Condolence & Memory Journal

Thanks for all the tech contributions, Steve. I'm not personally a fan of Apple, but I know that the technology I use on a daily basis wouldn't be possible if it weren't for your efforts, and for that I thank you.

Posted by Dave Clarke - San Diego, CA   January 12, 2019

i say that it'd be cool if we could actually get REAL NARNIAN PASSPORTS i mean we could have them made for each fan woildwrde and sell it to them .the sites could do that i guesssssssssssssssssss

Posted by Ismail - qGFGFzPy, IA - Family   February 29, 2016

friend! love! I like the reminder about the 180 kids being your kids too:) Thats how I feel about all 630 of mine! :) Even if I've miessd one day they act like it was the end of their world they didn't have art and I secretly am doing a happy dance that they care that much! LOL Be well!

Posted by Hoala - 7LIsnODF, SC - SvgFg5fmXh2m   September 09, 2015

i say that it'd be cool if we could actually get REAL NARNIAN PASSPORTS i mean we could have them made for each fan woidlwrde and sell it to them .the sites could do that i guesssssssssssssssssss

Posted by Jay - 4KH61olHuZ, SD - J0hyjmc4u   September 09, 2015

Steve Jobs, I will see you in Heaven someday, so the Original iPad and the iPad 2 came to Heaven sense you came there...

Posted by Thomas Woolum    October 31, 2012


Steve I grew up in your golden era. I can't remember the time before IPods, You have shaped the world we live in and not many people can match your intelligence. Steve you were years ahead of everyone else on this little blue marble and you helped millions. Thank you Steve

Posted by Emmalene - Hero   September 19, 2012


RIP boss..

Posted by R - friend   March 14, 2012


All of my devices come from Steve.

R.I.P to a Apple Mastermind

Posted by Steve B    December 30, 2011


I appreciate all you contributed.

Posted by Julia Reeves - just a friend   November 27, 2011


You will never be forgotton.

Posted by kelly hall    November 22, 2011


He has added in bringing Learning of all Kinds to the World. He was a voice for good and not evil in a changing world.May His Memory Be For a Blessing Always Fondly Iris

Posted by Iris Zaft - Friend   November 08, 2011

First met Steve at the Homebrew Computer Club in 1974. Followed his career for many years......He was truly the DaVinci of his time and gone much too early

Posted by J. Kearney - Jacksonville, FL - friend   November 08, 2011


I know he has seen the light and has been in my thoughts a lot. I pray for his soul and truely admired his simplicity and his view on life.

Posted by Kaye Campos - Admirer   November 05, 2011

The iPad in my opinion is the greatest invention of Steve's for the older generation.
With the zoom feature, when your eyesight is a problem that fixes it.
Steve, you were a special gift sent from above for all of us to borrow for a short time. We are so grateful that we were here to share this time with you.
The iPad 50th Wedding Anniversary gift for my husband is keeping him very busy until we go "Wow"! Steve, we are really looking forward to the "Wow" times with you! Enjoy them in the meantime.

Posted by Rita Settle - Clermont, FL - Fan   November 02, 2011


I am so impress by the details of his life. He was an adopted child. And these parents helped make him to be who he was. A tribute to all adopted people, and to those that gave him up for adoption.
"You could not make up a better story." R.I.P Steve Jobs. And my deepest Sympathy to All his Family and Friends.

Posted by Sandra Perdue Stroup - Fan   November 02, 2011


Rest In Peace my brother, No more worries, no more tears, no more pains, Now that you are in God arms everything is alright. GOD BLESS

Posted by Ruby    November 01, 2011


You will be sorely missed. Rest in Peace.

Posted by Debbie - admirer   November 01, 2011


St Jobs eve for ever. Thanks steve for jobs you created, for your success of transforming ideas in products like the mystery of nature transforming cells in Apple. We will keep in memory the streamline of graphics, the elegant style of finger touch technology through the navigation wheel, the quality of audio in music,the access of geant music stores and your talent of marketing.
Thanks also for the exemple you give in your life : simplicity of your image, respect of environnment and the courage of personal ideas.

Posted by Vermathio - French Software Engineer   October 30, 2011



Posted by james hastings - a fellow buddhist   October 30, 2011


Full Sail University introduced me to Steve Jobs and the Mac Book Pro. An experience of epic growth and communication, pushed out of my comfort zone and challenged to learn new ideas concepts.

Steve Jobs left his foot prints in the sand to explore the clouds in the sky. A beacon light for the 21st century and beyond.

Posted by Cheryl Autry - Student   October 30, 2011


The first time I ever saw a Mac was 1994, in the California State Fullerton University book store. (I had learned how to use a computer on a PC and experienced a rather tense relationship with it.) This Mac laptop was sitting there, open and turned on. I took one look at it and thought, "This is it." I've been a Mac person ever since.
Now, 17 years later, I have my brand new desktop iMac. When I first saw this new iMac I thought, "Finally, someone has a created a computer for me!" - An"all-in-one" computer (with the tower streamlined in with the monitor). This is the only computer I have ever owned that I wake up in the morning and say (literally), "I love you" to!

Steve Jobs, you will be greatly missed.

Debra McManus

Posted by Debra McManus - Apple Lover   October 28, 2011

Go ahead Steve, start creating the next generation of technology up in your iCloud. Thanks for creating a world I love! We'll miss you.

Posted by Caitlyn Rusley - Burlingame, CA - 6th Grade Student   October 28, 2011


The future won't be the same without you Mr. Jobs. We will always be left wondering, "what if..." Peace be with you!

Posted by Jamie Babcock - iFormer employee   October 27, 2011


Dear Steve. May your soul rest in the hands of the Lord.

Posted by Rosita Hartley - Client   October 26, 2011


may u rest in peace for u have done many good things for mankind

Posted by carol    October 25, 2011


I'm a grandma from NJ. Every morning I open my laptop and see my grandson's smiling face...I am able to share so many things with my Gavin who lives in another state...every day I thank Steve Jobs for helping to make that possible.

Posted by Libby Gerardo - A Grateful Grandma   October 24, 2011


I worked at the Apple Campbell,California site for Adia a temp agency in the early 90's. I worked in purchasing and noticed the atmosphere was so relaxed and my coworkers were so intelligent and engaging. Unfortunately I was a temp and my time was up. I thank Apple for helping me provide an income for my family. You are still we us Steve. Thank you.

Posted by June Christina Whitaker - Employee   October 24, 2011


Bravo Steve. You did a great job for Us. We thank you for that. We greately miss you

Posted by mohan kuntipuram - Admirer   October 24, 2011


like Job in the bible, while he gave everything to the people of the world, obedience played a key role in his existence here on earth. God took everything from him; for he rests in peace now at the right hand of God the Father. For his name was Job(s). Thank you for his talents and gifts.

Posted by ahcila - angel   October 24, 2011

Even through I never meet Steve when I heard he had died it touched my heart, like he was a relative of mine.

Posted by Lena Faye Johnson - Dale City, VA   October 23, 2011


An American icon gone. Irreplacable. RIP Steve.....

Posted by jeff    October 23, 2011


Thank you so much Steve Jobs I you have enriched my life by owning so many apple products. Thanks again and rest in peace.

Posted by Magna-Flow Environmental - an apple fan and mac user   October 23, 2011


We love and miss you, Steve. My husband an I discovered the news of your death on an iPhone, at church, one Wednesday evening. I pray this was a sign from God that you found salvation. I would love to meet you in God's Kingdom. I have been a big fan of Apple since the 80s. And a vegetarian to boot. I wish Apple to continue to fulfill your wishes. You will always be with us and remain special.

Posted by Virginia W - a fan with heart   October 23, 2011


The most remarkable Genius of our time!
His passing has left a void that will not be filled
for many years to come!
May he rest in Peace, but keep a watchful eye on the
Ones he left behind

Posted by Louise - Admirer   October 22, 2011


Steve you will be greatly missed and you changed the world of communications more than any other individual in modern times.
You will be remembered as one of the greatest and most innovative men and the foremost in your field.
Rest in Peace...

Posted by Sheila - Admirer and Fan   October 22, 2011

I still get teary-eyed when I'm reminded of Steve Jobs' all-too-untimely passing. He was my idol. Also a child of the 60's, I could identify with him in many respects. We "grew up" in a time of challenge and change. Steve chose Life 101 over more "conventional" curricula, set his sights accordingly, and aimed for the stars. He was a truly remarkable man. He gave so much to so many. He will not be forgotten. He may be gone, but only from our sight. You've changed the world in so many positive ways, Steve, with your vision, brilliant mind, and larger-than-life heart. Thank you.

Posted by Lois Randall - Yarmouth, ME - Admirer   October 22, 2011


I'm still trying to come to terms with the loss of Steve Jobs. I feel lucky to have lived at the same time as he did, for he improved my life in so many ways. I hope there is a wonderful after life for him.

Posted by Sian - customer   October 22, 2011


We were very fortunate to get to meet Steve only once. We will never forget that day because it was the day that Vice President Al Gore was introduced to the stockholders at an Apple Stockholders meeting. We were able to meet Mr Gore as well that day. That memory will live with us forever. Thank You Steve for your genius!
Dan and Sally Crua (shareholders).

Posted by Sally & Daniel Crua - Fans of Steve Jobs   October 21, 2011

I bought my first MAC around 1982. As I remember it was 1 megabite. I upped the models until this G4 (desk top and laptop)'s outdated butstill does an amazing job for its age. (Me too at 79). I used to talk to my Macs...e.g Goodnight Mac...Good morning Mac (and longer conversations). Even though I can't afford a new Mac, a PC is out of the question. Thank you Steve for years of enjoyment (and employment) had my own PR and publishing business...until MI went down the tubes. I feel as if I have lost a good friend.

Posted by Robin Harris - Port Huron, MI - customer and admirer   October 21, 2011


Rest in Peace, God needed you more! God Bless your sole!

Posted by Judy & Joe Rauback    October 21, 2011


Wow, I read that he worked until the last day. It looked like he did want to leave, but he had to go. So sad. His obsession on creating a highly functional, elegant and refine piece of tool will be sorely missed. I look at my ipod and sigh!

Posted by Chewy - Consumer   October 21, 2011


Simplicity and genius combined in one great lively APPLE heart; Steve Job. You touched many lives with your efficient and easy to use computer inventions. Thank you for leaving us your lovely wife and inspired children to continue our hopes for a BRIGHT APPLE future for all of us. Stay blessed where you are, and rest in perfect peace.

Posted by Ama Mundi - Mother of Apple DBA   October 20, 2011


The most innovative man of our time. We are sad that he is gone. Thankful for what he did to make the world a better place for all of us.

Posted by Stacey Thompson - none   October 18, 2011


God took one of his shining apples to return to the garden of life in heaven. May the perpetual light shine upon your soul and you rest in peace.

Posted by joan louise - friend   October 17, 2011


The world has loss a great man who brought us all out of the dark ages as far as I'm concerned. He is and will always be missed. My heartfelt condolences to his family, friends, and associates.

Posted by Gerri Grime Allgood - fan   October 16, 2011


The entire world has suffered a tremendous loss with the passing of Steve Jobs. He was a true genius who altered our communication world in such an immense way and we have been forever changed. He died at a relatively young age but I think the God and his Angels felt he had accomplished what he was put on this earth to do and it was time for him to travel back to Heaven. My condolences to his wife and children, may God give you strength to handle the loss of your loved one ...Rest in Peace Steve!

Posted by Katherine Morris    October 16, 2011


October 5 -- A sad day for the world, the future. Why do I cry for this man that I've never met? But, yet, I have met him. Because in every invention, every MacBook I've purchased, every iPhone I've purchased, every song or video I've downloaded from iTunes, every heart-felt debate I've had with the IT guy/gal who is Microsoft headstrong, Steve Jobs has come into my life, into my productive work environment, into my heart. A visionary leaves us to only wonder what the next great thing we "need" is :)

October 14 -- My new 4S in hand ... my sadness is profound beyond anything I can possibly explain to my friend, my family. A man I've never met ... yet I'm mourning so deeply. RIP Steve Jobs. I miss you already.

Posted by Patty    October 15, 2011

The vision you carved out changed the world forever, and Apple is on such a great destiny with your hard work and purpose. You are a true hero of our time and an Icon. This is a true loss and very sad. You will be missed by all the lives you touched.

Posted by Nancy Lifter - Miami Beacg, FL - Admirer   October 15, 2011

Steve changed the world forever!My grand-
daughter,(Five),plays and learns on a computer(!)thanks to you.At that age,I played with building blocks.You changed the world forever!Thank you,Steve!

Posted by John Wallace III - Bel Air, MD - An unknown friend!   October 14, 2011

In 1985 my first MAC was the 512K.I created a hairstyling make over system and hold a US patent in my name. Thank you Steve Jobs

Posted by Vito Blancato - Port St. Lucie, FL   October 14, 2011


I love my Apple devices. Have had one or more since 1985. Thanks Steve. Your Genius will be missed.

Posted by Carolyn    October 14, 2011


Dearest Steve Jobs, how do we let go of you as part of our world, you were a genius & you gave the world so much yet we are at a loss without you. . . .May You Rest In Peace & you will never be forgotten! May Cancer research find a cure someday!

Posted by Cherie - A person, a number yet ONE   October 13, 2011


Mr. Steve Jobs was a Brilliant, World Changing Genius who will be missed by many.Rest in Peace!

Posted by Tammy - Fan & friend of sister Patty   October 13, 2011


Steve....A brillant light forever dimmed....may you rest in peace.

Posted by Maria - friend   October 13, 2011



Posted by Dawn    October 13, 2011


Hello, My name is Janet Woodville. I've always wondered what Apple Inc. and it's products were all about. The past few months I've been looking deeply into the apple products. Answering my questions on what makes all these products so popular. Now I know why. Next year I am going to get an i Pad 2 and an iPhone4S. my very first Apple products. i do love the new and improved stuff now that I know more about the products. I also want to get the new iPod nano 6th generation. I learned what it's features are and it's great. 16gig on that one. Steve Jobs will missed very much. I learned about Steve Jobs through YouTube. Therefore learned that he was CEO of all Apple. He sure improved a lot on all of the products too. May God bless and be with all his friends and Family.

Posted by Janet Woodville - A newer fan   October 13, 2011


Rest in peace Steve. You were a very intelligent human being.

Posted by Rose - a consumer   October 12, 2011


Even knowing this day would eventually come, it has been a very difficult reality to face that Steve has transitioned on and away from this world of ours. I wake up every day with him on my mind and have difficulty knowing he isn't here with us any more.

I still remember the first time I ever hears of Apple Computer and it was from Steve's Admin Assistant back in the late 70's, who told me that she worked for a cool new company that was going to be really, really big. I remember saying "what a cute name for a company."

I am typing this on my G4 Dual-Processor Mac that I purchased in 2003, which is still operating perfectly. Steve's relentless drive to make elegant, innovative, and high-quality products is what made me forever abandon any thought of owning a PC again. My first computer was a Mac LC back in 1991. Years later I purchased a Dell. Big mistake. Within a couple of years I would have liked to have thrown that out of the window like Steve threw the dot matrix printer out of his. I was so happy on October 24, 2003 to get in line outside the Palo Alto Apple Store when OS 10.3 was released. And when I walked out with my whole new set up there was an aisle created by two rows of Apple employees cheering everyone who walked out with their new purchases. I stood in line at the check out stand at 11 pm and talked with others who were so happy to be an Apple customer. Once you own a Mac, you never go back.

I never met Steve personally but over the years watched him in awe and developed a huge respect for him and his passion.

Thanks Steve, for all you've given us.

My sincere condolences go out to his family. I hope the world mourning your loss provides at least some comfort for you in your grief.

Posted by Susan Hubbart - Admirer of Steve Jobs   October 12, 2011


iLove my Apple products and feel deeply saddened by the loss of Steve Jobs. Not only was he a maverick within the computer industry, but also an inspiration to millions of people worldwide. Steve was a visionary who showed us, first and foremost, that we can manifest our visions if we believe in them, but he also must have recognized the potential power of his manifestations - that his products would help to bring people together in ways never imagined before now.

RIP, Steve, and may your light shine on forever.

Posted by Linda - Admirer and customer   October 12, 2011


I remember getting out first Macintosh in 1994. It was packed with 80mb of RAM. WOw! I stayed up nights learning Photoshop 2.0, Quark, Illustrator...
When there was a glitch I fell asleep with it on my mind, by early morning I would wake up running to the Mac with a solution.
It was a time of inspiration and exploration of something I didn't know existed. My creative self. Through the Mac I found what I loved doing and still create in Photoshop and illustrator to this day.
Men with the passion and vision of Steve Jobs are few and far between. I feel fortunate that I walked the earth with Steve and saw the revolution of the computer thanks largely to him.
I feel that the world has been cheated of 20 more years of innovation, I am angry and sad and feel compassion for his family and the people that knew him.
My condolences go out to his wife and children. Steve will live on in his innovations and will be remembered for generations to come. Rest in Peace.

Posted by Patricia - follower   October 11, 2011


Sadly again the great and good die young. You have contributed so much to our world and could have done so much more. Your contributions will help take us to a higher level even in your absence.

Goodbye Steve Jobs

Posted by David Paulsen    October 11, 2011


What a true visionary that was lost in Steve Jobs. His wonderful mind helped bring so many truely awesome gadgets into our lives. My deepest sympathy goes out to the Jobs and Apple family. **My favorite quote from Steve Jobs was at Stanford in '05, "Your Time is Limited, don't waste it living someone else's life."

Posted by Kim Wilkerson    October 11, 2011


Steve, you made us all proud of you and your accomplishments and so very proud you did it as an American. We're hearing so much negative about ourselves and our country, our elected officials are the sickest of the sick, and there was you, a bright, shiny, beacon - always out there on the horizon, I thank you and appreciated who you were.

Posted by MaryJane Millner - An admirer.   October 11, 2011



Posted by Maureen    October 11, 2011


I sent Steve an email once because I was not satisfied by Apple customer service. His office called me on his behalf and rectified my problem immediately. I was pleasantly astonished that a man with such a large company would take the time out to see that I was helped.
Thanks Steve, for your vision, your passion and your time.

Posted by Patricia - Admirer, product owner   October 11, 2011

I thank you humlby for sharing your wisdom JJWY

Posted by Philly - OALpihqfiVzIL, CA   October 11, 2011


I am new to the Apple world and am enjoying my I phone 4 thanks to you Steve......continue to share all your brilliance in Heaven.
Rest in Peace

Posted by Cinnamon Hrabe - Satisfied consumer   October 11, 2011


To the Jobs family I feel your loss. What a journey Steve took us on. You will never be forgotten. RIP Steve!!

Posted by Donna Richardson    October 10, 2011


the world and apple will never be the same without you ,you will truly be missed

Posted by bern - fan   October 10, 2011


Thank you Steve, I love all my Apple products, they have truly changed my life. You will be missed!

Posted by Susan - Lifetime customer of Apple   October 10, 2011


The world is a better place because Steve Jobs was in it. Written on my Macbook Pro.

Posted by Austin Dunn    October 10, 2011


Thank you Steve Jobs, for making my computer experiences much easier, and my portfolio much brighter.
You will be missed by many.

Posted by Samantha Eden    October 10, 2011


Thank you for sharing your visions with the whole world...

Posted by Mirian    October 10, 2011


You were and always be Apple. May you rest in peace now and may your family find comfort in knowing that people like me, who never personally knew you, admired you. God Bless Your Family Always

Posted by Barb Fullen    October 10, 2011

The world has lost an amazing human being, a visionary and a creative genius.
Those of us who have been fortunate enough to know and share with Steve have lost a dear friend.
Knowing Steve I know he left a legacy for APPLE of many years to come....

Posted by Fernando Marturet - Aventura, FL - Friend   October 09, 2011

Am sorry to here of your lost steven was wonder as a man and a friend hè has done and well do wonderful thing. For the world may he be at rest now and may the company he love do wonders in his nameu

Posted by Rpse - TX - Some pne   October 09, 2011


... I love and thank you for everything, Steve.
You will live on in all our "i"s and our hearts.

Posted by LiLy - Admirer   October 09, 2011


Love you, Steve.

Posted by Tom - Follower   October 09, 2011


RIP Mr Jobs you will be truly missed

Posted by Kim Goodwin - fan   October 09, 2011


Rest in peace Mr. Jobs. You gave the world innovation, inspiration and joy. We will not see a visionary like you anytime soon.

Posted by HE    October 09, 2011



Posted by veornica westbrook    October 09, 2011


thank you for what u gave to the world, god bless your family

Posted by veronica westbrook - none   October 09, 2011


Steve, The world was forever changed by your visions, your drive, and your inspiration. whether it was you giving us the best keynote presentations every time to developing, innovating new products to better our own life's you took an Apple and made apple pie you took a look at the current products and technology and said it's nice, "but" what can we do to make it even better. Just think of what the imac, ipod, iphone, and now Ipad has done to the world. I've been a huge Apple fan for many many years and even though I haven't always agreed with some of the decisions at first but then later I saw why it was done. I own a small business out of my home, without Steve's and Apple's visions, concepts and products, my business would not exist. Steve will be missed world wide, he has put the right pieces together for this company to succeed for many years to come. We were very lucky to have a man of his stature in our lifetime. There will never be another Steve Jobs. He battled this Illness for eight years and he could have just gave up eight years ago but he didn't be fought and fought and still remained focussed on the task at hand. Amazing

STEVE JOBS R.I.P you will Forever will be missed ♡
Mac and Apple fan

Posted by Scott - Apple Fan   October 09, 2011

My thoughts and prayers are with the family of Steve Jobs'. A man who was devoted to his beloved wife and children.

A brillant man that certainly loved his passion for technology, and shared it with the world. He pursued his dream, and look at the outcome - success. A man that had a desire, goal and mission, and showed the world his avenue of innovation. And, not to mention, he always had a smile on his face with integrity!

He resides in his heavenly home now, and will never be forgotten - he lives.

God Bless.

Posted by C. Wilson - Atlanta, GA - follower of technology   October 09, 2011


Thank you, Steve

Posted by Kelley    October 09, 2011


I really did not anticipate how hard the passing of Steve Jobs would hit me. I cannot even begin to tell you how sad I am. My heart is truly heavy :'-( He was an icon, a visionary, a genius of the highest caliber and now he's gone. So very, very tragic...RIP Steve Jobs. You will never be forgotten.

Posted by Florentina Renshaw    October 09, 2011


Thank you for giving me a device such as the iPod that lets me take the music I love the most anywhere in the world. That was the nicest thing you could have done for me. I did not know you personally but you were marvolus and left and impression in this earthly world. Thank you and may god be with you!

Posted by Gail Simmons    October 09, 2011

Thank you steve for your contribution to the world of computer technology that has changed the world forever. God Bless you Steve,you are one of a kind.

Posted by edthomaqs - san antonio, TX - partofnetworkoffans   October 08, 2011


Our deepest condolences to Mr. Jobs family, we will be forever endebted to him for making this a better world full of new discoveries.
Rest In Peace.
Martha Calderon & Family

Posted by Martha Calderon    October 08, 2011


Thank you Steve for making learning fun for all the special education students I taught. I was not good at computers, none of us where, but you found a way to make it so simple for us to use them that they became part of our classrooms and part of our lives forever. I am forever grateful for the way you wanted technology to be used in education. It has helped so many over the years...thank you..we will miss you.

Posted by Lynn Metzger - Apple fan and teacher   October 08, 2011


Because of Steve Jobs, I am a better person. We are a better world. My aging brain has been consistently stimulated and thrills to the opening and practicing of creative challenges that each new Apple product brings. I am surprised at how much his death affected me, he was the biggest game changer I can remember. His Stanford speech will be a point of reference for the rest of my life.

Posted by Gaye - apple obsessed   October 08, 2011


You have lived a life that confirms that nothing great has ever been accomplished without passion. To have watched the evolution of your passion being made manifest in those things that have changed all of our lives is to have reveled in the opportunity to feel and fall in love with the possibilities of the imagination. We thank you for your unparalleled imagination and - most of all - your bottomless passion.

May peace be upon you.

Posted by Sharin    October 08, 2011


Unending prescence

Posted by Steve    October 08, 2011


R.I.P. I loved your products.

Posted by Angel Dickerson    October 08, 2011


You will forever be in our hearts and lives

Posted by Shayla Hanna Mead - friend   October 08, 2011


My heart felt sympathy to mr Jobs family. The world will not be the same without him. BUT, ONE THING FOR SURE WE WILL NEVER FORGET HIM. R.I.P MR JOBS. JOB WELL DONE. THANK YOU SO MUCH! LORNA

Posted by LORNA - FAN   October 08, 2011


To Mrs. Powell-Jobs: My heart is crying for Steve, & your entire family. I have followed Steve through this terrible illness -- & lost my husband @ age 58 to the same illness. The hole in my heart will never mend. Stay close to your family... my thoughts are with you. MNK

Posted by Marcia Palmer    October 08, 2011


A brilliant mind that forever changed a world. He will be missed.

Posted by Tracie    October 08, 2011


Steve rest in were so brave and fought so hard...thank you for all the are truly brought much joy in all the products you brought out...Shannon okeson

Posted by Shannon okeson - Cancer sister   October 08, 2011


iSad :) May the Lord bless your family, especially during the coming days. Thank you for sharing all your great ideas with us.

Posted by Chuck Excell - An Apple/Mac addict   October 08, 2011


Thank you for my first computer, the student Macintosh, and for the GUI. May you rest in peace.

Posted by Gracey Lee Sweetie    October 08, 2011


Your vision impacted the lives of many.
RIP Steve.

Posted by Michael Olivis    October 08, 2011


Thank you Steve. God Bless your family and Apple.

Posted by Bret Wolschleger - Apple User   October 08, 2011

There are people who are great and there are people who admire greatness. Steve Jobs was both. He cared about everyone which translated into products that we love and incidentally continue to transform our lives. We will miss him. But it is my understanding he has left a legacy that will continue to produce products we like. His business model was based on the Beatles, and they say he left a group of geniuses that care about us too, and will continue to help us navigate this information age we are embarking on. I'm sure at the end of his life, God said "Well done!"

Posted by Michele P. Galloway - Windsor Mill, MD - Admirer and consumer   October 08, 2011

To the family of Steve jobs
I am just a buyer of an I pad, a no one, but one who cares about your loss. In death A's in life I'm sure Steve is doing it his way! I am writing this on my I pad and I love it! I love all the things Steve was into in his life and I know how much you all loved and cared for him. I too have recently lost my father and know your pain quite well. Not a day goes buy that I don't think of him and I know your doing the same. Time does make things easier, but he was quite the guy! My sympathies go out to you and your family, The lord is my Shepard ,I shall not want.... <3><3><3 know you the rest and>

Posted by Sheryl Derouin - Racine, WI - Buyer of product   October 08, 2011


You fought the good fight. May you rest in peace.

Posted by Janice - Washington, DC    October 08, 2011


I can share a memory because I own an IPHONE. This was surely a great man! He will forever be remembered through out the world. God bless!

Posted by patricia blade - owner of an IPHONE   October 08, 2011

May your light continue to shine through all the people you touched through your genius.

Even though I was never a fanboy, I do respect and admire your passion, your leadership, the way yo put a ding on the universe.

Godspeed, Steve. Wherever you are.

Posted by Carlos G. Solano - Chicago, IL - Admirer   October 08, 2011


There are three apples that changed the world.....the one Eve ate, the one that dropped on Newton's head and the one that Steve Jobs built.

Posted by H. Hamilton    October 08, 2011



Posted by Bill wall    October 08, 2011


Stay hungry, stay foolish.

Posted by Bev Rivera -   October 08, 2011


Estoy realmente conmovida por este deceso, creo que ha sido todo un personaje digno de una admiracion, siempre te tendremos presente al encernder cada una de tus creaciones. Thank you Steve Jobs.

Posted by Laura Santos    October 08, 2011

I didn't know you personally, but you have impacted the world and came into our home and impacted the way we communicate with each other and the Internet. Your vision shaped the way the world uses technology but most important where would we be without your ideas, your vision, your intellect and and your genius? I just purchased an iPod 4 for my son who turned 10. He is fascinated by all of the Apple products. Each member of my family has an iphone and a MAC laptop. Our sympathy to your family on behalf of mine. It is a very sad day in the world this morning without you. Who would have thought a day after the press release of the 4s iphone; you would leave our world? Life is so precious. I feel so sadden to hear of your passing RIP.

Posted by Casey & Shankar Rampersaud - South River, NJ - Loyal Customer   October 08, 2011


Having earned a living for over 23 years specializing in Mac computers, I have wondered at, cheered for, and been inspired by the man, the vision, the talent... the one of a kind creation that was Steve Jobs. Thank you, Steve, for your immeasurable contributions to the tech world. You have given us the tools that make our work, play, & communications more efficient and enjoyable. RIP Steve. Oh, And that ding that you spoke of... pretty sure it's there... only it's not a ding at all. It's a full blown, bona fide dent!

Posted by Elizabeth Riddle    October 08, 2011



Posted by Rev. Kenneth O. Garcia - ADMIRER.   October 08, 2011


You changed the world and you well be missed. RIP

Posted by Pamela Jones Smith    October 08, 2011


the world is a better place because of you. Rest in Peace.

Posted by Nora    October 08, 2011


Amazing Person! Even though i didnt personally know ya i used your products to build my business and thoroughly enjoyed them. When i bought my first apple in 2001 it changed my life! Thank you!

Posted by Jordan Tower - a fan   October 08, 2011


RIP Steve Jobs

Posted by suzanne - ipad2 owner   October 08, 2011

Will miss you....:-(

Posted by Giselle - Seal Beach, CA - Customer   October 08, 2011


Every once in a while, a true genius like you steps on our earth and leaves an indelible imprint on all of our lives. 200 years from now, you will be revered with geniuses along Leonardo da Vinci, Beethoven and Thomas Edison. Thank you Steve for planting the seeds so our world can think different.

Posted by PC-California - Mac user and admirer   October 08, 2011

the world is full of remarkable things.

Posted by margo Valverde - new york, NY - none   October 08, 2011


Thank you Steve for making our world a much better place. You've been a truly inspiring hero to both my husband and me from the very start of Apple's legacy. The world owes much to you and your vision, and we're all so grateful for everything you have given us. We lost you far too soon. RIP, Steve.

Our thoughts and sincerest condolences go out to Steve's wife, Laurene, and their children during this very difficult time.

Kindest regards,

Norm and Lisa Nason.

Posted by Lisa Nason - A Fan   October 08, 2011


Mr. Jobs,

Two ipods and iphone later, I've gotten over my fear of using them and am proud to say that I am a Apple user because of you and your vision. May your soul find peace, in the Apple in heaven.

Posted by Rose - a fan   October 08, 2011



Posted by RUTH BRADEN RHODEN    October 08, 2011


Just that time is precious and in his death he has left a hole and legacy

Posted by Karen - Concerned human being   October 08, 2011


We will remember you for ever.

Posted by fei li    October 08, 2011


Steve Jobs, I learned so much from you.
My first computer was an Apple Macintosh; and your vision changed the world. Thank you for teaching me that I can achieve anything if I set my mind to it.
May God Almighty Rest on your soul in peace as you did much and is time for you to Rest.

Rest in Peace

Posted by Adnan Al-Kujuk - I lived in the Bay Area, CA   October 08, 2011


Thanks, steve, the world would be so different if you had not contributed so much. Thank you.

Posted by iPhone lover - none   October 08, 2011


When mankind remembers the "Babyboom Generation" I hope it will be compared to the life of Steven Jobs. He was a humble man who united the world with his electronic creations. The world is a better place because of him and he will always be endeared.

Posted by Susan Trickel    October 08, 2011


thank you, mr jobs, for the immeasurably profound gifts of your creativity and genius that you shared w/ us. my heart aches and i am saddened for your family's and the world's loss. rest in peace.

Posted by roslyn    October 08, 2011


Thank you for all you have done for the world. May you rest in peace my friend.


Posted by Sylvia    October 08, 2011



Posted by SUE    October 08, 2011

I am so saddened by your death. I enjoyed watching you so much at each of the Apple product launches. You were an inspiration to the world and there will never be anyone like you. I know Steve Cook will lead all of us in making sure your visions remain the mainstay of Apple's culture. I am proud to be an Apple employee.

Thank you for having the courage to follow your dreams.
Rest in Peace.

Posted by Constance Neven - Westmont, IL - Apple employee   October 08, 2011


A great visionary that will truly be missed.

Posted by Cynthia    October 08, 2011


Steve Jobs, one of the greatest minds in history and possibly of our generation has passed away. He was a visionary, a genius and mastermind that was crazy enough to believe he could change the world... and he did. Thank you for teaching us you can achieve anything you set your mind to. You will be dearly miss

Rest In Peace
Steven Paul Jobs

Posted by Ryan Nguyen - One day we will meet up   October 07, 2011


The world has lost a massive person of great value to the future. He has given us so much knowledge and technology that in his hands has no end. What a wonderful brilliant man to share his many gifts. I pray he knew how the world felt about him. I offer prayer for his family and hope the many sympathy messages only help to ease their pain. We shall mourn with them, as it should be!

Posted by Annie Jones - part of his worldly friends   October 07, 2011


Dear Steven Paul Jobs,
I want to thank you for all of the things that you have done in your lifetime. Not only did you advance the world in the sense of Technology, but you taught the world how to be Visionary and innovative. YOU, one of the masterminds part of the "Think Tank" so many years ago, which led to the creation of the Macintosh & Apple Inc.; YOU, the creator of the Mouse; YOU, changed the way the world listens to music, play games, and creates videos; YOU, changed the way people communicate; YOU, changed the way people think; YOU, made a Difference; YOU, served your purpose in life. YOU.ARE.MY.HERO.
Lastly, Thank You For Being a TRUE Human Being--One that CHANGED the future, and SERVED his purpose in life: as GOD wanted when he created the heavens and the Earth. The world wont ever be the same without you, but we know that are in the great hands of God, and are no longer suffering. My thoughts go out to Everyone that was close to Steve, His wife Laurene, and the people that loved him dearly.

"One More Thing...."
Thank You, Steve
† Rest In Peace †

Posted by Marshall H - App Store Developer   October 07, 2011

I wanted to add to the other memory. Whenever Steve paid a visit to me here in Dallas it was better than DisneyLand. Steve always brought with him the next new people who will be hot on TV. I got to say yes or no to there proposals. Because of Steve I have financed some of the greatest TV and have met some of the greatest people in our time. I cried the night he died and I found out about his death in class. I had to excuse myself and go to the bathroom to compose myself. On the way home from College I had to pull over and through up. I am still in mourning and I wish I could have gone to the funeral. I also wish I could have gotten to say goodbye. I will always love you Steve.

Posted by Erin Marie - Dallas, TX - Loyal Friend   October 07, 2011


What an incredible human being!!! He will be greatly miss but deeply appreciated for his contributions to man kind and planet earth.

Posted by Lawana - admirer   October 07, 2011

"Your candle burned out long before.....Your legend ever did"

Thank you for the opportunity to spend the last 17 years working for the best company in the world. You are already missed as my heart goes out to your family. Peace and God bless.

Posted by Linda DiSalvo-Young - Morgan Hill, CA - employee   October 07, 2011


I wish I could have met you, Men like you should live forever, God took you too soon

Posted by Doris    October 07, 2011


My dear friend,

Thank you for all the wonderful inspirations you have given us through marketing ads. "Think different" has stuck with us. You will be remembered today, tomorrow and forever. Thank you for Mac OS X and the iPad. We will keep you and your family in our prayers.

Mario & Sylvia

Posted by Mario Roy    October 07, 2011


God Bless you and your family. Sorry for your loss

Posted by jean wright - just no of his work   October 07, 2011


My dear friend,

Thank you for all you have done for the world. May you rest in piece.


Posted by Sylvia Roy    October 07, 2011


I remember Steve from the first day we met. I was six and we met in someone's kitchen in Dallas. He introduced himself and I was enthralled from the moment he spoke. I would say STEVE in slow motion stressing every syllable. I asked him to put an apple with a bite mark on it and put a rainbow on it. He did and later we became business partners. At the age of seven I signed a contract with Apple. I got to see Steve every year or so of my life and I will miss him deeply.

Posted by Erin Marie - Dear friend   October 07, 2011

May God bless the family in their time of bereavement.

Posted by cynthia green - glen burnie, MD - none   October 07, 2011


Steve Jobs
Our world is a better place because of you.
Thank you!

Posted by Susan - Apple lover   October 07, 2011


The world has lost a genius. May you find your way to paradise above.
Rest in peace

Posted by The Redmosquito - fan   October 07, 2011


My son works for the company and is so sickened at Steve's passing. He told me when he was a child, "mama if you had some money you would need to put it into Apple/Macintosh," but there was none and he went on to work for that company.Steve's life was blessed and condolences to his family

Posted by Eva Higby - friend and admirer for many year   October 07, 2011



Posted by Margaret    October 07, 2011


You were a genious with the living and I'm sure you will make a difference in the hereafter.

Posted by Patricia Damewood - Admirer   October 07, 2011


May his vision, creativity and world compassion inspire AND ignite the world to carry on his legendary work and set our differences apart to make this world a better place as he did so masterfully!

The world mourns and our heartfelt prayers to family and friends...peace to all

Posted by carmen Neuharth - admirer   October 07, 2011


He was an awesome inventor may he rest in peace

Posted by jenni    October 07, 2011


Rest in Peace Steve Jobs, and thank you for sharing your genius products along with your great speeches with the public! You were an icon and someone looked you over in error for the Nobel Peace Award! You brought our men and women overseas protecting us together by your IPhon and so many more apps. God took you way too soon nut he didn't want you to suffer any longer! You were a great challenger and won a lot but we still lost you way to soon. May God watch over your lovely wife and children and thank them for sharing you with us! Today is the Jewish New Year so to your family La Shana Tova and may God watch over you in these hard days ahead. From an avid admirer!

Posted by Barbara Goldstein Forman - Consumer   October 07, 2011

What can you say, when you realize you have been in the century of a true original. At 86 I am still using Apple and living a connected life.It's about doing your own thing and trusting the inner core.My husband and I can remember a lot and Steve Jobs is among the very few who made the difference. Doris Byerly

Posted by doris brown byerly - Sun Valley, ID - apple user and admirer   October 07, 2011


Dear Laurene

My thoughts and prayers go out to you and your children

Posted by Bernardo Herrera - Friend   October 07, 2011


From just a few quotes I read, I sensed and became drawn to the conclusion; Steve developed critical thinking as a young man and ever so tightly squeezed all his focus into looking at most everything in life from the "big picture." Possibly never intimidated by the immense pressure of finding solutions logically fitting the span of any entities life-cycle.

A huge inspiration and reinforcement to my perspective.

Posted by Doug Hill - Admirer   October 07, 2011


I was born in 1974 so by the time the first Mac was introduced in 1984, I was 10 and boy did I spend some time on that machine! It was the beginning of who I was to become and how I would affect the world around me.... today I have a small ad agency and Apple is a large part of how I am able to help others achieve their dreams.

It was a an Apple MacG3, that got handed down to me from my dad, that got me through design school and then helped me start Blu Dove Designs (my agency). I grew into a White Mac Powerbook and now a Sleek MacBook Pro; my partner has a beautiful G5 at her desk. My iPhone is my way of life from to do lists to news, games and running my business. My next goal is an iPad. What an evolution of technology since 1984!

Thank you Steve Jobs... it is because of your innovation that people like me have a chance to build a future and a legacy ourselves; that I and my team have the best tools available to use every day to create, to innovate and to help others succeed. I didn't know you personally, but you certainly changed my life, and your innovations are helping me to change others lives!

My thoughts and prayers are with family and friends.

Posted by Lisa    October 07, 2011


Dear Jobs Family,
Rest in Peace Steve Jobs, you helped make the world such a better place. You were an icon in my book and I knew that when I bought my first I Phon. There's been manta since but I think they passed you up in error as you deserved a Nobel Peace Prize for what you brought and shared with our country and world.
May God bless you and look after your family and thank them for sharing your wonderful dad and husband with the world. God Bless you and thank you for sharing. You were a real mensch!

Posted by Barbara Forman - Fan and customer   October 07, 2011



Thanks for your brilliance for giving me an APPLE II & iphone experience

Posted by KELVIN G - APPLE II fan   October 07, 2011


STEVE JOBS, the man who "unlocked" and "befriended" the" World". Thanks, may you rest in peace.

Posted by Harry W - A friend.   October 07, 2011


Steve thanks you for what you have done, thank you for making devices like the iPad that are so simple that my two year old daughter uses with it ease. My family and I love you because you advanced humanity so much faster because of your gifted foresight.

Posted by David Leonardis -   October 07, 2011



Posted by Laurie - friend   October 07, 2011


A simple "thank you" is not enough for all you have given to the world. You will always be remembered for your intelligence, perseverence,and words of inspiration. You have left us too soon. MAY YOU REST IN PEACE. And again, thank you!!

Posted by ANITA - admirer   October 07, 2011


You made a difference.

Posted by Sheryl - admirer   October 07, 2011


Steve your light will burn forever. You were an extraordinay man with a vision that changed the world. We owe you much gratitude. Rest in Peace!

Posted by connie williams - fan   October 07, 2011


What a true inspiration for generations to come. My children and grandchildren will learn about you in schools and because of you kids now have the chance to enhance their learning experience with your products, something that children of the 80's grew up without. May your soul rest in peace with the Lord..

Posted by Beautiful Girl - Fan   October 07, 2011


Thank you for the Light you have given to us. And may one of us use your Flame to light our own candle; and may it burn as bright and as powerful as your Light. Thank you Steve for your example.

Philip J.

Posted by Philip M. Johnson - acquaintaince   October 07, 2011

A brilliant man..changed the world in so many ways! Technology will probably come to a halt, no one can match your wit, intelligence or standards when it comes to technology. You will be missed by everyone.

Posted by Audrey - dayton, NJ - no relation   October 07, 2011

Steve, I have enjoyed the exciting ride with you since 1983 and will continue too into the future. If there are other dimensions to our lives, I'm sure you will be busy creating exciting new things for us to enjoy when we arrive. Until then!

Posted by Bob Brenner - Carefree, AZ - ASC Advisory Council   October 07, 2011


You were a great man, may you rest in peace.

Posted by Blanca E Torres - Friend   October 07, 2011


My first PC was an AppleII with AOL,IE included what a thrill not to mention quick pix for the kids and later on "APPLE WORKS"

Posted by Nestor Patino-Bueno - follower   October 07, 2011

I had the honor of meeting Steve for the first time in 1985 when I was working for Apple Computer. What exciting times these were, fresh out of college, I was living the dream and working at my dream company. Steve had a presence about him and he caused people to expect more from themselve. My fondest memory was when Steve walked into the Mac Factory floor in Fremont, CA and witnessed the assembly of the Macintosh Plus and handed $100 bills to all the workers for the hard work they were doing. He stated, "All of these computers, are sold befor you ever make them, they are that hot!" Steve was at a new pinnacle at that time, but had no idea the incredible impacts he would have 10 or 20 years down the road. The word I have for Steve is "RESPECT". See you soon my friend!

Posted by Greg Myers - Dallas, TX - Employee   October 07, 2011


Thank you Mr. Jobs for all you did.
Rest in Peace now.

Posted by Gayle Sch - a customer   October 07, 2011



Your influence on our society is deep, even deeper than most realize. The way we communicate and socialize, the way we enjoy music, and the way we compute has all changed because of you.

We admire you and always will. We will enjoy the products you created for decades to come. We will your incredible vision and passion for work and life.

May you rest in peace now, and know that you are loved and admired by so many people all over the world. You will never be forgotten!

Posted by Heidi Worcester    October 07, 2011


Thank you for all of your contributions; you made the world a better place by inventing vital technology solutions in which we can use for now and in the future. Thank you for your commitment and dedication.

Posted by Lissa    October 07, 2011

Listening to the tributes and hearings Steve's words and philisophy about Life, inspire me to be more passionate and to truly fulfill my own true Purpose. Steve jobs lived a whole lotta life in 56 years.

Keep on Innovating Steve.
Blessings and Light

Greg Autry

Posted by Greg Autry - Aliso Viejo, CA - Human   October 07, 2011


You have done so much for the world, Thank You Rest in Peace.
Angela Nucci

Posted by Angela Nucci    October 07, 2011


Great innovator of our times.He touched us, We touch one or the many Apple products in our everyday life

Posted by Rangarajan    October 07, 2011


thank you for sharing with the world.......

Posted by carol kuchar    October 07, 2011


My prayers go out to the Jobs family. You never really know Cancer until it hits just too close to home. He is no longer suffering or in pain. He was a kind soul with a warm heart. He will be greatly missed. Describing him as the Einstein of our time is simply miniscule compared to the true impact he had on this world. My child will be educated through tools Jobs made. He was the eye of the future. Rest in paradise Steve.

Posted by Yetta Julianne - Mourner.   October 07, 2011



Posted by Annette C. Johnson Ewell - just a fan   October 07, 2011


After seeing my first Macintosh in 1984, I knew it would be the foundation of my own business. I was one of the first "desktop publishing specialists" & started my own graphic design business in 1986 with a Mac & one of the first Laserwriters, a business I still work at part-time. Steve's genius & vision always amazed me. I have always been and will continue to be, proudly, a Mac Evangelist. His loss is immeasurable b/c of the uniqueness of his mind & vision.

Posted by Peggy Wang    October 07, 2011


Thanks!!! I love my Ipod can't live without it! RIP

Posted by Nycole - admirer   October 07, 2011


Steve Jobs did so much in the short time he was given...In one of the last pictures with him and the was his technological gem that has changed the world...the world changed a lot because of Steve Jobs....

Posted by Karen - admirer   October 07, 2011


Inspiring human being, great thinker, and someone who has touched so many lives. He will be missed. My condolances to his family.

Posted by Brett - Iphone, ipad user   October 07, 2011


Thank you Mr.Jobs. You have changed our world.You will be dearly missed. Rest In Peace.

Posted by khemphet - fan   October 07, 2011


Mine is not a personal memory because I never had the opportunity to meet this great man.
My memory of Steve Jobs is the fact that he gave the world APPLE !!!! I am a long time user and proponent of his remarkable products. HE WILL BE GREATLY MISSED !

Posted by Susan Carr - Just a long-time fan of APPLE   October 07, 2011

Steve Jobs wow'd me with the introduction of the iMac and iPhone. If anyone would have said I would love my Mac machines so much I would have thought they were crazy. Steve you did so much for the world. Thank you and rest in peace. God bless your family in this time of grief and sadness. Remember the good times rather than the sad times. I will remember Steve everytime I look at my computer with gratitude and thankgiving.

Posted by John Teel - albuqueruqe, NM - Admirer   October 07, 2011


He knew what we needed before we wanted it

Posted by Charles    October 07, 2011


"Let no one weep for me, or celebrate my funeral with mourning; for I still live, as I pass to and fro through the mouths of men."
- Quintus Ennius

Thank you for all you have done. You'll be missed more than you'll ever know. May God bless... rest in peace!

Posted by Kim - consumer   October 07, 2011


Thank you for not being afraid to dream. You taught us so much more than technology.

Posted by Cynthia Jensen    October 07, 2011

Goon much too soon. R.I.P.

Posted by Mary L. Nadrowski - Bartlett, IL - friend   October 07, 2011

You have changed our lives in infinite ways. May you rest in peace

Posted by Suchi - fan   October 07, 2011


What a terrible loss for the computer industry. My prayers are with his family! May he rest in peace.

Posted by Mary G.    October 07, 2011

I remember my our first ipods and then... or now.. our iPhones...such genius. I hope someone I'n your camp will be able to keep up with your inventions and update them when needed... and you'll be here forevermore.

Posted by Caroline Terrell - Albany, NY - customer   October 07, 2011

I have always viewed Steve Jobs as a part of my life because he truly has made an impact on the way I share my ideas, create, listen to music, and reach out to others around the world. His vision, creativity and joy of discovery have always served as a model for me and I will truly miss him. I am grateful that we had him on this planet, although too briefly, to guide our way. His light will shine long after he has left us.

Posted by Amy Greenberg - Brooklyn, NY - a huge fan   October 07, 2011



Posted by Terence ONG - Friend   October 07, 2011


A brilliant light that was taken too soon.

Posted by Patricia Olsen -   October 07, 2011


Daylight became pale a bit yesterday

Posted by Ekaterina    October 07, 2011


Your mind was a creative and wonderful gift and you were a kind person who cared about things that were important. You really inspired many people. Rest in Peace.

Posted by J. Cates - admirer and apple user   October 07, 2011

I lost a friend, a mentor, a leader. The fate of the world has changed through your charisma and your vision. You have inspired our generation and we are grateful for all your I-products. We may wait a millennium before someone like you walk on your planet again.

Thank you friend. RIP.

Jean H.

Posted by Jean Hyacinthe - Hallandale Beach, FL - A believer in i-products   October 07, 2011


Dear Steve,
Thank you for giving me the chance to become a great photographer with your amazing product. I had a dream with you and Ansel Adams in it last night. I know anything is possible. May the light of your Soul shine on and on....... Mary, laguna beach, ca

Posted by Mary Church - product user   October 07, 2011

Steve Jobs has changed my life, amazing me with great tech since I was 4.

Posted by Quinn Vinlove - Fairbanks, AK - fan   October 07, 2011


Thanks to your greatness I am what I am today a truly Apple fan, my first computer and emac, I madly fall in love with it and since then all I 've use is mac...and then of course the in peace

Posted by karol diaz - just a admirer   October 07, 2011


Heavenly Angels, take him gently. Al-hum-de-Allah

Posted by KEV RILEY    October 07, 2011


I will always remember you and because of you and what you have done you have changed my life forever.

rest in peace

Peabody, Mass

Posted by Todd    October 07, 2011


Rest in peace dear brilliant star you have shone your brightness for all to be in awe...

Posted by Maggie Barra - Customer   October 07, 2011


Rest in peace Steve. Thank you for all our great and fun tech products. Your legacy will live on forever. We will never forget you. Much love to you from a Silicon Valley neighbor.

Posted by Cille De Primo - Friend   October 07, 2011


rest in peace

Posted by Debi - admirer   October 07, 2011


I just want to say rest in peace.....and I hope the media doesent give extra greif to the family ....on Mr. Jobs final day here going to his resting place. Im ashamed of the people in the media that represent a church and want to cause a disruption on a day when your family is saying good-bye.....I pray your family finds rest and peace in the happy memories of you......REST IN PEACE......

Posted by Trudy Baxter - justperson sending a condolence   October 07, 2011

God created creator of largest company on earth, took him back where the creators belong, long live the father of invention and creation.

Posted by Usman Baig - Holmdel, NJ - Admirer   October 07, 2011

The apple fell from the tree, but the tree still lives and bears much fruit!

Blessings and peace to the family.

Posted by BB - Fairfield, IA - none   October 07, 2011

He was a incredible man whose creations were phenomenal. They enabled us do unimaginable things. He was an inspiration. He challenged us to do better and achieve more. I have enjoyed having the opportunity to know such a genius in my lifetime.

Posted by CLB - New Brunswick, NJ - adoring fan   October 07, 2011


Nam myoho renge kyo Steve

Posted by Barb - admirer   October 07, 2011


God Bless the family of Steve Jobs

Posted by Joan    October 07, 2011


Our prayers are with your family

Posted by Marie    October 07, 2011


In memory of Steve Jobs...

Posted by EDGAR koinchgorc    October 07, 2011


I will never forget the moment I bought my first iPod 2Gen about 8 years ago or so. That was my first experience with Apple and since then I have not looked back. Steve, you had been an inspiration and a role model to me and today's news brought immense sadness to my soul as well as joy knowing that in my lifetime I had the privilege of seeing and experiencing through your products what a true genius and a remarkable human being you were. Thank you for making Apple what it is today. Thank you for changing the world as we know it. Thank you for touching the lives of millions around the world with your uniqueness, brilliance, vision, and all of your creations. You will be truly missed but never forgotten. Your life and your legacy will live on... and there is "one more thing..."rest in peace, Steve!".

Elias Sanchez

Posted by Elias    October 07, 2011


I'll never forget going to the Apple Headquarters 2 yrs ago and shopping in the store. #iSad

Posted by Karen    October 07, 2011


Every time I click on a symbol, be it with my GPS, computer or cell phone, I will remember Steve Jobs. His vision brought us the technology as we know it today. If the internet is compared to print technology, Steve Jobs was the Guttenburg Press.

Posted by Patrick Mason - benificiary of his brilliance   October 07, 2011


Sorry you had to go so soon,you made a huge difference so thank you. You will be forever missed.

Posted by karyn patrick    October 07, 2011

The world has lost a great man. Thank for what you have done for the world. You will be missed.

Posted by Sal - Groton, CT - Consumer   October 07, 2011


America has lost the greatest visionary of my generation way too soon. Rest in peace Steve Jobs. May God open his arms to greet & welcome you.

Posted by Denise 1955 - ADMIRER   October 07, 2011


"Rest in Peace" We all are glad you shared your genius with us.
You gave your all and many with be forever grateful.

Posted by Rita    October 07, 2011


"ONE man CAN and DID make a difference....Thank you STEVE JOBS for all you did to make our lives better....and for being such an inspiration to us all....You are loved and will be greatly missed!"

Posted by Joseph Dwight Cashwell Jr    October 07, 2011


R.I.P. Steve. The world has lost a great man. A man that could see pass all technologies and take us into the future. Steven Paul Jobs you will be greatly miss, and I thank God that you are out of pain. God Bless

Posted by Nancy P McNelis Nepi - Admirer   October 07, 2011


Thank you for improving our lives

Posted by bev smith    October 07, 2011


Rest in Peace Brother Jobs. You were a wonder!

Posted by andrea whiting - admirer   October 07, 2011

I don't think our country was prepared for our loss but maybe God is.And I thank God for your 56 yrs. here and all you have given of yourself to educate us.
God Bless your family and thanks to them for sharing you with our country too.

Posted by Peggy Ferguson - St Augustine, FL - An Admirer   October 07, 2011

Steve you placed the world in my hand. Thank you!

Posted by Bailey Robin - Washington, DC - Admirer   October 07, 2011


You lite up all our lives Steve with your innovation and creativity that led us to complete freedom in Technology that allowed all of us to communicate with our Family, friends, and Loved Ones all over the world in a way we never dreamed would ever come true with vision and sound.

What a true legend,loving,and giving man we will all miss.

God Bless you Steve!

Please be out Technology Angel forever!!!

Posted by Diane M Watson - Friend   October 07, 2011


Steve Jobs was a visionary who inspired so many people and brought the joy of discovery to thousands and thousands. We are all in his debt.

Posted by Mary Ann    October 07, 2011


The IPad changed my mothers life. She is 90 and in a wheelchair. The Ipad brought the world to her.
Thank you.

Posted by kathleen - D9C3F   October 07, 2011


Thank you for you contributions. Rest in peace.

Posted by Felicia McCullen    October 07, 2011


What a brilliant man. He vision allowed me to create movies and books for dearly departed members of my family and more joyous occasions like birthdays and anniversaries. He will be remembered through those gifts and the joy I had in creating them.

Thank you Steve for what you brought to us through your remarkable talents and vision. You will be remembered by millions of people.

Posted by Ann - Apple for life   October 07, 2011


You will be missed. My daughter has learned alot off of the ipod, iphone and ipad. You will always be remembered.

Posted by Missy Woods    October 07, 2011


The iPad 2 has offered the most entertainment and the best educational forum I have ever had. Steve Jobs is our generation's Einstein.

Posted by Susieq - iPad 2 owner   October 07, 2011


My heartfelt sympathy goes out to Mr Jobs' family. The world has lost an iconic figure that touched and changed the world in multiple aspects throughout the years. God bless Mr. Jobs and his family

Posted by Michelle - none   October 07, 2011



Posted by AKILAH WATSON - A DEDICATED FAN   October 07, 2011


Although I am two years older, he made me wish I was 20+ years younger so I could come up on the heels of his accomplishments in all that is computer/digital/whatever. There really was no one. I envy his time with us. God bless.

Posted by Mary L Rogers - admirer / wannabe   October 07, 2011


I am so glad you opened our eyes for the future. You changed our world and our children,grandkids for our generations to come. I do want the family to know we are thinking of them and our prayers go out to them.

Posted by Theresa Alexander    October 07, 2011


Steve Jobs, thank you for all you have given the World in our generation and generations to come...

Posted by janet Stratton    October 07, 2011


Steve is gone from us now but will never be fogotten. The world is better because of him.

Posted by Larry Griffin - fan   October 07, 2011


A huge loss for the world.

Posted by Kiran Puri - An Admirer   October 07, 2011


Brilliant man - Thank You for your inspiration and for what you created.

Posted by Karen Brooks - fan   October 07, 2011


We mourn the passing of a maverick. The world of communication has quite impossibly shoes to fill, ones that cannot be equaled, thus most likely never to be filled. The world of entertainment,movies,(Pixar, Disney) greatly benefited from his imagineering and advancements in animation technology. And we are fortunate enough that will enjoy his contributions for generations to come. As an average individual, one seldom feels the loss of a public figure we have not personally met, but in the case of Steve Paul Jobs, like with John F. Kennedy Jr. and other well known people, his loss feels like a personal one. We have lived in his Era, like those who lived in the time of Edison and Einstein and we very likely did not even realize it. He shall be mourned and missed by all and will be remembered and live on every time we reach for a Mac, IPod, IPhone, IPad, etc. Heaven will now get a chance to improve their communication systems. Rest in peace Mr. Jobs and thank you so much.

Posted by yvonne Felix - Admirer   October 07, 2011


Amazing, simply amazing man Steve Jobs will be missed terribly as the great person he was but the great visionary of all times...May his light continue to shine on the technology world..

Posted by chimi - consumer   October 07, 2011


We lost a beautiful mind....who left us an amazing legacy!

Posted by Rozanne & Brandall    October 06, 2011


I too am being watched for cancer,bed bond unable too hold my lap I got a iPad year ago and have been on it every day.

Thank You Steve Jobs! You brought comfort and joy to my life!

Posted by Ramona Tyler - iPod and iPad owner   October 06, 2011


I'm not sure why but Mr. Jobs passing has touched me.My thoughts are with his family at this time,may you find comfort in memories you share.

Posted by Gloria Hatcher    October 06, 2011


You changed how smarter people connected to the world, thank you

Posted by nick schoonover - admirer   October 06, 2011


Greatly gifted, an Icon the world will never forget. How special were we to have you in our lives even if we didn't know you.
You brought great joy to the world.

Posted by Carol Czarnecki - an admirer   October 06, 2011


Thanks Steve Jobs

Posted by Ronald King - Mac O   October 06, 2011


Mr. Steve Jobs Is our generations Albert Einstein. I will always thank you for sharing your talents and knowledge with the world.
May God Bless you for ever. I personally thank you for making my Children happy threw your wonderful contributions.

May God bless for your Wife and Children.

Posted by Audrey Serrur - Admiration for a Great Man   October 06, 2011



Posted by CAMILLE SELVITELLA - MAC FAN   October 06, 2011


You were one of the greatest of my time. You will be greatly missed.

Posted by Adrianna Cerda -   October 06, 2011


Steve, you will be missed. Our sympathies to your family and loved ones. God bless you

Posted by N. Nardoni - Customer / fan   October 06, 2011


you will be dearly missed by many , thanks for what you have shared
the world . rest in GOD's care , love and comfort.

Posted by marilyn baldoza -   October 06, 2011


May you rest in peace. Our world will miss the desire and ability you had for all of us to share in your genius and greatness.

Posted by CN Albuquerque    October 06, 2011


Iremember the first time I was introduced to a Ipod. I was very reluctant to get it because I love having the radio on a walkman. Living in NYC I felt you needed to have the radio just in case anything happens.
Later on in the year I finally brought one. i thought every cd I have would not fit on the ipod memory. I was clearly wrong. I can not imagine my life without my ipod. I am so grateful to steve jobs for his genius and love for the every day person. He is already sorely missed.

Posted by janice sahadat - self   October 06, 2011

Thank you reverantly for reflections creating possibilities no one dreamed lay close.
Dreams that came into being true to this realm not far away and undeciphered.

Right now it's worth reaching you.
Loving you now is important, seems like we've forgotten.

You were never in a hurry to forget
Cleanly anew Beautiful issues better than your shiny best dress.

Permission to dial the sky and put it someplace we can walk proudly.
Maverick visionary,
Thank You

Posted by Loren Young - palo alto, CA - friend   October 06, 2011


Steve set out to do what he loved and changed the WORLD R.I.P. Steve.....

Posted by nancy Forbes - friend   October 06, 2011


Thank you for sharing your incredible mind with all of us. Your legacy will live on with us all forever! Rest in Peace!

Posted by Liz Wilson - Another Grateful Person   October 06, 2011


Remarkable man. One hundred percent human.

Posted by Cory cucurullo - Happy USAF owner   October 06, 2011


The Genius is going HOME

Posted by NESTOR - Devoted EVANGELIST!   October 06, 2011



Posted by Carolyn Brehm - person of the world   October 06, 2011


Thank you, steve jobs. without you, i'd still be sleeping in.

Posted by Sammi    October 06, 2011


I owe much of my career to your inventions steve, thank you for being so brave with your visions...

Posted by Jennifer - member of his generation   October 06, 2011


Thankyou for everything, my deepest sympathy to your family.

Posted by Linda    October 06, 2011


One of the kind. Great Mind, Great Thoughts. It is terrible loss to the world

Posted by Murali - fan   October 06, 2011


One who left his imprint on the world. He will be Remembered.
Deepest Sympathy to his family.

Posted by Elsie    October 06, 2011

Psalm 21 "The Lord is my shepherd..."
May my condolences be with the Jobs Family.

Posted by Buddy Barker    October 06, 2011


RIP Steve
Condolences to the Jobs family. May god give you the strength you need to deal with your loss.

Posted by ursula Laforest - Friend   October 06, 2011


Your light will always remain bright as you opened so many worlds to us.
Above all........your INTEGRITY was always intact as was your love of family.

Well done thy good & faithful servant.

Posted by Judie Wm's - admirer   October 06, 2011


#RIP SteveJobs Isad

Posted by L.S    October 06, 2011


Thank you, Steve, for helping to make the world a brighter place. We all have enjoyed the fruits of your labors! God hold you in the palm of his hand!

Posted by Sister Marie Kathleen    October 06, 2011


He helped us connect to the world in a way none of us could have imagined! May he rest in peace and may his family find comfort in knowing the world community shares in their loss.

Posted by Sandie Weston - Owner of iPad andipod   October 06, 2011


although i didn't know you personally it doesn't matter. i feel for your family as i just lost my husband in january of 2011. you were a great inventor and will be missed. RIP steve jobs. diane lord

Posted by diane lord - an admirer   October 06, 2011


Steve Jobs

you will be remembered.

Posted by loving fan    October 06, 2011



Posted by Pranav - Admirer   October 06, 2011


A great loss to the world.

Posted by Mary    October 06, 2011


You meant so much to so many. You will live forever in my memories and in my heart.
Thanks for all that you created.

Posted by khalinka - Admirer   October 06, 2011


Too young, so very sad. May God grant your peace with no pain.

Posted by mrs p - friend   October 06, 2011


Our family loves and owns every Apple device created. Our eldest son slept outside in line to buy the first iphone. So, when my 18-yr-old computer geek son told me Steve Jobs had passed, we sat down together and looked at our MacBook and read all the wonderful things being broadcast about Steve. Then we said a prayer of thanks to Steve and listed all the ways his products have benefited our lives, and aided in the world's progression to oneness. We wishes him a wonderful journey ahead. Bless you, Steve. You were the Einstein of our age. Your life was a Gift to our planet! Blessings to his family, friends and the Apple Family.

Posted by Blake - Grateful Fan   October 06, 2011


R.I.P. Steve.

You will be missed.

Posted by Tracey Mcway    October 06, 2011

thank you for all your contributions to the world..RIP

Posted by Lesley Eubank    October 06, 2011


may all his dreams continue to come true...

Posted by tre soko - consumer   October 06, 2011


I first met and fell in love with Macintosh, all things Apple, and Steve Jobs as visionary in 1989 when my college advisor told me to take a programming class featuring Macintosh SE computers and HyperTalk. After one class session, I was smitten, leading to a two decades plus love affair with the technology and vision of his company. I, and countless others, will miss his presence in this world. CMc

Posted by C.McIntosh    October 06, 2011


God bless The family and loved ones of Steve Jobs....

Posted by Martha Ann Layton    October 06, 2011


You are the true embodiment of the American Dream. You have truly enriched our lives and those of generations to come. May you rest in peace now, free of pain. God bless you and your family.

Posted by Glenna Hanselman    October 06, 2011


My Condolences too family and friends may he R.I.P.

Posted by Ernest Caissie    October 06, 2011


You were sent to change the world ..You have done that Now God needed you to help him change things more ..I send you love light and the comfort to your family and friends ..I was so sad to hear you had gone but I knew that you had a bigger job in Heaven :))

Posted by Holly Stephey - Friend   October 06, 2011


Thank you for your contribution to the lives of creative people the world over. Rest in Peace.

Posted by Anne - friend   October 06, 2011

Any human being that touches all of humanity with brilliance and creativity has a spark of the divine within them. You will be back and we can't wait!

Posted by charlie - tempe, AZ - dvoted user   October 06, 2011


God Bless you Steve Jobs. iThank you for all you have done for us.

Posted by Donna Rizor Longfellow    October 06, 2011


Rest in Peace, Steve Jobs was a true visionary :)

Posted by Amanda Burroughs - user   October 06, 2011


Thanks for keeping me connected. Love all my Apple products and I had to have them all.

Posted by Ann    October 06, 2011


You changed our lives forever -- for the better.

Posted by Judy - fan   October 06, 2011


when I purchased my iphone, my ipod, my ipad and and my apple pc, I always thought, WOW, this guy is COOL!!! I watched your videos, I watched your inventions....You have paved the way for great things to come.

Posted by Lucia - fan   October 06, 2011


Thank you for all your wonderful products and your vision for the future
Rest In Peace, your job is done!

Posted by Connie Watson - None   October 06, 2011


Our Conndolences to Steve Job's Family and Friends. Our prayers are with you. My grandson works for Apple so we know how special Steve was!!! He will always be in our hearts!

Posted by Brenda Hale    October 06, 2011

From what I heard he fought a valiant fight. I lost My beloved father at age 62 to pancreatic cancer. I hope that more money goes to research. As a nursing student I know that only 10% of people diagnosed, survive. Gob bless you and God bless your family.

Posted by Theresa - FIshkill, NY - None   October 06, 2011


i did notknow him but he inspires a new generation of people for every new device

Posted by andres lopez    October 06, 2011


Thank you for organizing my life,enabling me to keep up with 2 teenagers,keeping my supply of tunes endless,creating the best presents ever. Because of you, I am never lost, can find great restaurants,movies,books,concerts. I have answers at my finger tips. You changed my life. You changed the world.Thank you.

Posted by susie johnson    October 06, 2011


RIP Steve Jobs !!

Posted by Rosie Quinn    October 06, 2011

How blessed to be able to accomplish and contribute sooo much. His story is a fabulous one. May those closest to him find the comfort to fill the void of their loss.

Posted by Gracie Ortega - Phoenix, AZ - unrelated   October 06, 2011


You have made our entire world a much better place because of your i products but mostly because of your own character.

Thank you, Steve,
God bless you,

Judy Rose, Sonoma, CA

Posted by Judith Rose - fan   October 06, 2011

Our prayers and condolences to his family

Posted by Esteban R Lopez - Riveride, CA - fan since 1984   October 06, 2011


Farewell....go gently in the night!...I am sure in the Great Beyond there are millions of mac adherents and adherents-to-be waiting to be evangelized!...I still have the original MacIntosh!...not sure if the case inside is signed by the original MAC team...thanks to your leadership and insight, I have had countless hours of pleasure using the have made a difference in my life!

Posted by Lyle Hinks - mac fan   October 06, 2011


A true Outlier. You may be gone, but never forgotten.

Posted by Rebecca    October 06, 2011


I had an Apple Mac when they first came out and loved it. Thank You Steve
I am sendeding many prayers for his family and at the same time many thanks for shareing Steve with all of us. May God be with you and Steve at this time. Lucy

Posted by Lucy Spangler    October 06, 2011


Thanks for all you have given the world. You can't be replaced. Your brillance created awesome things. WOW...........

Posted by Shelley    October 06, 2011


You will be missed. God bless.

Posted by Nancy Bowe    October 06, 2011


In June 1985 I beta tested LISA @ Stanford Research Institute in Menlo Park, CA. It was a major productivity tool for extensive word processing and publishing in its early phase of electronic conversion called MacWord. I used MacDraw in 1986 to generate a symbolic language for graphical representation of statistical results. Apple was the platform of choice since its inception for all professional data analysis with SPSS and for publishing. I am indebted to Steve Jobs who has inspired me never to cave in to adversities I faced in my high tech career in the Silicon Vally and in Boston, MA.

Posted by Aviva Lev-Ari - user   October 06, 2011

enjoy da matrix enjoy all da mysteries of da universe i'm sure u have a big smile knowing what an impact u made on humanity enjoy paradise adios amigo!

Posted by joe - san diego, CA - fan   October 06, 2011


I'm really sad that Mr. Steve Jobs has passed away today. I'd just like to say that Mr. Jobs is my role model, idol, and hero. Thank you Mr. Jobs.
iJustine says good-bye too.


Posted by Noah Stein (SuperTreaz)    October 06, 2011


A true visionary indeed.
You have created one amazing company..

You are now free from cancer's grip.

Rest is peace brilliant man!

Gloria Emerson

Posted by Gloria Emerson - Consumer   October 06, 2011


God Bless You, and hug you tight. Thank you for EVERYTHING. Thank you for sharing YOU.

Posted by Iris - admirer   October 06, 2011


Someone who has touched so many lives will truly be missed. My life and work has forever been changes by Mr. Jobs and his great work.

Posted by Catherine Goodwin    October 06, 2011


Thank you

Posted by laura m Lahr - close friend   October 06, 2011

Steve Jobs is for me, as for many, an inspiration and a great example. He inspired me to make things as simple as possible and keep them that way. Apple is inseparable from my entrepreneurship. And precisely the direction that the brand is struck when Steve was not standing at the helm, was the niche in the market where I got my first company indented.
The best memory is when I met with Steve in 1998 and the award I received from him: "Most Innovative Professional of the Year Award".

Being the richest man in the cemetery doesn't matter to me Going to bed at night saying we've done something wonderful that's what matters to me. - Steve Jobs

Posted by Remco van Wessel - Amsterdam - Admirer   October 06, 2011


Steve, I hope you will come back soon to guide us into yet another quantum leap into the unimaginable. I wish I could have met you and expressed my sincere admiration. At times we wait too long... farewell!

Posted by Marlene Erdman - Great fan and fellow inhabitant   October 06, 2011


The world has lost a very great person today, and I bet heaven is rejoicing, what an exceptional human being, very blessed. He changed the life of so many people by the things he did, he was a blessing to many.

Posted by Kathy - N/A   October 06, 2011

I wept when I heard that Steve died. My son is a minister and a professor with University of North Florida. A few years ago, his retina became detached. He also lost sight in his other eye. He has continued to work, to preach and teach due to the wonders of the Apple products. I AM SO THANKFUL THAT STEVE HAD SUCH A WONDERFUL GIFT THAT HE HAS SHARED WITH THE WORLD. My son would not have been able to accomplish all that he has accomplished without the help of the Apple products.
Today, my son is defending his PhD thesis. When it is over, if he passes, he will have his PHD from Florida State U. It is a miracle. The IPad has been the one to take him over the top and to be able to finish this work.
I am so sad for Steve and all of those close to him. But you must know there are many people who have benefited from the life of this phenomenal man. Thank you, Mr. Jobs for your diligence and commitment. You have made the world a better place.

Posted by Wenda - Jacksonville, FL - Admirer   October 06, 2011


You were an extraordinary light.

Posted by LP Alvarez    October 06, 2011


The world has truly lost a great icon. Thanks for all you brought to our world to make it a better place. My thoughts and prayers to your family and friends.
Godspeed my friend

Posted by Char Rodriguez - unknown friend   October 06, 2011


You will always be the Apple of our i products
you will never be forgotten

Posted by Annette - Apple user   October 06, 2011

I met Steve in 1980 at a computer store in Cupertino. They were promoting the apple II. I should have invested then.

Posted by guy - Fremont, CA - friend   October 06, 2011


Thank you for shareing your brilleant mind with the world.

Posted by Margaret Scott - Admirer   October 06, 2011


A great concentration of energy finding it's way back to the pool from which we all emerged. I am selfishly in grief, putting aside my fantasy of someday, somehow having Steve show me how to properly use the I Pod
Thanks for the toys!

Posted by Scott L. Bankston - a friend unknown by namme   October 06, 2011

A good visionary thinks about how he can touch the lives of many individual not how many individuals can touch his life.Mr. Jobs has given us a new way of living our lives. He will not be remembered as a CEO of Apple, but as a person who changed the way we are connected in this world. May He rest in peace.

Posted by Pallavi - Shelton, CT   October 06, 2011


Steve Jobs is the reason we have Mac computers in our home. My husband was a Mac fanatic! He died last Friday, and now he and Steve can play with all the Mac toys they want!

Posted by Diane Madigan - mac user   October 06, 2011


I did not know you personally but I recognize your contribution to the world, to your family and your friends. May you rest in peace Mr. Jobs. May your family find comfort in this difficult time. I have been moved by your passing. It is sad to lose those who have made such a positive difference. Your light will shine on in the glow of all of the technology you created.

Posted by Tracy Norman    October 06, 2011


RIP -- you've given the world so much -- you will be remembered everyday when someone uses their IPOD, IPAD, IPHONE, etc.

Posted by Gina DiIorio-Milot    October 06, 2011



Thank you for leading us all into a better, more user friendly, world of technology! I also admire your tenacity and the fact that you were a normal guy, not afraid to share your ups and down with the world you were leading. What a gift you were to mankind! God bless your family and God speed... RIP!

Posted by Dawn Hess - admirer   October 06, 2011


Great Job. We will miss you.

Posted by Ashley Bi    October 06, 2011

Seeing of your death news on the ipad is so touching that i cant explain this feeling in words may your soul rests in peace.

Love and Regards
Ruchika Miami Fl

Posted by Ruchika Gaur - Miami, FL - Fan and Follower   October 06, 2011


RIP Steve P. Jobs You will miss you.

Posted by Nancy Salas - Friend   October 06, 2011


Thank you for making the world a better place.
We will miss you !

Posted by Patricia Ahner - friend and co worker   October 06, 2011


A star has been dimmed. We love you Steve! As you will forever be in our hearts and at our fingertips.

Posted by India    October 06, 2011

Not fully understanding who you "are" I was watchng "The Titian" on CNBC and your story fancasted me so much especially since I bought five Ipads, and several ipods. RIP

Posted by Shirellediana - Baltimore, MD - Friend   October 06, 2011


Great Job

Posted by Bertha Scott Boone - fan   October 06, 2011


His Mac computers have always intrigued me so much so that I bought the old PPC Macs first and love them. Apple has lost it's father.

Posted by Bob    October 06, 2011

because of him i went out and bought a iPhone

Posted by jacob - grand gorge, NY   October 06, 2011

Use a Mac and you will never go back...thanks Steve

Posted by Jijulie - DC - Grateful Mac user   October 06, 2011


Good Job Steve

Posted by lu - a fan   October 06, 2011


RIP Steve P. Jobs
We will miss you.


Posted by R. Sean Choquette - Friend   October 06, 2011


If there is one thing you taught us, it was: To thine ownself be true!

Posted by Karen - admirer   October 06, 2011


Thank you. You changed everything from my career as a designer to my workouts. You set out to change the world.. and you did. Rest in peace.

Posted by Victoria    October 06, 2011


thank you for everything you have brought to this world you will be missed...

Posted by trish    October 06, 2011


Rest in peace

Posted by kathy Green    October 06, 2011


Thank you

Posted by Samantha    October 06, 2011

i bet when you entered the peerly gates,God was playing on his ipad,listening to his ipod, and waiting for a call on his iphone.the WORLD will miss you, steve. eternal rest grant unto you!!!!!

Posted by roger - dubuque, IA - friend   October 06, 2011


Rest in peace

Posted by Adam Antuna - Fan   October 06, 2011


My Condolences to the family of Steve Jobs.

May God bless all you during your time of need.

Posted by Clara Murrels    October 06, 2011

Rest peacefully Steve. You brought this world to a place that not many others could even dream of doing.

Posted by Aaron Scherer - San Diego, CA - Proud Product Owner   October 06, 2011


rest in peace Steve we will miss you but you'll stay always in our
hearts and mind

Posted by BAN S SALIH - owner of iphone   October 06, 2011


grateful for your genius, regret the loss.

Posted by MARCIA LAKER - admirer and apple devotee   October 06, 2011


Thank you for thinking out of the box, when the box is all you have!

Tanisha, Brooklyn NY

Posted by Tanisha - A fan   October 06, 2011


Thank you for everything. You will always be remembered for generations to come. Probably even you didn't realize how much and how far you have touched upon and impacted people's lives.

May you Rest in Peace Sir Jobs.

Posted by Amol Patil - Follower   October 06, 2011


This is one man who has touched everyones life young and old. He made this world a better place and more united than anyone else through his technology. He lived his life for all of us.

Posted by Maureen Rose - no relationship   October 06, 2011


Rest In Peace...You were an amazing person & made our world a better place!!!!

Posted by Sylvia Whittaker Butler - consumer   October 06, 2011


He lit a candle and demonstrated that we should never settle for the mediocrity of reality... as it happens to exist. Thank you for demonstrating excellence, courage and creativity.

Posted by Sierra - admirer   October 06, 2011


The world is sad from losing such a great visionary....but all I can think of is his childern, wife and family.

He made a difference - a good one - on this planet, and that is all any of us can hope to be remembered for.

Posted by Cathy - Admirer   October 06, 2011


I never was a technology person. After I saw the unveiling of the first IPad, I wanted one. I said Steve Jobs made an awesome piece of technology. I have been using it ever since.

Rest in Peace Steve Jobs

There will never be another person like you.

Sheila D Bair Bey

Posted by Sheila D Bair Bey - Fan   October 06, 2011


God Bless Steve Jobs. He has enriched our lives in ways we could have never imagined. My thoughts and prayers are with his family.

Posted by Darlene - customer   October 06, 2011

Thank you Steve Jobs!
Thank you for your Brilliance and Vision.
Thank you for all the Amazing Products that helped Me Manage My Business and My Life.
You will be Missed and Remembered for The Ages.

Posted by michael rosenberg - new york, NY - Fan   October 06, 2011

Thank you for all the contributions you made to my life , the educational system and society in general . You were am amazingly talented and inspirational man! You insight and courage have had a major impact on the lives of many . Rest in peace Mr Jobs you will be greatly missed,,

Posted by Marsha    October 06, 2011


You'll be missed more then you could've even known. :(

Posted by Marilyn    October 06, 2011

My heart felt wishes go out to Steve's family and close friends. I did not know him personally only from afar. I felt that he was a good person and a man with a warm heart.

I loved his computers, they are so easy to use and they have never taken-up must space. We have lost a leader who has changed the way most of us think about computers, cell phones and little devises for listening to music. God Bless Steve and I know he has been welcomed home.

Posted by Loretta Elliott - Chicago, IL - on looker   October 06, 2011


I started teacher business courses in 1977 when Steve Jobs began building the Apple computers in his garage. In 1984, I taught on Apple IIe, the the Macintosh, Macintosh Pluses, iMacs until 2007. He and the Apple company changed our lives from typewriters to computers in every house. He molded my career and all the students I taught.

Posted by Kathy shaw - A computer teacher   October 06, 2011


Although you are physically gone from this earth your light will continue to shine on for generations and generations to come.


Posted by Elsa - loyal fan   October 06, 2011



Posted by Samira    October 06, 2011


May you rest your weary body with the knowledge that you truly have changed the world.
May your family know how the world admired you.

Posted by Sean-John Reidy - admirer of a special man   October 06, 2011


He made the world a better place.

Posted by Paulette Kirkwood    October 06, 2011


thank you for being foolish

Posted by Sharon Ricks - admirer   October 06, 2011


i really sad for who brougth his invented all around the world just pass away...and thank u at all, my condolences at his family...

Posted by fernando - apple-fan   October 06, 2011


He was too young to leave!

Posted by Ning Pan    October 06, 2011


Happy trails, Steve.

Thank you for being such a tool in the betterment of my life, both professional and personal.

Many sentiments sent via my iMac...

Posted by Carla Johnson - Devoted Apple user   October 06, 2011


you will be remembered as a creative inventor that changed the lives of so many, as great inventors do. your name is forever written in history.........blessings

Posted by val mowery - admirer   October 06, 2011


Steve Jobs was an inspiration and guiding light on this planet. He was a giving and caring person. And may his soul rest in peace.

Posted by Stacey Rothman - admirer   October 06, 2011


Thank you Steve for all the beauty and simplicity you gave technology. You gave technology to the everyday person and made it fun! You will be greatly missed!

Posted by Lisa Hayes    October 06, 2011


Thank you for changing the world,God Bless

Posted by Mike    October 06, 2011


You will be missed by all. You were a great man and give so much to all the people

Posted by Lind    October 06, 2011


Steve you will always be my hero!

Posted by Sandy    October 06, 2011


We have truly lost a genius the likes of which will never be seen again in my lifetime. Thank you Steve for your vision, your dedication, and for never relenting in your dreams to make what the world said was impossible, possible. Einstein, Edison, Jobs. The world is a little dimmer today without you. Our thoughts and prayers go out to your family.

Posted by Brian    October 06, 2011

My condolences to the family, he was a master of finding somehing good and making it better...will be missed but his memory will carry on forever with the great brand he created....!!! Thank You Steve...

Posted by Joe Dulworth - Louisville, KY - Stockholder   October 06, 2011



Posted by Sandra Holton    October 06, 2011


Rest in peace. The world will miss you.
Gone much too soon.

Posted by Linda    October 06, 2011


Steve, You have given the world so are todays will be missed so much, by so many, we are so glad to have you in our generation. You gave us all the power to move forward from what you have created. You have worked so hard, not just for you but for all of us. May you rest in peace and may you never be forgotten. God Bless you and your family.

Posted by Jim Anselmo - Just an admirer   October 06, 2011

The world has said goodbye to a genius who was truly a gift from God. He was a great Humanitarian and helped change the World to be a better place to live in. My deepest sympathy to the Jobs Family and the Apple Family of Steve Jobs.

Posted by beth Evangelista - freehold, NJ - a mourner   October 06, 2011


I have always admired yor accomplishments. I am a business associate of Apple and feel I have a personal connection to Apple and how it is run.
Not until your death have I realize what an inspiration you are. Your determination to move forward in a direction you believed in. Your courage to start over and reinvent yourself. Your fearless risk taking. Your sometimes arrogant unapologetic drive towards yoru goals. And of course your vision. Thank you, you will be missed.

Posted by Debbie - A person who was inspired   October 06, 2011

A consummate salesman who surrounded himself with inventive and creative people and fortunately for us brought their ideas to market.

Posted by Ian Parker - atlanta, GA - worked w/ Apple teams in 90s   October 06, 2011


Stay Hungry, stay foolish...stay forever!

Posted by Pierluigi Vacca - fan   October 06, 2011



Posted by SHELLY ELLIS HERRINGTON - ADMIRER   October 06, 2011


Thank you!

Posted by Annn - citizen   October 06, 2011


Jobs.....well gave good and all of yourself for the good. An exceptional human being what life is all about. Peace on earth.
May his life inspire peace and harmony.

Posted by ROXANNE DESCHAMBEAU - inspired by his life   October 06, 2011


Thank you Steve for all you've done. May your family stay strong.

Posted by Marianne Lilly    October 06, 2011


If I could describe mr jobs in 3 words i would say.....Brillant, Inspirational,and Legend.

Posted by Shannon Tanner    October 06, 2011


RIP Steve Jobs. The world will miss you!

Posted by KReadinger    October 06, 2011


R.I.P. Steve Jobs. Thank you for everything you brought to this world. Condolences to your family and friends. If rumors are true, another good one lost to pancreatic cancer...just like my brother two years ago!!

Posted by Marsh    October 06, 2011

I know everyone wants to thank Steve Jobs for their I-pods pads and phones...but I want to thank you for the mouse. Bill Gates might have promoted it but Steve Jobs invented it! Some 25 years ago my husband and I started a newspaper.....we published it entirely on the Apple Mac (still have it stored away). I taught everything to myself from his instruction book. If it wasn't for that "mouse" I ne...ver could have done it! Not only did Apple create millionaires and billionaires all over the world, but Mr. Jobs helped the little businessman succeed too. You were a true God-send, Mr. Jobs......I am not sure the world knows exactly what a treasure you were and will continue to be! This mouse click is for you......

Posted by Regina Lightfoot - New Tazewell, TN - friend   October 06, 2011


Thank you for going with the gusto, for taking risks, for not living in fear of rejection, for knowing who you are, for teaching us life lessons...and for that iRREPRESSIBLE iMAGINATION! God speed.

Posted by Kat    October 06, 2011


Steve's Light will shine forever!

We all are forever indebted to his brilliant mind & inventions!!

Posted by Will Coffman    October 06, 2011


Thank you for your brilliance and sharing it with all of us.

Posted by sp - a person touched   October 06, 2011

A poem in Memory of Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs is in my pocket,
He is in all of my electrical sockets.
Steve's ipod is in my ears,
With music that brings me to tears.
Using Steve's simple i-book computers,
I do not need technological tutors.
Through pictures in high resolution,
Steve has brought me life's revolutions.
His i-pads have taught me,
That beauty and technology,
Are not mere ideology-
They are made from real steel.
With touch and font
Steve's vision remained without want.
Steve was innovative and bold.
And through this was I sold,
That Steve's world would live in my pocket,
Awaiting my dreams to unfold
In Steve Jobs' love locket.(The iphone #...)

Posted by Rabbi Debra Eisenman - Lake Worth, FL - iphone user   October 06, 2011


I never knew him personally, of course, and likewise. He was considered to me my technological savior, my role model. He made me want to seek a career in computer and software development with his innovative inventions like the iProducts and the Macintosh... I'll surely miss him as the man who made all the sleek innovations of today. Have fun Steve, floating in the iClouds...

Posted by Noah Dombrowsky - Loyal Fan and Consumer   October 06, 2011


Thanks Steve....RIP

George and Linda

Posted by Linda - Admirer   October 06, 2011


you are our hero! you did leave lots of loving dings in the universe. thank you for all your contributions.

Posted by gay naroff    October 06, 2011


You, the company you created, and ride you took us on was the best, you changed my life. You will be missed by the world.

Posted by Rob S. - ex-employee 2799   October 06, 2011

As a senior citizen and gifted with a MacBook Pro recently by our son who is a loyal Apple customer I was sorry to hear of Steve Jobs recent passing.

He will be greatly missed but he leaves a beautiful legacy of having a loving supportive family and the intellect and wisdom to be such a classy and successful man!!!!

Pat Hudak

Posted by Pat Hudak - Bethel, CT - fan of your apple products   October 06, 2011


The world will miss Steve. I considered him to be the greatest engineer of all time. He changed life for almost everyone in the world. Bob...

Posted by Robert Blechman - I am a user of Steve's invention   October 06, 2011

I was very saddened to hear of the loss of one of the greatest innovators in our time. I was fortunate enough to be married at the time to an engineer who started soon after Apple emerged; and I have watched a company who many times during the 1980s ,many people were unsure if this company could be as great as IBM, etc. And I remember my husband telling me, we are going to soar to places with our goals and ideas. Apple workers are very dedicated to their jobs. I am provledged that I was at the opening event when the Mac was introduced; and after that it was history in the making. I send my condolences to Steve Jobs family; I am deeply sorry for your loss and pray for all of you. Apple is the greatest computer company that exists, and it all started with two men who had a dream and worked in a garage; May you be flying high in heaven, Steve, I know your in paradise.


Jean Pickett

Posted by Jean Pickett - winter springs, FL - my ex- husband works for Apple   October 06, 2011

I will never forget the first time that I started computer classes and I didn't even know what a mouse was? I laugh out loud now.

Posted by michele - Garnerville, NY - none   October 06, 2011


A brilliant light that shine forever

Posted by pat    October 06, 2011


Thank you for the great innovations. You have changed the world. May you rest in peace.

Posted by Cheryl    October 06, 2011


What a Great Man. So sad He passed so young. He had so much more to offer this World.
Our Heart goes out to his Family.

Posted by Stephan Atkinson - Customer and Admirer   October 06, 2011


May God comfort the family of Steve Jobs. Thank you for going the extra mile to make a difference in this world.

Posted by Pamela    October 06, 2011


A true visionary whose technological genius made our world a better place

Posted by Amy    October 06, 2011


Steve, you will surly be missed! God Speed on all of your new endeavors!

Semper Fi,

USMC Retired/Disabled

Posted by Gunny - Consumer   October 06, 2011

If it's not the quantity of years that count, but the quality, at least you had fun. Thanks for the memories.

Posted by Judith - Vero Beach, FL - admirer   October 06, 2011


Legendary man who will be greatly missed!

Posted by Matina    October 06, 2011


Posted by michael bush - santa cruz -   October 06, 2011

Stevie: R I P

Life Time Apple User
28.5 yrs MOTOROLA

Posted by David R Glenn - sebring, FL - Technical Business   October 06, 2011


I will never forget the first time I was put my hands on a macintosh. It was in Parsons new school university Ny . first you had to strudy how to manipulate that machine, nowadays children borns knowing everything, Steven Jobs was born knowing everything!!! Thanks for creating our carrer jobs ...
the world you always remember you

Posted by fernanda - admirer   October 06, 2011


Rest in peace!
Your loss is the humanity loss!
Thank you for all you done for all of us on this planet!

Posted by Alina Matei    October 06, 2011

we are diminished

Posted by michael bush - santa cruz -   October 06, 2011

Steve Jobs dared to dream and caused our vision of the world to become bigger and deeper. He enlightened humanity with his insight and created a ripple effect that will never end. Our world will never be the same!

Posted by Melody Prather - St. Joseph, MI - consumer   October 06, 2011



Posted by Matthew W    October 06, 2011


Thank You Steve for your inavative visons and sharing those ideas with the world. You have made my life and millions of others so much easier to navagate. Rest In Peace !

Posted by Kenneth Bond    October 06, 2011


I, like millions of ohers. am very grateful for the briliance and inspiration you gave to this tired old world. Rest peacefully, Mr. Jobs. Thank you for everything!

Posted by Susan Traina - thankful person   October 06, 2011


Steve was such a bright light in the world. We are at a loss for words.

Posted by Mary Fogarty - friend   October 06, 2011


Thank you for all your hard work on making our work easier for us. God Bless to your family and Rest in Peace Steve.

Posted by Mary Cotter    October 06, 2011


He made life fun for my generation, his generation. My 4 year old will know the name Steve Jobs as well or better than he will the name Albery Einstein. RIP Steve and thanks for all the cool gadgets.

Posted by Tammy - Appple Generation Member   October 06, 2011


I know that the world has a heavy heart today because an amazing man has gone to be with Our Father - for Steve Jobs will never know what he has given us !! He will be missed. My prayers go out to his Family and Friends. We love you Steve Jobs.

Posted by Denise M. Canales - Fellow American, Consumer   October 06, 2011


We will miss you Steve. You have been such an inspiration to us all and we will proudly carry the torch for you here at Apple. Time to rest.

Posted by Tim Adkins - Employee of Apple   October 06, 2011


God Bless you and your family.

Posted by Beverley    October 06, 2011

Thank's for being the Apple in all of our eyes
gone but never will be forgotten!


Posted by Dadrena D Whigham - Detroit, MI   October 06, 2011


he touched us all...Thanks Steve

Posted by Bradley R Helsten    October 06, 2011


Due to my computer programming husband's love of Apple computers, I finally learned to have fun using a computer. Rest in peace, Steve; you made so many happy.

Posted by Cindy - consumer   October 06, 2011


I write this through my tears as I have been an fan for years. My heart goes out to the family and friends of Steve Jobs. Those who knew him personally must have been truly blessed. He will never be forgotten. He left a great legacy and embodies the spirit of American Success.

Posted by Biz - Longtime fan   October 06, 2011


Rest in peace. You will be missed.

Posted by Sharon    October 06, 2011


Very sad

Posted by Matthew    October 06, 2011


The world has indeed, lost a wonderful human being and a genius. We have to be thankful that we could share him for even such a short time. He will always live in our hearts.

Posted by Annette David - admirer   October 06, 2011


Deepest condolences to the Jobs family, as well as the world ...

Posted by Barbara    October 06, 2011


RIP Steve Jobs. Your legacy will always be remembered. Now you can sleep peacefully.

Posted by elizabeth    October 06, 2011


You will be greatly missed! There is no other who can take your place.

Posted by Natali Shropshire    October 06, 2011


Losing a visionary today.

Posted by Sebastian    October 06, 2011


Thanks for the New World!

Posted by Skip    October 06, 2011


RIP, Steve. You will never be forgotten. If only health care research could have your zest for perfection to stamp out cancer forever.

Posted by Brenda Hume - Admirer, Apple User   October 06, 2011


to the jobs family,he will be missed!afan and consumer,diane hunter

Posted by DIANE HUNTER - fan   October 06, 2011


Posted by abiodun olujimi ogunmefun - houston, TX - na   October 06, 2011


Such a sad loss. RIP, sir.

Posted by Kristen C. - Apple User   October 06, 2011


Thank you for changing the world.
Rest In Peace, my heart goes out to your family...

Posted by RanayC - admirer   October 06, 2011


May you rest in Peace Steve
You have made this world a much better place
My Prayers are with your Family

Posted by Julie McFarland - Fan of Apple   October 06, 2011


There will never be another man like Steve Jobs. "An American Icon" Gob Bless you and your family. Rest in peace Steve, the world will miss you. When I hold my Iphone, I will always be thankful for your brilliance and everything you invented.

Posted by Alia Bacon - Admirer   October 06, 2011


Truth & Vision-Steve Jobs leaves a lasting imprint on our Youth Today. God has truly Blessed Us All.

Posted by Jill Lewis - Fellow Human Being   October 06, 2011


we all at sometime want to change the world. alot of us do. steve was brilliant. a genious ! he changed the world . thank u steve for everything. my deepest sympathy to his family and friends

Posted by nilvia franco - admirer   October 06, 2011


RIP, Steve Jobs. You will be greatly missed by many!

Posted by Amanda    October 06, 2011


Thank you for all you have done to improve our way of living, prayers to your family and friends. RIP

Posted by Victoria    October 06, 2011

Steve Jobs was the Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison, Benjamin Franklin and Henry Ford of our times, all wrapped up in one. He was an extremely intelligent man and will be sadly missed. His family has lost a wonderful man far too soon and the world has lost the icon of technology that will never be forgotten. We can only keep growing from his inventions the foundation he has set and and make Mr. Jobs proud! My thoughts and prayers are with his family and all who loved him.

Posted by Kelly Idland - Maple Shade, NJ - Admirer   October 06, 2011


rest in peace

Posted by rickii rose - admirer   October 06, 2011


My condolences go to the family, i admired Steve he was such a genius and cool guy, i love his product i have a MacBook Pro and an Iphone 4 that i will keep till the day i die, thanks Steve may you rest in peace and God Bless you and your family :-(

Posted by Mario A. Castaneda    October 06, 2011


Simply Brilliant, Simply a Legend

You are only back to where you came from...

Posted by Guicela Gutierrez    October 06, 2011


Jehova lo tenga en la gloria!

Posted by Abimael - Amigo   October 06, 2011


Steve Jobs was an icon! He was ahead of his time. It's a shame that he had to go so soon!

Posted by Martha Myer    October 06, 2011


My heart and prayers to Mr. Jobs family and loved ones! He will never be forgotten! Thank you for for all of our "i's"

Posted by Lily - An Admirer with same illness   October 06, 2011


Muere uno de mis favoritos en toda la faz de la tierra, un hombe que revoluciono la tecnologia en el mundo entero... Que descances en paz , y que sigas creando he innovando pero como un nuevo angel en el cielo.

Posted by SANDRA MENJIVAR - fan   October 06, 2011


Steve, Thanks to you we have so many reasons to be crateful.They are too many to list but our lives have changed for the better.My condolances to your family.You are so going to be missed.People will be talking about you for decades.You are our hero. I will be missing you and you new ideas every year.You can't be replaced.Steve my friend,RIP.

Posted by Christine - fellow member of the world   October 06, 2011

I am practically unable to use anything else than what Steve Jobs has created!

Posted by Mika Tsekoura - Philadelphia, PA - MAC user, iPhone user   October 06, 2011


Rest In Piece one of the biggest people that have ever existed

Posted by Fernando    October 06, 2011


Even though I've never used Apple products, I respect, and yes, love, a true genius.
Heaven needed a tech angel.
May you rest in peace.
Very sad today; tears streaming down my face.

Posted by Hope Robert - none   October 06, 2011


Posted by janet pertusi    October 06, 2011


I am not sure if I would own a computer if it were not for you. Thank you for your vision. Great products.

Posted by Leonard Pate - MacBook , Iphone and ipod owner   October 06, 2011


i love the i phone

Posted by floyd milton    October 06, 2011


You were a visionary and one of the most inspirational people of a generation. Your words helped to bring me out of the wreckage of misery while I was incarcerated. Though I never met you, you helped me to believe in myself.

Posted by Jennifer Nelson - Fan   October 06, 2011


You are my idol!
your brilliance and creativity enhanced our lives forever, your vision inspired all of us and you gave us a better world to live. Love you, admire you and miss you forever..

Posted by Pauliana Hall - A friend he never met   October 06, 2011


The world lost a true genius...a man with great vision and determination to accomplish his goals by choosing a respectful and compassionate approach. Rest in peace Steve and continue to shine down and give guidance to those you leave here on earth. God Bless!!

Posted by Sharon Iacono - One in awe of such briillance   October 06, 2011


Sending My condolences from Bpt,CT.

Posted by Sharri Allen    October 06, 2011


you will be makeing computers for the big guy... and you will be missed R.I.P i didnt like apple but i like you for what you did you did a lot of liveing to one of my heros i wish you the best i wil remaber you as the guy that made computers smaller and try to prove bill gates worng but even bil misses you

Posted by craig - a fan   October 06, 2011


Steve Jobs left his footprints in our hearts and on society and history. He was a man to be admired for his strong character and his brilliant contributions to technology. He proved that a person can have no monetary backup, and have a dream, have it crushed, and go on to be a man who attained all his dreams, inspite of seemingly insurmountable obstacles. Steve Jobs, you will always be remembered and admired as a human being on so many levels. I am sad that you were taken too soon, however, you left the world so much. Thank you so much for your spirit. Your Stanford University Speech is left as a legacy,forever the most meaningful words, thoughts and feelings to young people everywhere. for eternity.

Posted by Barbara Szostek-Shareff - An admirer of a great man.   October 06, 2011

My thoughts and prayers are with the family. Thank you Mr. Jobs for making the world a better place during your short life here.

Posted by Charles Pierce - Austin, TX   October 06, 2011


What a visionary, that will be dearly missed!

Posted by Michele Berry    October 06, 2011


May the visionary of apple rest in piece.

Posted by Vincent    October 06, 2011

The man, the myth and the true legend . . . Rest in peace and a JOB well done!

Posted by John - Boston, MA   October 06, 2011


Steve, you will be missed. Thanks for the Tech.

Posted by Nitehawk Jarrett    October 06, 2011


Sending a candle to one who lit up the world with innovation, passion, insight and connection and respect for the need of humanity. A shining example of emotional intelligence.

Posted by Tricia - Thankful consumer/Deep Admirer   October 06, 2011


Prayers to the family. What a wonderful visionary. May he rest in peace

Posted by Kristy M Doyle    October 06, 2011


One of the greatest minds of our time. Thank you Steve for changing the world for the better. You will be missed by so many.

Posted by Michael A. Corbo    October 06, 2011


his vison changed the way we communicate.
he opened doors to the world that we never knew we could see.
his presence on stage in front of that large screen, so cool in his jeans and turtle neck excited us..
he made us wounder about the next door he was about to open.. for my generation there will never be another.
barbara...born in the 50's

Posted by barbara edwards    October 06, 2011


You will truly be missed. Thank you for all that you did. YOU HAVE CREATED TECHNOLOGY THAT HAS FOR EVER CHANGED MY LIFE.

Posted by Ronald R. Roth - Nashville, TN - Loyal customer   October 06, 2011

The silent passing of life is most drammatic when the voice not heard from that moment helped all us live better and enjoy the art of living.
He is missed, without ever meeting him, my heart knows to greive this friend.

Posted by Maja Dimitrijevic - Houston, TX - customer over 30 years   October 06, 2011


Steve, you were an amazing man. I learned so much from you as well as the world around me. I will misss your ideas and your philosphy towards life. Rest in peace, my friend.

Posted by Mary Hansen - admirer   October 06, 2011


As all will know, the world will be sorry for the loss of Mr. Jobs, but will brighten at the thought of the future he left before us. Farewell and God Bless Mr. Jobs.

Posted by Tom Nugent - Thankful Person   October 06, 2011


Thank you Steve for your sharing of your talents and your philosophy about you life's work. This attitude needs to be passed on to the younger people of our world who discover this too late. God Bless and enjoy the journey.

Posted by Lois K Forsythe    October 06, 2011


R.I.P Steve Jobs.

A man taking from us, so young.

Posted by M Gutts - Fan   October 06, 2011



Posted by Megan H    October 06, 2011


My yoga class ended and I checked my iPhone and read of Steve's passing and I felt his peace. Thank you Steve for bringing the delights of education, art and music into my everyday. My heart goes out to your family at home and worldwide.

Posted by Dawn Pallmer - Huge fan   October 06, 2011


A man for his time and an inspiration to many. Rest in Peace Mr. Jobs.


Posted by R. Davis    October 06, 2011


Steves Jobs, thank you for an amazing 56 years of wonder. You made an tremendous contribution to the entire world; It is being felt on so many levels. May your loved ones, family and friends be comforted by all their joyful and heartfelt memories.

You truly made this world and better place to live. Your presence will be felt forever - this I know for sure! May your light continue to shine and iluminates the world forever!

Posted by CBass - Admirer   October 06, 2011


Was at a NAPP Photoshop seminar, and the speaker said we have a very important guest speaker joining us today... Steve Jobs is here. I was soooooooo excited, thought this will be the best part of the seminar. (The co-worker I was with said, who is Steve Jobs?). Not realizing the date was 4-1-1999, April fools announced the speaker.
Started working on macs the early 90's and I was hooked. Thank you Steve for your gifts to the world.

Posted by Cheryl    October 06, 2011


Farewell Steve, travel safe you were great and lived this life well

Posted by catherine cromack    October 06, 2011


God Speed you've had a great life, but definately too short:)

Posted by Rose Checchio    October 06, 2011



Posted by Maria Monllor    October 06, 2011


You are truly missed ... RIP Steve Jobs

Posted by maryjo - iPhone, Mac, iTunes user   October 06, 2011

You try to reach people like steve jobs or other leaders there are so many walls built around them. there ideas do reach us . Thank you
Its not what you have or own its what you leave behind for the people in with we will be remembered for .

Posted by Kent G Anderson - bismarck, ND - Steve Jobes was a visionary ,   October 06, 2011


Steve, you changed the world with your vision.

Posted by D ALLENSON - NONE   October 06, 2011

Mr. Jobs had the innate ability made technology seamless with the masses. He allowed everyone to share in the power of technology.

Posted by John McPike - Cheshire, CT   October 06, 2011


Thank You. You will be missed.

Posted by Richard Fillmore - Admirer   October 06, 2011


My thoughts are with Family and Friends, who lost not just an icon.....i watched his Stanford speech and am soooo inspired for change and outlook in my own life.
What a wonderful man he was!!
Thanks for sharing!!

Posted by Vanessa Rawson - someone who appreciated his life   October 06, 2011


God blessed me. I sat next to him on a flight to Seattle in September 1983, from SanFanSisco, I was on my way to Alaska on a month long vacation, we talked about the new computer my step mom just bought, back then she had to drive 500 miles and pay big bucks to get one and all her friends thought she was crazy to buy one. lol . I have always thought of him at school every time we get our new computers.....GOD BLESSED US ALL to have had him, and will always remember him.

Posted by Pauline Dawson - FANsince1983   October 06, 2011


Steve, may you rest in peace now. May the Lord ease your family's burden and sorrow. You will be missed and forever loved.

Posted by joanne    October 06, 2011


I was fortunate to watch and be a part of the technology explosion that Steve was such a big part of creating. He is what I hope my children learn is an example of a person who was "living American Dream!" RIP, Steve.

Posted by Diane Brown - Technology Geek Teacher   October 06, 2011


Rest in Peace Mr. Jobs.

Posted by Marilyn    October 06, 2011

I had the honor and pleasure not only to meet steve but I gave him a ride from New Jersey to boston in my tactor trailer some thing he told me he never did but had always wanted to.He was like a little kid having nothing but a good time.I will always remember that night it was truly a night I will always cherise. The world will miss Steve Jobs

Posted by norman armstrong - moosup, CT - friend   October 06, 2011


what an extrodinary man who made our lives so much more enriched with everyday living..
God Bless

Posted by camille liljestrand - stranger   October 06, 2011


My thoughts and prayers and my gratitude to Steve Jobs, for all his accomplishments, for his brilliance, and his energy, that improve all of our lives. Steve may you rest in peace, and the Love of God be with you.
Rosalba Casero

Posted by Rosalba Casero    October 06, 2011


May you be in peace now and peace be with your family.

Posted by    October 06, 2011


i loved your speech to follow your gut and were such a genius

Posted by joanne - outsider   October 06, 2011


good man your were R.I.P

Posted by ronnie rehim    October 06, 2011

Mr. Steve Jobs,
May Your soul find peace as infinite as the prosperity opportunities You gave to this world in this and past millenium. May Your family find comfort and be forever proud of the blessing to have had You.

Posted by hana - ny, NY - admirer&enthusiast   October 06, 2011


Mr. Steve Jobs,
May Your soul find peace as infinite as the prosperity opportunities You gave to this world in this and past millenium. May Your family find comfort and be forever proud of the blessing to have had You.

Posted by Hana - admirer&enthusiast   October 06, 2011


Thanks for enriching my life.

Posted by Nancy Briggs    October 06, 2011


You made the world so much easier and funner. I hope you are rewarded in an after life. I also hope your family and friends find some peace in knowing how admired you were by a nation.

Posted by Trish Brinkley    October 06, 2011


My hero! You will be greatly missed! RIP.

Posted by Carol j. Wood - Friend   October 06, 2011

Thank you for changing how I go through my life day by day. Your brilliant mind will be missed!

Posted by myng - Girard, IL - student   October 06, 2011


In memory of a beautiful mind! Rest in Peace.

Posted by Gillian S. Cajica - Fan   October 06, 2011


Long live iSteve

Posted by Marianne Lerbd - Applehead   October 06, 2011


My very first computer was the Apple IIc, it was amazing and the last computer I just bought less than a month ago was the Mac Book. What an amazing and dramatic change to our lives in such a short span of time.

Posted by Ellen - admirer   October 06, 2011


The light that shines the brightest burns the quickest... go in peace.

Posted by Claudia    October 06, 2011


I have owned and watched nearly all of Steve's creations. A genius.

Posted by Marjorie Henise Kirchner    October 06, 2011

So sorry for the loss of such a brilliant & talented man! He will be greatly missed by the world because he changed the world and left his mark! My heart goes out to the family. May God bring comfort & peace to their hearts and minds!! amen..

Posted by DeLayne Perry - Hesperia, CA   October 06, 2011


You once said, We're here to put a dent in the universe. Otherwise why else even be here? You put a signicant dent in our universe! Thank you for your innovations, for thinking "outside the box" and for putting the world at our fingertips! You will be missed. Rest in peace, Steve Jobs.

~ Leonor Mora, New York

Posted by Leonor Mora - Fan   October 06, 2011


May your family find comfort knowing your legacy will live a very long time. Blessing to you all.

Posted by Roxie - Apple user   October 06, 2011


One hell of a talented man who lived his life fully.

Posted by Terri - None   October 06, 2011


You will be always in our life, everytime and everwhere R.I.P.

Posted by Jeannette Paredes - Follower   October 06, 2011


god speed , you changed the world !!!

Posted by jeff ferguson - friend   October 06, 2011


I will miss his innovation and inspiration!

Posted by Phyllis Sliger    October 06, 2011


Steve Jobs was an amazing innovator and I know he will be missed by his family and friends as well as most of the people who supported him most. God Bless.

Posted by Jennifer - Fan   October 06, 2011


Forever remembered, never forgotten. Cancer cannot erase all the love in this earth. You've changed the world and left your mark. Gone too soon, so sadly. We love you Steve!

Posted by Inês - admirer   October 06, 2011


Thanks for the Mac, the Imac and the Mac book pro

Posted by Shirley - customer   October 06, 2011


thank you steve jobs. my life is forever changed.

Posted by veronica - user   October 06, 2011

Steve Jobs was wrong but but in a good way he just didn't know it!
In 2005, Steve Jobs spoke the following words:
Again, you can't connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future. You have to trust in something your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever. This approach has never let me down, and it has made all the difference in my life.
But Steve was wrong! He just didn't realize it.
All this time he was connecting the dots looking forward, only the two words that he didn't apply to it were his, Vision and Intuition!
Admiral Hyman Rickover once asked Jimmy Carter, about his class standing when he graduated from the Naval Academy and why he had not graduated number one. "Did you do your best?" Jimmy Carter: I started to say, "Yes, sir," but Carter then remembered who Rickover was... he finally gulped and said, "No sir, I didn't always do my best." . Rickover looked at him for a long time, and then turned his chair around to end the interview. But asked one final question, which Carter has never been able to forget - or to answer. He said, "Why not?"

Steve Jobs looked in the mirror every day, and also asked himself the same question that Rickover asked Carter. Steve always strived to remember that every day count and was a blessing.

Maybe these are the greatest lessons that Steve Jobs has left us, and in these hard times, if we ask and apply them to ourselves, will provide to all of us the same visionary light that guided Steve Jobs to bring a better future for all.

Posted by David Billings - Boston, MA - met him through business   October 06, 2011



Posted by james mansfield - admirrer   October 06, 2011


As an Apple/Mac user, I have come to appreciate the time, effort and convenience of these devices. Mr. Jobs brought all of us a long way into the future. Most of all, he did it with style and dignity. He made our lives better, as he did with our world. He gave of himself right up until his departure. I thank his family for sharing him with us. I thank God for giving him to us, all, and for the time he had.

Posted by Thaddeus A. Clax - Apple/MAC user   October 06, 2011



Posted by ANGELA GOINS    October 06, 2011


You have inspired a world of people to be the best that they can be.

Posted by Patricia Dziczkowsk - apple owner for over 40 years!   October 06, 2011


This great and forward looking thinker will be greatly missed.

Posted by tinab1    October 06, 2011

Wonderful minds amaze us and technology is an artform, Thankyou to Steve Jobs for using his gift of intelligence and diligent work to all. Adam and Eve ate the apple and Steve created new Apple's. R.i.p.

Posted by Lora - Cleveland, OH - friend   October 06, 2011

Apple rules dude.

Posted by michael Harrington - la verne, CA - cool dude   October 06, 2011


Thank you for changing the way we see the world R.I.P

Posted by Orlando Cortes - None   October 06, 2011


Goodbye Mr. Jobs, you changed the world.

Posted by OC    October 06, 2011


descanse en paz Steve.

Posted by yuly    October 06, 2011


I think they should name a star after him for the contributions he made was like a shining star. Sorry for the family and friends lost just hold on to the memories!

Posted by Deborah Howard - admirer   October 06, 2011


Admiration for your vision and inovator

Posted by Muthu Pillay - Fan   October 06, 2011


I didn't no him personaly but what i saw of this man is that he had a kind spirit..he cared enough about people to create tools to make their lives heart goes out to his family and they are in my prayers

Posted by deborah a cobb alexander    October 06, 2011


You left your mark on the world and you will be greatly missed. Rest in Peace Steve Jobs.

Posted by Lucy    October 06, 2011


rip dad

Posted by rob jobbs - son   October 06, 2011


One of the greatest visionaries of all time, our generations' Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, or Ben Franklin. His gift for seeing what people were missing and never knew it was unsurpassed, and sadly, will be for some time. I hope his family follow his advice, follow your dreams and don't let anyone else tell you what those should be.
Godspeed, Mr Jobs. You will be missed.

Posted by Paul Frey - Admirer and fan   October 06, 2011


A truly special person who will be missed

Posted by Rick Moldan - Admirer   October 06, 2011


HE WILL BE missed.

Posted by VERNADENE - ADMIRER OF HIS WORK   October 06, 2011


Steve Jobs made a terrific difference to the technology era of my generation. I rank him right up with Watkins who founded IBM. There are many famous tech company founders; however how many had the vision that Steve Jobs had? He leaves behind his legacy of creativity and innovation that has left an indelible mark on today's world of technology. And, this legacy will continue on into the future because of him! He most surely will be missed. RIP Steve Jobs!

Posted by Tamara R. Pearlman - fan   October 06, 2011


phew..really don't know what to will live on in My memories..

Posted by okeh Tochukwu    October 06, 2011


Steve shared his ideas with the public, like an excited child. There was a dignity present.Go be at peace in the next world. We thank him for the hard work, and dedication. Deb

Posted by Deb    October 06, 2011


Thank you...for everything - you will be missed

Posted by Maria Flagg    October 06, 2011


Rest in peace Steve Jobs.
Our condolences to your your family.

We will cherish being a witness to a new era because you brought it to pass.
The technology transition is fascinating.

Posted by Sandi and Stevie - Fans   October 06, 2011


R.I.P steve jobs and my prayers to you family

Posted by johnlene kennedy - none   October 06, 2011

I don't own an Apple product, but I knew who Steve Jobs was and the great contributions he made to our world. May God bless and keep his family in perfect Peace.

Posted by Yvonne    October 06, 2011


A sad day. Steve Jobs made our world incredible. Condolences to his family, friends and Apple.

Posted by Kay Reed - admirer   October 06, 2011


my first computer 20 years ago was an apple product. Thru which I met my wife.
I will always consider Steve Jobs as the
'match maker'

Posted by Robert parker - admirer   October 06, 2011


A visionary creative genius... You will be missed Steve Jobs. R.I.P.

Posted by Titilayo Oyebolu    October 06, 2011


There are no words that can express the immense loss we all feel. Prayers and sympathy go out to his family.

Posted by D.Feeney - An admirer   October 06, 2011



Posted by Mandi    October 06, 2011


To a true creative genius

Posted by marianne jackewicz - none   October 06, 2011


Goodbye my ifriend. I mourn with the rest of the world on your passing.

Posted by Robin Kurtz - admirer   October 06, 2011


I am proud of his life. Steven Jobs you will live on in my mind!

Posted by Marlin Q Pryor - client   October 06, 2011


iMiss you already. iThank you for being. iSend my condolences to your family, friends and fans. Love, The World

Posted by deni - Admiring fan   October 06, 2011


I'm 58 & just bought my 1st lap top(apple) about a month ago. Don't know what took me so long! It is wonderful & very user friendly. I Thank you Mr Jobs for all your time & talent you gave to the people of the world. You made it easier for people everywhere to get in touch & stay in touch. You have made it easier for people to get educated, right in their own homes & finger tips. You have made it easier for the people to , be more informed of what is really going on in the world. It keeps us from being surrounded by our enemies & kept in the dark. May God bless your family, for their sacrifice of your time, from them, because of your work. Bless them with the knowledge & peace ,that learning & life does not stop here & That families can be forever! Farewell Mr Jobs!

Posted by Brenda - just a consummer   October 06, 2011


what a incredible journey! I thank-you and will miss your exuberance and speeches
T :)

Posted by Terry Gordy - appreciation-a gift to the world   October 06, 2011

I worked with Steve as a component supplier at Apple, NeXt computer, and Pixar. In those early days I interfaced with him on a daily basis. He was a driven, but kind and considerate person. As a vegan, he introduced me to Odwhala organic fruit juices which I have enjoyed for years.

Posted by tom dehart - pleasanton, CA - supplier associate   October 06, 2011


Sometimes God picks the flowers that are still in full bloom; Sometimes the rosebud's chosen that we feel He's picked too soon.
Sometimes the flower is fading with petal floating down, But God knows the perfect time to gather flowers from the ground.
There is a Heavenly Garden In which God takes great pleasure because He's placed within it the loved ones that He treasures.
He walks among the blossoms giving them eternal rest, amd I know that it must please Him because He CHOSE OUR VERY BEST!
Precious Lord take his hand and lead him on home.

Posted by alice iseghohimen - Co-Worker   October 06, 2011


My sincere sympathy to the Jobs family and the Apple family as well as to the world who will most certainly miss his wisdom and genius.

Posted by Sadie Vaughns    October 06, 2011

Steve Jobs was indeed an amazing person!
Thank you for everything you did.The entire world will miss your enthusiasm and your vision. May you rest in peace my dear friend and may your family find some solace in the words of all us who loved you.
Sincere condolences

Posted by D. Atkinson - Wichita Falls, TX - admirer   October 06, 2011


to the family,friends and coworkers of mr jobs..i wish to express my deepest sympathy to you for your loss..i did not know him personally, but he appeared to be a man with wisdom,foresight and a dream to create something we all have benefitted from..may he rest in peace and may god bless his family in this time of sorrow..

Posted by susan watkins    October 06, 2011


Dear God, When it came to Steve You sure did do a great Jobs...but where are we going to find another apple so golden, so delicious? End program now does not compute! My heart is crashing. :( Am sending error report. In loving sorrow, The World

Posted by deni - Admiring fan   October 06, 2011


Steve, you have now fulfilled the destiny you were born to and I wish you a pain-free journey to that place where you may bask in the warmth and serenity of eternity. You changed the world forever for the better. Peace and solace to your entire family, as well.

Posted by Elaine Kassin    October 06, 2011


You changed the way I think, the way I work and play and what I know is possible. I will always be grateful for your work and passion. You are a hero to me.

Posted by Judy Sabah - devoted fan   October 06, 2011


Mr.Jobs was the 21st centeries Da Vinchi and will be missed. The god of modern tech is dead every geek will miss him

Posted by Emmalene    October 06, 2011


May you rest in peace, you are now pain free and free to walk, move, talk without pain. your legacy will live on for years to come. My condolences to your family and your Apple Family.

Posted by Alice King    October 06, 2011


You have been an inspiration to so many. And on the other hand, created a loyal following of your wares, almost unheard of in the past. I am exactly your age, born in 1955. You have left us so young. You will be missed by family and the public alike.

Posted by Allison Bruneman - admirer   October 06, 2011


I appreciate your vision and enjoy my iPad.

Posted by Alexandra Bakee - Customee   October 06, 2011

Through your vision, drive and ability to communicate simply, you made "the impossible" possible, including inspiring and enabling others to try to do the same. You can rest now. God bless you, Steve.

Posted by Brian - Mendham, NJ   October 06, 2011


Steve THANKS for sharing your "Brilliant Mind"
Your family has our prayers

Posted by Charlene - friend   October 06, 2011


Steve, you're the first public figure that I've been well aware of prior to them dying to feel personally affected by the passing. I can't imagine what this world would've been without you and I can't imagine how different my life would be. Your products helped me decide that I want to go into the film industry and my life has been on that course since 8th grade when I first used Final Cut and just felt connected. You will be missed.

Posted by Colton    October 06, 2011


You were a blessing to this world Steve, and I thank you.....we will miss you so dearly....R.I.P.

Posted by nancy moore    October 06, 2011


My Prayers go out to Steve Jobs family . Another person loss to cancer . The CEO of Apple . Please remember to pray for his family .

Posted by cristal duplantis    October 06, 2011


I am no one from nowhere, yet Steve has touched my life. Like millions of others he never met, we grieve his loss. That is his legacy, and one I think he would be pleased with. Because he wanted to make a difference, and he surely has touched and changed our lives forever, and will be missed and never forgotten.

Posted by SUE BRADFORD - Touched by Steve   October 06, 2011


RIP Steve. We will miss you greatly. Shake hands with my father.

Posted by A J Hall - no relation   October 06, 2011


May you Rest In Peace!
Our heartfelt sympathy to your family.

The Boughton-Brown

Posted by Jean Boughton-Brown - noneeERf4   October 06, 2011


So long Steve. You're right here in my pocket...every single day.

Posted by Dave - Fan   October 06, 2011


Rest in Peace Mr. Jobs.

Posted by Cathe Gurski Tewksbury    October 06, 2011


I am so sorry for your loss.. May GOD comfort your family and friends.. you will be missed,, thank you

Posted by Melanie    October 06, 2011


He followed his vision and the rest of us are better off for it

Posted by Fred Buckles - Admirer   October 06, 2011


Thanks for everything. God Bless ya.

Posted by Mary McFarland - friend   October 06, 2011


R.I.P. You will be missed!

Posted by Doris Richards Sneed - customers   October 06, 2011


RWG STEVE,YOU HAD THE SAME DISEASE THAT TOOK MY FATHER JUNE 30,2011.. I HOPE YOU MEET IN HEAVEN.. <3><3,><3,><3.. amazing you man are an>

Posted by JUNE BANKS    October 06, 2011


the entire world will be missing you! RIP, Steve Jobs!

Posted by Liana    October 06, 2011


Posted by SANDRA L BROWN - LAGRANGE, GA - NONE   October 06, 2011


For your genius and gifts to the world, I thank you.

Posted by Gina Johnson - admirer   October 06, 2011


you will be missed and all your knowledge u gave us will love

Posted by Crystal - nothing   October 06, 2011


I never had the honor of meeting Steve Jobs, but I have sincerely enjoyed using his innovative products for many years, and respected his character, which is a one of a kind! He stood up for excellence and never game in to mediocrity! He forced the computer world to achieve his level of excellence in their products in order to participate in his playing field! I have enjoyed watching other companies scramble to put out high quality products just so that they could be a part of the Apple world, and it's all because Steve Jobs demanded the very best.

The world has truly lost an amazing person today, not only because of his products, but because of everything else he provided us with! We can all learn a lot from Steve Jobs by his achievements and character! Thank you Steve, for all that you have given us! We love you!!!

I send my deepest condolences to his family, and I pray God to bless Steve and his family!

God Bless!

Posted by Katherine Becker - An Apple owner & supporter!!!   October 06, 2011


Thanks for everything you've done. Thank you for the Macbooks, the iPods, iPhone, and all the hilarity that came with the iPad. Because of you, I passed my English class when I was a high school Junior and I had to do a project on Apple and the iPod. The impact you've had will never ever be forgotten.

Posted by Nichole    October 06, 2011


I never met Steve, but I am a polio survivor, his technology has helped myself and millions of other disabled people around the world, whereas prior we were pretty isolated. He gave us the power to be among the rest, as an accepted group in the communities we live in and come from. THANK YOU STEVE. Constance Hanby Foell

Posted by Constance Hanby Foell - fan   October 06, 2011


RIP Steve ♥♥♥

Posted by Listening Heart Kim - internet   October 06, 2011


Your memories will never fade.

Posted by Sofia Khatoon    October 06, 2011


Steve Jobs, I have always idolized you and loved and respected all your amazing work. I was holding back tears when I heard what happened and could not believe it. I know for sure that Apple can never be the same without you, but with what you've already done, I think it can still continue to have a special place in my heart. Steve I love and miss you.
Nathan Joseph Moorman

Posted by Nathan Moorman - Admirer   October 06, 2011


Steve Jobs contributed greatly to his country and the rest of the world. He was an outstanding American. Jobs made the world better for us all. May his legacy continue to inspire for generations to come.

Posted by Maggie Harrold - Consumer   October 06, 2011


May Peace surround you.

Posted by Teresa - admirer   October 06, 2011


May you rest in peace Steve Jobs. Thank you for all your contributions to our country and our friends and family!

Posted by Elizabeth Herndl - Admirer   October 06, 2011


the word impossible wasn't in his dictionary.. simply he is a tech NASCAR Driver..... great person.. RIP.....

Posted by Nirmaleswar Reddy    October 06, 2011

Steve Jobs helped shape the world, His ideas help others change world problems, and he gave us that ability to do better and do better in the world with one tool. We will miss you jobs.

Posted by Hamidu Williams - ManVille, RI - Fan 1million   October 06, 2011


Steven Jobs, was a great human being who shared his vision and ideas to the world. he will be miss by many .

Posted by jeral lene Roquemore - A Big Fan   October 06, 2011


thank you for all you've done. May you rest in peace.

Posted by B. La Roe    October 06, 2011


My thoughts and prayers go out to Steve Jobs family. Take care and God Bless.

Posted by Ann Chicoine    October 06, 2011


you are finally over your struggle and at peace... may your family find solace knowing how loved you were by so many... thank you for your vision in technology and no one will or can replace that... god bless you and your family...

Posted by jeri brain - friend   October 06, 2011


I find myself very profoundly affected by this sad news. Steve Jobs fused technology and creativity with intelligence and ingenuity. What a loss, what a life. Well done.

Posted by Kimmie G.    October 06, 2011


Thank you for making a huge difference in the lives of so many, especially mine. If it weren't for you I wouldn't have been a
successful graphic designer! I thank you! Personally!

Posted by Rocco Mirro - who appreciated   October 06, 2011


RIP Steve...

The world has lost a great man.

Posted by Kathy - fan   October 06, 2011

My condolences to Steve's family and close friends. God blessed many people through Steve's knowledge, ideas, and work. May he now rest in God's peace. Amen.

Posted by Sophia Reichert - Apple Consumer   October 06, 2011


You sent a message through the world and it will never be forgotten!

Posted by Stephane - friend   October 06, 2011

I met Steve in January of 1993 in San Francisco. I only spent about four or five minutes talking with him, but he impressed upon me his awesome vision for the world. I owned (and still own) many Apple products; I almost mirrored the timeline of the company with my own purchases. His legacy will reflect his life as long as Apple continues to follow his vision. RIP Stephen Paul Jobs.

Posted by Andy Grant - Castle Rock, CO   October 06, 2011


To the family of Steve Jobs.
So sorry to hear of the death of your beloved Steve Jobs.
He was a special soul that graced our earth and brought so much brightness and happiness to us. He was a special person and will be missed.
He gave his best.
Be with G-d.

Posted by Jshere    October 06, 2011


It seems so odd to be writing in a memory book of someone I didn't know; however, I feel a loss and a connection as a result of being obsessed by a product which Steve created. Apple products have made such a difference for me and brought me so much joy. I visited Cupertino in May - it was an excursion from San Francisco, which I was determined to make and I am so glad I did. I met an employee who was so gracious and helpful. I extend my condolences to his family. He was much too young to leave this earth. He had so much more in his being which he would have loved to share, I am sure. A terrible loss to the world today.

Posted by bonnie kaye - consumer   October 06, 2011



Posted by Charisma Williams - MACHEAD   October 06, 2011

The world has lost one of the great ones today. God Bless the family in their loss.

Posted by Michelle Raymond - Kenmore, NY   October 06, 2011


R.I.P. Mr. Jobs. The world is a better place because of you.

Posted by Terri Mitchell - grateful computer user   October 06, 2011


So sad to hear of your passing ! God Speed

Posted by Dana Insley    October 06, 2011


Good bye to a brilliant man...

Posted by bonnie    October 06, 2011


May You rest In Peace and your family have the Lord watch over them.

Posted by S A Garner    October 06, 2011



Posted by Ami Campbell    October 06, 2011


R.I,P Steve Jobs, you will be greatly missed,
may Apple continue to shine and flourish in your absense.

Posted by Tracye Curry Chitwood - a fan of his work   October 06, 2011


En PAZ descansen los restos de ese Genio que partio a destiempo, pero que dejo un mundo con una technologia que cambio el mundo technologico! RIP Steve Jobs!!!

Posted by Fernando Ramirez    October 06, 2011


Goodbye, Stevie

Posted by Chrisdec - friend   October 06, 2011


Thank you for all your innovative ideas and progress you have contributed too over the years, you have made many happy and pleased. Rest in Peace, you have served all you could.

Posted by Rebecca - Consumer   October 06, 2011


What a great leader

What a great innovator

What a great visionary

What a loss

God Bless

Posted by Chuck Thomas - Apple Freak   October 06, 2011

Steve was one of the nicest people around, never said anything bad about anyone. Always came to the weekend get togethers, he loved to have a good time with his freinds. I hope Patty is taking it well.

Posted by Darrell Moskowitz - Parker, CO - High School Friend   October 06, 2011