Elba Pagan Faccilonga
Elba Pagan Faccilonga
  • June 11, 1936 - June 18, 2017
  • Carrollton, Texas

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Elba Maria Pagan Rivera Faccilonga, RN, 81, passed away on Fathers Day, June 18, 2017 in Carrollton, TX. She was born on June 11, 1936 in Mayaguez Puerto Rico to Carlos Pagan and Nicolasa Rivera Pagan. She was raised in Mayaguez, Puerto Rico until she moved with family Stateside to New York. Elba attended Hunter College in New York. She was a graduate of El Centro College as a Registered Nurse. Elba was trilingual, her native Spanish, English and Italian.

Elba married the love of her life, Anthony Faccilonga in New York City. They had three daughters, Nanette, Dawn and Faith.

Elba worked as a RN for Parkland Hospital in their renown ICU Burn Unit, and she was recognized multiple times as a stellar nurse. Elba moved to Portland Oregon for a short time, working for the ICU Burn Unit at the premier burn unit hospital in that area.

Elba returned to the Dallas area, and worked at Parkland, and a host of other hospitals until landing her last and most cherished position at Terrell State Hospital. Elba was recognized once again as an excellent Nurse and Manager. She was promoted to the Night Shift Coordinator at Terrell State Hospital, where she retired after 30 years tenure, and she continued to work part time until her health began to fail.

Elba was blessed with one grandchild, Brittni Nichole Owens, from the marriage of Faith Faccilonga Owens and Steve Owens. Brittni has always been the apple of Elba’s eye. She adored her granddaughter.

She was preceded in death by her beloved husband, Anthony Faccilonga, which was a major heartbreak for Elba. Anthony who passed / transitioned on July 2, 1968, leaving Elba a widow with three daughters under the age of ten. Elba stated she would never date again, as she would never be “that lucky again”. Her Tony was the love of her life. Elba was a widow at the age of 32. The loss was the beginning of Elba moving from New York, to Bridgeport CT, to Mexico, and then to Dallas (upon the urging of her very young daughters who wanted to return to the United States). However, the biggest heartbreak any human can experience is the loss of a child. Unfortunately, Elba’s beloved daughter Dawn Faccilonga, predeceased her on September 23, 2014. This truly broke Elba’s heart, along with the whole family and community who adored Dawn. Dawn was “The Original Animal Whisperer”, by all who knew her. To know Dawn was to love her.

Elba will always be remembered by her Superior Work Ethic, her love of gambling, her love of languages, as well as her true love of nursing.

Elba requested no service, and directed her eldest daughter Nanette to sprinkle her ashes all over Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. She gave that task to Nanette, because she knew, the task would be completed, regardless of effort required. This will be done in the Fall of 2017.