Georgia E. Roberds
Georgia E. Roberds
  • February 23, 1942 - January 4, 2018
  • Richmond, Texas

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Georgia Ernestine Brough was born in Houston TX on February 23, 1942 to James Cyrus Brough and Anna Parks Smith Brough. Her parents enlisted the help of her older sister, Helen, to think of a name and eagerly awaited her arrival. The young parents, Anna & Jimmy, treasured their children, having lost their first baby, Patricia Ann at age 15 months to SIDS.

Georgia experienced a trauma of anoxia at birth, requiring additional attention and support from her parents, sisters, and daughters throughout her life. Georgia's disability was not discovered until she had difficulty walking and talking. She learned to speak by singing songs at speech therapy lessons. So she was singing all of her life, even before she could talk.

When Georgia was 3 years old, Anna's Grandpa, Ernest Charles Smith, a Unitarian Minister, joined the family and was a peaceful, stabilizing force in the home. He always had time for his great-grandchildren and was an important influence in development of their characters.

Georgia had an innocent, purely sweet soul with the ability to love unconditionally, forgive easily, and an easy acceptance of whatever her circumstances might be.

As children, Georgia and Helen were inseparable through the early years. They had happy summers swimming every day at Linder Lake swimming pool, where Anna taught everybody to swim. Georgia achieved a fine education with the help of Anna, who tutored her each afternoon with the next day's lessons, so she could excel at the Lutheran School.

Georgia was younger sister to Helen, and older sister to Barbara, who came along 13 years later. Barbara generously shared her attention among the 5 grown-ups in the family. Georgia loved to read to her little sister, and they played together a lot.

Georgia graduated Davis High School and received a scholarship to college. She attended the University of Houston, where she met her future husband, Ely Columbus Roberds. E.C. liked to take Georgia motorcycle riding, and Georgia told her Mama that E.C. wanted to take her to the moon. Anna replied that if E.C. wanted to take her to the moon, he would have to marry her first, which he did. She obtained her MRS degree at the age of 20 and moved to San Saba, TX, where they lived close to E.C's parents and E.C. took a teaching job.

Two years later, Georgia had her first baby, Edith Belle, named for E.C's older sister, calling her Edie. The little family returned to Houston a year later for E.C to take a Highschool Math teaching job in South Houston. Soon after, Georgia had her second baby, May Anne, named for her grandmothers on both sides, Mina May and Anna.

Georgia's husband, E.C was a juvenile Type 1 diabetic, who died at the age of 37, leaving Georgia with two young girls. They went to live with Georgia's parents. Georgia's mother, Anna, who had been ill, also died 2 months later. Jimmy now became Grandpa Daddy to Georgia's little family.

Family friends, Mona Johnson and Helen Hanft, helped Jimmy with Georgia and her girls. They were a "pretty good put together family" for 13 years. The girls were active in softball, Girl Scouts, dance, drill team and marching band. Georgia attended Clay Road Baptist Church where she sang in the church choir. She and Jimmy happily attended softball games, dance recitals and football games where the girls performed.

Once the girls grew up, Georgia's next phase of life began. It became important for Georgia to have her own place to live. She moved to Cullen Residence Hall, where she stayed for 4 years. She had her 1st job and 1st chance at independent living.

Later, she moved to Texas City for 15 years, living at the Susan Prevost house, a small group home. She took daily walks to the pharmacy, along an oak tree lined route. She enjoyed social visits with friends in the neighborhood, until she developed memory problems which required 24 hour supervision.

She then moved to Nixon's Assisted Living, under the care of Deborah Nixon, Kaye Burns, Delores Brown and their staff. She attended Nixon's Adult Day Care daily for 12 years until she had increasing memory and balance problems, resulting in difficulties for the staff. She was admitted to hospital and during that time, she lost the ability to walk or feed herself.

The last chapter of Georgia's life took place at Brazosview Healthcare Center, where she received loving care until her death on January 4, 2018. She had happy times with her room mate Jean, listening to music, sharing stories, and many loving interactions with her sisters and daughters. There was no one sweeter than Georgia, and she is now at peace singing in Heaven's choir.

She is survived by:
Her sisters: Helen Stembridge and Barbara Miller
Her daughters: Edie Hubenak and May Anne Siems
Her grandchildren: Zachary and James Hubenak ; Wesley, Lucas and Courtney Siems
Her niece and nephews: Michael and Ben Stembridge ; Jamie Miller