Margaret Elaine Colello
Margaret Elaine Colello
  • May 25, 1927 - December 4, 2017
  • Pasadena, Texas

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Marge was a person who always carried a strong sense of duty with her throughout her life. Possessed with traditional "old school" morals, Marge was an individual who clearly communicated to those around her just who she was and what she was all about. Everyone acquainted with Marge knew her as a well- Marge's parents, Catherine and Glen Rigsby, raised her in Chicago, Illinois. Even as a youngster, Marge learned to be objective, her faith in the principles of authority and dependability was something that she carried with her throughout her life. Marge's matter-of-fact attitude about most things was developed during her childhood. As a young girl, Marge enjoyed being part of organizations; she was proud to be a Job Daughter, and later in life became a Daughter of the Nile and eventually an Eastern Star.

In school, Marge was as close to being a model student as one could possibly imagine. She sought to achieve perfect attendance in all of her classes. A logical and focused thinker, Marge was always good at following directions and meeting her schedules, whether they were set by her teachers or were self-imposed.

Marge's practical work ethic carried over into her college years. Her logical mind permitted her to work hard without succumbing to the usual distractions of college life. Her fondest memory in school was a trip to the White House.

An objective and conscientious individual, Marge reveled in the security of her family. On May 25, 1954 Marge exchanged wedding vows with Francis Thomas Colello at Jackson Blvd. Christian Church in Chicago, Illinois.
respected and determined woman.

Marge was ever watchful of her children. She worried about them and was deeply concerned for their development as they grew up. She maintained a firm hand in their upbringing and had the ability to enforce the rules as needed to ensure that her children were properly raised. Marge was blessed with 2 Sons; Vincent and Francis. They were also blessed with 8 Grandchildren; Kelley, Thomas, Beth, Sonny, Gator, Rob, Deanna, and Melissa. Her Great grandchildren include Colt, Brady, Aidan, Frankie, Arabella.

Being a hard worker who praised efficiency, Marge was always striving to make improvements where they were necessary. Her primary occupation was Purchasing Representative at Shell Oil Co where she was employed for many years.

Faith was important to Marge. She held high moral standards and was worried about the moral decay she saw around her. For that reason she held deep spiritual beliefs that she was willing to share. She was a member of Asbury Methodist Church.

When it came time to travel, her favorite vacations included many trips to Hawaii with the love of her life, her husband of almost 50 years

Marge passed away on December 4, 2017 at Paramount Care Center. She is survived by her children, Vincent (wife-Tina) and Francis (wife-Kim); Sister JoAnn Pilson, Grandchildren Kelley, Thomas, Beth, Sonny, Gator, Deanna, Rob, and Melissa, Great Grandchildren Colt, Brady, Frankie, Aidan, and Arabella, and a host of nieces and nephews. Services were held at Grand View Funeral Home. Marge was laid to rest in Grand view View Funeral Home Cemetery.

Margaret E Colello did her best to ensure that her family, friends, loved ones, co-workers, and everyone whose life she touched was given the chance to become a better person.