Bryan Holt Davis
Bryan Holt Davis
  • July 15, 1935 - November 7, 2017
  • Nacogdoches, Texas

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During the early morning hours of November 7, 2017 the Heavens welcomed home one of God's truly unique creations, Bryan Holt Davis, Jr. He left this world peacefully in his sleep and under his own roof in his beloved Nacogdoches, with loved ones close at hand. He was 82 years of age.

Funeral services will be held at 2:00 p.m., Friday, November 10, 2017, at Christ Episcopal Church, 1430 N. Mound Street in Nacogdoches, with the Reverend Howard Castleberry officiating. Friends and family are invited to a visitation from 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. Thursday, November 9, 2017 at Cason Monk-Metcalf, 5400 North Street in Nacogdoches. Interment will be at Oak Grove Cemetery immediately following the service.

Bryan was born in Nacogdoches, Texas on July 15, 1935. His parents were Bryan Holt and Elizabeth Bogard Davis. With the exception of attending school, he lived his entire life in Nacogdoches. Bryan attended the SFA Demonstration School and was a graduate of Nacogdoches High School. He attended Stephen F. Austin State University and received his Bachelor of Arts and Law Degrees from the University of Texas at Austin. He also attended summer sessions at the University of Colorado, the University of Wisconsin and Duke University as a result of receiving academic scholarships. After his graduation from Law School, Bryan returned to Nacogdoches and briefly operated Holt Davis Insurance and Real Estate Agency prior to turning his full professional attention to the practice of law.

Bryan was married for 54 years to the former Carolyn Richey. Their marriage was a wonderful and true example of love, devotion, collaboration and in the best sense of the word, a partnership. They had two sons, Bryan Holt Davis III and Jefferson Barclay Davis, both of Nacogdoches, Texas. It is hard to imagine a more loving, fun and mischievous husband, father and grandfather.

Bryan served as Nacogdoches County Attorney for 35 years. As County Attorney, he displayed a unique ability for diplomacy. People often came to his office angry about a given situation, only to leave laughing and with a sensible resolution for their dispute. As a prosecutor, he recognized that each case stood on its own merits and sought to seek justice, not merely convictions. He was instrumental in many projects which bettered our City and County, including the creation of the Nacogdoches County Court at Law, improvements to the courthouse and its various functions, and the creation of Lake Naconiche.

One would be hard pressed to find an individual more knowledgeable about Nacogdoches, its historic places, its stories or its inhabitants, both past and present, other than Bryan Holt Davis, Jr. In short, he loved every single thing about Nacogdoches and Nacogdoches County. He was a seventh-generation resident of the City. He was extremely proud of his family involvement in the community; a heritage which dates back to the early 1830s.

Bryan possessed an immense love for family and friends. He had a unique wit and a way with people and was just flat out a lot of fun to be around. He was a friend to all and never met a person, dog or cat he didn't enjoy. He was genuinely interested in people and their station in life and was blessed with an uncanny ability to befriend people from all walks of life. His acquaintances and friendships ranged from politicians, community, and state leaders to those who were incarcerated. Over the years, he often corresponded with those in prison or those recently released therefrom, offering words of hope and encouragement. He was extremely well-read and knowledgeable in many fields. He was a brilliant conversationalist and was equally at ease discussing the finer points of British literature with a university professor as he was with discussing the best time to plant turnip greens with a local farmer.

Bryan loved to garden and spent many happy hours at his small farm perched on the outskirts of the loop. There he maintained an orchard, a large vegetable garden and the occasional chicken. He was a surprisingly good horseman and always maintained a barn housing horses which served more as pets. Additionally, he was an early pioneer in local azalea propagation. Bryan was also an avid outdoorsman and hunter, although he had a great love for all of God's creations and seldom fired a shot in anger.

Bryan's life was one of true balance dedicated to family, friends, his church, activities of interest and his work. He had an ability to understand and gauge what was truly important in life. He had his own version of the Serenity Prayer and often said that "things without remedy should be without regard."

Bryan's service to his community and accomplishments were many and included the following: served as Nacogdoches County Attorney for 35 years; past President of the Nacogdoches Rotary Club; past President of the Nacogdoches Jaycees; past President and longtime scribe of the Nacogdoches Booster Club; past President of the Nacogdoches Saddle club; member of the Commission on Tourism; member of the Nacogdoches Chamber of Commerce; President of the Community Concerts Association; served on the City's Naming Committee; Sterne-Hoya Board; Friends of Historic Nacogdoches; served on the advisory board for the Old Nacogdoches University Building; served in multiple leadership positions in his Church; member of the Litterary Society; volunteer for Meals on Wheels; served as member of numerous local club committees and boards and was most recently named as a Honorary Member of the Daughters of the Republic of Texas; and, served as the longtime general counsel and chief spiritual advisor to the 1201 Hunting Club.

Bryan traveled extensively and loved all things British and had a keen appreciation for English Poetry. One of his favorite passages penned by the poet, William Wordsworth provides the following, "The best portion of a good man's life; His little, nameless, unremembered acts of kindness and love."

Throughout his life, Bryan engaged in countless such acts. We thank God for the life, and the love, and the pure joy and happiness that was, is, and