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October 26, 1964 was a particularly blessed day for John and Sophia Lyrist of Washington Heights, Manhattan, N.Y., and for all of us. Their fourth child was born. Having already 2 girls and a boy (Anna, Maria and Nicky) named after our grandmothers and paternal grandfather, their plan was to honor our maternal grandfather if this baby was a boy. When our beautiful sister was born, she was given many names to carry: Kalliope (after mom's paternal grandmother who lamented having no namesake, even though she'd had 6 children). Caroline (after then-President Kennedy's daughter, and easier to say than Kalliope), Demetra (she was born on St. Demetrios Day) and finally, Regina (for its beauty-though we also had a great grandmother Regopoula).
She attended St. Spyridon School for 8 years, then John F. Kennedy high school and CUNY Lehman College in the Bronx. Wanting always to better herself, she transferred in her senior year to Pace University, from where she graduated with a business management degree. With her big, beautiful eyes, Caroline was always fit, attractive and quite a stylish dresser. She loved her years working at Loehmann's, the well-known ladies fashion store. And she was once a Miss Karpathos runner-up.
Although at times there was much stress to carry in our family, Caroline enjoyed an active social life which included NYC nightlife, Greek dances and fun filled trips especially to Karpathos. She was pleasant and easy going. She hadn't married, but of course had opportunities, and delighted in her nieces Arianna and Areti. Caroline worked for 6 years as a loan officer for the Bank of Tokyo.
It was while achieving her goal of attending graduate school at Golden Gate University in San Francisco that strange symptoms occurred, leading to the diagnosis of multiple sclerosis. Caroline got the best doctors and treatments in NYC and valiantly carried on for the next 20 years, even as symptoms progressed. She attended classes at Adelphi University, jobs and programs for people with disabilities, and travelled with her walker, then wheelchair, even as far as Karpathos.
Even when life was mostly bedbound, she loved her visitors, nurses, her court TV shows, CNN, and above all, Law&Order (some episodes directed by fellow Karpathian Constantine Makris). Caroline's voice got much weaker over the years, but she'd often say "Law & Order."
The MS Society offered so many helpful people and programs, as does New York City, such as the Access A Ride transportation, which took her all over the city.
We thank the friends, relatives and healthcare professionals who reached out over the years- you know who you are and the joy you brought to Caroline.
St. Spyridon was with Caroline and all of us in her hospital room. When we picked his icon as she passed , there were thin streaks of wetness from his eyes.
Thank you all for your love and support.

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Arrangements under the direction of Stamatiades Funeral Home, Astoria, NY.