a long time, Stone Temple was my band!!!! I saw them many times!!! I don't know what to say other than I'm really sorry!!!! All My Love!!!!

Posted by Nancy Kessler - Hudson, FL - THE GREATEST FAN EVER   December 05, 2015

He was very talented and will be missed. My prayers go out to his family.

Posted by sonya larkey - wasilla, AK   December 05, 2015

The best voice ive ever heard, and will ever hear, you gave me so many goosebumps Scott, rip my friend. My thoughts are with your family. X

Posted by phill murphy - england   December 05, 2015

A living legend .gave us alot to enjoy. I had the Opportunity to meet Scott and I told him ....he was a gift from heaven...fine line Minneapolis MN

Posted by Brian ace Piotter - new ulm, MN   December 05, 2015

We are all going to fast
Ken P

Posted by - NM   December 04, 2015

Thank you Scott for being the real deal... He embodied that special something that so many artists strive for. His immense talent seemed effortless. My prayers are with his family and band mates.

Posted by Pete Shaleen - Virginia, MN   December 04, 2015

Very sorry for your loss . May God help the family to endure .

Posted by JJ - TX   December 04, 2015

condolence to the family of scott..his my biggest influence...very sad to hear in news

Posted by jeffrey degp - philippines, U.S. Virgin Islands   December 04, 2015

Huge stp and velvet revolver fan.fellow gen x'r. Always hit a chord with our generation. You will be surely missed brother.see you on the other side in Valhalla!

Posted by T bone Spectacular - Robbinsdale, MN   December 04, 2015


You can now find peace,thanks for the music and the memories

Posted by Julie - NH   December 04, 2015

I am truly sorry to the family for your loss as well as the music industries loss of of a legendAry performer. As to his family his loss, while devastating, he will live in your thoughts and hearts. It takes time and remembering the good, great, as well as the bad. This happened to me at age 16 and that's what it took for me. Again deepest condolences. Thoughts and prayers with y'all.

Posted by Tracy Todd - Hawkinsville, GA - Fan   December 04, 2015

Posted by Marta Allen    December 04, 2015

Posted by Marta Allen    December 04, 2015

Posted by Marta Allen    December 04, 2015

Posted by Marta Allen    December 04, 2015

Posted by Marta Allen    December 04, 2015

Posted by Marta Allen    December 04, 2015

Posted by Marta Allen    December 04, 2015

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Posted by Marta Allen    December 04, 2015

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Posted by Marta Allen    December 04, 2015

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Posted by Marta Allen    December 04, 2015

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Posted by Marta Allen    December 04, 2015

Posted by Marta Allen    December 04, 2015

Posted by Marta Allen    December 04, 2015

Posted by Marta Allen    December 04, 2015

Still so shaken up by this. You'll be missed by so many. Your music will always be a part of my world. Its a crucial detail of a definitive time in my life. RIP Scott Weiland.

Posted by Nik - Chicago, IL   December 04, 2015


Posted by Linda Leedy - Lebanon, PA   December 04, 2015

We are so saddend to hear about Scott's death got to talk to him for a few minutes before a show in Hershey pa. A couple years ago such a nice guy God bless his family rest in peace buddy

Posted by Linda Leedy - Lebanon, PA   December 04, 2015

Rest in peace

Posted by Adelina Soto - Humble   December 04, 2015

Rest in peace beautiful soul

Posted by Adelina Soto - Houston   December 04, 2015

Thank you, Scott, for meaningful and original-sounding music and lyrics. Talent like your own, Layne's and Kurt's didn't need auto-tune and drum machines like so many fakes today. Too many of you folks leave us too soon.

Posted by F Montag - AZ   December 04, 2015


Prayers to his family. He will be greatly missed.

Posted by Anthony Morgan - Great Bend, KS   December 04, 2015


May your voice still be heard in heaven.
May your songs live on.

Posted by Anna Shuh - Canton, IL   December 04, 2015

My heart goes out to Scott's family and friends
He will live forever in my heart ....
RIP This world will never be the same without .
Please sing loud in heaven so that we can hear you down here. You rocked or world..

Posted by Marta Allen - Lake Forest, CA   December 04, 2015

Scott was an amazing singer and performer. He will be missed. May Scott Rest in Eternal Peace.

Posted by Julie Williams - Louisville, KY   December 04, 2015

Thank you for sharing a part of your life with us.

Posted by Harry Simpson - Buckeye, AZ   December 04, 2015

"If there's a rock n roll heaven, well you know they got one hell of a band" and they just received one of the greats. RIP Scott

Posted by A friend   December 04, 2015

Posted by Cindy - Alabama   December 04, 2015

Thank you for being you

Posted by Kara Eagleson - Lake Charles, LA   December 04, 2015

We'll miss you !

Posted by Adrian Barnette - Topeka, KS   December 04, 2015

Thank you for all the memories I associate with your unforgettable tunes - "interstate love song" on I-95 in 1995 during my exchange a UofM. Oli

Posted by Oliver - Bolzano, Italy   December 04, 2015


Your music will live on...I'm sure you will be making great music as you rest in peace. May God take the hurt and loss away from your loved ones.

Posted by C Dwy - CORPUS Christi, TX   December 04, 2015


Posted by FATCAT SPARKS - LEWISVILLE, TX   December 04, 2015

My most sincere condolences to Scott's family and friends for there loss. May you remember the invitation from God found in Matt 11:28 "Come to me, all you who are toiling and loaded down, and I will refresh you". May God bring you peace.

Posted by Nate Bueno - CA   December 04, 2015

I think the best (if any) comfort that can be found is that his artistry and passion really did touch many lives. Now able to be at peace, RIP Scott.

Posted by A Friend - Rocklin, CA   December 04, 2015


Please accept my Deepest Sympathies

Posted by Scott Chamberland - St.Agatha, ME   December 04, 2015

My sincere sympathy to his wife, children, family and friends. Lord, did he have a powerful voice or what??? I would be listening to STP songs and some members of my family would say, "What the heck kind of music are you listening to"!! (The song "Dead and Bloated" was playing). I just laughed. Then about six years ago my older brother died of an unexpected heart attack on his own birthday (he was 59). As we were following the hearse to the burial site, I had the radio on in the car and the song "Dead and Bloated" came on. My other brother and 2 nephews (my dead brother's sons) were riding in the car with me, and we started singing it at the top of our lungs. It was so ironic that we were laughing and crying at the same time. So, every year on October 1st, I play that song in honor of my deceased brother (BTW - he also liked STP). Godspeed Scott Weiland......

Posted by Sharlene Dimak - Empire, LA   December 04, 2015


Posted by R P - VA   December 04, 2015

So many fond memories of my teenage years have STP as their soundtrack. RIP, Scott. His family and friends are in my thoughts. Time to reminisce and reflect.

Posted by Anonymous    December 04, 2015

RIP Scott. I love your music. I love watching you perform. Such an amazing talent. I hope you have found peace. My deepest condolences to your family.

Posted by Patricia George - Stanwood, WA   December 04, 2015

A terrible loss, my deepest condolences.

Posted by Elizabeth Haegert - CT   December 04, 2015


God bless and comfort his family and music family, during this time of loss. Mr. Weiland, you are now free, continue to play music where ever you may be. Rest in Peace.

Posted by Garcia - TX   December 04, 2015

Awesome talent and such great music. So sad to see him leave so soon. He will be missed. God bless his family.

Posted by Rebecca Deese - Rowland, NC   December 04, 2015


Posted by Kay Austerman - Dundee, NY   December 04, 2015

Please accept our deepest sympathies.

Posted by Russell Batiste & Friends - N.O.LA   December 04, 2015

Thank you for the music. To all of his friends and family, I am so sorry for your loss.

Posted by Lorie S - PA   December 04, 2015

What a loss of a great frontman and singer. One of my favorites. Saw him every time he came to CT. RIP Mr.Weiland!

Posted by Richard Pinto - Berlin, CT   December 04, 2015

You were incredibly talented and much loved. Thank you for the music. Rest well...

Posted by Kathy Schmidt - Nashville, TN   December 04, 2015

He will be missed by many. Hope to meet him in Paradise.

Posted by - Charlotte, NC   December 04, 2015


In God's care, rest in peace.

Posted by Dwayne Bickham,Sr. - Dayton, OH   December 04, 2015

What a great artist! I grew up on Scotts' songs. He will be missed!

Posted by Jayson M - Apalachicola, FL   December 04, 2015

Sorry for your loss. May you draw comfort from the scripture at Ecclesiastes 9 : 5 that show your loved ones a resting in peace.

Posted by A friend   December 04, 2015

Please accept my condolences on the loss of your love one.

Posted by A friend   December 04, 2015