Life Stories

Grandma Amy was always an inspiration to my life. She taught my sister and I bead work, how to gather, prepare and make pine-needle baskets. I will miss working in the kitchen with her teaching us how to make torts (short for tortilla). I will miss all the times together down in Yosemite. Especially the picnics at Church Bowl. Grandma, you lived your life to the fullest. I will miss you and love you forever.

What a vibrant memory we have of was at a meeting at Mono Lake about six years ago. Amy and Dorthy Andrews were sitting together at the meeting, visiting like 'little old ladies' do when they get together. The meeting started and their visiting continued on with chatter and laughter. Being as they both were a little hard of hearing, their enthusiasm grew louder and it was so cute and heart warming to see them enjoy each other so much. Amy enjoyed Alan's talking with her in Mono Lake Paiute. She was such a delight to be around.