David Irl Olschwanger
David Irl Olschwanger
  • January 25, 1935 - August 30, 2017
  • Dallas, Texas

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David Irl Olschwanger, age 82 passed away on Wednesday August 30, 2017. Davi was born January 25, 1935 to Lillian Olschwanger and Melvin Olschwanger.

David is survived by his wife, Nikki Olschwanger; son Rich Olschwanger; son Larry Olschwanger; son Eric Olschwanger; daughter-in-law Francoise Olschwanger; daughter-in-law Donna Olschwanger; and daughter-in-law Lisa Olschwanger; grandson Zach Olschwanger, grandson Zev Olschwanger, grandson Jordan Olschwanger, granddaughter Marli Olschwanger, granddaughter Megan Olschwanger and grandson Chase Olschwanger.

David was preceded in death by; mother Lillian Olschwanger and father Melvin Olschwanger.

A graveside for David will be held Friday, September 1, 2017 at 11:00 AM at Shearith Israel Memorial Park, 4634 Dolphin Road, Dallas, Texas, 75223.

Serving as pallbearers are Zach Olschwanger, Zev Olschwanger, Jordan Olschwanger, Marli Olschwanger, Megan Olschwanger, Chase Olschwanger, Joe Viroslav, Norman Crohn, Sonny Hershman, Arthur Schonwald and Jay Silver.


I did an interview a few years ago for a local magazine and one of the questions they asked me was, "Do I have a hero?" That was an easy question to answer, "My Dad."

Our Dad's mission in life was extremely simple. Be a good husband, father, and grandfather and just do the right thing. That's it. Very simple. Just be a good man. A mench. Don't EVER take advantage of people. He taught Rich, Larry, and me that the name Olschwanger bears a responsibility. When you hear that name, you want people to only have nice things to say. Be honest and ethical. Be kind. That your name and reputation live on forever. It's not about how much money you make that defines who you are, it's about what people think of you as a person that will endure the test of time.

He was the most honest and ethical man you ever met. NO ONE has ever had a bad word to say about our father. Our entire lives, people have always said what a nice man our father is. Literally, hundreds of you have expressed your condolences the last couple of days to me and my family. Reading the comments not only makes us cry, but makes us feel so good to see how much our Dad is loved.

For me and my brothers, he was our BEST MAN when we got married. He's the role model that we've tried to emulate.

Our Dad was born January 25, 1935, in St. Louis, MO. The youngest of 3 kids. Ben and Marilyn were his 2 older siblings. In 1952, our grandfather, Paupey, decided to move the family to Dallas, not too far away from Mt. Pleasant, TX where he was born in 1904. They had a family shoe store Downtown.

At the time our father attended SMU, but as he told us, wasn't thrilled that they had to move SO FAR out from where everybody lived. So far that it would be hard to meet people way out in the "country." All the way out to Desco Drive. Smack dab in the middle of Preston Hollow. Not too far from Congregation Shearith Israel.

Shearith is where we all grew up. Where we attended Religious School, where we were Bar Mitzvahed, and for Rich and Larry, where they married. I was married in Houston. Shearith Israel today is where most of my family belongs. I say most, because there was once a young dynamicRabbi from Shearith that I knew, that wound up opening his own Shul, Anshai Torah in Plano. Lisa and I decided to follow north.

One story Dad would tell us about this Jewish nightclub owner that came to Shearith to say Kaddish for his late father. The nightclub owner didn't know what to do or say, so our grandfather helped him out. The man was very appreciative and according to my dad, kind of saw a "father-like" figure that he never had, in my grandfather. This man came to Shabbat dinner at their house and even came to my Mom and Dad's wedding in 1959, over 58 years ago.

In 1963, since the shoe store was Downtown, my dad was fortunate enough to see President Kennedy's motorcade drive right by. 10-15 minutes later he was in disbelief to find out that the President had been shot. Imagine how shocked he was a couple of days later to see the man from Shearith Israel, the man from Shabbat dinner in his home, the ma from his wedding, walk right up to Lee Harvey Oswald and assassinate him on live television. That man was jack Ruby.

I always though hearing my dad tell that story was pretty cool.

As I said a moment ago, my Mom and Dad were married 58 years. They just had their anniversary a couple of weeks ago on August 16th.

Our Dad loved our Mom. Other than his kids and grandkids, that's all he cared about. He would always say things like, "As long as Mom is happy," or "whatever Mom wants to do." She took such good care of him, especially the last few years. He loved her more than anything in the world.

He loved and was involved with his kids, too. He coached all of us in different sports growing up. I know he coached many of you when you were young. He coached in the Dallas Chamber of Commerce, but back in the 70's, he was THE coach at the JCC or JSCC back then.

My brother's and I coached our kids and I'm still coaching one of my son's basketball teams today, because of my father's example.

Not only did he coach at the J, but he lived at the J.

We lived at 7533 Royal Place. Probably 200 yards from the J. We built that house in 1969, which was an excellent year, to be close to the J. We worked there. Whether as