Donna Summer

  • Born: December 31, 1948
  • Died: May 17, 2012
  • Location: Englewood, Florida


Donna Summer performs at the conclusion of the Nobel Peace concert in Oslo, Norway Friday, Dec. 11, 2009. (AP Photo/John McConnico)

Queen of Disco dies at 63

The Associated Press

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) — Family and some of her closest friends helped celebrate the life of Donna Summer at the singer's funeral.

A private memorial service was held Wednesday for Summer at Christ Presbyterian in Nashville, Tenn., where she had been a resident since 1995.

Summer, deemed the "Queen of Disco" for hits like "I Feel Love," ''Love to Love You Baby" and "Last Dance," died May 17 of lung cancer at 63 in Naples, Fla.

Producer and close friend David Foster performed "The Prayer" with Natalie Grant. Summer's sisters, Linda Gaines Lotman, Mary Ellen Bernard, Dara Bernard and Jenette Yancey, sang "We've Come This Far By Faith."

Other guests included producer Giorgio Moroder and Tony Orlando.

Summer is survived by husband Bruce Sudano; three daughters, Brooklyn, Mimi and Amanda; and four grandchildren.


MESFIN FEKADU, The Associated Press

Like the King of Pop or the Queen of Soul, Donna Summer was bestowed a title fitting of musical royalty — the Queen of Disco.

Yet unlike Michael Jackson or Aretha Franklin, it was a designation she wasn't comfortable embracing.

"I grew up on rock 'n' roll," Summer once said when explaining her reluctance to claim the title.

Indeed, as disco boomed then crashed in a single decade in the 1970s, Summer, the beautiful voice and face of the genre with pulsating hits like "I Feel Love," ''Love to Love You Baby" and "Last Dance," would continue to make hits incorporating the rock roots she so loved. One of her biggest hits, "She Works Hard for the Money," came in the early 1980s and relied on a smoldering guitar solo as well as Summer's booming voice.

Yet it was with her disco anthems that she would have the most impact in music, and it's how she was remembered Thursday as news spread of her death at age 63.

Summer died of cancer Thursday morning in Naples, Fla., said her publicist Brian Edwards. Her family released a statement saying they "are at peace celebrating her extraordinary life and her continued legacy."

Luminaries from Aretha Franklin to Dolly Parton and Barbra Streisand mourned the loss, as did President Barack Obama, who said he and Michelle were saddened to hear of the passing of the five-time Grammy winner. "Her voice was unforgettable, and the music industry has lost a legend far too soon," he said. "Our thoughts and prayers go out to Donna's family and her dedicated fans."

It had been decades since that brief, flashy moment when Summer was every inch the Disco Queen.

Her glittery gowns and long eyelashes. Her luxurious hair and glossy, open lips. Her sultry vocals, her bedroom moans and sighs. She was as much a part of the culture as disco balls, polyester, platform shoes and the music's pulsing, pounding rhythms.

Summer's music gave voice to not only a musical revolution, but a cultural one — a time when sex, race, fashion and drugs were being explored and exploited with freedom like never before in the United States.

Her rise was inseparable from disco's itself, even though she remained popular for years after the genre she helped invent had died. She won a Grammy for best rock vocal performance for "Hot Stuff," a fiery guitar-based song that represented her shift from disco to more rock-based sounds, and created another kind of anthem with "She Works Hard for the Money," this time for women's rights.

Elton John said in a statement that Summer was more than the Queen of Disco.

"Her records sound as good today as they ever did. That she has never been inducted into the Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame is a total disgrace especially when I see the second-rate talent that has been inducted," he said. "She is a great friend to me and to the Elton John AIDS Foundation and I will miss her greatly."

Summer may not have liked the title and later became a born-again Christian, but many remembered her best for her early years, starting with the sinful "Love to Love You Baby."

Released in 1975, a breakthrough hit for Summer and for disco, it was a legend of studio ecstasy and the genre's ultimate sexual anthem. Summer came up with the idea of the song and first recorded it as a demo in 1975, on the condition that another singer perform it commercially. But Casablanca Records president Neil Bogart liked the track so much that he suggested to producer Giorgio Moroder they re-record it, and make it longer — what would come to be known as a "disco disc."

Summer had reservations about the lyrics — "Do it to me again and again" — but imagined herself as a movie star playing a part as if she were Marilyn Monroe. So she agreed to sing, lying down on the studio floor, in darkness, and letting her imagination take over. Solo and multitracked, she whispered, she groaned, she crooned. Drums, bass, strings and keyboards answered her cries. She simulated climax so many times that the BBC kept count: 23, in 17 minutes.

What started as a scandal became a classic. The song was later sampled by LL Cool J, Timbaland and Beyonce, who interpolated the hit for her jam "Naughty Girl." It was also Summer's U.S. chart debut and the first of 19 No. 1 dance hits between 1975 and 2008 — second only to Madonna.

Summer, real name LaDonna Adrian Gaines, was born in 1948 in Boston. She was raised on gospel music and became the soloist in her church choir by age 10.

"There was no question I would be a singer, I just always knew. I had credit in my neighborhood, people would lend me money and tell me to pay it back when I got famous," Summer said in a 1989 interview with The Associated Press.

Before disco, she had already reinvented herself several times. She sang Motown songs with local groups in Boston as a teenager, then dropped out of school in the late 1960s and switched to pyschedelic rock after hearing Janis Joplin. An attempt to get a part in the musical "Hair" led her to get the principal role in Munich. She stayed in Germany for five years, worked in other productions and modeled.

Meanwhile, she was performing in operas, singing backup for Three Dog Night and other groups and releasing songs of her own. A marriage to Helmuth Sommer didn't last, but the singer did hold on to her ex-husband's last name, changing it to "Summer." By 1974, she had met producers Giorgio Moroder and Pete Bellotte and released her first album, "Lady of the Night," to success in Europe.

Then came "Love to Love You Baby," her memorable U.S. debut. Through the rest of the disco era she burned up the charts: She was the only artist to have three consecutive double-LPs hit No. 1, "Live and More," ''Bad Girls" and "On the Radio." She was also the first female artist with four No. 1 singles in a 13-month period, according to the Rock Hall of Fame, where she was a nominee this year but was passed over.

Musically, she began to change in 1979 with "Hot Stuff," which had a tough, rock 'n' roll beat. Her diverse sound helped her earn Grammy Awards in the dance, rock, R&B and inspirational categories.

Summer said grew up on rock 'n' roll and later covered the Bruce Springsteen song "Protection."

"I like the Moody Blues, the Beatles and the Rolling Stones as well as Aretha Franklin, Dionne Warwick, the Supremes and Temptations," she said. "I didn't know many white kids who didn't know the Supremes; I don't know many black kids who don't know the Moody Blues."

Warwick said in a statement that she was sad to lose a great performer and "dear friend."

"My heart goes out to her husband and her children," Warwick said. "Prayers will be said to keep them strong."

Summer later became a born-again Christian and was accused of making anti-gay comments in relation to the AIDS epidemic — a particular problem for a woman who was and remains a gay icon. Summer denied making the comments, but became the target of a boycott.

Religion played an important role in her later life, said Michael Levine, who briefly worked as her publicist.

"Her passion in her life, besides music, was God, spirituality and religion. She held a bible study class at her home every week," he said.

Summer released her last album, "Crayons," in 2008. It was her first full studio album in 17 years. She also performed on "American Idol" that year with its top female contestants.

Summer is survived by her husband, Bruce Sudano, and three daughters, Brooklyn, Mimi and Amanda.


AP National Writer Hillel Italie in New York and AP Music Writer Nekesa Moody and Entertainment Writer Sandy Cohen in Los Angeles contributed to this report.

Celebrities react to the death of Donna Summer

The Associated Press, The Associated Press

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Reaction to the death Thursday of singer Donna Summer, who was 63:

"So shocking to hear about the passing of Donna Summer. In the 70s, she reigned over the disco era and kept the disco jumping. Who will forget "Last Dance." A fine performer and a very nice person." — Aretha Franklin.


"I was shocked to hear about Donna. She was so vital the last time I saw her a few months ago. I loved doing the duet with her. She had an amazing voice and was so talented. It's so sad." — Barbra Streisand.


"Rest in Peace dear Donna Summer. Your voice was the heartbeat and soundtrack of a decade." — Quincy Jones, via Twitter.


"We will miss Donna Summer! She changed the world of music with her beautiful voice and incredible talent." — Janet Jackson.


"I'm so sad about the news that Donna Summer died this morning. I was a big fan. I even used one of her songs in my show that airs today." — Ellen DeGeneres, via Twitter.


"When you lose a friend you feel like they are gone forever.that is not true with my dear friend Donna. She was a queen, THE Queen of Disco, and we will be dancing to her music forever." — Liza Minnelli.


"Wow, another legend gone. Rest in peace to the beautiful disco queen Donna Summer." — Nicki Minaj, via Twitter.


"Donna and I had a friendship for over 30 years. She is one of the few black women I could speak German with and she is one of the few friends I had in this business." — Chaka Khan.


"I remember sitting in the front seat of my mom's Toyota while she sang Donna Summer's 'she works hard for the money' ... songs were just classic." — Ryan Seacrest, via Twitter.


"She not only made her mark in my heart as well as others, but she forever changed the way of how America danced and enjoyed themselves. She may have had her 'Last Dance' here on earth, but 'Heaven Knows' it is dancing with joy for her arrival."— Gloria Gaynor.

"So sad to hear about Donna Summer. I adored her voice. May she rest in peace." — Joan Collins, via Twitter.


"My deepest condolences got out to the family of Donna Summer regarding the passing of a true legend." — Bret Michaels, via Twitter.


"Few singers have impacted music & the world like Donna Summer! It's the end of an era. Peace & prayers 2 all who loved her." — Gloria Estefan, who posted a photo of herself with Summer on Twitter.


"She defined dance music in the 70's and had a wonderful voice and personality." — "So You Think You Can Dance" creator and "American Idol" producer Nigel Lythgoe, via Twitter.


"Donna Summer had a dynamic voice and unique musical style that helped define the dance music genre in the '70s. She also was an artist who crossed many musical genres..." — Recording Academy President Neil Portnow.

Condolence & Memory Journal


You have been a bright light in my son's and I. I Thank God how your family was so wonderful while I was in California

Posted by Jeanette Wilson - New Brunswick, NJ - friend   July 19, 2021

I will always love you Donna, your family adopted my son's as all of you treated Eric and Dwayne as family

Posted by Jeanette Wilson - New Brunswick, NJ - friend   May 31, 2019


My name is Lisa Edwards Donna was my idol I am 55 years old. She has inspired me to sing. She will always have a extra special place in my Heart. I will see you some day in Heaven thank you for your wonderful voice and music. Love Lisa. Thank you for your 3 Beautiful children who carry on your music especially Amanda from JohnnySwim.

Posted by Lisa Edwards - Flint, MI   February 08, 2019

After I learned more about Donna summers life and how she thought and felt about things in her interviews I thought to myself that she was truly a beautiful humble and loveable person.I miss her alot.

Posted by Pedro Gamez - Orlando, FL - Friend   July 30, 2016


Posted by Ayneisha Grimes - pensacola, FL - Anya Williams   May 01, 2013


Donna was my idol i looked up to her greatly. I am only 10 years old but it saddens me i hope to grow up just like Mrs.Donna and to know that she is gone i still am a big fan.I will be doing what i can to sing like her the family is in my prayers Amen!!!

Posted by Anya williams - Pensacola, FL - Fan   May 01, 2013

I was a fan of Donna Summer at the beginning with "The Hostage" to "Love to Love you baby", "Spring Affair", etc, etc I love you Donna Summer but most of all you made your peace with the Lord Jesus Christ, you have EVERLASTING eternally wonderful..see you in heaven

Posted by Dan Ravenel - wilmington, DE - Fan   April 24, 2013


She was truly the Queen. I love hearing her music always.

Posted by Paul H - Boston, MA   November 16, 2012


Donna, you are going to be severely missed by all who are close to you, and by millions of fans that you have had from the very early days back in the early 1970's. Your music will remain timeless, and thank goodness for You Tube, where all can go and see live performances of you, & where fans can find old, & hard to find songs from long ago.

Donna, You will always remain in my heart and in my memory. You were always a kind and friendly woman when I would see you, and talk with you from time to time. Thank you Donna Summer for you, your voice, music, and your beauty. I, & many others LOVE YOU ALWAYS! RIP, & I KNOW THAT GOD ALMIGHTY HAS YOU WITH HIM AND YOU ARE ENJOYING AND LOVING PARADISE. I CAN HARDLY WAIT TO SEE YOU IN PARADISE, ALONG WITH OTHER LOVED ONES WHO ARE DEAR AND NEAR TO MY HEART. REST IN PEACE,IN THE NAME OF JESUS I PRAY.

Posted by SERGIO G. SILVA - FRIEND   August 26, 2012

Donna touched my life and music is so many ways. As a singer she helped me learn how to hold a note. She was also a muse to me because after meeting her in NYC I came home and wrote "Riding home From Baltimore" which tells the story of the first time I heard Donna ("Last Dance") on a drive home from Baltimore on I 70 on a "Sweet Summer night." The song got a remix/reproduction by the KLUBJUMPERS and several other remixers and was released in early 2010.

Donna...I am so glad our paths crossed...I will love you always! You really touched my heart.

Posted by Darrell Russ - Frederick, MD - Fan/fellow recording artist   July 19, 2012

Bruce, Brooklyn, Mimi, Amanda, Linda, Mary, Dara and Jenette, I am so overwhelmed. I hope you are all doing ok. I pray every night for Donna & always will. She is an angel.

Bruce you and Donna were so wonderful and kind to me. When the, "Mistaken Identity" album came out, Donna was performing in Atlantic City. I had been invited to the art gallery showing and show later in evening.I will never forget Bruce, how you and Donna made me feel so welcome. Donna was one of the most giving and kind persons in the industry. I will never forget her smile and beautiful soul. I will never ever forget her.

I miss her very much and pray every nite to her. She is my new guardian angel. I will always love and never ever forget her.

Bruce and family I hope you will be alright. I have you in my prayers every nite.

R.I.P. Donna
(So much more than a disco queen, a true legend)

Posted by DJ Isaac - Wilmington, DE   June 25, 2012


While growing up in the 70s, I admired Donna Summer greatly. She will be missed dearly. I am saddened along with a multitude of fans, but Heaven and the Angels are blessed with her presence. She will remain in my thoughts and prayers.

Posted by Tracy D - Fan and Admirer   June 07, 2012

Donna made the 70's the best ever. How can I explain how wonderful it was to hear her upbeat music and know that everything would be alright. I had the opportunity to meet her at a local store in town. She was so gracious and so nice. No voice will ever compare to her these days! Sad to lose such a great artist! Will miss you dearly but I will always listen to your music!!

Posted by valerie - jasper, IN   June 07, 2012

Your music was played in my house as a child and I play it now to mine ,you will forever be part of our family may u rest in peace.

Posted by andrea - eloy, AZ   June 06, 2012


Loved you and loved your music. You were an inspiration to everyone. You will be missed.

Posted by Suzanne Kelch - Fan   June 06, 2012


you will always be in my heart

Posted by verquin bruno    June 04, 2012

remembering the fun your music brought to my life and the memories associated ther with..I say thank-you and thank-you...

Posted by vee greene - marietta, GA - fan   June 02, 2012


R.I.P. Queen of Disco.

Posted by Dana M Brenklin - fellow musician   June 02, 2012


It was such a pleasure growing up, going to the disco tecs on the wknds, and I just love to person and music she gave us. She will be greatfully missed. Rest In Peace my diva.

Posted by Brad - Fan   June 01, 2012


I rememember solid gold Christmas special and her singing Oh Cime All ye Faithful and the hair standing up on the back of my neck. That is the mark of great singer! when they can touvh you.I will never hear this song sang at this level again. Bless You Ms Summer!

Posted by Lena Caruso - fan   June 01, 2012



Posted by MARGARET JACKSON - FAN   June 01, 2012



i live in Dayton, Ohio they had RIjust to clarify . Can you tell I loved her so much

Posted by Danielle Hendrix - Dayton, OH - fan   May 30, 2012

there was never a bad song she did Donna was the greatest when I heard of Donna I could,t believe it . I even gasped and immediatly got a cd and video of her performing. I love her it is a great lose

Posted by Danielle Hendrix - Dayton, RI - fan   May 30, 2012


donna was by far the best singer i will miss her a lot . to the family sorry for your lose.

Posted by Danielle Hendrix - fan   May 30, 2012

I will keep Donna Summer in my memories.
She was my favorite performer during my high school years and I will never forget her.

Posted by Bonnie Greeblatt - crawfordville, FL - fan of Gonna Summer   May 30, 2012


Donna, you've touched us with your music and love and I will forever be grateful for having known you in this life. Your legacy and magic will continue to shine in our hearts where you will always remain and forever be loved. I love you Donna.

Posted by Richard Williams - Friend Unknown and Devoted Fan.   May 30, 2012


Dance for all eternity, angel Donna! May you be bathed in light eternal and enjoy perpetual peace and eternal life. Rest in peace.

Posted by David Walach - longtime fan   May 30, 2012


Donna inspired to the highest heights! Beautiful Lady, we will DANCE ON just as you danced into our lives... Thank you,dear muse! Je t'aime!

Posted by teresa morrow    May 30, 2012


I am a huge Donna Summer fan. I remember recording her special in the 80's. It was amazing to see her do so many characters. She was funny and very versatile! And man could she blow!! Your songs will go on forever. I know the angels have pulled their disco balls out and are having a ball!!

Posted by Theresa Davis - fan   May 29, 2012

I was a big fan of Donna summer she. With surely be miss

Posted by Lynn Montague - Richmond, VA - fan   May 29, 2012


To combat I am saddened to hear of your passing yet I am so glad to have grew up when you gave us of you through your music. Last dance will always be forever ringing in our hearts. Your present will not be forgotten. Thanks for being the true queen of disco music. My prayers and deepest sympathy goes out to your family. Rest in peace to the true diva that you are!

Posted by debbie williams - a fan   May 29, 2012


Donna Summer has been and always will be one of the greatest vocalist of all time if now the greatest; It has always been magical hearing her voice and being able to see her perform; Her lyrics were of the utmost creativity and conveyed universal messages; It was a special gift to have been able to have met her and to have been able to have shared in the music and magic that she shared with the world; Her music and what she shared with the world will live on forever . . . Thanks Donna for sharing your talents and music with the world - tdmoreno

Posted by tdmoreno    May 28, 2012


My memories of donna summers a true gifted artist of world. Donna summers was the sound when i came out to the Bar scene every one was on the dance floor in every bar when her music hit the turntables . it was light the fireworks everybody loosing there selves just energy and nothing mattered but the voice coming at us and the beats and the outside of the bar walls did not xsist to anyone in the dance floor. i remember as the dj years i had playing her songs the memories and such missed times then can never be like that ever in the future without her voice. i am a very impacted by her passing .Donna thank you for blessing us all around the world with Such a blessed voice.Go with angels sing in heaven with all the angels. My heart goes out to her relatives.God Bless Dj Jim Simmons

Posted by James M Edwards - promotor   May 28, 2012

my condolences to the family of Donna Summer. I always admired her and enjoyed listening to her songs

Posted by Dorothy Patricia Makanalani Ponte - Waipahu, HI - a fan and forever friend   May 28, 2012


Sorry for your lost may God continue to bless you.

Posted by Carolyn Thompson    May 28, 2012

God Bless you Donna Summer. You will not be forgotten. Thank you for your music.

Posted by Steve Hoag - Rochester, NH - Fan   May 27, 2012

To the woman I looked up to as a teen, to the woman I wanted to be when I grew up, to the woman I imitated and danced to in the in peace my show biz mom....Donna-Gaines-Summer :(

Posted by Wendy Booker - Brooklyn, NY - Very long time fan   May 27, 2012

Thank you for all you did for America.

Posted by David Paschal - Washington, DC - Club House Washington, DC, 1978   May 27, 2012


"Last Dance" will forever bring back fond memories for me. Thank you Donna for sharing your God given talent with the world and thank you for the wonderful memories!

Posted by AM - Fan   May 27, 2012

I fell in love with Donna in 1975 when I was 18 years old, I am 55 years old now. I have always loved that voice, and now I go to bed and hear her. It hurts me so bad that she is gone, it just feels like my family is gone. There is no way that anyone can understand how much pleasure that she gave me. I will always miss her and I will always love her

Posted by Ronnie Stinnett - Lynchburg, VA - loving fan   May 27, 2012


Who didn't dance the night away to Donna in the mid 70s on...had the chance to see her in concert. Her voice soared to the pulse of the disco generation. We will miss you for many years to come. Love to LOVE you baby. On GOD you rest.

Posted by Mark MARTINO - Fan   May 27, 2012


Grow up listening to Donna Summer she will truly be missed. Rest in peace

Posted by Cheryl - Fan   May 27, 2012


I grow up listening to donna summer she has amazing music donna had so many amazing song I can't pick out one I favor because I loved them all you will truly be missed the queen of disco RIP......

Posted by sheila syms - a fan   May 26, 2012


I am so sorry for the loss of your loved one. I grew up listening to Donna Summer and was very lucky to have seen her in concert once in my life. Amazing. My thoughts go out to the family and friends of Donna. We lost two wonderful legends in one week. I will listen to their music till I dye. Sorry.

A true fan. Tracy

Posted by Tracy - fan   May 26, 2012


Gracious Lady.

Posted by D.S. Fan - Fan   May 26, 2012


she was the singer that made me happy during my life . and will be miss
now here music will live on ... rest in peace my sweet lady

Posted by mike mislan    May 26, 2012

Leave a condolence or a memory.

Posted by jackie.saxtono - washington dc - person who loved her   May 26, 2012


just want to say i saw donna in concert in 1976 at the summit in houston texas. i am very sad that the queen of disco is no longer with us.she will be mised by all including myself. i played some of her albums yesterday yes albums i still have donna summer albums.i miss you donna. love you always.

Posted by john cantu - fan   May 26, 2012


I Love You.........I always will!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by David Block - Extreme Fan   May 26, 2012


I grew up and followed her to every concert I could afford. The first was the "Live and More" concert at Sunrise Musical Theatre. She had me there. She came out in the white princess dress. She had me with my heart right there and it never stopped. I flew to Europe and bought every album, never regretted it. Vinyl, cassette, and cd's...I have all of them and noone will ever have them. When I leave this world all of her music and all her pictures will go with me!!! Donna I love you more than you know. I don't mean the DIVA. I mean the sweet, very tired friend who I said "hi" to in Delray Beach, Florida. She looked so tired and warn out. I said to take some time for herself. She said she would love to and thanked me. She was dressed very normal. When she came out on stage she was wearing that famous "Marilyn" white dress that blew up from the subway vent. She said "Thank You, John!". You are so sweet and said she hoped to see me again. I promised I would. The last time I saw her was in Atlanta in the outside theatre. I loved her then... and I will love her forever. I LOVE YOU--- DONNA!

Posted by John A. Clifton - A friend and an angel for her!!!   May 26, 2012


R.I.P i was a child when i rtemember my sister singing and dancing to her songs u will alway be alive in people heart.....

Posted by Peter    May 26, 2012


I loved Donna Summer. She was always uplifting in her music. She was a light in my life and I will miss her dearly. I LOVE YOU DONNA SUMMER!
My condolences to Bruce and his family. Also to Mary. I always enjoyed the concerts when Bruce and Mary were her back-up singers. It felt like family and I felt part of it.

Posted by Randy Shepheard - Fan   May 26, 2012


I want to extend my sorrows to the Summer family at their time of need. Donna will always be remembered as the Queen of disco with a powerful voice!!! I love Donna my you rest in pece

Posted by JODIE - FAN   May 26, 2012

Donna always believed in me. She called me little Carol King. I built Purple Heart Records for Bruce and Donna and engineered a comeback for her in 1989. This spun off 3 huge hits. I loved Donna and Bruce since I worked for them in 1979. She inspired me to write her a hit ballad "If I Could Live Our Love Again". She was playful and sweet and her smile made me smile. The Gaines family treated me like I was their own. Gerardo Bernard believed in me and so did Bruce. I felt so blessed by the Gaines family, the Sudano family and the Bernard's. I will miss Donna forever. Where ever she is may she fill life with the song in my heart and paint a great big rainbow. Her last song to me when my Mom passed away was Smile. I will always remember that..Thank you for letting me be a part of your life. Thank You Brucie. Love Beth G. Foster

Posted by Beth G. Foster - Hallandale Beach, FL - management/ Sr.VP Purple Heart   May 26, 2012


I met Donna for the first time when my partner, who was a mortician let me know she would be at a service for Casablanca Record and Filmworks Neil Bogart...Needless to say, I called in sick to work that day, payed tribute and prayers to Mr. Bogart plus I even got to meet Donna and her husband Bruce. Years later, being an avid fan club member I was blessed to have been invited in to her reception when she had her star in the Walk of Fame. I miss you Donna!!!

Posted by Michael Clarke - friends unknown   May 26, 2012


when i was a kid i would dance and sing to her songs and when i finally saw her in concert in 1999 she still has the magic in her music

Posted by michael e - a fan   May 26, 2012


You will be greatly missed.

Posted by Dawn Shipman Jones    May 25, 2012


thank you for your music and your love.... will miss you and will love you always...Dennis

Posted by Dennis garcia - fan forever   May 25, 2012


What a loss.....she sure made alot of people happy and singing along. All my prayers for the family.

Posted by Donna - Fan   May 25, 2012

My deepest sympathy to Donna Summer family she was a true ledged who music will live on. I remember being a young girl about 8 and I remember rolling skating to Bad girls at the rolling skating ring :) and hearing my mother always singing She work hard for the money. May you Rest in Paradise and shine apond us all.

Posted by Ericka L'Minggio - Stratford, CT - Fan   May 25, 2012


such a sad ending to a beautiful woman the world will miss you donna may you rest in peace love you . my favorite song she works hard for the money and in deed she did.

Posted by emma blanton - fan   May 25, 2012


Great voice! Beautiful angel! Will forever be missed! Thanks for a fun memorable era. Continue singing in Heaven

Posted by Tony Esquivel - Fan   May 25, 2012


Donna was a beautiful lady with a beautiful voice. I loved her songs especially "Last Dance" and "Bad Girls"

Posted by Linda Fulcher - fan   May 25, 2012


Ms. Summer you gave me the best teen memories of my life. You were an era that will live forever in so many hearts. So beautiful & talented you'll never be replaced. RIP, you will be missed.

Posted by Michele - #1 fan   May 25, 2012

My prayers are with your family. Such a great loss. Such a great life. You helped me find my grove thing at 12 years old at a summer dance party. Last Dance will forever be burned on my brain. It never got old with me and never will. It's the song that always reminds me of you & T.G.I.F. the movie. I still have the LP dont know if it still works but that movie made me want to dance & sing like you! you brought a smile & a grove thing to my life...blessings to the after Miss Donna!

Posted by Kelly - fullertoner, CA - dance   May 25, 2012

Donna is one of my Favorite Icons...Her music carried me through the toughest of times...I will truley miss your prescences

Posted by Alexanderia - San Diego, CA - Loyal Fan   May 25, 2012


love you Donna Summer rip

Posted by patricia kramer    May 25, 2012

Thank you for your journey with us here on earth. Until we meet again in His image, your voice and the memories will never depart our earthly lives. You were amazing. May God bless you and your family.

Posted by Denise, a forever fan    May 25, 2012


Rip big sister

Posted by Pamela McKenzie - friend   May 25, 2012



Posted by ELIZABETH ALEXANDER - FAN   May 25, 2012

I booged down to her. She works hard for the money. I'm 52 years old & I loved her music. Whitney was "AWESOME" but me and Donna go back longer!! GOD BLESS Y0U LADIES!

Posted by Janice - Clarksville, TN - Fan   May 25, 2012


it was very sad to hear of donna summer passing she will be missed

Posted by mary ann white - fan   May 24, 2012


I have never met the Queen of Disco, But I love her music. And may she rest in peace. Tell nippy I said what's up. Make they make music together up there.She took the beep= beep and toot toot with her.

Posted by Mamie - fan   May 24, 2012



Posted by Jimbo - fan   May 24, 2012


you will be truly missed love you Donna Summer,

Posted by Rosalind - Fan   May 24, 2012


Donna has been one of my favorite singers since my teens. I think I have just about everything she ever recorded. May her music and her memory forever endure, eternal as the Creator.

Posted by Big Gay Andy - Longtime Fan   May 24, 2012

The first song I danced to with a guy was Enough is Enough. Donna Summer was a big part of my life, and made it OK to be who I was at a time when being gay wasn't OK.

Donna Summer was part of the support system that made me want to live instead of commit suicide. I owe her more than she ever knew. Thank You Donna, you were a blessing to so many- and especially me. You leaving makes this world a lonelier place. You will never be forgotten that is certain.

Posted by Gary McClaskey - Rogers, AR - Admirer   May 24, 2012

My Brother and i danced to all of your music in the late 70s.To this day Friends still remember this about us, my brother passed away in 1996 with Aids.I miss him everytime i hear Last Dance.

Posted by Cheryl Berry - Atlanta, WA - Huge Fan   May 24, 2012


Lady you were the best! You will be dearly missed by all and we will have your wonderful music to remember you by for ever!

Posted by Pat - Fan   May 24, 2012


Loved your music

Posted by Marcellius Oliver - A fan74   May 24, 2012


God puts us on this earth for a purpose,we must all pay this debt,know that the love Donna left will never be forgotten,family keep the love that Donna gave,remember God says,that this is a new commandment love each other as I have loved you. God will send you a Comforter.Amen

Posted by Katherine Boyd - Fan   May 24, 2012


You will always be my Blue Live Lady of Song. Thank you for your magical and inspiring artistry which will always be pressed indelibly in my heart and soul. My deep, heartfelt condolences to your family, friends, and every person whom you've significantly touched with God's gift that you put to such fascinating use.


Posted by Ramón Grupe Cacho - Hillsborough, CA - a devout fan   May 24, 2012


Donna I am so heartbroken by your passing. You are definetly GONE TOO SOON. I will always cherish my memories of you through your songs.

Posted by Anthony - FAN   May 24, 2012


Donna,What can I say? Gone too soon. I cherish those memories of you and myself growing up in Grant A.M.E. church. Your favorite song was Mahalia Jackson's "I Found the Answer, I learned to pray..."
Precious memories, Donna, precious memories.
Love and strength to your family.

Posted by Maggie Hill - friend   May 24, 2012


Donna your voice & music stood out among the rest. What a powerful voice. I was waiting to see if you'd show up at Wolftrap this summer but your name was'nt listed.
I have been a true fan of yours since i heard your very 1st album.You were more than just music. May God keep you in his care.Condolances to your family. Never forget me!

Posted by lolo harrison - Huge fan   May 24, 2012

There are so many memories I have attached to Donna's music - so many of them personal, so many of them shared...... I will never forget, as a budding vocalist, the intensity in which she could unleash her voice and the tenderness at which she could whisper a lyric. Every album became a soundtrack of my life, from "On The Radio" forward through to "Crayons". She will always be one of the top vocalists to match in my book, and the writing, the music, the voice, the love she shared with so many - it shined through like no other. Donna, I will always love and cherish the place you hold in my musical heart, and I'm so thankful for those tidbits which I can carry around on a CD to share, even with myself, at any time. You meant the world to me, and to so many others, and I just want to thank you for sharing your awesome talents with the world. It is, and was, a truly better place because of you. And that, it is the true test of an artist - leaving a legacy for all to share and revel in. Rest In Peace, Angel.

Posted by Kenny Peters - Austin, TX - fan   May 24, 2012


I'd like to offer my condolences to the Sudano Family. As you may know, Donna touched so many people through her music. I'm no different. Her music has been a part of my life through the good times and bad times. My heart is sad, along with all the others, that she is no longer with us. Her beautiful spirit lives on, through our memories and through the gift of music that she gave to us. What an incredible gift for all of us to cherish. Donna Summer Sudano will never be forgotten. All I can say is "Thank You" for being a part of my life, for being a part of all of our lives, for so many years. God Bless You and Rest in God's Peace.

Posted by Keith D. Johnathan - Fan   May 24, 2012


many memories and all great! Thank you so much you will be missed by many! (I would have liked to be one of your back up singers!) It was so much fun pretending;-) Thanks for everything! xo

Posted by Heather E - beloved fan   May 24, 2012


Although I have never "met" Donna Summer in person she was truly my friend and there was some comfort in knowing she shared this planet with me. I will miss her dearly . . . Just as I would miss a very dear friend. My condolences to her family and children. Rest in Peace Donna Summer and maybe I will get to "meet" you on the other side.

Posted by Ida - An absolute fan!   May 24, 2012


RIP One Classy Lady

Posted by Phyllis Zaretzky - Fan   May 24, 2012


Donna,your songs were the hallmark of the 70's.Thank You for making my life a little better through your music.I know you are having a Disco Party in Heaven right now!

Posted by paul allen - Fan   May 24, 2012


You will be greatly missed. Thank you for the impact you had on our music & our lives.

Posted by G. James - fan   May 24, 2012


Love to love u Donna...miss u already. Blesas your soul.

Posted by Karen Deutsch - Fan   May 24, 2012


To the Summers Family Be blessed...
Donna Summers was a one of kind...
Here voice will every live thur her music.

Posted by Dora    May 24, 2012


You will be missed my prayers go out to the family

Posted by linda - friend   May 24, 2012


Donna, Thank you for the music,memories and
all the fun dancing. You will be missed, God
Bless your soul. I love you.Love, Lyn

Posted by Lyn Piszczek - Fan   May 24, 2012


I will always love you and remember.Thanks for your wonderful songs. Liz

Posted by Elizabeth Bahmann - fan   May 24, 2012


I listen to your music weekly! Have been for YEARS!! Whenever things get bad I have and will always turn to you and your music! You have been a TRUE inspiration! THANK YOU Donna!

Posted by Brian - MAJOR FAN   May 24, 2012


you will be missed, you music will be forever in our heart.

Posted by kat - friend   May 23, 2012



Your music was the soundtrack to my life. You will always live on in my heart and memories.

Marcus Barlow
Atlanta, GA

Posted by Marcus Barlow    May 23, 2012


Tears are falling for you. Thank you for everything.

Posted by michael    May 23, 2012


You will always be remember for your wonderful music that you shared with the world. May you Rest In Peace. You will neer be forgotten. Rest my beautiful Sister in Christ.

Posted by Deborah McGhee - Fan   May 23, 2012


amazing singer she was a strong women

Posted by Kristen - fan   May 23, 2012


My Dearest Disco Queen, you have given me so many memories with your awesome music. May you rest in peace. God Bless!

Posted by sharon wilson-klodzinski    May 23, 2012


Posted by GLORIA - GREENSBORO, NC - FAN   May 23, 2012


Donna, you will forever be the Queen...
You will never be forgotten, you are the Greatest, you really are...

Posted by Linton - Fan   May 23, 2012


Donna Summers was one of my favorite singers.
I saw her Live in Framingham . I will always love her music never forget her
great voice

Posted by CIndy Lane Adams - fan   May 23, 2012


I always loved her strong vocals and to me she was the icon of the disco era may she RIP and sing forever along with the rest of God's angels

Posted by wendy marshall - fan   May 23, 2012


Donna i've loved you since you first song and my love will end with my last breath.
There will always be a you
Your devoted friend ,Andreas Brosch

Posted by Andreas Brosch    May 23, 2012


Thanks, Donna, for being such an important part of my life. Your music and legacy will keep you alive forever.

Posted by Quique ("Q") - Fan   May 23, 2012


I will always remember Donna Summer with an esteemed fondness and love for her and the music she gave us. She was a friend to me, unknown to her, during all of my teen years and until the day she passed away. Rest in Peace special lady. You will be missed, but you will live on in our hearts and On the Radio. God bless your family during their time of sorrow.

Posted by Amy Vogler - Admirer   May 23, 2012



Posted by LISETTE    May 23, 2012


Donna was the best of the best!!!! I did not know her personally but I loved her songs. I could always depend on Donna's hit Hot Stuff to lift my spirits no matter what. I play that every year on my birthday when I wake up. Donna will always be in my heart, she was the best and she will definately liven things up in heaven.

Posted by Lynn Jeske    May 23, 2012


I have loved Donna Summer since grade school. I love her music; I love her style; I also love that she has a relationship with God. She is a true role model for young girls and young ladies all arcross the world. You will be missed!!!!!

Robin Coleman-Atlanta, GA

Posted by Robin Coleman - Old School True Fan   May 23, 2012

I remember the fisr time I heard "Last Dance". I was on route home form Baltimore to Frederick, Maryland on I 70. I was 11 years old and I was mezmerized by her voice. I had visions of palm trees and sunshine and the like. It was surreal. I did not know if she was black, white or whatever..I only know I was captured.

Posted by Darrell Russ - Frederick, MD - fan and friend   May 23, 2012


Donna you left us all with such great music and even greater memories, i was so happy to be such a fan of your legacy.Thank you Miss Summer you will be so missed.

Posted by Lenny C - FAN   May 23, 2012


RIP Missy. What an angel the Lord has acquired. A beautiful woman, kind and gentle soul, treasured payer warrior. Thank you, for just being "Adrian". You will be sooooo missed. MUAH

Posted by Barbara and Joe Morina    May 23, 2012

Donna you have always been there when I was feeling down and your music always made me get up and go. Is been so hard for me that you have gone. You will always live in my heart

Posted by jonhicio - Huntington Park, CA   May 23, 2012

I have always loved Donna Summer's music. She was a lady with true class. This is my Last Chance for love! I used to sing and play her album over and over when I was in my teens. My sister Marcille would say to me " you are not Donna Summer's"

Posted by Angela King - Atlanta - fan   May 23, 2012


Posted by richard sanchez - EL MONTE, CA - FRIEND   May 23, 2012


Posted by richard sanchez - EL MONTE, CA - FRIEND   May 23, 2012


Today the world lost Music's legendary singer, song writer Donna Summer! Vocally Donna Summer was unmatched, although Donna is mostly known as the queen of disco - "disco is only one of the genres that Donna Summer did well"! Donna meant more to me than just my favorite singer ( I was 10 years old when I discovered her music) she was my friend. Donna Summer inspired my life, and I realized my passion for music, mixing, and becoming a DJ because of Donna Summer. Condolences to the Sudano family and Donna's extended family. Rest in peace my angel.

Posted by France Springs    May 23, 2012



Posted by SYKENIA - FAN   May 23, 2012


I was born in 1955. I am a musician, starting back in the sixties. I really appreciate real music. I love and appreciate Ms. Donna Summer as a very unique music artist. R.I.P.

Posted by daryl isabel - very loving fan   May 23, 2012

I held a shiva for Donna Summer tonight in Boston with friends who joined me at her live concerts here. There was nothing like her live performances--so so joyful -- exuberant, and so so ma happy. Every song was a celebration of life. I have the most wonderful memories of dancing to her music in the 70's and 80's and I will keep her spirit alive -- as happiness is what she represented to so many of us. Thank you to her family for sharing her with us and with the world.

Posted by DiscoJ    May 23, 2012


Donna Summers. We Will always miss you and remember your hits in the music business
Our prayers goes out to your family. May you R.I.P with god.We love you Donna.

Posted by Joanne W - True fan   May 23, 2012


You will be missed

Posted by Brooks    May 23, 2012


Music will never be the same without you here. You were the soundtrack to the ups and downs of life. Thank you for the memories. Love you and miss you.

Posted by Tony N. - fan   May 23, 2012


I'll miss u Donna, Thanks for giving my daughter LaTasha the chance to perform as back ground singer with your tour group that wonderful summer concert in August in Chicago,a birthday gift for me.Meeting u was the best feeling I ever had in my life. Thank u----- so much.Rest in peace,a loving long life fan.

Posted by Beverly Walker - A loving fan   May 23, 2012


The Tuesday before Ms. Summer passed, I was just sharing with a co-worker how much I loved Donna Summer, and that "Bad Girl" was the first album that I ever received, and I LOVED IT!!. She was, and always will be a "Bad Girl"! Rest in Peace Ms. Summer!

Posted by CC - Fan   May 23, 2012


I remember my cousin blasting "MacArthur Park" in her car back in 1978, and me being 13 then, I thought...what an incredible voice, from then on I went and bought her previous lp's and did so with my last purchase of "Crayons". I am gonna so miss the anticipation I had waiting for her to release new music.

Posted by Anthony - Fan   May 23, 2012


Rest in peace Donna Summer!! Thank you for your many, many wonderful songs.

Posted by Lorraine - a fan   May 22, 2012


Rest in Peace, we miss you !

Posted by Hannelore Powell    May 22, 2012


Donna Summer's stellar voice and beautiful music will forever be tattooed in are memory banks. You will never be forgotten. Now you can serenade the angels and the Lord. How many times did I cry to Mimi's Song. That song got me through some rough times in my own life. Thank you for that. Sincerely Valerie Pentolino

Posted by Valerie Pentolino - Fan   May 22, 2012


she was a good person she will be miss. may she rest& peace may god-bless her family.

Posted by Angela- Godley - a fan.   May 22, 2012

what a great loss to the Music world! Donna, you were a bright light in our universe for a short time , and now God needs you to sing with the Angels.

Come and visit - in Spirit ! all my Love!

Light , Love and Blessings to Donna , and all she has left behind.

remember......she is with you, always!

Posted by jeanne roberts - providence, RI - great fan   May 22, 2012


Ms. Donna Summer, your music helped me dance the 70's away. Then the 80's. Your music will last forever and you will be missed always.

Posted by Steve D.    May 22, 2012


Donna Summers u will be truely missed

Posted by tiyisha - a fan   May 22, 2012


Donna you will be missed a great deal.
The Lady the legend the DISCO QUEEN
Rest in Peace

Posted by John R - Big Fan   May 22, 2012


One of my most memorable DS moments (and there are many!) was when Hot Stuff off of "Bad Girls" was released in 1979. My mom had an old mustang ragtop and she had just picked up my girlfriend Sandy so we could go rollerskating. My mother loved Donna, & the radio was cranked! As we made our way to the rink, the dj announced, "And here's Donna Summers new song sure to be a hit, Hot Stuff"! It was an amazing moment in time. My ma lost herself in the music and started speeding! Needless to say we were pulled over by a cop! Don't remember if she got a ticket or just a warning. I will miss you so very much Donna. I was drawn to you like so many were for obvious reasons. Your intelligence, personality & spirit kept me loyal my whole life. I saw way past the glamour & voice. I didn't know about "Disco" too much. I just love all kinds of music, and you never disappointed me. As I grew up, you continued to grow musically. "The Wanderer" is one of my favorite albums. There will alway be a you as long as I have my records to play. Thank-you for bringing so much joy into the life of so many with your beautiful voice & presence. My sympathies for your husband Bruce, daughters Mimi, Brooklyn & Amanda. You will never be forgotten. RIP beautiful lady. I hope you didn't suffer too much. XO

Posted by clyde bones - A loving fan for life.   May 22, 2012



Posted by FRANCIS VEGA - FAN   May 22, 2012


Thoughts and prayers are with your family.
Donna we miss you terribly already and will treasure your music always.
We are sad and will love you forever.

Posted by Michael - fan   May 22, 2012


a lovely talented lady....i remember times we all shared together in will be greatly missed...taken too soon.

Posted by carol ross-durborow - old friend   May 22, 2012

I saw Donna perform at a concert at the Oakland Coliseum in 1979. She was absolutely fabulous and put on an excellent show. I was a huge fan. I was absolutely devastated to hear of her passing. She was a consummate performer, a class act, and I will dearly miss her.

Posted by Greg Gardener - Washington, DC - Fan   May 22, 2012


Web Will miss you!!

Posted by Denise Corbett - Just a Biga Fan..   May 22, 2012


I really liked Donna Summer, growing up dancing and singing along with her songs. My favorite song was last dance. I remember when I was a teenager I was in my bedroom Listening and singing along with the song called hot stuff and my Dad grounded me for two whole years took away my stereo and record player. But of course I forgave all of that. But I missed my music for 2 yrs. Donna Summer will be Truly Missed! AS I also miss both my Mom And Dad. May God Comfort The Family and friends of Ms.Donna Summer.

Posted by Rita Braxton - Ruther Glen, VA - Fan   May 22, 2012



Posted by Glenn - Big Fan   May 22, 2012


Enjoyed her songs when i was in my twenties.The best times and songs of my life. God bless her for giving so many the memories of their youth...

Posted by jripz - admirer   May 22, 2012


She will be truely missed!!!Fan

Posted by Tamara - Fan   May 22, 2012


I never forget you, my Donna Summer. Youre the first introduced me to disco since my hearing loss but I can hear your music and inspiration songs with my hearing aids. Youre always be remembered and will see you in Father's kingdom and you ll be leading the choir. Miss ya and love ya.

Posted by DVelasquez - fan   May 22, 2012


Donna was a very sweet Godly woman! When i was little i attended Cool Springs Church in Tn where she attended at times. I remember her telling me that I could do anything with God on my side! You will be missed!

Posted by Samantha    May 22, 2012


I idolized Donna Summer during my teens and throughout high school. Her music brought such joy to my life and we cruised around with her music cranked, singing at the top of our lungs to Donna's great tunes. I am deeply saddened by her loss and the fact I never got to see her live. Rest in Peace sweet Donna! You brought such happiness to my life! My sympathies to her family.

Posted by Georgia Booras - Fan   May 22, 2012

I had the pleasure of seeing Donna in concert here in Minnesota in 1999 and in 2008, just as her last album "Crayons" came out. I was in high school during the disco era. I enjoyed her songs then, but she became my all-time favorite female vocalist in the years after. What stood out to me so much more than the disco years was the change in her life after she found Jesus as her Savior. I became an even greater fan after that. Her humility and grace, despite her immense talent, was because she had such great peace in her life. Her priority seemed to always be her Lord and her family. I admired that about her and was so very blessed to have seen her in concert. I wish I could have met her in person. I know she is with the Lord and I pray that her dear family will feel His love and comfort during this time. She was in God's will, and that is the safest place she could ever be. May others find the peace and love of Christ that she found. She will be missed so very much!

Posted by Darcie Jamison - Savage, MN - fan   May 22, 2012


I had hoped that one day I'd get the chance to meet you.
At age nine my friends and I used to have dance contests to your music.
We spent hours in the basement as little girls playing your albums.
I still remember removing your record oh so carefully from
its jacket so I wouldn't get scratched. We all tried our best to sing your
songs. Those memories are forever, just as you are Donna....
Im 44 years old now and called my mom to make sure my Donna Summer albums were still stored in our record player. Indeed they are there untouched. Thank you Donna for sharing your gift. Thank you for
simply being fun and happy. Truly going to miss you.

Posted by Pat - Fan   May 22, 2012


It was always fun doing her hair. I worked with her in Las Vegas. Minutes turned to seconds as I was doing the last braid she was so positive and saw the good in everything and everybody. She was confident I could get finished.before she had to be on her mark to go on stage. She was truly a precious real human being! When Donna said it was so, it was so. She was 3 years older than me so we were cool.

Posted by Fern Romans AKA Kicheko - Hair Stylist 1979 and 1980   May 22, 2012


The Gates of Heaven is waiting in welcoming you and you're beautiful God given voice and talents, RIP Donna Summers and may God continue to comfort you're husband and daughters.

Posted by VDT - Fan   May 22, 2012


I grew up with your music and know every word....miss you forever....such a songbird...donna, my girl, the disco queen. Deepest sympathy to her family

Posted by Christine    May 22, 2012

There is dancing in the streets of heaven, to welcome you to your just reward. You brought much happiness to the world with your beautiful voice. Diva, songstress, lady, mother. You were all that and more. Enjoy Donna, you deserve it. Let the heavens hear you sing. Let everyone dance to your music. Wow what a party that will be.

Posted by Emma Gonzalez - San Diego, CA - fan   May 22, 2012



Posted by traceykinard - abigfan   May 22, 2012


Im so sorry to Ms. Summer I enjoyed her music i grew up to all he music and have lots of memories it was if she was famliy to me in all we are famliy in god eyes so I will miss my sister again my prayers are with her famliy and friends love susan

Posted by susan ann carroll - In heart my sister   May 22, 2012


forever with you in my heart

Posted by Lisa Murillo    May 22, 2012


May you be blessed with eternal life. Deepest Sympathy to your loved ones.
You blessed our lives with your music for many years. Thank you.

Posted by Mary    May 22, 2012


In the 70's look forward to hearing music.

Posted by sandra mosley - fan   May 22, 2012


My heartfelt prayers are with the family at this time; know that we love you and you are not alone; keep the memories alive!...Ms. Pat (Georgia)

Posted by Ms. Pat - Fan I Grew up on her music!   May 22, 2012


I want to express my sincere condolances to Bruce & Family. I was so happy when I met you at your art gallery showing in Atlantic City, New Jersey. I was there with you during the start of the disco movement. I started djing in 1976. Love to Love You Baby was one of the first dance recordings I played in beginning of my dj career. I knew you were special way back when. Donna thank you for making the world dance. The memories of your beautiful life will be here for many future generations to enjoy. I will truly miss you. I will have you forever in my photo album looking back to the day we met. R I P (More Than A Disco Diva) The Greatest Love you so much and will forever miss you. Dj Isaac

Posted by Dj Isaac    May 22, 2012


she kept me dancing for years. rip,keep on singing in heaven.

Posted by sallly - admirer   May 22, 2012

I was a faculty advisor to a dance squad. We decided to do Last Dance. I asked one of the girls to "sing" the intro to a boy in the audience that was her friend and perhaps a crush. The song was a hit and years later I ran into her and found out that they had actually married. Awesome!

Posted by Diana - TN - fan   May 22, 2012



Posted by michelle boivin.    May 22, 2012

Donna, first time I heard your beautiful voice was on your Live and More album. My oldest sister had the records and was playing the album. I did not know anything about you But when your were singing live (My Man Melody) The Man I love, Some of these days, I Got it Bad, I Remember Yesterday, I loved your voice. I would sneak into my sisters room and play the album from beginning to end. Mac Arthur Park was amazing and thus began my journey in following your career....

Posted by Frances Delano - Secaucus, NJ   May 22, 2012


I WILL always love Donna Summer. To me she was before her time. Glued to the radio or television everytime she appear. I just wish I could've met you donna. You are always a friend in my head

Posted by Alfie Spencer - Devoted Fan   May 22, 2012


I can't bear to see the sun go down, casting stormy shadows all around, nothing seems to matter I just get by from day to day....I never thought that you would leave this way......
Prayers and love go out to the Sudano family for their loss of an amazing woman. Donna, you will be greatly missed.

Posted by Frances Delano - friend   May 22, 2012


My dearest Donna,
People come and go into our lives, but very few leave an imprint like you did. I have used your beautiful ballads in my classroom to teach English, love, and the beauty of good heartfelt music. It raining today because the angels are crying tears of joy because you are now by there side. Every time it rains, I will know that you are making the angels happy with your presence.
Till we meet again,

Posted by Gene - a fan   May 22, 2012


I remember the first time I saw you on tv, an HBO concert special. Must have watched it every single time it aired - cultured, funny, get down funky and spiritual. Since then I watched every interview I could catch, went to every concert when she came my way - loved Crayons tour, on top of collecting just about every album every put out since my youth. What a positive influence in my life in so many different aspects. A true gift in talent and as a human being. She is the only person in the lime light I truly ever wanted to meet in person. My thoughts and prayers go out to family and friends. RIP to the Queen!

Posted by Jodi - fan   May 21, 2012


How I danced to your music - the happy memories arise of what I was doing, what was going on everytime I hear one of your songs play. You will live on thru those melodies.

Posted by LEE - fan   May 21, 2012


Donna summer you were my survival growing up as a teenager, i listened to the B side of bad girls when I needed to relax. "On my Honor" was my favorite. Gloria Gaynor said it best "this may be your last dance on earth, but heaven knows you are an angel up above"

Posted by Janine Foster    May 21, 2012


Dear Donna, I've been sad ever since I heard that you passed on Thursday, I've been a fan of yours ever since I was 12 you will be missed not only by me but by all you're fans and family. Rest in Peace Donna...

Posted by Kenny - Fan   May 21, 2012


Donna was a great singer and we loved to watch her she was so good. I dance and workout to her music.

Missed always

Posted by Lynn Fallon & Lance Baier - n/a   May 21, 2012


I always loved Donna Summers she had beautiful music and she was beautiful. I workout to her cds.
She will be greatly missed.

Posted by Lynn - fan   May 21, 2012


You would see this beautiful wonan sing and you'd be in awe of her voice.

I am still sick at the thought of her not being with us.
My heart goes out to her family

Posted by donna - n/a   May 21, 2012


Dear Donna, you will be missed. My favorite song of yours was, "On the Radio". All of your music was great. I have always been a fan of yours. I used to sing a lot of your songs in a 1980s top 40 band I was in. You are now with the Lord and restored to perfect health. May God be your family at this most difficult time. I'll see you in Heaven :)

Posted by Gil-Ann Wilder - fan   May 21, 2012

My husband and I were vacationing one year as we always do on Manasota Key. We stopped at the Gulf View Grill for a couple of night caps, as we always did - We were sitting at the bar and this gentleman was paying for drinks at the bar. He had his wallet open and I saw her picture. I said ..that woman is absolutely beautiful....thank you he said...she is sitting right over there....I turned around and saw her....never in a million years did I dream who she was. It was only later on that I realized she was Donna Summer. She was one elegant lady. RIP Donna.

Posted by Judy - Englewood, FL - none   May 21, 2012


I loved you Donna and always will, my heart goes out to your daughters. I hope they always find comfort in their memories of the time you shared together and hope they know they will be with you again. Life passes so fast no matter how long we live so love those here now because we don't know who God will need tomorrow. Just like Whitney, Donna was one of the good angels here on earth and God needs her now. RIP with the Lord Donna. Thank you for making our lives and memories enriched because of your music. We will continue to have you in our lives because of it.

Posted by - A fan   May 21, 2012


My heart aches and my soul cries. Thank you for sharing all of your beautiful gifts with us all.
All my love,

Posted by Kal Andrews - A lifelong fan and admirerer   May 21, 2012

I was in summer camp at 5 or 6 yrs old me my lil friends and cousins we all used to sing bad girls on the way home i also remembered ur music in my sleep as a little girl ur music is da bomb always loved it still do so as my little girl Aliyah u will be missed R.I.P

Posted by Laurell Randle - Minneapolis, MN - a fan   May 21, 2012



Posted by PATRICIA - FAN   May 21, 2012


To Donna Summer Sudano and family. I remember the first time I heard your voice, I knew you were sent by God! Rest in peace and sing for the Angels!

Posted by Karyn teasley - friend   May 21, 2012


You will be missed! I'm full of memories of those day's since I was a part of them. Your voice commanded attention! You were a true diva! RIP! Sister!

Posted by Geneva Berry - Fan   May 21, 2012

You will be missed! I'm full of memories of those day's since I was a part of them. Your voice commanded attention! You were a true diva! RIP! Sister!

Posted by Geneva Berry - Grand Rapids, MI - Fan   May 21, 2012


Go,Diva,inspire and teach the angels how to sing!!!

Posted by vibe4jorge@HOTMAIL.COM - FAN   May 21, 2012


You will be greatly missed

Posted by Marcela Ramos    May 21, 2012


During my younger years back in the 80s/90s boy did I party on her music@the clubs. It was so much fun..Last Dance and Bad Girls had a packed dance floor and I still love the Disco Days. Cant wait to be able to go out and relive some of those good times...RIP Donna!!!

Posted by Sheila Larbie - Fan   May 21, 2012



Posted by Joan    May 21, 2012



Posted by DONNA BRAY - FRIEND & SISTER IN CHRIST   May 21, 2012


I love Donna Summer's music. I pray that she RIP forever in the loving arms of God. We loved, but Jesus loved her more and took her home to rest with Him. My prayers go out to her family.

Posted by Shirlene Robinson - Fan   May 21, 2012


One of God's earthly angels that will truly be missed. Vanita Banks

Posted by VANITA BANKS - fan   May 21, 2012


Just a small boy at 14, sitting at the drive-in, I was honored and blessed to see Thank God Its Friday. I heard Last Dance for the first time and knew then Donna Summer had changed my life and opened my to "love". 47 years old now, her voice echoes in my soul through the times of love, joy, sadness, and peace... Thank you Ms. Summer for being my northern star and giving a young boy a guiding light to manhood.


Posted by Jerry    May 21, 2012


Gone but not forgotten...

Posted by deshanda    May 21, 2012


Thank you Donna for all the joy you brought with your music.

Posted by paul lemoine - Fan   May 21, 2012


When I first heard Donna Summer,I instantly fell in love with her voice.I have been a fan of Donna"s since the very beginning. Every time I heard and now hear her music,no matter what song,it always makes me smile. Since I heard of her death,I have played one of my favorite songs of mine "dinner with gershwin" nonstop in her memory.I am deeply saddened by her passing.I will truly miss here.Rest in Peace Donna Summer

Posted by wayne gondal - fan and admirer   May 21, 2012

The first time I heard Donna Summer sing last dance was at the gay disco call Prelude in New Hope PA. It was the last song before the bar closed and it was my first time that I came out to myself. The song was electric and the gays were pumped up by the beat of the song. I cannot tell you how emotionally upset I was to hear of your passing Donna, and I know you are a very popular angel singing loud and beautiful up in heaven. God Bless You Donna!

Posted by THeodore Brown - Hatobor, PA - Fan   May 21, 2012

Im so very saddended to hear of Ms Summer passing. My condolences to her husband, daughters and granschildren. To hear of her passing is like loosing a family member I grew up listening to her since 1976 and was just listening to her music the weekend before she passed. RIP Ms Summer

Posted by Vicente Sumpter - Norcorss, GA - Fan   May 21, 2012

Donna Summer music was so nice to listen to when I was growing up and entering high school. Her song "bad Girls" was the summer jam record back in the days at the skating rank. Use to always request it to skate to and we would make a line and blow our whistlers when skating around the rank in groups. Rest In Peace "Queen of Disco

Posted by JANICE TERRY - Okkahoma, OK   May 21, 2012


Donna Summer's music touched my life in a very special way from an early age. Being a child of the 70's, her music seemed like a soundtrack for my life growing up. May her soul rest in peace with her Lord and Savior. God bless her family and legion of fans

Posted by Kenn Washington - Fan   May 21, 2012

Growing up in Mount Vernon , NY I Looked up to Donna Summer Love Her for the Woman she is will not speak of her in past for she is in my Heart and her Life and most Blessed gift she gave her daughter MiMi was LOVE HOPE and Protected her from the media...A true fan will understand MiMi's Song...For all that read this Donna was abused and beaten up by the MEDIA she never gave in to the Devils that tried to hold her down she with GRACE and DIGNITY kept her head high and carried the cross to the end without bread and water.....God Bless Your children and May The Blessed Mother Always keep you in her arms....SUNSET PEOPLE

Posted by Elizabeth - New York, NY - My Role Model   May 21, 2012


What a horrible loss.
Donna Summers, you will always be remembered as such great talent and Entertainer.
Thank you Donna for all the years of happiness you bought to our lives.
God Bless you.

Posted by Monica - Fan   May 21, 2012


God bless you, lovely lady.

Posted by Mark Bechtel - fan   May 21, 2012

I am so sad and heartbroken that you are gone. You shall never be forgetten and will live on in my heart like you have for all these years! I can still remember the first time I had the Pleasure of meeting you and Bruce (1979) and how loving and kind and down to earth you Both were! I gave you the sparkly eyeshadow and glittery make-up and we shared a funny secret between both of us, that I will never share! after that time it was always fun and positive. I will truly miss you but know we shall be together again. My deepest compassion to Bruce and the girls, may God hold you close and know how whole Mom is again...deeply a friend and fan, Victor

Posted by Victor Josef - Los Angeles, CA - Friend and Fan   May 21, 2012


Ihave been a fan of yours since you started singing you had such a powerful voice. you could sing hard or soft and sexey. there is no one out there that could top you. yes you did make us feel good and forget our problems when listening to u.Condolences to your family WE WII MISS YOU REST IN PEACE

Posted by trudy lundy    May 21, 2012


I LOVED Donna Summer when I was a little girl. I used to listen to her albums in my bedroom and just sing away with her.I couldn't have been more than 3-4yrs old and I already knew I wanted to be a solo female vocalist. Her music mad me very happy and still does. My family got their own "amateur" concert of Donna Summer, in our living room and my Grandma and Grand pop's NJ shore house when I was in the mood and ready to perform! My grandmother fed my "ham-iness" and made everyone stop and watch me dance and sing away. I didn't have a very happy child hood at all. She was a part of it that made me happy. I was very saddened to hear of her death, but I remember her the way I looked at her through my child eyes, a happy, beautiful woman who looked like a goddess to me! If only I could be that beautiful and sound so wonderful when I get older. Your smile and voice are in my heart in this life and whatever is beyond that is greater than anything we could all imagine. Thank you.

Posted by Lynnie Kolber - lifetime fan   May 21, 2012


I have always loved your voice and your music, I know you are home now and I pray for your family that God will comfort their hearts, your legacy will live on in your music and the testimony of your life. Heaven is racking up a beautiful choir... God Bless my sister... Love you

Posted by cathleen kumar - Sister In Christ   May 21, 2012


Donna, I grew up listening to your music. I'm glad my parents loved a variety of music. If it weren't for them, I would not have heard of you. Its because of you that I had the guts to dance in front of boys. I am saddened by the news of ur passing, but Im also happy because I know you are in a better place. Disco will never die. Thank you Donna for all that you have done for music. Rest in Peace.

Posted by Kalena Jaye Sebastian - Fan   May 21, 2012


Devastated at the loss of this beautiful vibrant goddess, while feeling a sense of peace that God has welcomed her. I will miss Donna's incredible soaring vocals, her music, and am grateful I was on this earth when she was. Thank you, Donna, for the music and the faith. I can think of no one who has positively impacted my life as much as you have. My prayers for you and your beloved family. Heaven's Just A Whisper Away.

Posted by Colin - FAN   May 21, 2012


My thoughts and prayers are with her family. I grew up listening to her. Lots of memories.

Posted by Christina Baltz    May 21, 2012


Donna Summer a music Icon will be very missed. I loved her music & still do. She & her music will live on in America's hearts. R.I.P Donna

Posted by Amber Ortagus Sachs - Fan   May 21, 2012


Donna when I first meet you was when I was with my father, Tom. T. Hall a country music singer and my mom at a Nashvile fund raiser event for the symphony. You were so beautiful that I was hoping I would be able to hug you and tell you thank you for sharing your life with us. Will, the next day you were at Tiba when I was doing a promotion on my fragrance line Called, FABLE. You ask NUNU to introduce you to me. You came over and said that you had been buying FABLE for some time and that it was one of your favorites. From then on, we became close friends and the rest is history. I'll miss our talks, I'll miss going to Bread and Company for a bite to eat, but most of all ill miss you as my friend who I learned with time to trust life and to trust God more. I thank you and my records will always be on my favorite list of songs to play. Now your home and safe. I love you my dear dear friend. I'll see you soon. Xxoo forever.

Posted by Joseph McLean Gregory - A dear friend from Nashvile, TN   May 21, 2012

I remember sitting in the last concert che did here in chicago. What a night everybody was dancing. She was a true DIVA. Her music made my college years bearable..Thanks RIP you earned your wings

Posted by Frank Meccia - chicago, IL   May 21, 2012


If what they say is true that "Heaven is a Disco" then open your gates , your Queen has come home. Every reflection off of any mirror ball revolving around the world is that of Donna Summer's light shining down on us.
Donna, you will be so greatly missed. Your beauty,voice and just incredible talent will live on forever.
Love,Adrian P.

Posted by Adrian Parrado Jr. - FRIEND   May 21, 2012



Posted by ramona leonard - fan   May 21, 2012

Oh how I loved your music back in the day!!! Donna you knew how to touch lives through your mustic and yes, We danced all night long. Live on Queen, you will always be remembered. To your family, our prayers and love are with you. thanks for sharing such a gift to us.

Posted by Adams    May 21, 2012


R.I.P. queen of disco. You will live on through your music! and you will be missed.

Posted by Rosa Jimenez Rodriguez - fan   May 21, 2012



Posted by VICTOR HERACLES - all time FAN   May 21, 2012

Every memory of Donna Summer is precious. Just too many to mention. No other singer will replace Donna in my heart. I wish I were dead too. I don t want to live in a world without her. Her death is so painful. Horrible headaches..So sorry Bruce Mimi. Brooklyn Amanda Grace. Donna s the Greatest.

Posted by Lyndon Woodward - East Hartford, CT - Her eternal fan who fell for her   May 21, 2012


I am but one of her numerous global fans but I felt compelled to express my whole heart gratitude to Miss Summer for having created a musical score for my entire life. I have been a Donna Summer fan since the age of 13. Miss Donna is THE vocal artist that best held the musical key to unlock the memories of my youth, teen years as well as my early adult life. She will forever be a true musical inspiration to me and to the entire world at large.


Posted by FredErick White - Fan from Montreal Quebec Canada   May 21, 2012

I saw her in Windsor Ontario a few years ago! I dance the entire concert and screamed how much I loved Donna she replied I love you too. I was so looking forward to seeing her again. I know people say fans are crazy but when my husband came home and told she had passed I broke down and cried. I have loved Donna since I was a little girl in the basement spinning my parents record collection. I hope her family all the best and what a blessing it is say Donna Summer was my mom, sister etc.

God Bless
Francine in Detroit, MI

Posted by Francine Mays - Detroit, MI - Devoted fan   May 21, 2012


Your iconic smile and the way you lived your life are as much a tribute as your music. Being only two months younger than you I grew up in the same generation. I remember your start and then your height durring the disco era. Its not so much your fame and music that will be missed but for me you always seemed like someone who would take the time to talk to anyone. You were like a faithful school friend. You were just a nice person and I'm sure this was evident with your marriage and children. God Bless you Donna and thank you for the short time we were blessed to have you.

Posted by Michael Grant - Fan   May 21, 2012


Posted by Robin - WHITINSVILLE, MA - a fan   May 21, 2012


My deepest condolences to Donna's family! The world is now a dimmer place without Donna. She always caught my attention, to be different from most. She was a rare, beautiful soul. Her music started my living when I was becoming a young woman myself. I celebrated her look on life and her belief in the soul. RIP, Love, Cecelia

Posted by Cecelia - Music and Dance Fan   May 21, 2012


I have always enjoyed your music from the 70's right up to now. You will always be one of the great singers and performers.
You will definitely be missed.
Donna Iacovitti
Freehold, New Jersey

Posted by Donna Iacovitti - Fan   May 21, 2012


RIP Mrs Summers, you will be surely missed and your legacy will live on! God gained a beautiful angel! Thanks for all the great music you bestowed upon us!

Posted by Marianne Sack    May 21, 2012


Words can't express the sadness I feel over her passing but her music will live on in my heart.

Posted by Joey Avola - Big Fran   May 21, 2012


I heard your voice when I was 13 years old and heard an angel singing. I am 46 years old now and still hear that angel singing through the music you have left here on earth. I hope to one day just say hello to you in heaven. GOD is waiting to hear you sing in heaven now. I always said first came Donna then Gloria Estefan, and then Celia Cruz . Women that sing with so much compassion.

Posted by veronica terry - someone who adored you from afar   May 21, 2012

Donna, I will see you "On the Radio".

Posted by Ginger Benson - Panama City beach, FL - fan   May 21, 2012

Here it is thirty years later and i still get called Donna Summer because i'm a Donna
too. I loved her music, her style and her
class. Will miss you Donna, and thanks for
great music and the good times that went with it. Blessings to the family !

Posted by Donna King    May 21, 2012


Will never forget listening to Donna's disco music. It was so much fun to dance to the beat -- these were times I will always remember. Thank you Donna for your everlasting music and good times that always closed with the "Last Dance."

Posted by Betty G - fan   May 21, 2012


May God welcome you home and give comfort to your family.

Posted by ron vorpe - fan   May 21, 2012


Rest in peace Ms. Donna Summer. I grew up listening to your music. Your lyrics and message empowered myself and other woman around the world.

God bless and keep your family until you see them again in heaven.

Posted by Jackie Jones - Fan   May 21, 2012


Grew up to her music-lost a legend. R.I.P. Donna Summer. God bless the family and friends left behind. May her memories give you strength.

Posted by G - Fan   May 20, 2012

I love your music you will always be The Disco Queen ... i always loved your music it brought so much joy into my life when i was growing up know im 43yrs old and still loving ur music.. love you Donna Summers may you fly free and sing your heart up there in HEAVEN,, and please tell my Daddy i love him... you will be missing forever in my heart.. love Lisa .. xoxox

Posted by Lisa Majomut - San Diego, CA - Your my Inspiration..   May 20, 2012


Donna Summer made life more, much more. She was divine; her voice was it's own spiritual being.
How will we go on without you...

Posted by Sharron Mack - Fan   May 20, 2012

dear donna summer you will be missed very much as im sitting here right now i got tears running down my face rest in peace queen of disco

Posted by d dewalt - lexington, MD - her number one biggest fanlexin   May 20, 2012


Donna there are no words to describe my sorrow . MAY U REST IN PEACE AMEN

Posted by Rose Russo - Fan   May 20, 2012

DONNA SUMMER SAID THIS TO ME, becaues i no so in my heart, i held up a sign at one of her concerts in Calif, we love you DONNA, and at the end of her show she sang STATE OF INDEPENDECE, SHE LOOKED AT ME AND SAID,MAY the sprit of god rest upon you everywhere you go, then they soomed in the camra on me and my sign .. saying, WE LOVE YOU DONNA... AND I MENT IT!! IM STILL CRYING....... YOU WERE IN MY FAMILYS HEART. and this is the truth... GOD BE WITH YOU, DONNA SUMMER and your FAMILY ... PAUL JOHN CAPUTO AND FAMILY, RIP

Posted by paul john caputo - Beeville, TX - A FAN   May 20, 2012


Since the 70's,I have been a fan of Donna's and always enjoyed her rhythymic music and her beauty.Finally got to see her live in Atlanta in 2010. I live in N.C.,but it was well worth the trip.So glad I went.She was a person of great faith and humility,and knew how to connect with the audience..I'm gonna miss this lady.

Posted by Richard - longtime fan   May 20, 2012


You were my first favorite singer when I was 9 years old, Donna, and are the reason I decided I wanted to be a singer. You were my first ideal of beauty. I heard you, then saw you, and decided, "THAT'S what I want to do when I grow up and that's what I want to look like". I Love You, Donna. Thankyou.


Nashville, TN

Posted by Jennifer    May 20, 2012


Your music was a milestone in song and dance and dress. WOW!!!

Posted by Raymond    May 20, 2012


Rip donna. You are a magical angel

Posted by janice collazo - fan   May 20, 2012

Donna, you will always be the ultimate Queen of Disco - you and Gloria Gaynor were almost neck and neck in my book...but u were talented in so many other genres, which makes you more than just the "Queen of Disco". Your music kept us all dancing, there's no denying that! May you rest in eternal peace and perpetual light...Amen.

Posted by David John - Burlington, CT - devoted fan   May 20, 2012


grandpa take care of donna summers

Posted by joan kalter    May 20, 2012



Posted by Tina    May 20, 2012


Love to you Donna Summer and to your family and friends...

Posted by gloria - fan   May 20, 2012


See you in Heaven my Diva!

Posted by Carlos R Santos - Fan   May 20, 2012


your music was and continues to be awesome. will live in my memories and heart.

Posted by virginia - fan   May 20, 2012


My heart has been heavy since I heard of your passing Thursday. Your Gift lives on and a little piece of the Universe will glow more brightly now.
My heart goes out to your Husband Bruce and your children and Family. We are all a part of you. I am Blessed to have seen you in concert on more than one occasion, the last time was just before I had a serious illness. I sat through the concert in pain, but I will never forget Knights in White Satin! Much Love to You All, Warmly Alexander

Posted by Alexander Kiernan - Fan   May 20, 2012


God Bless and comfort the your family Donna,and thank you for sharing your gift with the world, your voice was magnificent and stood out among the greats!I enjoyed listening to sing, what a powerful, solid sound.You sang songs we all could relate to, and thanks to you we will continue to enjoy.

Posted by Deborah - fan   May 20, 2012


Dear Donna,
We thank you for your faith, beauty, grace, class and that incredible dance rock pop music that you shared with us! You defined an era in recording history that will be remembered forever. We danced in all the clubs experienced your great concerts. Many Blessings and love. "Heaven Knows" Donna has arrived!!

Posted by Kim Sassy Schmidty - spiritual friend   May 20, 2012


Donna hard to believe that you are gone. When I listen to your music it makes me dance. Thanks for the memories sweetheart. In my book you will never be forgotten Rest In Peace Sugar

Bobby Ray Mosley from Oklahoma

Posted by Bobby Ray Mosley - Music Fan   May 20, 2012


No artist's passing has affected me more. Her music and her voice have brought me so much joy. I still get chills on certain songs. Luckily I got to see her twice in concert and was blown away by the richness of her voice...and amazed that it still sounded just like it does "on the radio". I will miss you Donna and my thoughts are with your family.

Posted by Christopher Arsenault - "friend unknown"   May 20, 2012


I remember being a young kid waiting for the next Donna Summer album.
So many personal memories are tethered with Donna Summer's music, my grandmother brought me the Live & More album for Christmas and I cry every time I play it, for now Donna has met my grandmother in Heaven.
The world TRULY has lost a Legend.
Be with God Donna, I'll miss you always.

Posted by Talyn - hugh fan   May 20, 2012


My deepest sympathy goes to her family, I am so very sorry of your loss, a great loss. I loved her and I loved her music, she will be missed.

Posted by Diana Holley    May 20, 2012


My name is Frances Lopez I went to school with Mary and Darah at Jamaica Planes High School and worked at diatery aids at New England Baptist Hopsital. I was aware of Donna's career because of her sisters. Over the years I listened to her music and want to express my depest condulances to her family. I would love to hear from one of her sisters so we can reminice.

Posted by Frences Koffel - Old Friend of the family   May 20, 2012


My the Light of God forever shine on you. I grew up listening to your music. Your voice was a great sound blessed by God. RIP DONNA.

Posted by Carol Taylor - a fan   May 20, 2012


Rip sweetheart you were a women with magic

Posted by janice collazo - fan   May 20, 2012


Donna has/had a unique voice. Like Barbra, like Karen, when she opened her mouth to sing you always know/knew it is Donna Summer. I believe her best song was "On the Radio" showed great depth and emotion. We have the music, we will always have the music! Play a Donna song and jump around!!

Posted by Phil - #1 FAN   May 20, 2012


She was a great talent with the voice of an angle.She will be missed but her music will live on forever.God Bless You and Keep You Donna

Posted by George Burns - Fan   May 20, 2012


Rest in peace, you will never be forgotten, heaven has another angel.

Posted by Tina - not related   May 20, 2012

Donna--Not only a fabulous voice and style, making everyone's hearts soar with her music, but also a huge songwriting talent. And a very intelligent and well-spoken person--her interviews reveal this. Also very down-to-earth and "real"--never conceited or phoney. Rest in peace, dear Donna with the golden voice. What a great legacy you leave us. Deepest sympathies to all your family and friends.

Posted by Elyse Demers - Hampton, NH - fan   May 20, 2012


Donna Summer has always been my favorite singer since I heard her on he radio in high school. I listened to her records regularly over the years and followed her in concert. Awesome voice and a great person! I am deepy shocked and saddened that she left the planet. Thank God the music lives on in my heart.

Posted by Philip Strait - #1 Fan   May 20, 2012


Donna, Thank you for everything. I remembered dancing with you at Lavonne's wedding before fame hit you. I remember back in the 60's with you and your sisters pretending to be the tempts at my cuz home on Parker Hill Ave. Faint as it may be. Your music throughout the 70's had my attention.

Every album you created had great songs. Could It be magic is one that I still play till this very day. The four season album was the bomb!.

The once upon a time album is my favorite and I mean every song has a special meaning esp Working The Midnight Shift as I worked in Boston at the Star Market in Prudential during the midnight shift. Al my friends were partying while I was at work. You were the person I listened to all the time back then. When I did not have a dime, I went and used my lunch money to buy your music. Its amazing that I am 4 years your younger and I have promised myself to enjoy every day as if it were my last.

Posted by Carl - a FAN   May 20, 2012


My memory is edged in my heart and soul Forever. I was dancing with my husband at a sweetheart ball in 2001 for the last time. I never had a clue he would die months later. The song we danced to was "Last Dance". R.I.P. Kenneth and may God strengthen the family of Donna Summer in their loss. She was and will always reign as "The Queen of Disco".

Posted by Sandra Cohill - Fan   May 20, 2012


Happy SATURday! In gratitude. YOU gave sooo much to the LGBT-Q Community. We have been able to keep our faith, our spiritual path, and our LIFE. Em hotep. Family, friends, and fans. $$$

Posted by Chawanda Charae - Fan   May 20, 2012

I remember the first time i met her back in the late seventies . And i can remember when her mother passed away and she came up and hugged me and thanked me for coming and being a part of her mom's life. I can also remember when she came to a family member's funeral i have the picture with Barbara Gaines who reminds me a lot of her with the body shape and charisma. I will always cherih these memories LOVE L OVE U BABy

Posted by Troy Byner - Boston, MA - cousin   May 20, 2012


Happy SATURday! AnceSTAR. AnethrANKH. $$$

Posted by Rev. Chawanda Charae - Fan   May 20, 2012


You will forever live thru your music.

Posted by DJ Paulo Ramirez - Fan   May 20, 2012


Ms. Donna Summer,

Your music and your smile is what I will remember most! Just listening to you sing and perform with such gusto added a dimension of freedom and happiness that your music created not only for me but the world. You will be sorely missed!!! My condolences to your entire family!

Posted by Tess - Las Vegas, NV - A FOREVER fan!   May 20, 2012


Donna has passed on. We are all fortunate to have been affected by her talent, and legendary voice. Through her music, she endures. May she rest in peace respectfully. Deepest Sympathies to her family and friends. The fans? They'll always hold a candle high. "Kindest Regards," JesuisCheri

Posted by JesuisCheri - admirer of talent   May 20, 2012


Loved her beautiful voice. Gave me many wonderful memories. Through her
Music. Thank u Donna. Rest in peace. You will be sadly missed.

Posted by C lL D - Fan   May 20, 2012


you dont know how many times i have danced to last dance. many good memories of going up

Posted by karen mullins - a big fan   May 20, 2012


RIP, Miss Donna. You will be extremely missed!

Posted by Harriet Lieberman - FAN   May 20, 2012

Donna Summer was part of a very happy time in my life! The Queen of Disco will be surely missed. My warm thoughts to her family, friends and fans.

Posted by Rosa - Marina del Rey, CA - A fan   May 20, 2012


My heart is sad because you left far too soon, & my heart goes out to your husband, your daughters, your grand children, your extended family,friends and fans.

Donna, you are loved immensely, & you will be missed by so many people here on earth who loved and adored you.

However not all is a loss, because I have faith in knowing that "WE, the believers in Christ Jesus" WILL see each other again in PARADISE- as promised by CHRIST our LORD.

Until then dearest Donna, may you rejoice in your welcoming home coming in heaven, and we will see each other very soon! My love for you always,& may GOD Almighty bless and give peace, strength, hope and love to the Sudano family.

In the name of the FATHER, SON, & Holy Spirit I pray... AMEN!

Much LOVE Always...
Sergio G. Silva

Posted by S.G.Silva - Friend/Fan   May 20, 2012


I grew up watching my Aunts and Uncles dancing in our living room listening to Donna Summer. As I came to discover music she was one of my top favorite artist. I saw her live in Atlantic City in 1999 and could only wish I could see her again. She was a true artist who sounded in person like she did on her albums.A pioneer, an artist a trend setter just an amazing performer and a truly nice person. My heart goes out to her family and friends she will be truly missed! Love you Donna!!


Posted by Nico Santangelo - major fan   May 20, 2012


I first heard her music in the Mid Seventy's I was stuck. I remain stuck. Long live the Queen. Not just of Disco but of good music forever. Love you Donna. I'll miss you forever. Love K.

Posted by KTAJ FiveSixSevenEight - fan   May 20, 2012


Donna Summer you will be greatly missed and deeply mourned. Your one of a kind thank God for your music and talents. RIP God comfort and console your family at this time. LONG LIVE THE QUEEN OF DISCO FOREVER. YOUR #1 FAN. Pete Hernandez

Posted by Pedro Hernandez - A FAN   May 20, 2012

She was our queen -- the party maker for the gays, whatever that is. Judy was sad, Donna was a fresh breath of hot summer. If she only died in June we could identify that as the 6th month. Something for you to think about. Gooodbye sexy woman -- never girl.

Posted by Mr. Glen Walker - Oklahoma City, OR - gay acolyte   May 20, 2012


Wow what a loss for the ears on Earth....Wow what a gain for the ears in heaven. I will miss hearing your new songs, but you gave us plenty to listen for a lifetime. My deepest passion of respect goes to all that followed Donna Summer during her journey on Earth. Let her children carry on her legand. Love you Donna

Posted by Richard Leitner - Long time friend   May 20, 2012


Thank You For The Great Times...I Will Always Love Your Music...

Posted by Peterson VI - Fan   May 20, 2012


Donna Summers gone to soon. What a beautiful voice she left us with. Now in Heaven singing with the Angels. One day we will hear her again. God Bless you Donna! and your family at the difficult time.

Posted by Cindy - fan   May 20, 2012


I will miss your music

Posted by sandra - fan   May 20, 2012


Donna Summer may the Lord always keep you in the peaceful glow of His everlasting light.

Posted by Joanne Yaniero    May 19, 2012


You will be missed. We love you a lot. Your family will be in our prayers. Rest I Peace. XOXOX.

Posted by Sherryl Hinkson Holder - Fan   May 19, 2012

a wonderful legend
We love your music
your music is always there.
will miss you but always in our heart
May you rest in peaces
D,J Cruz New Jersey

Posted by wilson cruz - brick, NJ - an oldtime fan for 30yrs   May 19, 2012


For a singer with a golden voice, who made us feel alive, so alive. An icon of a time, gone way too soon. I listen to your music almost every day since it has so much soul and beauty, like yourself. I hope you are happy where you are now. Peace. Goodbye, sister.

Posted by Arnaud - Admirer from Europe   May 19, 2012

It was like losing my brother all over again when I heard about Donna. We used to dance at the disco all night to all of those great extended version songs. Thanks for the wonderful legacy of music and much love to your family.

Posted by Dee - Gaithersburg, MD - Fan   May 19, 2012


So sorry to hear about the loss of Donna Summer. She was an incredible singer. Her songs bring back great memories for me. The 80's, disco era, what a time. Rest in peace and my thoughts and prayers go out to the Sudano family. Laura

Posted by Laura Squitieri    May 19, 2012


I love all you songs. May God be with your family. RIP.

Posted by SJH - fan FROM TEXAS   May 19, 2012

Donna Summer is now singing hymns with Mahalia. Thank you for 38 years of music and memories. Your legacy and artistry will live on and inspire for decades to come.

Posted by brian chaput - concord, VT - fan   May 19, 2012

I believe Donna's song "Forgive Me" off her Cats Without Claws cd is one of the most beautiful gospel songs ever recorded. To call her only a disco queen is a shame bescause her talent was immensely more than that.

Posted by Ricky Wright - Miami, FL - Huge fan   May 19, 2012


I loved Donna Summer and her music. I got to see her in concert once, and it was one of my favorite shows. I like her voice so much, I even have her Christmas album. I'm so sorry she's gone. Taken from us too soon.

Posted by Lorraine Robins    May 19, 2012



Posted by DAangelis Family - Spiritful   May 19, 2012


I really love the song Bad Girl because it reminds me of growing up in Detroit with relatives and friends. Dona and I share the same birth date

Posted by tonya demonbruen    May 19, 2012


My Mother who passed from lung cancer, and I used to dance together to your beautiful music Donna Summer, those were such happy times. It was like the three of us were in my bedroom dancing together. Perhaps one day, the three of us will dance together again. Thank you for your dignity, your grace and your beauty Donna, LaDonna, I will always love you forever awesome Lady. What a great gift your music has been and will always be in my life, thank you again. There will never be another beauty such as yours my Dear Lady.

Posted by Judy - Respctfl,Grievng, FanFriend   May 19, 2012


Dear Donna, your music signifies a very special period in my life and I'm sure also in millions of others' lives. Yet to me your music is timeless in its celebration of life, the joy of dancing and of long weekend nights in the flower of our youth. You have left us with many gifts and memories that we will always treasure. Our love and prayers are with you and your family. God bless you.

Posted by Jess - long time fan   May 19, 2012


A beautiful lady inside and out. Very foxy, sexy, Queen of the 70's, great voice. Thank you for the impact you had on our lives. You will always be remmembered by your music and your contribution to this world. Thank You.

Posted by Steve M. - Music lover   May 19, 2012

I have had the fortune of working with and becoming friends with Donna Summer. Many years ago, Donna's sister died from lung cancer; but when Donna found out that I was ill, just one day before the funeral, Donna called me to see how I was doing (and sent flowers). She set aside her own pain just to see how I was doing. I will never forget what a loving, caring, kind person she was. Both Donna, and her husband Bruce Sudano, have been very good to me over the years. I am deeply saddened at losing such a special friend. She changed the course of music history and her influence is still felt today. My personal and private memories, along with her music, will remain in my heart forever. May God continue to bless Donna and her family.

Posted by Scott Simpson (Frosti) - Los Angeles, CA - Friend   May 19, 2012


I grew up with her and bought everything i could that she recorded she was one of the biggest influences on my life..i only hope that she is in the front row of the heavenly choir and singing her heart out in praise of the deepest sympathy to all donna's family and rest in peace beautiful woman..

Posted by steven grotevant - fan   May 19, 2012


Donna, I am so sorry for the loss of this Great Lady and Queen of Disco. She gave me many moments of happiness sing and dancing. Thank you Donna for sharing your gift of rhythm and song with the world... May you be blessed to rest in peace.

Posted by Rita - Fan   May 19, 2012


To the family of Donna Summer i am very sorry for the loss of your loved one,donna was a great singer who gave a lot of people happiness through her music Donna and her music will live on through her family and friends,her music was great Donna will be missed tyvm for the memories,GOD bless and keep her family safe and give them peace

Posted by Patricia Folwell - friend and fan   May 19, 2012


Thank you Donna Summer for the memories created by your fantastic voice and songs. I will never forget you.

Posted by Linda    May 19, 2012


first saw you at the high seirra in lake tahoe in 77,i was in awe as you came down the staircase singing once upon a time, instant fan, loved all your shows in tahoe and all your music thru the years. thanks for your beautiful being and voice, there is no other like you, always love you mountain songbird.

Posted by tahoe 77 - friend - fan   May 19, 2012


ivebeen a fan of donna sumers since i was a child i remember dancing as a child to bad girls and i grew up and she was like part of the family every new song was loved by me ...may she rest in pieace youll never be forgotten god bless the sudano-summer family during these hard times my prayers are with you all ..

Posted by Richard Crespo - fan   May 19, 2012


I am very shocked & saddened of Donna Summer's untimely passing. She was a beautiful & classy lady with an amazing voice & she will be enormously missed.. I grew up in the disco era & her music & her will always live on.. Thank you for all you have given.. GOD BLESS..

Posted by JOSE - FAN   May 19, 2012


Donna Summer was a beautiful person inside and out...her music will live condolences to her family...She's teaching God to hustle :-)

Posted by Lore - Eternal Fan!!!   May 19, 2012


I grew up listening to Donna Summer's music. Her music inspired me to become a DJ in NYC. Her music also inspired me to dance the hustle which I won a dance competition . She will be sadly missed but not forgotten. I will listen to her music until the day I die. God is lucky to have her singing to him now.

Posted by Tony LLano    May 19, 2012


I will cherish my Donna Summer album even more...she was the disco "Queen" and I believe I danced "The Last Dance" 100 times (she helped me shed a few pounds that way as well). Some of my best party memories were dancing to her music and the uplifting mood the tone in her voice made everyone in the room feel...her beautiful voice will be missed, and I'm sure her beautiful presence in the lives of those she loved will be missed even more...sing a song through the birds on earth while your soul rests in Heaven beautiful lady. Thank you for your music, Donna Summer.

Posted by PenelopeX - Fan   May 19, 2012


My favorite singer in the 70s brought much love into my life. RIP Donna

Posted by Bob Armitage - Just loved her music   May 19, 2012

i really do miss her.

Posted by sabrina spruill - richmond, VA - fan   May 19, 2012


My cousin and I used to dance all the time to Donna Summer - She was a great lady, a beautiful woman, a great singer and performer and we all will surely miss her. Deepest love and sympathy to the Family and Friends of Ms. Donna Summer. We Love You, Donna. God is taking care of you now and we know that you are in no pain.

Posted by mswhaley1957 - Fan   May 19, 2012


My favorite singer in the 80's many good memories of Dancing, with my family and friend. She will always be in my heart.

Posted by Shirley Fallon - Fan   May 19, 2012


I was in high school when Donna Summer first became popular in the US.I adored and respected her as an artist then and now. She had a powerhouse of a voice that had a very distictive richnees to it. She was a multi-gifted artist and a highly underated songwriter. Like most of us she had her demons but she yet remained a claas act through and through. Donna Summer you will always be in my heart.

Posted by wanet newton - self   May 19, 2012


Rest In Peace Donna! Love U!! Toot Toot hay Beep Beep!!

Posted by myrna - Fan   May 19, 2012

Donna Summer defined a great portion of what I defined as "music" growing up. I always appreciated her voice, and no doubt she was a splendid talent. I offer my deepest sympathy to her loved ones. How we look forward to the fulfillment of the hope found at Revelation 21: 3,4 : "With that I heard a loud voice from the throne say: 'Look! The tent of God is with mankind, and he will reside with them, and they will be his peoples. And God himself will be with them. And he will wipe out every tear from their eyes, and death will be no more, neither will mourning nor outcry nor pain by anymore. The former things have passed away.'"

Posted by Clarice - Fan   May 19, 2012


We all are "melting in the dark". RIP

Posted by Orlando - Fan   May 19, 2012


Donna's music will live on forever. My prayers and sympthay to her family. Being a born again Christian, I know she's signing with the choir of angels. RIP Donna, your legacy will live on.

Posted by Kittie - fan   May 19, 2012


I remember performing during a dance contest to "Let's Dance". I can honestly say there is not one song by Donna Summer I still don't love. My prayers go out to the entire Summers family. I know you all know that she is smiling down on you all with her beautiful smile and singing to the Lord.

Posted by Patricia Arnols - fan   May 19, 2012


I'm 34 yrs. old. My mother was into Donna Summer which she would've been 54 yrs.old, she also died from cancer last year. Donna Summers was so good at what she did that even the young generation was feeling her, when I heard "Let's Dance" I fell in love immediately with that song. I'm so sad to see her go, but so happy to know that she born again and now she sharing a home with the Lord, thank you Jesus! Family I will keep you in my prayers, but just know this one thing, she's in the hands of the Lord. You and I will see her again as long as we keep the faith and be born again in his name. I love you all so much!

Posted by Kristy Lewis - A fan of Donna Summers   May 19, 2012

The late "Disco Queen", Donna Summer had a legendary recording career. From 1975 till 1984 she had a bunch of Top 40 Pop hit tunes including 4 #1s. 2 favorite tunes of mine were from the early-1980s. The title track from her 1980 released album "The Wanderer" and "Who Do You Think You're Foolin'?". She'll be deeply missed.

Posted by Christopher Hagee - Phoenixville, PA - N/A   May 19, 2012


I closed my daughter's wedding in 2000 singing along to Donna's song Last many great many memories

Posted by Mary D'Amico - fan   May 19, 2012


My heart is saddened by another life taken way to soon. Yet I know she is up in heaven singing with the angels and talking with family and friends. Knowing the peace of where you are heading when you pass is a glories feeling. I won't forget the love she showed me in there home and my button pillow ceiling iny room. And sitting eating at Wendys when a young girl came up to get her autograph ok . Till I we meet again I will keep the family in my everyday prayers and band members. Year 1985 Harris She Works Hard For Her Money and that was the truth...

Posted by Donne Ely Eklind - friend   May 19, 2012


To Donna Summer's family. I am so sorry to hear about your loss and she will always be remembered and a great person as well as a great singer. She is now in God's arms in peace. Good health and God bless all of you.

Posted by Dorothy Acquaviva - A Fan   May 19, 2012

Just hanging out with family and band in Lake Taho. Donna wouldn't start singing till later in the morning because it wasn't good for your vocal cords. I remember her having the the driveway plowed because the snow at the house was up to my waist . Donna was to perform at Harris that night she also had been doing. I will miss here and will keep family in prayer . I am glad that I had the chance in life to meet such a lovely lady. Donna E.

Posted by Donna Ely Eklind - Woodstock, GA - friend   May 19, 2012


Rest in peace my disco lady u will be missed thank-you for that music ur a icon

Posted by donald reighn - fan   May 19, 2012




Posted by CHUCK TEAGLE - FAN   May 19, 2012


You truly are the queen of will be missed, and I'm sure you are singing with the angels....

Posted by Marc V.    May 19, 2012

My deepest and heart felt sympathies to your family. Thank you for all the joy you brought to my life through your music. You were my musical idol and I was fourtunate to say that I met my idol it was July 23, 1999 at jones beach theater in ny. I will never forget it. I was so nervous but you instantly made me feel as if you had known me forever. That is a moment I will treasure the rest of my life.The world was a much better place having you in it! God Bless You! May God watch over your family and may they take comfort in knowing how much you were loved by so many. Thank you for my wedding song Sand on my feet and all the memories. Rest in peace.

Posted by bernadette falco - copiague, NY - fan   May 19, 2012


will truly miss you. your music helped form my teens and twenties. i am so sad.

Posted by jimmy palmieri - fan   May 19, 2012


I want to share with the world and the fans of Donna Summers---Her music left an impact on not only the disco era but our hearts. I saw her in concert a few years ago at Universal Studios Florida and her voice gave me chill bumbs...I grew up listening to her music. She will be forever missed...May she RIP...We love you Donna

Posted by Pamela Pritchett - a true fam   May 19, 2012


We grieve, Heaven waits no longer. All her friends and fans in Palm Springs, California, send their love to Bruce and the family.

Posted by Rodell - ffriend   May 19, 2012


Posted by Lisa Edwards - Flint, MI - NO 1 FAN.   May 19, 2012


God lent her to us just for a little while she is in God"s company. Another flower planted in Heaven. May God confort the family throughout this time. To the family: Morn, but don't morn to long. Think of the good times such as when one of her songs is being played on the radio,or something she may had said that encourged you. When you think of her (Donna Summer) think of the good times this will lift your heart. God Be with you all.
Propete Kiles.

Posted by Prophete La Tanga Kiles - Fan   May 19, 2012

I grew up feeling every song she had, enjoying dancing disco music, I will miss her, a part of me is gone with her, She transmitted emotions never experienced. Thank you Donna.

Posted by Gerardo Cisneros - spring valley, CA - fan   May 19, 2012


Goodnight sweet voice of my youth - I will always appreciate the era of your greatest popularity with the strongest nostalgia.

Posted by A. Jaxon Dale - fan   May 19, 2012


As a 22 yr. old student at the Univ. of Ga. in 1978, I already knew who she was. There was no mistaking that voice. Little did I realize what she was going to mean to my life. As a young gay man who was just beginning to come out, she was the voice and persona of our generation. We danced to her music; we loved to her music; we adored her. I saw her live in concert in Atlanta, Ga. in 1979 and it will always be one of the fondest memories of my youth. As I look back on that time, I cannot separate my life from hers. She embodied everything that was beautiful and right. She never even knew who I was--one of her "Friends Unknown". But she had an impact on my life that will never be forgotten. I shed more tears for her than I care to count on May 17th. But today, I smiled a little when I thought of her countless times. Thank you Donna, for being a part of my life that will always be remembered with a fondness that is impossible to describe. When she opened her heart and sang, it was no human being-it was literally the voice of an angel. Save the Last Dance for me. God Bless You-you certainly blessed me by your presence.

Posted by Jeff Plair - Donna's Loving Fan   May 19, 2012

I remember danceing to hot stuff she was the 70ths disco sweet hart she will be missed as much as I miss the 70th she will always be in my hart and the hart of in peace and thank-you for music

Posted by donald reighn - jamestown ny, NY - one who loved her music   May 19, 2012


I grew up on Donna Summer's music. As my children were growing up, I introduced them to music of my era (1970's). They have been listening to it ever since. Donna Summer is my son's absolute favorite artist--he posted on his FaceBook account of his devastation in Donna Summer's passing. I join him and the millions of her fans who cannot believe we have lost another huge talent in the music industry. Our love and prayers go to her family.

Posted by Pamela Lee Brown - huge fan   May 19, 2012


I was a teenager during the disco era. I remember watching everyone dance to Ms. Summer's music. I couldn't dance but I loved to listen to her sing. I still listen to her music. She will be greatly missed.

Posted by Mary Grooms    May 19, 2012

Donna Summer and I attended the same high school, Jeremiah E. Burke. We would have graduated in the same year if she has stayed in school. Ten years ago I found out at a family reunion that she was my cousin. I never got to meet her, but I pray that God will give her family the comfort and strength during this sorrowful time.

Posted by PAMELA PHILLIPS - MILTON, MA - cousin   May 19, 2012

I remember back in the 70's dancing to almost every song she ever made. She is truly gonna be missed just like Whitney. Two of the best in the era I grew up in. Gonna light a candle in memory of her. What a shame and so young.

Posted by Diane - Chcago, IL - Loyal Fan   May 18, 2012


Its always hard when someone dies but lets remember her musical voice. Shes home with God now!

Posted by Stephanie Armstrong    May 18, 2012


Just wanted to give my condolences to the Summer family. I loved Donna's music throughout the disco era and still love her music. She will be greatly missed!

Posted by Brenda - fan   May 18, 2012


I loved your music, remember dancing all night to your music, Thank you

Posted by Patty    May 18, 2012

Loved you from "Love to Love You, Baby" to "Crayons" and everything in between. There will never be another you. R. I. P.

Posted by John    May 18, 2012


Another angel has gone home to be with our Maker...sing a song - Donna. You free at last my sista! RIP - fxy

Posted by awilliams    May 18, 2012


donna, this truly a sad day! you will be sorely missed!

Posted by jstar    May 18, 2012

dona i am very upset about her death igrew up with all her old songs and danccd in all the disco clubs to all her old songs espeacialy I love you and i remember yesterday even sang afew of her songs. i have allof her 8 tracks. she is one of my favorites. Queen of disco rest in peace your voice will never be forgoten.I hope we will find a cure for cancer.hope yur singing in heaven peace out girl friend

Posted by lia ravotto - staten islan, NY   May 18, 2012


i listen to your songs all the time you had a beautiful voice i amsorry that you left us but you will be rember

Posted by debra andriani - friend   May 18, 2012


may god's peace be with the family, i was
and will always be a dedicated fan, rip

Posted by georgia johnson - fan   May 18, 2012

love you DONNA SUMMERS rest in peace GOD BLESS

Posted by djuana kelly - willingboro, NJ - long time fan   May 18, 2012

May u RIP!!! Truly a Legend!!!

Posted by Purrple - Nanticoke, PA - Fan   May 18, 2012


Donna: you brightened my Saturday nights at the clubs in Brooklyn in the 1970s and 1980s. I have so many wonderful memories of swaying to the music and dancing all night to your incredible voice and amazing music. You are indelibly marked into many, many memories and will live on in them forever. RIP my dear friend in disco.

Posted by Linda Ellis    May 18, 2012


I love your music. I saw you in Germany on the streets and you were so down to earth. Later That year I went to a concert you had. I met you again after the show. I love being around you. Now you sing among the heavenly gates.

Posted by Pauley - Fan   May 18, 2012


Saw her perform in 2005 and she was as talented as she was in the seventies. Loved her so much and now she will be entertaining with the angels. RIP DONNA XOXO

Posted by ELLEN - fan   May 18, 2012

she was one of my favorite singers and she will be missed by all who loved her. R.I.P DONNA SUMMER.

Posted by bonnielynch - west carrollton, OH - fan   May 18, 2012

I grew up listening to Donna Summer.She will be greatly missed.R.I.P.:(

Posted by Samantha Griffin - MOUNT AIRY, NC - fan   May 18, 2012

Condolences to the family and friends of Donna Summer - one of the most talented and gracious women in the world. May the Lord comfort you in your loss. I thank God that I have so many good memories because of her and her music. Thank you for sharing her with us.

Posted by Kathy - MD - Big Fan   May 18, 2012


Donna Summers you will always be truly missed and always remembered for your beautiful voice. You and your family will be in our prayers. May god bless you and any your family. Rest in piece. Until we see you again. We truly lost 2 great singing legens. Chuck Brown and Donna Summers along with contless other great voices. Joanne W.

Posted by Joanne - Music fan   May 18, 2012


aways proud to say we knew you when. God be with you now girl. Your in his arms.

Posted by catty t - OLD friend   May 18, 2012

Sorry to hear about Donna Summer's passing. I know that she was truly loved and will be missed by all.

Posted by debberiel mckinnie - houston, TX - friend   May 18, 2012


rip donna summer on thrusday morning aged 63 you did us proud i thank you for your music i do hope you will keep on singing in heaven with your bueatifull voice god thakes the best and my heart gose out to your famliy and your daughters brooklyn amanda mimi i hope they know how mutch you loved them a greats music ledgen gone but not forgoten i will keep on playing your songs i feel love one time favoriot not many women with very powerful belting singing voice like donna summer hit all the notes very well she a true rare 70s lass from the music back then when they was high in the music bussines not many left know some have gone who we carnt get back but when will we beat all cancer for good that would be my dreams from one of her fans joanne from uk

Posted by joanne turver - a fan of her music i feel love   May 18, 2012


I always love your songs my older sisters played them all the time, we never got tried of hearding them. my heart goes out to your daugther and family I know how they feel I lost my mother too at a early age and I do, feel love just by thinking about her my mother every day so hold on to that love little sister hold on to Donna love and Donna will always be with you in your heart and mind and you will never be alone.

Posted by DINO - FAN   May 18, 2012


I always love your songsmy older sister played them all the time, we never got tried of hearding them. my heart goes out to your daugther and family I know how they feel I lost my mother too at a early age and I do, feel love just by thinking about her every day so hold on to that love little sister and Donna will always be with you in your heart and mind

Posted by DINO - FAN   May 18, 2012


I know that Donna is the lead singer and leading the choir of Angels serenading Our Lord....In my soul will always be a lit mirrored Disco ball shining brightly with the great voice of our new Angel continually playing Donna.My Prayers are with her myriad fans and Loving family.....William

Posted by William    May 18, 2012


RIP Donna Summer

Posted by Nancy Jones - Fan   May 18, 2012


what a shock. ive called all day. she was my favorite and everyone always connected me with her. theyd say lea. donna summers is playing. i feel that the lords angels are going to heaven, she was a special person on earth.

Posted by lea rosenberg - a friend in christ   May 18, 2012

Donna me and my family will miss you, me and my wife grew up in the disco error,and my children have also grew up listening to your great music. Rest in peace.

Posted by Leonard Perri - miami, FL - A True Fan   May 18, 2012

When Donna and Helmut were living in Munich in the 70's, she let me stay in her flat whenever I was on tour with the Swiss Touring Company. Natalie Pia (her first daughter) called me Aunt Sandy! Donna & I sang and danced with the American Negro Festival Theater in Rome, Italy on a tour through all of Italy with James Merreman Riley. It is such a shock to hear that she is no longer with us and that she was never honored to be inducted into the Hall of Fame!
Sandra Cooper (Schweighofer) Music Professor, Vienna, Austria

Posted by Sandra Schweighofer - long years friend: Wien,Austria   May 18, 2012


I always enjoyed listening to her music,she will be sadly well as Whitney Houston.. Told my mom before she passed that she will be a soloist directed by Whitney Houston in Heaven,we are losing some great singers...

Posted by Jeanie Graves - great singer,loved her   May 18, 2012

Thank you for your voice, your music and the memories you have given me. You are truly a beautiful woman who through your talent gave me and others so much love, joy and hope. God bless you always.

Posted by Richard Sedlisky - New York, NY - Fan   May 18, 2012


Rest In Peace Donna, we truly have lost a great artist. You will be remembered forever and DISCO will never die as long as they keep playing your songs.

Posted by RENE - FAN   May 18, 2012


Rest in Eternal Peace Donna Summer. You bring me back to a part of my life I would relive for anything. The joy and happiness your music and disco dancing brought will live within me forever. God Bless You.

Posted by Charles Becker - Fan   May 18, 2012


What a sad news today, our Disco Queen Donna Summer died. I always loved disco era and enjoyed many years of her entertainment, her voice, her music. She brought lot of joy to me through her music.Great lady, I was always your fan. RIP Donna, you will always be missed, my prayers to your loved ones...<3>

Posted by Eugenia - Fan of hers   May 18, 2012


When I think of disco I think of you Donna Summer for many years and also I have memories of her when summer getting closer and this will be the best time to play her music and will miss her public view's
Today And Tomorrow will be Donna Summer's Music Time.

Sleep Tight
We Love You

Posted by ADLY O - Fan that looked up 2 her when li   May 18, 2012


RIP you will be deeply miss love to love you was a song me and my family loved you were a class act!

Posted by tahlia hooks    May 18, 2012


Remembering Donna as a great singer, my son Daryl loved you so much, he precedes you... I pray you and he will meet.....R.I.P

Posted by DORA COLEY    May 18, 2012


RIP Donna, You were a great singer and got me through my 70's listening to your great music.. you will be dearly missed by your family and friends... You my dear will never be forgotten, due to your making such an impact on the music industry... God loves you so much.

Posted by Marilyn Moser - fan   May 18, 2012


I remember as a young girl standing on the living room table , singing with the hair brush with my sisters all of Donna summers songs , my favorite was the album once upon a time,i will miss her, but i will alaways have those memories

Posted by shelley noble - fan   May 18, 2012


I remember all your songs and have brought back so many good memories. REST IN PEACE Donna

Posted by Mary White Gokas - One of your greatest fans   May 18, 2012


will truly miss you will always treasure your music

Posted by ruben macias - fan   May 18, 2012

Donna Summer,very real pillar of the disco community, will forever be remembered by myself and friends for all the inspiration that she gave to her fans. Her music,(and all the writers, musicans, are also included in this message. Thank you all, I will be forever in your dept. Ms.Summer will be our hearts forever. My sincere condolances to her family and friends Mark

Posted by mark macgill - north andover, MA - a very grateful fan   May 18, 2012

i loved her music for a long time she is the ine that i fell in love with my first boy with

Posted by cherokee l.johnson - leander, TX - fan   May 18, 2012


Donna Summer was a GREAT singer and one of the best performers I've ever seen. I saw her three nights in a row back in the day at the Universal Ampitheatre; she was that great! Gid bless her soul and God bless her family and loved ones. She was a legend and a cultural icon. She will never be forgotten.

Posted by Kenneth Brown    May 18, 2012


Donna, I've loved all of your music since I first heard you sing "Love to Love You Baby" in the early seventies. I will miss your beautiful voice and wonderful spirit. Love and Lots of hugs to your family. Miss You, Fred F.

Posted by fredfelderjr - Devoted Fan   May 18, 2012


i just rememeber the empace she made during the 1970's. "Bad Girls" was my song and always will be. Sorry to hear about her death. May She RIP! God Bless!

Posted by jene - fan   May 18, 2012

I grew up with her beautiful songs. She has made a memories in lots of peoples hearts. U r z queen indeed...r.I.p Mizz summers

Posted by Patty paleo - Gilroy, CA - Idle   May 18, 2012


I first met you ON THE RADIO, and I loved you because you WORKED HARD FOR YOUR MONEY. I would have loved to meet you in MCARTHUR PARK. Now I will continue to enjoy your music knowing you are having your LAST DANCE. GOD BLESS YOU DONNA, YOU are now in Rock and Roll Heaven.,

Posted by Robert Kogler - long time 30 year fan   May 18, 2012


You brought me joy growing up as a teenager and taught me the meaning of LOVE! Thanks for the beautiful songs RIP YOU WILL BE MISS!

Sheila Scarborough (Suitland, MD)

Posted by sheila - fan   May 18, 2012


Yes, she was a very "BEAUTIFUL" person inside and out. I grew up during the time her music legacy. My pryers goes to her family and friends. May god be with her and her family.

Posted by Herta Kuhn - None   May 17, 2012

Yes, she was a very "BEAUTIFUL" person inside and out. I grew up during the listening to her music as well. M ybest wishes to the her family. My god be with her and her family.

Posted by Herta Kuhn - Sacramento, CA - none   May 17, 2012


RIP Donna. Such wonderful memories listening to your music. Now you can sing for the Angels.

Posted by Anita Piccolo Munoz - fan   May 17, 2012


I grew up listening to Donna's songs and her music helped me greatly during my turbulent marriage in the 70's and 80's. May the "Queen of Disco" now rest in peace. Prayers going up for her family and close friends for the hard days ahead and in the years to come. God Bless you Donna Summer.

Posted by Mary Hawkins    May 17, 2012


In loving memory. You gave us such a legacy of joy and fun through your music. Your memory shall live in our hearts forever. May God bless your family

Posted by Cheryl Mcpherson Douzart    May 17, 2012

I have such fond memories of your music. Just the sound of your voice would make me smile. So sorry you had to leave the party so early.

Posted by Carol Esselborn Fivecoat - Saint Charles, MO   May 17, 2012


My thoughts and prayers go out to Donna Summer's family. The "Queen of Disco" worked hard for her money! Take care and God Bless!

Posted by Ann Chicoine - fan/cancer survivor   May 17, 2012


i love you so much and I will always do.. you are part of my life since I know myself as a person... I have you with me everywhere I go, in my car in my MP3 , in my heart .There's no last dance... now you are in Heaven . and we are happy for you... there's no place better for you regarding the sittuation you were facing. RIP DEAR pain free and cancer free now... fly away to say hi and bring happiness to all the angels , and never forget about us , please .
with love

Posted by fefe    May 17, 2012


Dearest, Precious Donna, you were a true inspiration to me & my husband, Tim. We played your song of "I will go with you" over & over in the car & sang it to each other. It was one of our love songs & vows to each other. My beloved Tim passed away Jan 2004 & I played your song at his funeral, as my tribute to our love. We also had a chance to see you in concert in Puyallup, Washington. We were both life long fans of you. I know you are in heaven & I hope you can meet my Husband Tim. Thanks for the memories. You will be missed & will continue to play that song...crying for both my husband Tim & you...missin you already, Great Lady. A loving fan & sister in the Lord, Charlene Wallace from Seatle, WA.

Posted by Charlene G. Wallace - devoted fan   May 17, 2012


When Donna's hit BAD GIRLS came out,,could not keep me & my girlfriends off the Dance floor. It was and still is one of my favorite,,I get chills when I hear this song. FUN!FUN!FUN!..Thank you Donna,RIP we love you!

Posted by Eliza Flores - FAN   May 17, 2012


My wife and I dated with Donna's the soundtrack of our courtship. We will put in her CD's tonight, to share with our grandchildren, her wonderful voice and amazing songs. RIP Donna...and to her family, deepest sympathy and thoughts from Northeast Wisconsin.

Posted by L. Fontaine    May 17, 2012


Shocking, I had no idea she was battling cancer, she really put her heart and soul into her music, now her, Whitney and Michael and the other great singers can make Gods Choir more beautiful than ever before. R.I.P. your now home with all.

Posted by R - Fan   May 17, 2012


I grew up listening and singing to her music. She was beautiful and had such a powerful voice. I always wanted to be like her. Hopefully she's at peace now.

Posted by Shannon - Fan   May 17, 2012


Rest in peace,enjoyed many of your songs Disco Queen

Posted by Silvi Griffin - Fan   May 17, 2012


Our prayers go out to her family...Such an amazing voice. Her music will live on forever. Rest in Peace Ms. Summers.

Posted by Diane - Fan   May 17, 2012



Posted by JACQUELINE LYDE - FAN   May 17, 2012


Donna Summer will live on eternally in all of our hearts. Your music., lyrics, presentation and love what you always stood for ...out shines so many in the contemporary music industry. Your spirit and soul live on in that rhythm that only you could sing! A true music will be sorely missed by all who love you.

Posted by James - Admirer   May 17, 2012

Been a fan since 1975. It has been like loosing a family member. My mother even named Donna "my eternal girlfriend". Thank you for your wonderful voice.

Posted by Orlando Arroyo - Houston, TX - Fan   May 17, 2012



Posted by millie luciano - FAN   May 17, 2012

Donna thanks for the gift of song and dance. I will miss your beautiful spirit and I bet you have got every Angle in heaven getting their boogie on.

Posted by Tonya - knoxville, TN - friend   May 17, 2012


A fan and former Dorchester girl. Loved her music. May this candle never go out.

Posted by sis foley - fan   May 17, 2012


May you rest in peace, you were really the disco queen

Posted by Nadege Fils-Aime - Fan   May 17, 2012


I still listen to Donna Summers music, I Love her music and her beautiful voice. She will be sorely missed.... Heaven has another Angel. Rest in Peace.. Donna Summers...

Posted by Bernadette Finck - Big Fan   May 17, 2012


The first song I ever sang on kareoke was "She Works Hard For The Money." I love you Donna. Your songs will live on.

Posted by Sandie - fan   May 17, 2012


May you rest in peace, you will be forever missed, thanks for all the songs, and smiles!!

Posted by Janaye Lawson - a fan   May 17, 2012


I grew up listening to her music. Great loss. Angels are now enjoying Whitney's and Donna's music in heaven.

Posted by Elizabeth Maldonado - Fan   May 17, 2012


She is such a big part of my life growing up. I love her music and still listen to it today. Prayers to you and your family. Never forgotten. RIP

Posted by andrea - fan   May 17, 2012

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In this Jan. 12, 1979 file photo, singer Donna Summer poses with three awards she won at the American Music Awards in Los Angeles, Calif.
In this June 16, 2004 file photo, Donna Summer is shown at an appearance in London. Summer's new album, "Crayons," is her first full studio album in 17 years. Her tour kicks off Saturday, July 5, 2008 in Vienna, Va. (AP Photo/Richard Lewis, file)
U.S. singer-songwriter Donna Summer holds up copies of her new book titled 'Ordinary Girl' and her new greatest hits album titled 'The Very Best of Donna Summer' ahead of a signing session held at a London music store, Wednesday, June 16, 2004. (AP Photo/Richard Lewis)
Donna Summer performs on April 11, 2005 at the Beacon Theater in New York. She joins Madonna, heartland rocker John Mellencamp, the puckish rappers Beastie Boys and premier dance act Chic among the nine nominees for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, who were announced Friday, Sept. 28, 2007.
In this Oct. 13, 1977 file photo, Donna Summer speaks during a press conference in Rome.
US singer Donna Summer performs at the Nobel Peace Prize concert in Oslo, Friday, Dec. 11, 2009. Artists from all over the world gathered at the Oslo Spektrum to help spread the message of peace and celebrate this year's Nobel Peace Prize laureate, President Barack Obama.

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Bette Midler, left, and singer Donna Summer pose for photographers before attending Midler's sixth annual "Hulaween" event to benefit the New York Restoration Project in New York, Wednesday, Oct. 29, 2003.
Syesha Mercado, left, and Donna Summer are seen on stage during the season finale of American Idol on Wednesday May 21, 2008, in Los Angeles. (Mark Mainz/AP Images for Fox)
Donna Summer performs during the season finale of American Idol on Wednesday May 21, 2008, in Los Angeles. (Mark Mainz/AP Images for Fox)
Vice President Al Gore declines to sing when offered the chance by singer Donna Summer, far right, at a fundraiser in Nashville, Tenn., on Wednesday, Dec. 15, 1999. Joining Gore and Summer are singers Lindsay Ridgeway, second from left, and Shane Minor.
Donna Summer performs during the season finale of American Idol on Wednesday May 21, 2008, in Los Angeles. (Mark Mainz/AP Images for Fox)
In this Aug. 11, 1979 file photo, singer Donna Summer swings the skirt of her leopard-print dress during her concert at the Universal Amphitheater in Los Angeles, Calif.

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In this Jan. 18, 1980 file photo, Donna Summer poses with her award at the American Music Awards in Los Angeles, Calif.
In this Dec. 11, 2009 file photo, Donna Summer performs at the conclusion of the Nobel Peace concert in Oslo, Norway.
In this Dec. 11, 1977 file photo,Donna Summer holds her award at the Billboard Number 1 Music Awards in Santa Monica, Calif.
In this Nov. 2, 1979 file photo, Gerald and Betty Ford, left, Donna Summer, right, and Cedars-Sinai Medical Center board chairman Steve Broidy at a reception prior to gala disco party benefit in Beverly Hills, Calif.
Donna Summer performs at the conclusion of the Nobel Peace concert in Oslo, Norway Friday, Dec. 11, 2009. (AP Photo/John McConnico)

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She was a true American superstar.