Norman Nicholson
Norman Nicholson
  • January 15, 1938 - August 18, 2017
  • Wylie, Texas

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Norman Nicholson

Date of Birth: January 15, 1938

Date of Death: August 18, 2017

Parents: Jack Nicholson and Harriet Gregory

Norman and I, Agapito Leal (AKA) Pete, were companions for many years. It would have been 50 years in March of 2018.

Norman was one of seven siblings. Five of them have passed and he is survived by his older sister, Mary Amos from Scotland, and many nieces and nephews…whose names are difficult for me to remember. He especially loved to go to Scotland to see Leslee and Kevin and their kids…Leslee was his favorite in Scotland. I love that family too. They were so accepting of me and were always very kind to me.

I would like to give thanks to Melvin and Margaret Hallam and also to Joanne and Peer Hallam (Norman’s favourites in England). They welcomed me into their homes and were very willing to take me and Norman wherever we wished to go in the beautiful cities of Durham and Newcastle. I grew to known them very well and love them dearly. God bless them all.

Norman was Honourably discharged from the Royal Air Force in 1966.

He came to the United States in 1967 as an RN and worked his first job at the Dallas Presbyterian Hospital.

He moved to Austin in 1973 and worked there as an RN at Brackenridge Hospital, and at that time he received his Masters Degree from Texas Women’s University in Temple, Texas.

In 1979 he moved to Los Angeles, CA where he worked as a Teacher of Nursing at the Los Angeles County School of Nursing, through the University of Southern California until he retired as the Director of that school in 2006 and moved to Wylie, Texas where he lived until his last day.

He came into our family in 1968 and everyone readily accepted him and welcomed him with open arms, especially Mama Maria, who really cared for him. She spoke no English and he spoke no Spanish but they could communicate very well.

In 1979, my grandniece, Shantelle, was born. Sylvia, her mother, asked Norman to be the baby’s Godfather and he accepted gladly.

He loved children. When a new baby came into our family, he made sure that the child received a good gift, either in cash or gift certificate. He liked to spoil children by giving them gifts for Christmas. He was very special in that respect.

He loved going to the casinos … didn’t matter where. Shreveport, Choctaw. Winstar but more than any of these, he loved Las Vegas.

So, I have decided to take his ashes to Las Vegas and see what happens. Maybe he can tell me where to spread them from beyond.