Condolence & Memory Journal

Mike was the best, even though he would constantly give me a hard time. ;) The consistent teasing, especially when I was hired at the extra muscle on the boat, was always followed with knowing how much he cared for me and how much I always enjoyed being around him. He was one of those charismatic people that always made me laugh and always made me want to be closer to him. He will be missed. My thoughts go out to the whole family, especially Louise. I hope to see you all soon to raise a glass to celebrate his life. Love Jason

Posted by Jason Dewar - Capitola, CA - Family Friend   October 22, 2020

When I first met Mike I saw his amazing smile and sense of humor; I immediately fell for him. That was 40 plus years ago. During our journey together we had many bumps in the road but because of our commitment and love for each other we made it through all the tough times. Needless to say we enjoyed more wonderful times. Mike you gave me so much happiness, laughter and fun; frustration too, but I love you to the moon and back.... and always will. Forever dancing with you. Louise
Louise Ropers

Posted by Louse Ropers - Huntington Beach, CA - Spouse   October 17, 2020


I have many wonderful memories of Mike. The one that sticks out to me the most, is when our families (Radebold, Ropers, & Mollins) had the beach house at Pajaro Dunes. I had a terrible speech impediment. He would ask me my name and I would say Valerie, but he would say "Celery" and I would get upset and walk away, the girls would laugh. Years, and years later Mike still called me Celery when he saw me! I would play that it upset me. But really I loved that he had a pet name for me. You welcomed my husband (Ron), with open arms. Mike always had a kind word, time to spend with you, and a blast to have at a party. You will be greatly missed, but forever in our hearts. Love Valerie and Ron Baker

Posted by Valerie Baker - Fulton, CA - Family Friend   October 13, 2020

Louise and I met Mike at about the same time because he worked across the street from us when we worked at Farmers Insurance. He could joke about any topic you could talk about. His sense of humor is the first thing that drew people to Mike. I never did click with playing tennis, but that was okay. I liked to watch them play. I joined him and Louise many times sailing, which was always a blast! My husband, Nick, adored Mike. Whenever we spent time with him, on the way home, Nick would eventually say, "He's a bust up!" I stayed with Mike and Louise for a period of time a few times, and he and I spent hours just talking, and sometimes "debating" politics. Even when we disagreed on something political, we ended up laughing about our differences. That's when you know you really love somebody. He didn't cook, but he sure could BBQ! Mike, you will be missed, and your memory will always be treasured. Love, Kitty and Nick

Posted by Kitty Nasarow - Mariposa, CA - Family   October 13, 2020

The most giving, loving, fun man ever in life! You were a father to me and I loved you as such...always will. Rest in peace my're now back with your best friend Les. Love you forever and beyond. Jim

Posted by James Radebold - Cupertino, CA - Family   October 13, 2020 have imbedded yourself upon our hearts unlike no other. We both have been so impacted by your life, your love, your generosity, your being. You will always hold a special place in our hearts. From Jim: you will always be my father-in-law and so much more. From Rhonda: Thank you for sharing your heart with me, many more good times to come! Love you big guy ❤

Posted by Jim Radebold - Sunnyvale, CA - Family   October 13, 2020