Kevin Joseph Scott
Kevin Joseph Scott
  • October 23, 1965 - November 14, 2017
  • Louisville, Kentucky

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Kevin Joseph Scott, aka Kevo, Calvin, Unkle, and Fred (always when he wasn't paying attention), took off this mortal plane on November 14, 2017 at 4:15 p.m. in his sleep. Amazingly he was only 35 with 17 years experience.

One can only assume that the latest afternoon T.V. Programing literally bored him to death. His soul is free of his cancer-wrecked body and is currently going on a cruise then a walk about the beach where he was happiest. Though the rest of the world has suffered a loss, Shirley his mother has gained a partner in crime in the afterlife. If you can't get this year's black Friday deals, it's because they cahooted and beat you to it. That's got to be a benefit of the afterlife.

Kevin came into the world on October 23, 1965. The firstborn of Charles (aka Joe) and Shirley (affectionately referred to as Burley) . . . in just a few years the big brother to Charles (Chip) and Belinda (Bell). He was born breach -- which should have been an indicator that his destiny was to do things different from the norm. Kevin never backed down from a challenge. He tried his hand at many different types of employment. From cosmetology to black jack dealer to restaurateur to finally finding his nitch in real estate investing. He absolutely loved the thrill of the deal, remodeling, selling, but especially the demolition. He also loved Ty his partner and best friend who learned how to be successful in the business right alongside of him. It only took 'em approaching a couple decades to figure it out.

Though Kevin self-proclaimed himself to be "shy", there never was a person whom he couldn't and usually didn't not have a conversation with. His mantra through his life was, "THERE IS GOOD IN EVERYONE, SOME YOU GOTTA LOOK HARDER TO SEE IT, BUT IT'S THERE". And he meant it.

It was the simple things around him in life that he never took for granted, commenting daily how fortunate and thankful he was. Above all, Kevin was absolutely devoted to his family whether chosen or by blood. He always involved himself in every detail of his family's lives and supported, respected and loved them unconditionally. He was a man of strong faith, though he was raised in a loving Catholic home, he made the decision to become a Christian in the community of Disciples of Christ in 2008. This was the same year he was also baptized by immersion believing in the power and strength of Jesus Christ's love and the beauty and peace that would await him after his passing.

Services and Interment are being held privately; but, as big as his family is and if funeral crashing is your thing, you just may have well hit the jackpot. There are some pretty good gene pools going to be there.

Don't wear black, Kevin is way too colorful for that.