Margaret Lily Jameson

  • Born: November 15, 1942
  • Died: October 2, 2008
  • Location: Boston, Massachusetts

230 W Monroe
Chicago, IL 60606

Tel. (888) 397-9494

Tribute & Message From The Family

loving the water, as always. Beach, lakes, and the Watertown pool.

Loving Mother, Spouse and Nature Lover

Message From The Family

The Jameson family thanks all of Margaret's wonderful and supportive friends and family who have comforted us during this difficult time.

Margaret Lily (Edwards) Jameson passed away on October 2, 2008 at the age of 65.

Maggie was born November 15, 1942, in San Pablo, CA. the second of four daughters of Judy Miller Edwards and Robert James Edwards. She spent much of her life in, Milltown, Kansas where she attended public schools and graduated from Milltown High School in 1975. She was her class president.

She pursued an education in nursing at the University of Massachusetts, where she received a scholarship and graduated in 1979. From a very young age it was clear that Margaret possessed the compassion and patience to excel in the nursing profession. As a child, Maggie would tend to sick animals and tenderly nurse them back to health.

After graduating from college, she began working at Children's Hospital in Boston, MA. Her exemplary performance was noted by her peers and superiors alike. The care she gave the young patients at Children's Hospital was outstanding and she made many lifelong friendships with the children and their families.

When she met her husband Walter, her life was complete--she had found a perfect career, had a wide network of friends and family, and now she had met the love of her life. Walter tells the story of how it was love at first sight when they met at a mutual friend's party and that they talked for hours, marveling at how much they had in common.

In 1993, she and her husband Walter moved to St. Albans, VT to live what she referred to as, "the simple life." Working part-time as a private nurse afforded her the time to pursue other passions such as gardening, knitting and cross-country skiing. Maggie also found time to volunteer for several nonprofit organizations benefiting the causes of hunger and homelessness and animal welfare.

Of the things that mattered most to Maggie was her family. She met her husband, Walter, in 1987 and they were married in 1988. He kept her laughing throughout her days and lovingly called her "The Little Missus" to friends and family.

When Maggie was first diagnosed with cancer, she and Walter decided to make the most of every day, no matter if that was three months or three years. They traveled, visited old friends, learned new hobbies, and enjoyed simple, quiet times together.

Maggie never complained or asked, "Why me?" She approached her illness with bravery and grace. She inspired everyone in her life to live each day to the fullest. Even when her health was declining rapidly, she would make cookies for a church bake sale or show up on your doorstep with delicious fruit and vegetables from her garden.

Being from the nursing profession, she understood how serious her illness was but each time she went to the hospital for treatment, she always seemed to put her "nursing cap" on and comfort her fellow patients.

Maggie didn't have children but was a special aunt to Brian, Edwina, Rose, Jasmine, Chuck and Amber. She loved her kitties Spooky and Jasper as though they were her children. She is also survived by her sisters Darlene Potanski of Milltown, KS; Carole Pratt of Baltimore, MD; and Susan Costanza of Manchester, NH.

Maggie was predeceased by her parents Judy and James Edwards as well as her closest friend Maureen Googliedough who died only 2 months prior to Maggie's death.

If Maggie were here to speak to us she would remind each of us to be patient with each other, say something kind to one another everyday, laugh everyday and be kind to animals.

Visitation on October 5 from 2pm to 4pm and 7pm to 9pm at the Tributes Funeral Home, Boston, MA. Funeral service 10am October 6 at St. Mary's Church, Boston.

In lieu of flowers, donations can be made to The American Cancer Society.


Condolence & Memory Journal


Miss you!

Posted by Anna - Spouse   April 09, 2021

Will miss you Margaret

Posted by John smith - Neighbor   March 13, 2021


Posted by John Smith - Anywhere, GA - Son   March 13, 2021

Our condolences

Posted by Scott Scott - Latham, NY - Served in the Military together   February 20, 2021

Rest in peace

Posted by Pastor Roy O. Jordan    August 12, 2019

sorry margaret want die you..

Posted by jonk jamenson - sterling heights, MI - Grandchild   February 03, 2019

Posted by Tributes    March 22, 2018

Thinking of you today. Just wanted you to know.

Posted by Jenny - Boston, MA - Friend   February 17, 2017


Missing you dearly

Posted by Peter Avio - Bethel, CT - Friend   January 12, 2017

our condolences

Posted by Tributes Staff    May 23, 2016

Missing you on Easter and always.

Posted by Elaine Haney - Ashland - Friend   March 25, 2016

Thinking about you today.

Posted by Todd Duncan - MA   August 24, 2015


You're in my thoughts on this beautiful day! Miss you!!

Posted by Lucy - MA - Friend   October 29, 2014


RIP my friend. Miss you so much.

Posted by Emma - Worcester, MA - Best Friend   September 23, 2014


Thinking of you today

Posted by Larry - New York, NY - friend   August 21, 2013


Miss you

Posted by Tom - New York, NY - cousin   August 14, 2013

Today was your day. Love, Linda

Posted by Linda - Houston, TX - friend   July 30, 2013


You were wonderful. xo

Posted by Joyce - New York, NY - granddaughter   July 30, 2013

so sorry

Posted by dave    July 18, 2013


It was a great party. Thinking of you today.

Posted by Tom - Atlanta, GA - Barbara   July 17, 2013

I saw Sarah today and we both shared a smile thinking of you. Miss you.

Posted by Jenny - MA - Friend   June 19, 2013

Miss you.

Posted by Tom - Burlington, VT - friend   June 04, 2013


Thinking of you

Posted by Laurie - Santa Barbara, CA - McDonald   May 10, 2013

You were a great nurse when i was sick.

Posted by william - boston - former patient   April 03, 2013


Miss you.

Posted by Becky McGowan - Boston, MA - frend   February 12, 2013


So sorry to hear.

Posted by Las - Boston, MA - friend   January 21, 2013

Thinking of you

Posted by Joe - Chicago, IL - friend   January 11, 2013


Love You!

Posted by Mary Joe - Santa Fe, NM - friend   January 11, 2013

Still missing you.

Posted by Tom - Hudson, MA - Family Friend   December 03, 2012


Missing you!

Posted by Ls - Boston, MA - friend   November 28, 2012


Love you.

Posted by Linda S - Santa Fe, NM - friend   November 28, 2012

Remembering you today.

Posted by mary - San Francisco, CA - cousin   November 28, 2012


Miss you, darling

Posted by Clark B. - Chicago, IL - grandson   November 12, 2012


Remembering you on this day.

Posted by Mary Joe - San Diego, CA - old friend   November 08, 2012

Maggie - I was walking our old route today and thinking of you. Miss you. Elaine

Posted by Elaine - Boston, MA - Friend   October 23, 2012

I still think of you daily!! You will always hold a special place in my heart.

Posted by Amanda Wilson - A very special friend   October 08, 2012

Thinking of you today!

Posted by Ken Burton - Andover, MA - Good friend   October 08, 2012


I miss Aunt Maggie dearly. She was a special person and I will never forget her.

Posted by Kara Jameson - Burlington, VT - Neice   October 08, 2012


Maggie was simply the best and will be missed. Love.

Posted by Kara Rodney - Sarasota, FL - Friend   October 08, 2012

Heart felt love to your family. May they find comfort during this difficult time.

Posted by Will Burr - Valrico, FL - Friend   October 08, 2012

Posted by Joanne - Lincoln, NE - sister   October 06, 2012

never forgotton

Posted by keith - New York, NY - friend   October 06, 2012


Go in peace and love

Posted by Lisa - Billings, MT - friend   October 06, 2012


you touched so many lives, and we miss you! xo

Posted by joanne - Twin Cities, MN - neice   October 06, 2012

Leave a message in Margaret's Guestbook.

Posted by Justin - Burlington, VT - uncle   October 06, 2012


Miss you

Posted by Liz - San Diego, CA - dear friend   October 05, 2012


Maggie and I were classmates in high school and involved in several extra-curricular activities together. She was the heart and soul of our class. She brought joy and enthusiasm to everything she did. Regretfully, I lost contact with Maggie over the years and just learned of her passing. She will always have a special place in my heart and memories. My heartfelt condolences to her family and many friends.

Posted by Kirk Fuller - Dubuque, IA   September 26, 2009


It's been almost a year Grammy and it feels like yesterday. Thank you for all the memories and love.

We all miss you dearly.

Posted by John hedstrom - Boston, MA   September 25, 2009

Margaret was my first friend in kindergarten. I just heard of her passing and needed to let you know that though distance separated us - she always had a special place in my heart.

Posted by Brianna Kempton - San Diego, CA   September 25, 2009


I can't believe you've been gone for almost a year. Fall used to be my favorite time of year. Our Girls Weekend trips to visit you and Walt in Vermont will always hold a special place in my heart Mags.

Posted by Lyssa MacDonald    September 25, 2009

Not a day goes by that we don't all remember Maggie.

Posted by Roger Stewart - Boston, MA   September 25, 2009


My heart literally aches for you. I know you have lost your best friend and one true love. Please know that we are all here for you in your time of sorrow and beyond. In time may the memories you shared with Maggie make the pain of missing her easier to bear.

Posted by Kathleen Hennigan    September 25, 2009

I am so sorry for your loss but it brings me great comfort to know that Maggie is with my mom now. May they share as many laughs in heaven as they did here on Earth. 2 life-long friends together again. I just know they're smiling down on us all.

Love, Sara

Posted by Sarah Googliedough - Seattle, WA   September 25, 2009

What a loss...Maggie was a precious friend, a caring wife, a shoulder to lean on in times of trouble and a spirited individual who followed her heart in all pursuits. I will miss her more than words can say.

Posted by Edwina Carochio - Boston, MA   November 19, 2008

My cousin Maggie was such a beautiful, loving person. She will be missed tremendously.

Posted by Lorraine Jameson - Brattleboro, VT   November 18, 2008

Family Album

I think she grew in beauty with age. Uncle John.
Margaret as a teenager. Smiling as always!
Margaret's grandkids and Frank picking at Christmas trees Holidays 2006 -- before the snow.
Little Margaret with her mother. No wonder where Margaret got her beauty! Cousin Sarah
In memory of beloved Margaret -- we'll miss her and her warm spirit. And love of lily flowers
Linda and Karen at Margaret's retirement party. We miss you!

Family Album

Hey all, this was one of the many quilts Margaret made and gave me. I will always cherish it.
with granddaughter at Mt. Zion -- Margaret loved national parks!
the day her daughter was married -- I'll never forget how happy she was on that day.
Of course, we know how Margaret loved visited New Orleans. Remember when Janice and Frank met Margaret and Mike in 2000 and we had that posh apartment near Bourbon Street. Oh good times.
let's not forget her love of Quebec City and shopping. I remember when she found the french linens are turned them into a gift for Aunt Sarah.
Margaret tending her garden!

Family Album

Margaret's favorite national park: Yosemite. Remember when she came back saying that she was going to volunteer at the center the following summer -- and she did. Such an incredible sister.
Margaret biking with Dave on the Santa Monica beach, circa 1997. She loved the outdoors
loving the water, as always. Beach, lakes, and the Watertown pool.
with Frank, pulling her along for the ride as always.
Margaret with her beloved daughter and granddaughter Katie. They were so beautiful. I know where the girls got their smiles. -- Cousin Lou.

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never forgotton
Thinking of you today!
our condolences

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Esther May Washington
Loving Wife & Mother

Life Stories

Maggie & I went to high school together. I remember back when I was struggling in the Algebra class we both attended. No matter how much effort I put into it, I just could not grasp the basic concepts--they made absolutely no sense. Maggie was a whiz at every subject and she graciously offered to tutor me after school. When all the other girls would go to the local soda shop for a milkshake and gossip, Maggie would sit with me and patiently explain algebraic formulas in a manner which actually started to make sense to me! Within a few weeks, I went from a failing grade to a B+. It was an amazing transformation fueled by an amazing woman.

This is just one example of how Maggie never failed to step in and help without being asked. She was kind, gracious and giving and she continued to exemplify these qualities throughout her life. She inspired me to put more effort into my studies and I truly believe that had she not helped me, I may not have gone on to earn my college degree and embark on a successful career.

We should all live up to the example Maggie set and reach out to help when needed. I miss her so much but carry her within my heart to this day and beyond.