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Juanita Gail Daniell or as most called her "Gail" was born at Mountain Air, New Mexico, on October 9, 1947, and sadly expired on August, 13, 2017. She grew up in a loving and hard working family that earned a living with the sweat of their brows. She learned how to handle any and all hardships throughout the world from her loving family, Skeet Cardwell her father; Ruby Cardwell her mother; Johnny Lee Cardwell and Walt Cardwell her brothers; and Barbara Benge her sister. When she turned eighteen she met the love of her life, Loyd Daniell and blessed him with two boys, Jaylon Daniell and Wade Daniell. While also getting a best friend from the marriage as well her sister-in-law, Melba Cardwell of Midland, Texas. As the years went by in a flash and both of their boys blessed them with grandchildren, Emily Daniell, Kody Daniell, Ryan Daniell, and Tanner Daniell. The children would change her name from "Gail" to "Nana". For hours on end she would constantly chase these boys around the house fixing boo-boo's and kissing fingers - the grandchildren thought the world of her and their grandfather. During the grandchildren's whole life Gail and her husband went to every sporting event and family holiday; it always seemed that they both made time for family and Gail would constantly brag about how lucky she was to have such a great family. However Gail had many hardships, one of which was losing her youngest son Jaylon in a car accident two years after Jaylon's son was born, then in the 2013 Loyd Daniell, her long devoted husband, fatally succumbed to cancer but this didn't stop Gail from living her life and filling her families life with joy. She lived her life full of happiness, faith, and hard work; and she left all the people she ever met with dear and sweet memories of her.