Irene Quintero
Irene Quintero
  • June 22, 1962 - June 23, 2017
  • Fresno, California

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If there was ever a person who wanted to heal all the wrongs in the world, it was Irene Quintero. She was an idealist who sought to bring harmony to those around her. Even though Irene was enthusiastic and generous, it was sometimes difficult for her to boast about her accomplishments. Irene had strong personal convictions, making it hard for her to relinquish those ideals she held dearest to herself. Despite her outer strengths and beliefs, Irene sometimes struggled in her efforts to see the world as completely positive. Irene's life motto was always to hope for the best and work hard towards that end, but be prepared for some of life's disappointments. This philosophy was a continual driving force in her life, but it did not extinguish the bright light that defined the dreamer in Irene, something that was always there and that she readily shared with everyone around her.

Irene was born on June 22, 1962 at Fresno Community Hospital in Fresno, California. Her parents were Amelia and Casimiro Quintero. Irene was raised in Fresno, California. As a youngster, Irene demonstrated an excellent vocabulary and command of language. She was a compassionate person, a quality that she would carry with her throughout her life. Even at a young age, Irene was sensitive to her parents' moods and worked hard to please them and live up to their expectations.

Throughout her life, Irene showed a remarkable ability to mend relationships. This was true even with her siblings. Irene was caring, diplomatic and tolerant of the feelings of those around her. Irene was raised with eight siblings. She had three older brothers,Abel,Albert,Angel, and five older sisters,Diane,Mary,Esther,Betty and Enedina. Irene was constantly involved in activities with her brothers and sisters. Irene and her siblings had the typical rivalries while growing up, but they cared deeply for one another.

As a young girl, Irene lived a childhood filled with fantasy. She was generally in pursuit of her own identity, but she was also adaptable to almost any situation she faced. Irene took part insoftball tournaments with family. However, to Irene, the most fun to be had was simply playing, and spending time with her many friends.

High school was a time for Irene to seek out knowledge. She enjoyed learning and had a natural interest in gathering information. Irene had a flair for the poetic and was very expressive and articulate, especially when it came to her writing. Irene took her education seriously. She enjoyed some courses more than others, having favorite classes and teachers. The teacher she enjoyed learning from the most was Mrs. King.

While those who did not know her well found Irene to be somewhat reserved until they got to know her, she was an authentic and devoted friend. Irene was a tranquil person, with an easygoing and open-minded attitude towards life. She presented a pleasant face to the outside world but concealed the pain and discomfort she felt over her own friends' difficulties. Irene sought to achieve harmony with everyone and possessed the ability to mend conflicts and avoid interpersonal struggles. Later in life, she became friends with Carmen Aguilar.

The desire for romance was always present in Irene's life. Irene cared passionately for Joseph Alvino III. Her deep loyalty and a strong commitment to her vows brought a sense of completeness to their marriage.

Irene was a gentle person who held deep feelings for her children. She enjoyed having fun with her kids and was at times fiercely protective of them. Irene showed great empathy in her willingness to give every family member a voice in family decisions. She was blessed with Four children, One son, Joseph Alvino IV and three daughters, Melissa, Bettina and Vanessa. They were also blessed with 11 Grandchildren, Veronica, Alicia ,Andrea ,Athena, Joseph V, Robert, Aleksis, Violet and great granddaughter Leila. Two in heaven Ariel and Nicko.

Blessed with a strong sense of integrity, Irene was as loyal and committed in her work as she was in the rest of her life. Irene worked well with fellow employees and showed great cooperation in reaching common goals. Though she had a tendency to take on too many tasks, herself; Irene showed great patience with complicated situations. She was ingenious and trusted her intuition. For Irene, the application of logic could be optional, and while that sometimes bothered her co-workers, Irene always seemed to be able to get the job done. She was most comfortable working on the projects and jobs that she strongly supported. Her primary occupation was owner of J & I Janitorial. Irene always tried to be a team player, doing what was necessary in order to get the job done.

Irene enjoyed her leisure time by taking part in various hobbies. Her favorite pursuits were coloring and drawing. Irene was content to enjoy her hobbies alone but she was also willing to share her interests with others.

Irene's tremendous enthusiasm for the activities she enjoyed also influenced the pleasure she drew from sports. Recreational sports included Family softball. Irene also enjoyed watching sports and liked following her favorite teams whenever she got the chance to do so. Tops on her list were basketball and football.

Irene passed away on June 23, 2017 at Community Regional Medical Center, Fresno, California. Irene fought a battle of liver disease. She is survived by husband Joe, children Vanessa, Tina, Joseph and Melissa. Irene was laid to rest in Belmont Memorial Park Fresno California.

Irene Quintero was someone who was able to see the world as a good and honorable place. She viewed the people who inhabited it as essentially good. A person who tended to see the world in terms of black and white, Irene tried to focus on the good she saw, knowing that there were times she would have to compromise. She was selfless and deeply committed