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U Chai Lam, 94, passed away peacefully on the evening of Wednesday, January 24, 2018 at his home in Houston, Texas surrounded by his loving children.
U Chai Lam was born in Bac Lieu, Vietnam on July 3, 1924.
On April 7, 1947, Mr. Lam was arranged to marry Ken Ho; they were married for 60 years.
U Chai Lam worked in his family-owned longan farm in Vietnam. He was a self-taught man, fluent in Vietnamese and Chinese. Writing calligraphy for his friends and family was a favorite interest. In 1992, Mr. Lam relocated to the United States to reunite with his children. There he continued to enjoy farming in his backyard.
Mr. Lam was a faithful and devout catholic. As a fervent supporter of the Catholic church he frequently attended mass and passed on his strong spiritual beliefs to his children. He adopted a son and supported him through priesthood. Father Khanh Hoang Nguyen now currently resides in Can Tho, Vietnam. His legacy inspires his children to both rebuild their native church in Bac Lieu, Vietnam and support local Catholic charities in America.
While U Chai Lam was a positive, wise, and humble hard-worker, he had a sense of humor. Teaching charity, philanthropy, and family values, he encouraged his children to pursue their dreams in business while always helping each other along the way. One of Mr. Lam's many sayings taught them that "if there is a will then there is always a way." He also continually reminded his grandchildren, "it's okay to overwork but not to overeat".
Mr. Lam was a connoisseur of tea, inviting guests to enjoy tea time with him when they visited. Discussions would range from reminisced days in Vietnam to the country's current economy. In the end America seemed to be the greater country compared to his blessed and beloved Vietnam.
U Chai Lam is survived by his 10 loving children: Khanh Mau Lam, En Kha Lam, Sui Khanh Lam, Long Khanh Lam, Hon Kha Lam, Douglas Khanh Lam, Ten Kha Lam, Hot Khanh Lam, Hen Khanh Lam, Sen Khanh Lam., 30+ (almost 31) grandchildren, and 15+ (almost 16) great grandchildren.
He is preceded in death by his parents, Van Lam and Vinh Thi Ngo; as well as his wife, Ken Ho and his daughter Hua Kha Lam.