Life Stories

Patty was my cousin, my friend, but mostly the "big sister" I never had. We were both only children, so I was her "little sister". We had a special bond.

When we were little, we lived next door to each other. Then she moved to the farm in Hartland. It was such a grand adventure for me to visit her there. As we grew up, our lives took different directions and our visits became few and far apart, but the bond never changed.

Patty's smile was as big as the sky. It was almost as big as her heart. Nothing made her happier than to get together with family and friends. Every time we were together is a memory that leaves a bright spot in my heart.

The first time we had a chance to get together in Florida, she and Wendell came to meet us. Patty jumped out to the car before it was fully stopped and ran to meet me with her arms outstretched. So, of course, I jumped out to meet her and we were laughing and hugging by the side of the road. She had a knack for making you feel special.

Whenever I got home to Vermont, we got together for lunch and girl talk - Karyn, my Mom, Patty and I. She's alive in my heart and always will be.


Patty was born when I was fourteen years old. She became a real joy to me. Always had a lovely smile and was always there for me as I grew older.

Her Mom was my sister and took care of me when I was growing up, so I returned a bit of all the things she did for me. Patty was special as far as all her Aunts were concerned, and she was always there for us.

Uncle John would say, "You and Wendell made our lives complete."

Thank you, Patty. My memories are many and bring a smile to my face every time. I will always treasure them.

Aunt Olive