Helen Eileen Peck
Helen Eileen Peck
  • September 29, 1955 - October 24, 2017
  • Springfield, Virginia

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A tribute to Helen

God sent an angel into my life 37 years ago. Her name was Helen Eileen Peck. She changed me forever. This is not only for those who knew and loved Helen but also for those who do not know her. Helen was the most wonderful person God created. When you met Helen you knew she was special. You were not only drawn to her outer beauty but more so to her inner. She loved life and enjoyed living life. She would always look for the good in people even in jerks. She had that wonderful distinctive laugh and what a beautiful smile. To go with that she had a tremendous sense of humor.

She was kind and generous to all. Some people used these attributes to steal from her and use her for their bad intentions. She always picked herself up and kept on pursuing the good in life. Helen was compassionate. She loved animals, plants; especially the ocean (Pacific) - all of God's creations.

She loved to cook and bake - she was hands down my Masterchef.

Helen was very intelligent and knowledgeable but never thought she was better than others.
She sacrificed and endured many hardships to help or please others she cared about. She was so unselfish and loyal. She did things unconditionally as was her love.

Friends meant a lot to Helen. True friends are hard to find and when she found them she loved them as family; loyal and protective of them through the years as they were for her. Helen was such a delight to be around.

Family was everything to Helen. Even though she could not communicate with them as often as she would have liked she loved them dearly. She was so proud of them all and wanted the best for them and their families. She liked being called Aunt Helen. And do not even think about saying something bad about them in her presence. She had their pictures displayed all around the house.

My life had become a mere existence. I was angry at myself, the world, God.....there was nothing to look forward to. I was destitute.

The day I met Helen it was like seeing light after being locked up in a dark closet for months - it was difficult to see at first but the feeling of joy and happiness was beyond description. We talked, laughed, joked around. We were alike in a lot of ways. I fell in love with her that first moment. She brought purpose; showed me how to live life again; to care about someone. I never felt so strong about my feelings in my life. It was not easy those 37 years. Helen was so caring, unselfish, understanding,loyal, and unwavering in her love. It was so genuine and unconditional. She was always putting herself second - God bless her - she was such a giving person. She did not change as a person because she did not have to. She embodied what living is all about.

People say - oh just remember the good times. Well, I say they were all good because we were together. Helen opened my eyes, my heart, and my soul. Only an angel could have done that. God blessed me to be with her those 37 years. I wish for more but that was not His plan for Helen. She is now with God and loved ones forever. God willing one day we will meet again to be together for all time. What I would not give to hear her laugh, see her smile, hold her close, or even have an argument - because we would be together.

Helen, I love you with every fiber of my being!

Helen, I Love You, Always & Forever Doug