Robert Vernon Miller
Robert Vernon Miller
  • March 3, 1933 - August 10, 2011
  • Bullhead City, Arizona

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"Anything is possible." That is what Robert "Bob" Vernon Miller believed about life. He was a creative man, a perpetual inventor, who seemed to be able to find a solution for any difficulty confronting him. He had faith in his ability to find those solutions. Bob thoroughly enjoyed understanding how things worked. He possessed an inquisitive, confident, and rational nature matched with a versatile and agile mind. Bob was a person who believed that he could achieve whatever he set out to do.

His parents were Roy & Martha Miller. He had one brother, Richard Miller. Bob was raised in Hecla, South Dakota. He showed his ingenuity even as a child. When he was confronted with a problem, Bob could develop an imaginative solution, and he derived satisfaction from knowing he had that ability.

This same talent for finding solutions had a positive bearing on Bob's family relationships. When a difficult situation or dilemma arose within the family, Bob was always there to help figure out a solution for making things work.

As a young boy, Bob could be found building and inventing new and different things. He was curious, resourceful and interested in anything original. Robert took part in raising "cain". He was a member of The Thrasher's.

Bob was socially resourceful, an expressive person who was willing to try new things. These qualities drew a lively circle of friends around him. Always interested in his friends' activities and interests. He was sought after by people who recognized that he was generous with his time and energy, and these same friends found Bob to be very stimulating company. Bob's humor and curiosity were contagious for those around him. While growing up, he had many, many friends. Later in life Bob still had many of those friends along with new friends he met after moving to Bullhead City.

Bob married his high school sweetheart Byrdyne Rae Clark and they had 4 daughters, Sandy, Sheri, Shawn and Sarena. Brydyne (Dean) passed away in 1993 in Bulhead City.

Bob found love again and on March 16, 1996 exchanged wedding vows with Maria Elena Serrano at The VFW of Bullhead City, Arizona. He was a vibrant personality and he enjoyed verbally sparring with Maria. In fact, those who knew him often remarked that Robert loved to argue for argument's sake. He was very perceptive in recognizing others' feelings, especially regarding Maria's.

Bob's remarkable talent for being inventive influenced his relationship with his children. Bob was blessed with four daughters and three step-sons, four daughters, Sandy, Sheri, Shawn, Sarena and three step-sons, Mike, Danny and Steven. They were also blessed with 16 grandchildren and one great granddaughter, Kim, Kari, Bob, Justin, Colby, Krissy, Haley, Paul, David, Amber, Brendan, Tiana, Malaki, Madison, Reagan, Shelby,Chasin & Chad. Someone who was quick to laugh, Robert found it easy to spend lots of time with his children, but he was never overbearing or guilty of pushing himself on them.

As a born inventor, Bob was definitely in his element in his work place. He could easily create new and innovative systems with the use of his "DUCT TAPE" and incorporate those changes to bring a fresh approach to any work situation. Bob was a focused worker with a strong drive for achievement. He could assess all of the options before him and, using his analytical skills, could comfortably find answers that no one else had even considered. His personal initiative inspired those around him. Bob was always good at getting a project started and then, at the appropriate time, handing it on to a colleague. His primary occupation was being a construction worker. Bob always made an effort to be a team player, doing what needed was necessary in order to get the job done.

Bob's "never say die" attitude and his ability to face any challenge no matter how difficult it might be were tremendous assets that Bob carried with him into the military. Bob was a Navy Veteran. From 1950 to 1953 he served aboard the USS Cabot. Bob saw action during The Korean War.

Bob's passion for finding a better way to do things was often an end in itself for him. In fact, that interest by itself became something of a hobby for this perpetual problem solver. Since Bob was always searching for new and unusual activities, he developed many interests and leisure pursuits. Some of the things he became an "expert" in might come as a surprise to those who knew him, but most friends and family understood that Robert simply couldn't be limited to just a few activities or ideas. His favorite pursuits were Karaoke, dancing and music.

Bob's demeanor and eternally positive outlook served him well in sports. Bob was also something of a sports fan and enjoyed following his favorite events whenever he got the opportunity. Tops on his list were wathing his favorite baseball team, the Dodgers of which Maria enjoyed just as much. They would watch every game on TV when possible and made a few trips to the Dodger stadium with his daughers, son in laws and grandchildren.

Bob's talents were well suited for being actively involved in professional and community organizations, something he did throughout his life. He enjoyed being involved and was willing to jump in and help out in most any situation. Bob could bring a breath of fresh air to any organization, simply by introducing his novel ideas and problem solving strategies. Throughout his later years, Bob was an active member of the VFW, Moose Lodge and the American Legion. He as also a passed commander of the American Legion.

Bob was continually concerned with the status of local, national and even world affairs. His keen interest and strong values led him to become active in his community. Serving on committees which were affiliated with the VFW,