Condolence & Memory Journal

Ann and her family lived in Boulder, CO for at least 4 years in the late 1950s to early 1960s, and Ann and I were classmates in elementary school and junior. I took piano lessons from Ann's mother Elizabeth in their home, and I became acquainted with the family's pet dachshund.

Posted by Lance Williams - Boulder, CO - Friend   December 28, 2019

Ann, dear Ann. I miss you and your work, on stage and off stage. May your relatives and friends feel good about the article I wrote about you. It was published may be an hour ago and already it's the most widely read article on Phindie, Philadelphia's popular theater arts publication. If only we had more people with your talents, your discipline, your sense of humor, your sense of balance in life that made you more than an international star on stage. Countless children and dogs all were blessed by your active support for those who cannot help themselves. Be in peace.

Henrik Eger, editor, Drama Around the Globe

Posted by Henrik Eger - Upper Darby, PA - Friend   December 28, 2019

There are so many things about Ann. Ann and my (late) sister Helen met in the fall of 1963, at Indian Land Junior High School. The hijinks and relationship(s) between our families sprouted from that encounter, and have lasted for some 55 years and counting. She had a great heart; she was such a good friend to Helen, and a de facto big sister to me more than once. A sign of the great love she had for her brother Peter (?): I went in the summer of 2001 with Liz, Peter, and Ann to a local annual fair at Riddle Memorial Hospital. There were rides, crafts, fair food, and..... rides, many rides. One in particular had swings dangling on chains, that when spinning at speed, caused the chains to stick out straight, almost parallel to the ground. Well, of course that's the ride that Peter wanted, so Ann (who disliked that kind of thing about as much as I do) gamely got in the flying chair next to Peter. I have always wished I had a snapshot of the moment they came around the bend - Peter's face was total joy and enthusiasm; Ann's was a total mask of abject horror. She loved her family, her friends, and of course, the animals. In all of Ann's performances, with due respect to Evita, Les Miserables, Aspects of Love, and all the rest, I have to say that there are two instances closest to my heart. The first was during a performance of The Pajama Game, (cited elsewhere here); Ann belted out "Hernando's Hideaway" and "Steam Heat" - it was maybe the first time she stopped a show, but it wasn't the last. The second time: Ann produced a performance of "Peter and the Wolf" at Swarthmore College; the crowning glory of that was her starring her big black dog (Angie) as the wolf. All the kids in the audience went "ooohhh" in chorus. Brilliant. There is so much more about Ann. She is greatly missed.

Posted by Alice Stewart Newhouse - Ripton, VT - Family Friend   December 03, 2019

There was always something so dreamy about Ann as I remember her in high school, smiling gently and moving smoothly through hallways. I guess she was in her mind 'on stage' in life. A funny thing when we were all getting ready for the Pajama Game play was when I came upon her backstage and she is ironing her hair to smooth her natural curls! So ahead of everyone else was she. I sure am sad to know she was suffering with cancer as it must've dimmed her glow a bit. I missed getting over to speak with her at our 50th reunion and regret that chance being lost forever. Ann, I did view you in awe and send my love. Martha

Posted by Martha Grieco - Whitefish, MT - Classmate   November 05, 2019