Larry Albert Boyer
Larry Albert Boyer
  • May 7, 1937 - December 11, 2017
  • Escondido, California

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In loving memory of

Mr. Larry Albert Boyer

(May 7, 1937 – December 11, 2017)

Larry Albert Boyer was born on his family farm in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, the third child of four, and the only son. Growing up, he had many responsibilities that helped to develop his character and integrity. From helping raise chickens and turkeys, to driving his dad’s mail truck in the early hours before school, Larry always did his work humbly and obediently. This dedication to duty led Larry to pursue a career in the Navy - even though he had originally wanted to become a dentist. At the Naval Academy, Larry excelled in both academics and in football. He played as a tackle, and even through a few broken noses - and even a broken jaw - he helped Navy win many games, including the 1959 Cotton Bowl.

Larry’s impressive stature and incredible physical strength earned him respect on many occasions, but it was his gentle heart that won him his real treasure. He met his blonde-haired, blue-eyed Hollywood beauty at a dance, and the minute he set eyes on her, he was smitten! It took a great deal of patience and persistence, but eventually, the lovely Holly agreed to dance with him. The rest is history! Larry and Holly were married in 1960 and soon had 3 children of their own: David Albert, Heather Louise, and Laurel Anne.

During the early years of marriage, Larry’s duty to the Navy called him away on covert operations during the Cold War and the Cuban Missile Crisis. As a Navigator and Executive Officer on a submarine, Larry was responsible for helping to track enemy subs. His career in the Navy led him around the world to places like Scotland, Brazil, and Hong Kong. He would bring home authentic treasures for his wife and young children, but it was difficult to be away from his family for months at a time. Larry retired in 1982 as a Lieutenant Commander, after serving 22 years in the Navy. He continued to work in the defense industry, as well as utilize his gifts in engineering as a consultant at Buck Knife.

Later on in his life, Larry loved devoting time to creating original artwork, including metal sculptures, beautiful birdhouses, and all kinds of characters out of rocks, kitchen utensils, and the most creative materials! Some of his favorite creations were his giant turkeys and “Boyer Bugs.” Larry always loved animals and was a wonderful caretaker for all of God’s creatures. From feeding birds and bunnies, to his family’s many pets, Larry always showed his kindness in his care for animals, especially his most recent dog and loyal companion, Woody. He also enjoyed gardening, preparing delicious meals, and passing down family recipes from his Pennsylvania Dutch heritage.

Most important to him was caring for his beloved wife of 57 years. Every day, he would bring Holly her coffee and breakfast on a tray with a beautiful fresh cut rose from his bountiful garden. These beautiful gestures spoke volumes of the depths of his love for his wife. Larry was always a patient, humble, hardworking, and faithful man of God. His dedication to the Lord was always apparent through his kindness and generosity, as well as the many, many times he spent in conversation with strangers, sharing testimony about the love and saving grace of Jesus. Both Larry and Holly devoted their lives to serving God in a multitude of ways. From creating a youth puppet ministry with his children, to counseling friends and neighbors, to leading a long standing Bible Study with several of his neighbors, Larry was always active in growing God’s kingdom.

Larry will be sorely missed by his family and loved ones, but they rejoice in knowing that He is home in Heaven, where together they will spend eternity with Christ. Larry is preceded in death by his parents Raymond and Lydia; older sisters Pauline and Nelma; and grandson Grant. He is survived by his wife Holly; younger sister Cynde; children David (Lisa) Boyer, Heather (John) Pedersen, and Laurel (Chris) Wallace; and eight grandchildren: Hope, Wesley (Macy), Daniel, Brittany, Davis, Savanah, Joy, and Holly.

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