Joe D. Honea
Joe D. Honea
  • April 22, 1925 - January 3, 2018
  • Kennesaw, Georgia

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.-Mr. Joe D. Honea, age 92, of Kennesaw, Ga., passed away Wednesday January 3, 2018. Joe, was a native of Norcross, Ga., he was the son of the late Benjamin Franklin and Kansas Waters Honea. He was a Navy WW II veteran during his service time Joe was on the SS Frederick Jackson Turner.
Joe also worked for Lockheed from 1950-1987 and retired after 37 yrs., of service. Mr. Joe D. Honea is preceded in death by his wife Helen Grizzard Honea, and his sons, Johnny Darrell, Kelley White, and Trelley White
Survivors; Daughter Claudell Abney
5, Grandchildren and 12, Great Grandchildren
Funeral services will be held Sunday January 7, 2018 at 1:00 pm from the Chapel of Winkenhofer Pine Ridge Funeral Home Kennesaw, Ga., with Pastor Jimmy Blackburn officiating. Burial will follow in the Pine Ridge Memorial Park Cemetery. The family will receive friends from 11:00 am until 1:00 pm at the Funeral Home Kennesaw, GA. (770) 422-7299.
Life of Joe "Courtesy of Gaines Park Senior Living Community"
You'll know him right away by his Colonel Sanders mustache and meticulous attire, but it's not just his appearance that makes this fellow stand out in a crowd. Joe, or "J.D.," as he likes to be called, is a master story-teller.
Spend any time with this interesting character and you'll learn about his childhood: "1 was born 5th of 6 children in Norcross, Georgia. My Daddy died in '26, so my uncles put us up on a rented farm in Tucker. They got us a wagon, a horse, and a mule, chickens, pigs and cows. And we all had jobs to do. My job every day was to collect the firewood. I'd find lighter stumps (that's a pine tree cut when the sap is up). It makes for great kindlin' ! "
But he's just getting warmed up..."We had an old T-Model truck that my mother and brothers used to start a route selling our produce: beans, squash, turnip greens, carrots, peaches, blackberries. You name it, we grew it and sold it."
He'll share how his own trading days got started: "1 was around 8 years old; I swapped one of my Banty roosters for a bicycle. We broke the chain on that bike so many times we couldn't repair it no more. So we'd push it up to the top of the hill and take turns riding it down! We wore the tires out and rode on the rims; when they wore out, we just rode on the spokes. I got my money's worth outta that bicycle."
While in the Navy, J.D. relates how his crew arrived in Hawaii "just as they were chasing the Japanese back to Japan. The ships were still billowing smoke." He later served for 38 years with Lockheed and traveled to over 20 countries in his role as a Flight Line Mechanic with the C-130. Some great stories there, too!
Joe Honea and his family have called Kennesaw home now for many years, so if you hear the sound of a freight train coming through Gaines Park, it's not The General. It's just his trademark greeting with a whistle carved out of wood. But if any man deserves to toot his own horn, we think you'll agree-it's our good friend J.D.!