Christopher Golder

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“I'm sorry for your loss.He will be missed. Chris was a good friend. ”
1 of 14 | Posted by: Missy Symmonds - Farmington, NM

“I'm sorry for your loss he will be missed he was a gift! ”
2 of 14 | Posted by: Missy Symmonds - Farmington, NM

Smiling as usual.
3 of 14 | Posted by: Sheron Woodard - Farmington, NM

4 of 14 | Posted by: Sheron Woodard - Farmington, NM

“The first time I ever met Chris I was impressed at his enthusiasm and intelligence. Chris was a good man who always had a smile on his face, and he...Read More »
5 of 14 | Posted by: Sheron Woodard - Farmington, NM

“Chris, you were one of my best friends!!! I will cherish our memories, especially sneaking into the airport on drunk rainy nights haha you were a one...Read More »
6 of 14 | Posted by: Angie Lewis - Odessa, TX - Friend

“You were definently a true friend and you did have a heartOf gold. You always went above and beyond anything I ever asked of you, you were always the...Read More »
7 of 14 | Posted by: Brad Davis - Friend

Mexican wedding. Most resent one he sent me.
8 of 14 | Posted by: - family

“Crazy Golder, everything was an adventure! Chris was a trend setter in Junior High, he was evolved in High School and ready for the adventure in...Read More »
9 of 14 | Posted by: Joaquin G - All over, NM - Friend

“Cuñado -Un río, dos lados. De cualquier lado que termine, sabemos que estará en casa, Cristóbal.Paz, jefe.Mateo ”
10 of 14 | Posted by: Mateo Braceros - El Paso, TX

“As his parents, we are overflowing with many memories of our Christopher's signature ways. Memory after memory of our son, as a child or as grown man...Read More »
11 of 14 | Posted by: B. & M. Golder - IA - Family

“Our time and space was beautiful, even if it has ended, even if it will never be the same; the universe is a strange place. In the end, I am just...Read More »
12 of 14 | Posted by: Amanda Ray - Odessa, TX

“Your Aunt Tracey and I have always enjoyed your spirit and your stories. You are without doubt the fastest hitchhiker of modern times! You sure had...Read More »
13 of 14 | Posted by: Randy Golder - Family

“My heartfelt sympathy to you and your family. I truly believe Chris was a gift from god. He was such a great person and I cherished his friendship! I...Read More »
14 of 14 | Posted by: Gena Ledesma - Albuquerque, NM

Born Christmas morning, 1973, Chris was a gift to everyone who knew him. He often took up the underdog's fight, especially in the face of a bully. If Chris couldn't share a couch or spare bed for someone he felt deserved the rest, he would choose to walk or sit with them until the dawn. If someone was hungry, he'd pretend to have leftovers from a meal and make them eat, having forgone the food for himself. Chris made many sacrifices for others in his life that went unnoticed, because that's how he liked it. He was known for encouraging people who couldn't see the opportunities ahead, trying to empower them to think big and bold in order to get them out of the pits and into the peaks. Without a doubt, Chris practiced what he preached on this end: Serving nearly all of his twenties in a penitentiary, he never looked back and ran straight for the mountain peaks of Colorado, where he grew up prowling like a bobcat on somedays, a lone wolf on others. Chris loved to roam. He'd hitchhike 700 miles at the drop of a hat, often getting to his destination just as fast as anyone in their own car. When we were kids he would take me on walks sometimes, telling me that he found the perfect place for us to start a ranch (once he could get a job to make payments.) The ranch was always out of sight and just beyond the horizon, and he'd say it was too far for me to walk--I'd just have to take his word for it, and daydream about a place where I could have a horse and not have to go to school anymore. Chris said he'd teach me all I needed to know. He was smart.

He loved his niece and his nephews. They brought an endless smile to his face. (He preferred to be called Uncle Tio when they were around. He got a big kick out of it.) He loved his aunts because they knew when to be there and would speak their mind. Chris loved honesty in conversation, even when it hurt or opposed his view. It was the act of honesty that he wanted, not the having of his way so much. He held his uncles in high regard, and looked to Nana and Papa as the Gold Standard (or Golder Standard!) when it came to family. He felt great frustration and loss with their passing, refusing to let them go. That's who he was talking to if you have ever heard him say, "Okay, Muley!" or " F@$# yeah, Gran-mah!" The former meant you were mistaken if you thought you were going to outlast him or his stubbornness. (Papa was know as "Muley", and mules are known to be stubborn, so Papa wore it stamped into his western belts.) And "[blank] yeah, Gran-mah!" meant that Chris took the situation or task of the moment to be possible only because of luck, and Chris felt he was lucky to have Nana in his life. She never judged him, and he thought she always carried a stash of luck just for him.

Chris found true love very late in life. Some wondered if it would ever happen! I long ago resigned the thought of being an aunt to any of his children--he was never going to find a woman that could meet such high standards. And I was wrong. Amanda and Chris found each other just over three years ago, knocking Chris to his knees with disbelief. He once told me that being with Amanda was like living in a different time and place, like he was living a side of life he had never felt before. He took every step with Amanda as if it were his first, and also as if it could be the last. He changed his life over her, finding ways to give the devil a raincheck, while looking to spend his future paychecks on a little slice of 'heaven on Earth' for Amanda and the boys. (Chris always told me how he thought I was an angel, but I know the angel of his life was Amanda. He called her his savior, his second life. He was nervous as I have ever seen him when he told me he was adopting Amanda's little boy and was going to be an actual father. He truly found excitement in his life, and truly felt like he was living a brand new life with new feelings and fresh thoughts, endless adventures with his soulmate and a shot at being someone's Pop.

Chris was as Muley as any one can get, and to give him a second run at life, showing him love is a real thing, was an amazing thing to see him go through--even as short-lived as it was. Chris did not leave this life not knowing love and not wanting love. He found it in Amanda and all she did for him.