Ruth N. Durham
Ruth N. Durham
  • July 13, 1917 - September 26, 2017
  • Raleigh, North Carolina

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There is an hour, just after sunset, when all nature seems to be preparing for rest; when the heavens are telling, in the rich coloring of the dying day, the story of the great Light which never wanes! We watch the majesty of all this, and realize the swiftness with which our lives are ending. Then, oh then, the loved ones, absent from us, come into affectionate remembrance; and those, too, whom we have loved and lost awhile who rest in the peace of God, invoke our loving hope and earnest prayers.

Is it not a beautiful fancy?
This sunset thought of mine;
That the gates of Heaven are always
Open at the day's decline;
That those whose day is ended
Of earthly woes ands ills,
Have passed to the morning brightness
That shines on the heavenly hills.