George Anthony Brucha

  • Born: January 4, 1935
  • Died: March 15, 2010
  • Location: Wikieup, Arizona

Tribute & Message From The Family

George was born on January 4, 1935 and passed away on Monday, March 15, 2010.

George was a resident of Wikieup, Arizona.

Condolence & Memory Journal

May the wonderful memories of your loved one sustain you until God's promises are fulfilled (John 6:40).

Posted by A friend   June 05, 2019

I met George when he had his gallery in Nothing, Arizona. I still have a couple pieces of his art, my ex-wife has some as well. Visited with him a number of times. A fascinating guy and a wonderful folk artist. Sail on, George!

Posted by Gallivan Burwell - New Orleans, LA - acquaintance   July 12, 2018

I am truly touched by the comments here,and I agree with my sister,you were moms true love,we all chose a path in life,and ours will cross again,i miss the times we spent,and the times we lost,but,you are my father,and I will love you forever

Posted by keith brucha - pittsburgh, PA - son   December 09, 2015

George and I appreciated each other's art, his paintings, my photography. I met him in Nothing, AZ, and tried to visit as I came through. I had not seen him in about five years and hiked out with my dog, Teddy Bear, to his cabin in February 2010. As we talked he said "I'm dying, Ed." I responded "we all are, George." He then explained that he would be a lot sooner. We talked for more than four hours as Teddy made himself at home on George's lap. The passion of his art was still strong as we visited and reflected! Three weeks later I took my wife and daughter out to meet George, but he was gone. Our immortality here on earth resides within the hearts of our friends! George is very much alive and his art lives on!

Posted by Ed Rountree - Tucson, AZ - Friend   March 16, 2014


I almost frogot to include the story of how George got way out in that old abandoned shed that he turned into parridise...My folks Sherilee & Robb lived at the campground where George was the handy-man after Janette moved and we built our house he had no one and nothing to occupy his time. My father helped his take what little belongings he had & moved him outside the town of Wikiup,AZ. That was around 1983 or 84..he loved it out there and we always went out to visit. He would come into prescot to stay at our house and he was still living so primatively he was always making a project or turning something into art. I remeber him buildong our dog pen into a maze for our shar-peis.....They loved him too!!! His dogs were his life they were always right there with him and were included in every letter I recieved from George. So to those of you who didnt know him well...he was amazing and for those of you that did know him dont ever forget this truely one-of-a-kind individual!!!! May he always live on in our hearts!!!

Posted by Kimberly Richter - Life-long friend   February 08, 2011

I met George when I was 3 dont remember much from back then but I always untill the day he passed keep in contact with him. He always shared his art with those closest to him! I have a very large collection of hand picked(by george) pieces that ment a great deal to him, for me from his vast collection of amazing artwork. He always sent a letter to explain the art to me. What can I even say about a man sooooo wonderfull! I got the pleasure of seeing him one last time at his Kingman art show, supprized him by bringing my mom & dad and stayed next door at the hotel with him and remanised on old times of my sister & i growing up with this amazing person in our lives!! He couldnt have been happier to see us all! I would give anything to get him back, he was truely a piece of artwork himself! Never to be forgotten!!! I LOVE YOU GEORGE AND THINK OF YOU OFTEN!!

Posted by Kimberly Richter - Elko, NV - Life-long friend   February 08, 2011

I didn't meet George. But my mother, since deceased, and my sister di meet him some years ago. They brought home several canvases from him andsome photographs of others and of George himself.

In fact my Mom gave me those canvases and pictures and I've tried to find out about the artist several times online. All of his work is only signed with the name"Brucha and a year" so even finding out about his first name was a terrific Tonight I found this site. I was sorry to find that George had passed away. I was hoping to contact him about the canvases I have, learn more about his subjects, some history.

My condolence to hs family. It's so hard when you lose a loved one.

Posted by Wanda Hughes - Cresccent City, CA - a fan   October 09, 2010

The Color Of Paradise

A Tribute Poem To The Life Of George Brucha

A modest blossom adorns his lonesome desert floor,
The painters last spring in this breathtaking place.
Poppy colored webbing decorate the canyon walls,
As brush and twine sing a peaceful lullaby.

Who was this sage that brought scripture and canvas together..
Always to paint the lovers embrace in profile?
On the hill, saddened canines weep the mortality of such a rose.
...and what if tomorow paradise beckons? He is ready.

A hidden key and lost lock beg for a promised reunion,
This he demands!
For his destiny is tied to the fate of earth...his eternal gift.
Pink and blue forever share the colors and birth of his creations.
His muse and song of hope. will guide him into Paradise.

Posted by Lyn Moss - Kingman, AZ - Friend   September 07, 2010


"Red" (George) and I both arrived in Phoenix in 1968 and were staying at the same hotel. He was extremely depressed about the recent loss of his family. His ex-wife had remarried, and, according to Red, the new husband had threatened him that if he didn't get out of town he would kill him. Red showed me photographs of his family and named all the kids. His voice and facial expression revealed love for his family and suffering. He barely survived this loss. If someone hadn't come along to help pull him through, he probably would not have seen the year out. Red cannot tell you, but I can, he loved you all very much. I suspect that your mother, Cathy, was his only true love. He didn't want the divorce. It's a shame the family didn't get to know him more intimately, as you would have found him very easy to love, as I did. As to why he kept a distance in his latter years, perhaps it relates to his earlier deep suffering. Believe me, he felt things very deeply! Your dad was a private man, so I hesitated in writing this, but in the end, I felt Red would want want his family to know what I witnessed so many years ago, and what he was not able to express to you.

Posted by Lois M. Watson - Green Valley, AZ - Friend   July 03, 2010

I met George during his battle with cancer. He was a quiet man who found a place in my heart. I was gifted 2 peices of art from him . I still look at them fondly today. I had tried to see him at one point in Nothing AZ but he got a message to me via a freind that spring rains had washed out the roads, it was the last message I received from him. I kept track of him online and spoke of him often to family and friends. He touched my life and I will always carry him in my heart.

Posted by Pamela Glorie - friend   June 27, 2010


Good bye, Dad. Too bad you chose a life of solitude as opposed to allowing those who loved you to embrace you. Your art speaks volumes as to who you were as a person. You were worthy of love and your family and hopefully you have found true peace. You owe mom an explanation, I think you were her one true love.

Posted by Diana M. Brucha - Lafayette, CA - Daughter   June 25, 2010