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Marcia Lynette Larson Lyon was born in Jamestown New York to Helge and Margaret Larson on September 22nd 1934. She spent her childhood in Jamestown and graduated High School in 1952 and soon after, she met a dashing young Navy man, Donald Lyon (you know what they say about men in uniform) the rest is history. They were married in the summer of 1956 in Jamestown.
In 1957 she delivered David, the first of their three children. In 1958 she gave birth to Jeffery and after two boys they finally got what they had been striving for all along; a beautiful, bouncing , baby girl! Yes! They finally hit the jackpot in 1960 when she gave birth to Paula (guess you have already figured out who wrote this eulogy).
Marcia was shy and soft spoken in her early years. Perfectly happy staying at home and raising her three children. By the late 60's, out of necessity, and as so many women were doing, she joined the work force, Marcia attained employment as sales clerk for a local department store. She continued working there until Don accepted employment as a grounds keeper for a Boy Scout Camp in Chautauqua New York in 1971. At that point Marcia started working in a grape vineyard She worked outdoors year round enduring hot summers and winters with ice storms and snow three to four feet high. This is no exaggeration. She also felt it necessary to teach Paula and Jeff good work ethics and responsibility by dragging them along as forced child labor. Dave ran away to the Navy.
She really did love her children though. As they grew, she stayed involved in their lives as much as possible. She was a den mother for the boys when they were in the Boy Scouts and since girls were not allowed to join back then, she was a Girl Scout Leader for Paula's troop.
She loved to bake. This was something she tried to teach Paula but alas, to her grandchildren's disappointment, this is where the apple fell far from the tree.
One by one, the kids left the nest and starting their own lives. As mentioned, Dave joined the Navy, Paula not wanting to be outdone, joined the Air Force, and well, Jeff on the other hand tried to stay home as long as he could working with his dad as a carpenter.
They then made their way to Minnesota (even more snow), where Jeff finally married and had to leave home. Now Marcia and Don were finally able to move to the great state of Texas to be closer to their children and grandchildren. Some would say their "favorite", but others, like Dave... would well, also smurkingly agree.
After trying out Houston and not liking the traffic, (which was worse than even Minneapolis) or the high crime rate (which was another reason they had moved south, since Marcia had been robbed and attacked there) they left their jobs as co-managers of an apartment complex and settled in the Austin area. Here, they finally retired.
She started volunteer work at the local library which she really enjoyed, as one of her lifetime passions was reading. She had started out reading Harlequin Romance Novels during her younger years, then in her adult years picked a more realistic approach by reading Fantasy and Science Fiction novels. In fact, reading became her favorite pass time until she realized she was having a difficulty remembering what she had already read. It was at this time Don realized she was experiencing memory lapses and sought medical evaluation. Marcia was found to have early onset Alzheimers.
This incurable disease eventually robbed her of everything and everyone that she had ever known and loved, leaving her unable to communicate with or share emotions with anyone ever again.
Donald was an excellent care giver but with his advancing years, finally decided to move them to Abilene where they could be closer to family for assistance in caring for Marcia in the future. He loved and cared for her for ten years but eventually had to place her in a nursing home where she could get the care that he could no longer provide. He had a very difficult time knowing he could not take care of her but mostly, seeing her no longer recognizing him. He succumbed to cancer just three months prior to her passing. I believe that deep down, she had waited for him to pass so that he did not have to witness her death.
She will be dearly missed but we are all joyful knowing that she has finally escaped her failing body and mind and is now with the Lord God and those who have gone before her.
God Bless you Mom, Grandmother and Friend, Marcia Lynette Larson Lyon, may you have everlasting peace and love throughout eternity. We Love You