Denise Cloninger Brissie
Denise Cloninger Brissie
  • January 26, 1958 - December 9, 2016
  • North Carolina

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January 26, 1958 ~ December 9, 2016

Beloved and Loved

Daughter of Howard and Gail Cloninger

Sister of Teresa and Kathy Ann (who she named)

Wife to Terry Messer and caregiver through dialysis and two kidney transplants
Mother to James Howard (Bud) Messer and Dean Messer
Girl Scout Leader for 8 years, spoiled them all and SOLD TONS OF COOKIES
Wife of Robert Brissie for 17 years - they balanced each other and cherished their marriage
She wanted to be a nurse. So as an older, single mother, she struggled and went to UNCC to earn her BSN in nursing while still providing for her children.
SHE LOVED BEING A NURSE. And her patients loved her in return. Her patient reviews were stellar because she not only knew what and how to care for them, but did CARE.FOR.THEM.
She was a Christian and her strong beliefs in God guided and comforted her in both joy and sorrows. Her favorite word was JOY, even in the last post before she passed on. When people asked what they could do, she said to ask for PRAYERS.
She LOVED RED! Her kids called her RED as a nickname. She loved the beach, sitting in the sand and had hoped to retire there. She loved Balloons, Christian music and songs, Downtown Abbey, Gilmore Girls, giving people gifts (even from her hospital bed she sent birthday gifts to our cousins on Dec 3rd and was so disappointed not to be at the family gathering)
She was a FRIEND. The time she had between family, college, working left her little time for going out. The friends she made, she kept by staying in touch and really caring.
And she LOVED her FAMILY. At age 6 she was in there learning how to cook. Then she decided she wanted to learn how to sew. Since our Mama liked to dress us alike, Denise made Easter clothes (even a polka dot tie for Daddy) to go with our polka dot dresses and hats; at Christmas-time there were long velvet gowns in red and green to attend evening services, and beautiful white dresses which I wore mine for my High School Senior portrait.loved that dress!
She was devoted to her husband, Robert. He states that she was the "woman of his dreams" and the "love of his life". She was tenacious, strong willed, and also went above and beyond in everything.
Her children - Bud and Dean: She would stand in front of a bullet to protect them and I believe she will from the other side. In fact, one of her last selfless acts was to provide for them as her health was declining.

The legacy of Denise Cloninger Brissie is that she will be missed by her
Patients and their families
And yet, will get to unite with the ones she loved who left before her. She had a smile on her face and was being greeted in Heaven by God.