Estrella Q. Judilla
Estrella Q. Judilla
  • June 21, 1931 - November 15, 2017
  • Stockton, California

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Estrella wasn’t just another woman. She was the brightness that shined and helped lead people away from the darkness of the world. She was the girl that knew how to make everyone smile. She treated everyone with respect and positivity. She was a mother like no other and a grandmother who gave her grandchildren the world. She was a wife that had a heart for only one man and expressed the most unconditional love. She was a friend to all and cared for everybody no matter their differences. She traveled the world, shining her light through the Carribean, Hawaii, Europe, the Philippines, Mexico, and in her hometown of Stockton. She was the candle, lighting up the room wherever she went. She was able to devote her love to nature by sustaining a beautiful garden inside and outside her home. She brought her light to church every Sunday, expressing her love for the Lord and thanking him for giving her such a beautiful and long life. She always went to mass early so that she could greet her fellow parishoners. She let her granddaughter draw on collection envelopes so that she could stay entertained throughout the mass. Whatever someone wanted, she would obtain it no matter the circumstances. Estrella means star. Stars are the blessed light in our darkness. They show us all the blessing God has given us, one including Ester. Everybody loved Estrella more than the number of stars in the sky. Not only has the sky obtained another star, but heaven has gained a beautiful, smart, warm-hearted, loving angel.