Mary Elsie Swanson
Mary Elsie Swanson
  • November 2, 1918 - June 2, 2017
  • Plano, Texas

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Mary Elsie Trussell Swanson of Plano, Texas, passed on to be with her Lord in Heaven on June 2, 2017, after 98 wonderful years on Earth. Mary Elsie was born on November 2, 1918, in Mt. Calm, Texas to father Daniel Eugene Trussell, Sr., and mother Lucius Cornelius (Bass) Trussell. In addition to her parents, she is preceded in death by her husband Roy Erwin Swanson, Sr., sons James Logan Swanson, Don Eugene Swanson, John Edward Swanson, daughter-in-law Teresa (Anderson) Swanson, her brother Daniel E. Trussell, Jr., and her sisters Gladys (Trussell) Wright and Cora Lee (Trussell) Everett. Mary Elsie is survived by sons Roy E. Swanson, Jr. of Sugarland, Texas, Bill Swanson and wife Sue of Plano, Texas, daughter-in-law Linda (Rankin) Swanson, sisters Lucius Cornelius "Connie" (Trussell) Baker of Farmers Branch, and Patsy Pharr of Ocala, Florida. She is also survived by 15 grandchildren and 12 great-grandchildren.
Shortly after Mary Elsie's 91st birthday, she wrote the following autobiography.
I celebrated my 91st birthday November 18, 2009 and am feeling humbled. One of my grandsons has requested that I write my autobiography.
I was born in Mt. Calm, Hill County, Texas on November 2, 1918. The interim years I lived in Itasca, Texas and Ft. Worth, Texas. My life has been filled with love, wonder, and miracles, 5 sons, daughters-in-law, Teresa, Sue, Yolanda, Jill and Linda. 15 grandchildren and 8 great grandchildren.
Naturally, there have been some sad times. Death of their Dad, my husband, Roy Erwin Swanson, Sr. in 1991 and death of our son Don Eugene, in 2009. We know they are safe in the arms of our Lord.
Our oldest son, Roy Jr., has always been there when needed for his brothers. He has 3 daughters, Kathy, Susie and Linda.
Jim our second son, can always make you feel happy. He's our breath of fresh air! He's very industrious and independent, has operated an offshore shipping company in Jakarta, Indonesia for 30 years. He has one daughter, Debbie.
Bill, our third son, is good natured, easy to get along with, can always see the positive in Life. He and Sue have two sons, Sam and Steve.
Don our fourth son, was a giving and caring person who would give the shirt off his back to anyone. He lived on a ranch, enjoyed hunting and fishing, and was an insurance adjuster. His 4 children are Kyle & Leslie, Charles & Cassie.
John, Don's twin brother, has 5 daughters, Alice, Bryce, Crystyl, D'Andra and Nuffy. John and Linda are model parents. I am filled with pride and fond memories of my visits with them through the years.
Don and John were quite a pair when they were growing up. What one couldn't think of the other one could. They were mischievous and daring. One game they played was the "2 cans connected by a string". They would
stand around the corner from each other, one saying, "Can you hear me? Can you hear me?" the other one answering "No, I can't. No, I can't."
When they started in first grade, their teacher, Mrs. Towle, would tell me about their climbing in competition with other students. It didn't matter how high the branches reached, they would climb to the top first, and win!!
Summing it all up, I would give each and all of my 5 sons - "from 1 to 10" - a "10". Am I prejudiced? YES!! They are my Pride and Joy!!
My husband and I married in 1938 in Ft. Worth, Texas. We met at the Travis Avenue Baptist Church. Our 5 sons were born within the first 8 years. Then we moved to Brownsville, Texas in 1948. My husband accepted a job with Anderson Clayton Company to manage the oil mills in Mexico. Brownsville being on the TX/MX border was the ideal place for us to rear our children - Stateside. Brownsville was home for 45 years. Though we were not farmers, we wanted to rear our sons on the farm. So, we purchased 18 acres, seven miles from town. A neighbor farmed the land for us through the years on per-centage share basis, and year after year he planted tomatoes and cotton.
In 1993, after all the boys were in their own homes, I was living alone in Brownsville. Bill and Sue persuaded me to move to Plano to be near them. It was the right move. Plano has been my home for 16 years. I am happy here.
I was reared in Ft. Worth, Texas. My dad, Daniel Eugene Trussell, was an auto mechanic and my mother, Lucius Cornelia Bass, was a seamstress. Also, she had a costume rental business.
There were 6 children in the Trussell Family, 5 girls and 1 boy.
Three of my sisters, Cora Lee Everett, Lucius Cornelia Baker and Patsy Ruth Pharr married Baptist Preachers.
My oldest sister, Gladys Evelyn Wright, was a stay at home mom.
Then, since I took business courses in high school, I was equipped to work in an office. I worked at various jobs, cashiering and clerical - but enjoyed most of all my 12 years as a Bank Teller. I'm a people person!!
My brother, Dan Jr., was 2 years younger than me. He served in the Navy - WW2 - as a boatswain (carpenter). When the war ended, Dan Jr. went into the auto mechanic business with our Dad.
My grandparents had large families.
Paternal - 10 children
Maternal - 11 children
Large families were common in those years.
My Grandpa Trussell was a wealthy farmer.
My Grandpa Bass was a dentist.
My prayer is that I live within God's Plan for my life and that I am a Witness for The Lord in my everyday life.
Mary Elsie Trussell
November 27, 2009