Carrie L. Burnett
Carrie L. Burnett
  • November 30, 1964 - January 9, 2010
  • Long Beach, California

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To Carrie L. Burnett, the desert and its surrounding beauty was her playground. An expressive, optimistic, and uninhibited individual, she enjoyed her free time to live life on her terms. For those around her, she seemed to be eternally happy, and she willingly shared that joy with anyone whose life she touched. Her coworkers, friends, and customers can attest to that. For Carrie, bringing out the best in any situation was as easy as offering a smile, a witty remark or the twinkle of an eye. And with just those simple gestures, she could evoke the most pleasant of emotions. Carrie really mastered the art of living and had great fun in doing so.

      Carrie was born on November 30, 1964 at Ventura Community Memorial Hospital in Ventura, California. she is survived by her parents, Phillip and Lenore Burnett. Carrie was raised in Ventura,CA, Long Beach, CA and Bullhead City. Even as a child, Carrie had the ability to lift the spirits of all those around her. She was raised to be warm, caring and friendly. She couldn't't help but capture everyone's attention. She could be stubborn and sweet all at once, but in doing so, she succeeded in entertaining her entire family.

      Always a good playmate, Carrie was easy going and fun loving. She managed to lighten the mood wherever she was, even during family squabbles. Due to a generous dose of common sense, Carrie managed to find a satisfying solution to basic problems. Carrie was raised with three siblings. She left behind a brother, Cameron and two sisters, Kelly and Tammi.

      All of Carrie's playful good humor carried over into her childhood. She was both outgoing and yet introspectively quiet. Carrie experienced a rather active childhood learning to camp, fish,and ride motorcycles at a young age when her father raced motorcycles in the "On Any Sunday" races in the 1960's and 1970's. Carrie's family spent many Mays at Park Moabi She was also a Brownie and a Girl Scout.

      Ask anyone who knew her from school and they would tell you that Carrie was a class "cut-up." She didn't't do it to be unkind or to garner all the attention. Rather, Carrie simply enjoyed others' laughter and the sounds of her friends and acquaintances having a good time. Carrie was a member of the Ventura High School band as a clarinet player. She was so cute in that uniform! She really did enjoy her school experience and the many testaments in her yearbooks of kind words is proof of that. She enjoyed hands-on learning and applying the "practical" approach to knowledge, rather than getting caught up in "theory." Carrie had an amazing artistic bent and made beautiful stained glass objects. Carrie attended Ventura High School for her freshman, sophomore and junior years, and her senior year Mohave High School graduating in 1982.

      Carrie never actually encountered a stranger in her dealings with people. She was drawn to individuals and crowds, using her gregarious, adaptable and outgoing personality to captivate her audience. This quality allowed Carrie to continually develop new relationships, ever widening her circle of friends. Carrie delighted in her role among all her acquaintances, because she viewed them all as potential spectators for her performance. Whether it was a story, a joke, a song or just plain fooling around, Carrie was always right at home putting on a show among her friends. Carrie fondly called her coworkers and boss's "turd" as a sign of affection. She called Mona the very tall cocktail waitress "tree top!" As you know Carrie was only 4"11' though she wished she had been 5 foot tall. Carrie utilized her interest in others as a great way to connect with them. While growing up, she had numerous friends. Later in life, her friends were Rhonda, Tiana, Debra, Paula, Brenda, Dana, Chuck, and many friends and coworkers that her family is still attempting to list. Sign the guest book so we can add you in! Carrie loved sharing life and going out with people she knew.

      At work, as in life, Carrie was a real "people person." She had a very successful way of dealing effectively with others, and her enthusiasm and energy was often contagious. Carrie liked to see herself as something of "do it all" worker. When dealing with various projects and problems, Carrie was an adaptable realist, using her common sense and trusting her experiences and impulses to uncover the correct answer. Carrie often showed up to work early. She was known to love life at the casino and never would have wanted an office job. Carrie's talent for being a down to earth thinker, allowed many around her to see Carrie as an excellent problem solver. Her primary occupation was Slot Ambassador paying out those jackpots and making sure the slot machines hummed. She was employed at the Flamingo/Aquarius for 5 years and prior to that approximately ten years at the Ramada Express Casino. Carrie also worked at the Safeway in Bullhead City,AZ.

      Carrie enjoyed her leisure time by taking part in various hobbies. Her favorite pursuits were fishing, camping, collecting coins, baseball cards, and pig figurines. She loved to kayak, but really, fishing and being on the river or Lake Mohave were her favorite things. Carrie was content to enjoy her hobbies alone but was also willing to share her interests with others. Carrie was even one of those brave night fishers never scared about the rattlesnakes that she heard.

      Carrie was a good lacrosse player in Ventura High School during PE even trying to foul her sister Kelly with a good whack of the stick. Carrie was also an amazing pool player and could kick many butts on the table. Carrie was also something of a sports fan and enjoyed watching her favorite events whenever she got the opportunity. Tops on her list was rooting for her Oakland Raiders through thick and thin. It didn't matter how often they