Henry P. Paterno

  • Born: September 17, 1924
  • Died: February 2, 2008
  • Location: Viewtown, Virginia

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233 Broadview Avenue
Warrenton, VA 20186

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Tribute & Message From The Family

Henry P. Paterno, 83 of Viewtown, VA died Feb. 2, 2008 at INOVA Fairfax Hospital, Falls Church, VA.He was born Sept. 17, 1924 in Brooklyn, NY. Mr. Paterno grew up in New York City. He served in the U.S. Army in WWII and was honorably discharged with the rank of First Lieutenant. He met his future bride, Genevieve McAsey, an army nurse, while both were serving on Leyte, the Philippines, just prior to the end of the war. They were married in 1946, began their married life in Detroit, Michigan and had five daughters and a son. His highly successful career in the finance industry encompassed every phase of the business from branch manager to president of one of the largest finance companies in the United States and Canada. He was vice president of operations at Fruehauf Finance Company before joining the group that organized Delta Acceptance Corporation in Canada in 1956. During this time, he and his family lived in London, Ontario. He served as chief operations officer with Avco Delta from 1961 to 1969 and was president from 1965 to 1969. In a magazine interview in the late sixties, he predicted the coming of a ''cash'' card – which we know today as the debit card. He is survived by his wife of sixty-one years, Genevieve; daughter Janet Rachel Thomas of Memphis, TN; son Robert of Tampa, FL; daughter Kay and husband Greg Robertson of Viewtown, VA; daughter Mary of Novato, CA; daughter Nina and husband Walter Boehner of Langley Park, MD; daughter Rita and husband Scott Karath of Hyannis, MA; grandsons Christopher and Dale Shepard of Canada; grandson Sean Robertson of Viewtown, VA; grandson Henry Robertson of Falls Church, VA; and granddaughter Hannah Karath of Hyannis, MA. and five great-grandchildren. 1030 AM, Thursday, Feb. 7, 2008 St. Peter Catholic Church12762 Lee HwyWashington, VAInterment in the church cemetery In lieu of flowers memorial contributions can be sent to the Amissville Volunteer Fire and Rescue Squad, P.O. Box 147, Amissville, VA 20106

Condolence & Memory Journal

Wish you were here. I miss you Dad.

Posted by Rita Karath - Centerville, MA - daughter   June 09, 2018


Dear Dad,

Tomorrow another anniversary. Miss you and mom. Miss your laugh.
Know you and mom are happy. Miss you.

Love Janet

Posted by Janet Thomas - Memphis, TN - Daughter   February 01, 2018


Dear Dad,

Think of you often. Nothing is the same. I can't believe its been 9 years. You and mom are together now. love and miss you so much.

Posted by Janet Thomas - Memphis, TN - Daughter   April 23, 2017

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Posted by treeaustrali - London   September 30, 2012

Dear Dad: Saturdays make me so sad and this is the 4th one since you died. I guess Saturdays just will never quite be the same again. That Saturday sure was sad especially for those of us who were at the hospital. I\'m going to design a little flower garden for your grave site once Kay gives me the info on the allowed dimensions and location in reference to your headstone. I don\'t know if the headstone has been placed yet. I guess I\'ll come down at Easter and go to church with Mom again so that we can visit you. I love you and I miss you very much. Nina

Posted by Nina Paterno - Silver Spring, MD   September 30, 2012

Somehow there are no words to say what I would like to say! I wish I could help your children with the emptiness they feel, but I cannot. You see, I know it so well. If you can, let all the others comfort you and know that we will all be together again someday. Till we meet again... Love Cathy

Posted by Cathy Conover - Stroudsburg, PA   September 30, 2012

Dear Rita: Well so much for closure! It all really sucks. I don\'t know if I was lucky or not but I did spend more time with Dad Friday night - his last night- than anyone else. It was a quiet time because he was uncomfortable and trying to rest. Friday and Saturday were very difficult and if I let myself really think about it I get overwhelmed with just how difficult it was especially when we saw him after the surgery. I am still surprised by it all. All of a sudden last night I said oh my god my Dad died three weeks ago today and started crying. We all held it together didn\'t we? I barely remember seeing anyone and yet everyone was there and you traveled so far. I haven\'t seen Mom cry yet but she looks very sad. No, no more secrets from Dad. I\'ll tell you this though society/life doesn\'t give anyone the time to mourn. It comes at you at times in waves. Not all at once thank god but at weird times all of a sudden you feel it. I hope next week will be better for all of us. Love you. Love you Dad. Miss you! Nina

Posted by Nina Paterno - Silver Sprng, MD   September 30, 2012

Dear Dad, Here I am at work, on Sunday, as usual. It\'s been a month now, and I think the reality of it is just coming to me. I guess I\'ve been in some kind of strange disbelief, as now I cry more about it. Yes, especially saturdays. We did hold it together at the funeral. When I sat in your chair I had a rush of memory of the day you bought the chair. We went to the furniture stores and you picked the one you were comfortable in and then we waited for the delivery truck and set it up. I hadn\'t even remembered it. I don\'t know who else was there, maybe Bob, can\'t remember. miss you love and hugs, Janet

Posted by Janet - Memphis, TN   September 30, 2012

Rita, I think I know what you mean. Everything is different - will never be the same. The world is different, we are different.

Posted by Janet Paterno - Memphis, TN   September 30, 2012

Dear Dad: It\'s been a difficult week. I\'ve been very busy and Hannah\'s been on vacation. Now that there\'s no secrets from you, you can see how hard I\'m trying to help Hannah with her OCD. I\'m also trying to figure out the taxes and it\'s driving me crazy. This year we owe, and I know what you told me but it seems I\'m getting taxed on stuff you said I shouldn\'t, but I can\'t call you and talk to you about it anymore. The other night I lay down with my kitties and just started weeping, for the first time since you passed. It just came over me. I had to get myself together quickly as I have too much to do and don\'t have the ability to allow myself any time. I seem to be getting better dealing with the regular world as time distances me from your passing, but I still feel off kilter, and wonder whether that will ever change. I think I should try to get some sleep tonight. Everyone seems to talk about how great their "closure" was, but I don\'t feel I\'ve had any. I was delegated to be the little sister and do what I was told, and I did it; then I was whisked back home and thrust into everything here. Well, can\'t change the past, got to deal with now and hope for the best with the future. Miss you.

Posted by Rita - Hyannis, MA   September 30, 2012

Dear Dad, Hope you are having a great time with everyone and Blitz, etc. I miss you but know you are in a good place, and that helps. love with hugs, Janet

Posted by Janet Paterno - Memphis, TN   September 30, 2012

Sunday, February 17th Dear Dad: I went to your house yesterday for a visit and Mom and I went to Napolean\'s in Warrenton for lunch. The three us went there for lunch a couple of years ago. I had come down to get you squared away with your new Doctor- Doctor Lin- and was coming down for those visits. One time we saw him and then we went to Warrenton and had lunch at Napoleons and then went by the bank. I remember it well. So it had a lot of meaning for me yesterday. Then I took Mom to 5:30 Saturday Mass at St. Peter where you are buried. We visited your grave before the Mass. Mom is always so calm- so stoic and doesn\'t seem to show any emotion. It was very emotional for me after that in the church. I almost lost it in church but held it together for Mom. I liked it when Walter\'s Mom was cremated. I have a hard time with the thought of regular graves. Too many horror movies I guess. I hope Mom gets a lot of comfort from the church as I think it must be hard to go there every week for mass as you are buried there. But hopefully it makes her feel closer to you! What will I do when this memorial book is gone. I find it so therapeutic to write to you here. I am grateful it is a holiday weekend so I have tomorrow also to get it together before work on Tuesday. Love Nina

Posted by Nina Paterno - Silver Sprng, MD   September 30, 2012

Saturday, February 16th Hi Dad: It was a crazy busy week at work this week. But busy is better than slow. Keeps your mind occupied. Wednesday Walter and I drove back to Fairfax Hospital and got your pj\'s and slippers. It was strange being back there. It\'s just been two weeks but on one level seems like a century. I\'m driving down to Kay & Greg\'s to visit Mom today. Don\'t worry, we will take good care of her. Love Nina

Posted by Nina Paterno - Silver Sprng, MD   September 30, 2012

Dear Dad: I went back to work on Sunday. The only way to describe how I feel is this way. Although everyone else\'s is ok, I feel my reality has shifted and I\'m not sure where to plant my feet. Last week when I couldn\'t sleep I wrote a haiku. Pillow wet with tears Bidding our loved one goodbye His chair is empty One minute I\'m ok, and the next I\'m not. I hear your giggle laugh in my mind a lot, and your voice, and I think of you constantly, until life taps me on the shoulder and I return to what I\'m supposed to be doing. I\'m too busy to mourn all at once, so I only get snippets. I\'m going to be a mess when I do my taxes, \'cause I won\'t know who to call.

Posted by Rita Karath - Hyannis, MA   September 30, 2012

Dear Dad: I miss you! I miss your laugh! I have your picture on my call phone so that I can look at it whenever I think of you. Constantly! Today I went back to work and everyone on my team was so nice. Kathleen and Dubravka gave me a card and some tulips and even a muffin for breakfast. I was okay when everyone was around last week, but now I feel very sad. I feel like this memorial guestbook is a way to talk to you so I am writing to you here. I know my brother and all my sisters went back to work today too- so if misery enjoys company there we are. Love Nina

Posted by Nina Paterno - Silver Spring, MD   September 30, 2012