Frank Domenic Polito
Frank Domenic Polito
  • March 8, 1960 - January 15, 2018
  • California

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Francesco ("Frank") Domenic Polito passed away suddenly on January 15, 2018 in Los Angeles, California. He was predeceased by his father, Natale Polito, and brother, Rocco Polito. He is survived by his mother, Lucia Polito, siblings, Maria D. Montana (John), Teresa A. Sullivan, (Donald) and Nat N. Polito (Melissa), and nieces and nephews.
Frank was born and raised with his four siblings in Spokane, Washington. His parents emigrated from Italy in the 50's to fulfill their dream of sending their five children to college. From day one he was a high achiever. He read voraciously and soon enjoyed academic success. He was the valedictorian of his high school class at Gonzaga Preparatory School. He was rewarded with a full ride scholarship to Georgetown University where he graduated summa cum laude. He then went on to graduate with honors from Georgetown Law.
Frank was also a great athlete with a thirst for competition. He had tremendous eye hand coordination. Growing up hitting the ball against the wall with no formal training, he ended up one of the better high school tennis players in Spokane, competing for a State championship. Even in his late 50's, his nephews had trouble beating him in ping pong or any athletic competition.
Frank became motivated to practice law as a teenager when his father was involved in a serious accident - he was struck by a railway train while driving a company truck. His father's lawyer abandoned the case just before the statute of limitations ran out forcing his father to accept a modest worker's compensation award. Frank often referred to this story and it motivated him to give his clients the best representation he could. He never stopped asking his family for thoughts and advice about his cases. He considered his father a 13th juror and believed that if he could not convince him, the case had problems.
Frank's legal career was stellar. Frank used his academic talent and love of literature to become a formidable trial lawyer. He was an unbelievable public speaker. Motivated to use the justice system to help people who have been wronged, Frank soon became a great success. In 1996, he obtained a $4.7 million verdict for his client against a shopping center. He stood in the shoes of his clients with unrivaled passion and compassion devoted to each case. The clients fortunate enough to hire Frank never left him. Despite his successes in a career spanning over 30 years, he lived modestly and balanced perhaps a nod to his Jesuit education. He continued to enjoy his mom's spaghetti dinners and time with his family.
Frank loved his family but he had a story book relationship with his brother, Rocco. Frank and Rock were born eighteen months apart. They played on sporting teams together and had a unique bond throughout their lives. Rock's passing in 2015 greatly affected Frank as he could not accept the irrationality of cancer and he could not use his skills to save his brother's life. But Frank found the positive and became deeply spiritual following Rock's passing. He kept Rock's memory alive by sharing stories of their times together. It was a joy to hear Frank tell a story especially about Rock. His stunning blue eyes would light up full of life. Frank brought joy to his family, especially his nieces and nephews. He always succeeded in making us laugh like no one else.
Perhaps a testament to Frank's wonderful education, he never stopped enjoying poetry and art. He had a lovely way of describing nature and life. His perspectives always left one thinking. Throughout his life, he expressed his creative side by writing lyrics and ballads.
Frank was the real deal. Never phony, he always looked for the good in people. Frank set high standards for himself. He also motivated those around him to be better and anyone who knew Frank was better for it. He was an extraordinary person who was loved and will be sorely missed. Here is to a life well lived. Rest in peace our wonderful son and brother.