Carmen F. Madero
Carmen F. Madero
  • July 24, 1931 - July 21, 2017
  • Fresno, California

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While it is possible to receive good counsel from a wide circle of family and friends, few could do it with the skill and aptitude of Carmen F. Madero. She had a true talent for helping others reach their full potential and brought out the best in those who sought her help. Carmen was a forward-looking woman whose personality was filled with empathy toward everyone she met. She could be quiet and reserved, but her style of communication was authentic and direct. An excellent communicator, Carmen was a master at using imagery when she explained her ideas and concepts. She seemed to have an endless supply of innovative concepts and strategies for how to help those around her. Her sensitivity, kindness and generous attitude made her a wonderful friend for all who knew her.

From the time she was born on July 24, 1931, Carmen showed a deep concern for others. She was a giving and caring individual, ethical and full of integrity and warmth. Carmen came into this world in Fresno, California. Her parents were Mike Flores & Esther Lopez Flores. Carmen was also raised in Fresno.

Because fellowship was so important to her, Carmen promoted harmony with her siblings. She was raised with 4 siblings. She had one older sister, Pauline, one younger sister, Margie, and two younger brothers, Albert (Tootsie) & Fernie. Carmen was something of the family diplomat. She helped to settle problems and conflicts and kept the family running smoothly.

A good student who was enthusiastic about learning, Carmen was considered by many to be a high achiever. She graduated from Edison High School in 1950.

Able to maintain a positive focus on the potential good to be found in others, Carmen was always ready with solid advice and guidance to offer her group of friends. She was generally friendly to all who knew her, yet to some she seemed quite independent. For those who really knew Carmen, they recognized that she could be full of surprises. Carmen enjoyed a small but solid group of true friends. She would willingly support those friends when they needed it. Because of her ability to read people, she had an uncanny knack for knowing when a friend needed help. While growing up, one of her best friends was Lucita. Later in life, she became friends with Rebecca and Patricia.

Carmen was romantic, even poetic at times. She was completely devoted to family and friends, able to show her emotions without going overboard about it. Carmen exchanged wedding vows with David A. Madero on December 28, 1974 in Carson City Nevada. Her first marriage in 1950 was to Bruce Rodriguez at St. Alphonsus Church, Fresno, California.

All who knew her would agree that there was a certain kind of magic in how Carmen was able to bond with her children. While she could be a firm disciplinarian, she could also fill the role of being a collaborator with her kids. Carmen was always a mentor who helped her family reach its full potential. Carmen was blessed with five children, three boys, and two girls., Three sons, Daniel, Bruce Jr., and Steve, two daughters, Suzanne, and Rosanne. Carmen also has one step-daughter, Terri. She was also blessed with ten grandchildren, and three step-grandchildren, Selena,Daniel,Johnny,Andrew,Alex,Cynthia,Eric,Sara,Serina, and Anthony.

Carmen projected a subtle but positive influence in her workplace. She was comfortable working behind the scenes to help everyone get their job done, and she worked hard at all times to help others to reach their highest potential. While her colleagues did not view her as a high-spirited type, Carmen was effective at working with others to gain acceptance for her ideas. Carmen could be a perfectionist at times, but wasn't one to seek out personal recognitions. She possessed excellent insight and a strong ability to meet schedules. She was an innovator who worked well independently, and she enjoyed the task of meeting a constant array of challenges. Carmen's primary occupation was as a Bilingual Tutor and Instructional Aid. Carmen gave thirty years of service to Pinedale Elementary School and Clovis Unified School District.

As an imaginative and inventive person, Carmen was comfortable showing her creative spirit. She enjoyed her leisure time by taking part in various hobbies. Once Carmen took on a new project, she saw it through to its completion. Carmen spent time as a Girl Scout leader. She was content to enjoy her hobbies alone but was also willing to share her interests with others.

Carmen was one who put forth her best effort in every aspect of her life, and that carried over to her participation in sports as well. Her sense of diligence inspired others and in turn drew best efforts from her teammates. In high school, Carmen played volleyball. Recreational sports included walking, miniature golf, and travelling. Carmen was also something of a sports fan and enjoyed following her favorite events whenever she got the opportunity. Tops on her list was baseball.

Carmen's attitude of working to make every day better was a way of life for her. It was a philosophy that she carried into her community activities and service. Politically, Carmen was involved with the Democrat Party.

Carmen was a woman with clear convictions and high principles, and her faith was important to her. She was an inspiration to many people who recognized her sense of commitment and esteem for others. She was a member at Our Lady of Victory Catholic Church.

Carmen possessed strong skills in long-range planning and project completion, a quality that positively influenced her travel and vacation planning. Favorite vacations included travelling to Hawaii, New York, and the Grand Canyon.

Carmen was a lover of animals and cherished her pets. Her family was rounded out by her kittens.

As someone who treasured harmony and quiet, Carmen accepted retirement and made the most