James J. Burton
James J. Burton
  • January 27, 1942 - August 24, 2016
  • Martinsville, Virginia

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Who will feed the turkeys?-Jimmy Cracked Corn has Gone on to Heaven
He fed the turkeys, deer, rabbits and critters that wandered to his cabin off Pumpkin Town Hwy. A few times he even used an air horn to chase off black bears when they plundered his cracked corn. He achieved what many people only dream about, a HOME, a place to call your own. His cabin nestled in the woods and nearby stream in Pickens, S.C. offered the perfect place to relax and take refuge. You could actually hear him smile when he, the proud grandpa, reminisced about the grandkids riding the tractor out in the field.

His parents, Nathan C. Burton and Josephine Havlicek Burton, are surely very proud of him and the loving, caring, and giving man that he became. It was no secret that he longed for those family members that went on before him like his parents and his sister, Nancy Peters, who are all now blessed with his companionship once again. And those of us left behind.well to start with: His 3 daughters, Yvonne Ulmer, Debbie Beaumier, and Choice Woodward-from them added to his brood were: 6 grandchildren (Michael Ballou, Lana Ballou, Tonya Bredamus, Dean Davis, Bobby Davis, and Jason Leslie) and even 9 great-grandchildren. His sister and brother, Barbara Jo Frisco and Marvin Rosensteel, and Michael Hanley, who was like a son to him, and many nieces, nephews, cousins, and dear friends and colleagues from lifelong careers with Standard Oil and Alro Metals both of St. Petersburg, FL where he spent most of his life. He loved fast cars and go-karts, getting out the metal detector and searching for lost treasures, and broadcasting on his CB & Hamm radios. Breaker 1-9 you got the Treasure Hunter here. He had many loves, but what we remember most is that he loves us, his daughters, so much. That's what he whispered to us in a barely audible voice last week as he slipped away. "I love my girls".

He taught us to never leave the water running or the front door open. He ensured we were home before dark and came looking for us when we weren't (much to our embarrassment). He was our father and did what he could to keep us safe and out of harm's way. The endless search for the perfect Hull USA coffee mug that he remembered from years past or the Johnny Carson tapes that were never from the right year has ended. No more stories about trips to Easley with cousin Judd (William Huffman) or how he thought the mail carriers were losing his mail. Oh but that last smile that broke across his face at the utterance of those 4 delicious words "pineapple upside-down cake", it was something to behold! We have many memories which have been indelibly written on our hearts. Jimmy, we will love you forever and will never forget how you have touched all of our lives! Treasure Hunter out.