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The State of Texas has lost another wonderful daughter of the state today. This Lady embodies some of the same attributes for which the great state of Texas is famous. She has always exhibited a proud larger than life independent spirit with a no quit attitude.
She was the first recorded baby girl actually born in Levelland Texas in the year of 1924. You will not find her name in Wikipedia with a long history of accolades and accomplishments to refresh your memory of her good deeds. But, to those who have really known Mrs. Jean Jo "MeMa Mac" McDermett will surely feel a deep and impactful loss of her presence with us here on earth today. Her soul will be with the lord in heaven along with other family and friends whom have already made the journey.
It is the remembrance of her ever enduring "Independent Spirit" which will be with us all forever. Most of the "Independent Spirit" from Jean Jo now lives in the hearts of her two wonderful daughters, Becky McDermett Dennis and Suzie McDermett Parker. A portion of her Spirit is also now with her beautiful Grandchildren and Great Grandchildren. By the grace of God, Jean Jo was able to meet her last Great Grandbaby, Teagan Kay Dennis in January 2017 for the very first time. I would like to think Jean Jo may have passed along a bit of her "Independent Spirit" along with that mischievous pirate smile to Teagan. I am also hoping a part of that "Spirit" will cause Teagan to develop the inner strength needed to carry on Jean Jo's legacy of a caring person and an independent thinker with a heart of gold for those she loved.
Jean Jo was a tremendous caregiver with incredible strength to endure the lengthy illnesses and loss of her father, mother, husband, and son. It has been said her generation was the Greatest Generation because of their willingness to sacrifice and endure against all odds. This epitomizes the essence of Jean Jo and her ability to always give unselfish love, devotion, and support to her family throughout her life.
Today, the McDermett, McLean, Dennis, and Parker families are celebrating the life of Jean Jo (MeMa Mac) McDermett. She lived her life to the fullest with many wonderful memories. There is now a new angel in heaven and heaven is a better place.

God Bless Jean Jo