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Donald G. Lyon was born in the city of Jamestown New York to Fred and Eileen Lyon on September 16th 1930. He spent his childhood in Jamestown until joining the United States Navy in 1949 as A Naval Mechanic. He spent the next 5 years in Active duty and Naval Reserves with an honorable discharge in 1954. At this time, he met and married the Love of his life Marcia (Marsha) Larson. They spent 61 wonderful years together including the time they were placed in senior care together at BrightPointe nursing facility earlier this year.
He and Marcia had "3 BEAUTIFUL Children" together over the next 4 years with the first being David who also joined the Navy and spent a career there, but unfortunately preceded Don in death 2015. Their son Jeff arrived next, he is a carpenter, currently lives with his wife Leah in Colorado and they have 2 children of their own.
Last but Definitely Not least, Paula, who joined the Air Force right after high school. She later married and had 3 wonderful children, Jessica who lives in Midland, TX with her husband Jordan Edwards and their daughter Marlee Grace. Tony, who lives in Austin,TX with his wife Danielle and their two children Rylen and Maclay. And Finally, the youngest, Dani who currently lives Abilene,TX with boyfriend Tanner and her two dogs Sadie and Charlie.
Don spent the majority of his working life as a freelance carpenter for various organizations from New York to Minnesota and finally to the great State of Texas which he called home.
Don enjoyed, and was very active with the Boy Scouts of America as Scout Leader in Jamestown. Both of his sons received the "Eagle Scout" achievement award, the highest rank in the Scout Organization.
He also loved camping throughout his lifetime. Paula recalls many outings with the family in the "wilderness" . She remembers living in a camper and tent at Hidden Valley, NY for several months while their new home was being built. None of the modern conveniences/necessities of home i.e.... Color TV which had just been introduced, No Phones (OMG) , or electric toothbrushes. But they still had to attend school!
Don loved snowmobiling, and it seemed like there were more months of snow than not, in New York. So he enjoyed that hobby most of the year. The kids loved it as well, so much that one evening, while David was HOME ALONE, he "borrowed" Dons snowmobile and proceeded to embed the machine into a huge Pine tree. Receiving several stitches, scars of glory and many months of father mandated probation for his night of adventure.
Donald Lyon never met a stranger. He loved to start conversations with total strangers, you could be walking beside Don in a crowd, and the next thing you know...he's nowhere to be found, looking through the crowd you find him next to a group of smiling people happily engaged in random conversations, and Don was in the middle of em. He always seemed to lean more to the female persuasion, just ask any of the nurses at BrightPointe Nursing facility. Thats Don!
He Truly Loved Marcia, and when she was diagnosed with Alzheimer's several years ago, he lovingly cared for her until he physically could no longer provide the care he knew she needed. When that time arrived, He struggled over having to place her in a nursing home. But knew it was necessary for her well being.
Don will be missed. He navigated a good long life and knew he was very blessed with his wife Marcia, children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. Don was especially blessed with his daughter Paula, who remained by his and Marcias' side through the past few years of his life through Dons death. His words to a stranger about Paula was "She is worth her weight in GOLD". He knew she had blessed his life. Don knew the Lord and had accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and savior. He will never feel pain anymore and will never shed another tear. Lord we send you Don, our father, grandfather and friend to be in your glorious and joyful presence.