Emerita Ramos
Emerita Ramos
  • September 1, 1924 - December 25, 2017
  • Lake Mary, Florida

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Our mother, Ana Meri Justiniano, later known as Emerita Justiniano, was born on September 1, 1924 in Mayaguez, Puerto Rico. The third biggest city on the island.

In fact, she was not the only one born on that day because Esther Justiniano was her little buddy in the womb. They were twins. Real twins. They were born to Agripina Ortiz and Juan Justiniano.

My mother's twin, who we call Lula, is still alive but bedridden and quite ill. We are hoping for a peaceful transition to her maker. My mother also had two more sisters, Lydia Justiniano and Saro Justiniano and a brother, Rafael Justiniano. All are deceased now, but had fruitful lives.

My mother and father, Joaquin left for New York City looking for a better life. They were not married and they lived with relatives. They did get married on May 13, 1948. And in 1950, they had me, Ethel Ramos, in 1952 they had Juan Carlos Ramos and 8 years later, they had Luis Oscar Ramos in 1960. We were all born in New York City.

My mother and father's dream was that we all attend College. And thank God, it did happen. My mother was a hard worker and always made sure that she also dedicated her time to us and that she contributed financially to the household.

As a young girl my mother tried all kinds of trades. She was a nursing assistant, attempted to become a nun (she enrolled her cousin instead), was a seamstress and did beautiful needlepoint. In her forties she began making dolls and they were beautiful. We all have some of those dolls. Her final job and the one she retired from-was making the holy host for the Catholic church. She was also the receptionist for the Church in New York City. My parents retired in 1986 and decided to return to Puerto Rico where they stayed until 2004.

My parents moved to Deltona from Puerto Rico in 2004 in the middle of a hurricane. My mother loved her home in Saxon Ridge and especially her neighbors. She felt at home and knew nothing bad could happen to her or my father. She loved her garden and flowers and was thrilled when she got the garden of the month one year.

We loved our mother and will miss her dearly. You know she was an avid fan of Don Felipe Brandy and would have a few shots with her neighbors and every night.

We pray that she is with our Lord and that she meets Mary, the mother of God. She was devoted to Mary and prayed the rosary every day. After all, Mary was the mother of God who endured all the pain and suffering as well as the happiness of being a dedicated mother.