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Marta Jorge Mejia, 64, passed away August 29, 2017.

Marta was born June 26, 1953 in Panchimalco, El Salvador in Central America. She attended elementary school until 1961. She worked in the fields until she was 21 years old and raised her two younger brothers. In 1977, she met her husband, Marino Mejia and opened a small construction business. During that time, they raised their daughters and earned their degree in construction management while running a very successful hardware store.

In 1979, the country of El Salvador broke out in the civil war. Marta Mejia endured the pain of losing most of her family members and remained strong for 10 more years. In 1989, Marta Mejia made the journey with her husband to the United States in search of a better life. She came to Hamilton, Texas in 1990. Marta Mejia later had three sons that grew up in Hamilton.

She is survived by her husband, 63, Marino Abelino Mejia, whom she married December 24, 1981. She is also survived by her three daughters, Carolina Mejia, Ann Ruth Mejia, and Jasmine Mejia; and three sons, Jermias Mejia, Billy Moses Mejia, and Marino Abelino Mejia, Jr.