Condolence & Memory Journal

I wanted to say this Friday at the site but was to chocked up.
I am his son inlaw, I couldn't have asked for a better father inlaw. He never meddled or offered advice unless asked for it .
I met him in 1982 Lani asked me over to his house to meet him and the family, I got a bit confused prior as she told me about her step dad also, who was Japanese American (Ken Saito) so I thought I was meeting Ken. I was a bit surprised when I met him. He shook my hand and with a smile said nice to meet you kid. That really helped that he was so endearing. And anyone who knew Ray knew that was his signature, Kid for guys and Babe for females. He always treated everyone the same. He didn't mind that I was a carpenter as some people have looked down there noses at me in the past. One time I said to him that you sure have 2 pretty daughters who aren't the least bit snobby. He replied, " I wouldn't stand for it if they were". Those things are forever in my memory about him and I have tried to copy that myself. I truly will miss the big guy who had an even bigger heart, with no prejudice. He never bragged about his accolades, I was surprised at some of his ribbons and medals at the memorial, he never spoke of them very much at all. I am sure he is in heaven as anybody who qualified it surely is Ray Williamson.

Posted by dan roach - walnut creek, CA - Family   July 14, 2019

Ray was a business client and a friend for many years. I know his brothers, Dave and Everett from business and the Bible. My condolences to his family for missing him and congratulations to his arrival in heaven. See you there soon!
Chris Trapani

Posted by Chris Trapani - Walnut Creek, CA - Friend   July 12, 2019