Chow Soon Tsui Lee
Chow Soon Tsui Lee
  • January 26, 1923 - January 22, 2018
  • Texas

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Leaving China in 1980, Chow Soon Tsui Lee and husband, Sang Hay Tsui, (Deceased) immigrated to Houston TX. Together, they had four children, Chung (Steve), Pai, Song (Frank), and Meilian.
They were loved and respected in their hometown of Dajian, Taishan County. Chow and Sang were owners of a grocery store in China. A caring and loving couple, they helped neighbors and strangers in need throughout their lives.
Chow Soon Tsui is survived by her four children, eight grandchildren, and four great-grandchildren:
Steve (Son), Annie (Wife), Grandsons: Stephen and James
Pai (Son); Grandson Chin and wife, Ariel; Great-Grandchildren: Austin and Hayden; Yen (Granddaughter) and husband, Bob: Great- Grandchildren: Susan, and Shirley
Frank (Son), Anita (Wife), Grandson Jason and wife, Cherilyn
Meilian (Daughter) and husband, Yin (David); Grandchildren: Norman, William, and Melissa
The families of Steve, Pai, Frank, and Meilian would like to thank everyone who came to share in the memories of their mother.