Sharon Sue Libbey Palmer
Sharon Sue Libbey Palmer
  • April 26, 1943 - November 11, 2017
  • Raleigh, North Carolina

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Sharon Palmer was welcomed into this world on April 26 1943 in Denver Colorado and named Sharon Sue Libbey. As her family surrounded her with love and song she departed this world to remain with the Lord on November 11th 2017 in Raleigh North Carolina. She is loved and now missed by her blessed son and daughter, two treasured grandsons, precious sisters, valued family, and many beloved friends. Her giving nature, quest for knowledge, words of wisdom, and zest for fun will be remembered.

Sharon Palmer's passions were her deepening relationship with God, her love for her family, studying and teaching Biblical Scriptures, and working in her garden. She had a sweet tooth, taking after her father. She loved a challenge and had a competitive streak. She enjoyed working hard and playing hard, unable to relax if she had 'done nothing all day'. She took an interest in the people she met and knew folks by name who worked at the stores and venues she frequented. All her life people have been drawn to her for advice and her receptive ear. She inspired love, growth, and balance.

Sharon Palmer's relationship with God was not static but always growing; what was constant and unshakeable was her quest to know Him and her trust in Him. She didn't 'question God' but always had many questions for God and was unafraid to ask Him and encouraged others to "ask" because she believed He would answer.

Sharon Palmer clearly loved her family and did all she could for each member. She loved to sit with her family and have energetic discussions about Scripture, current events, movies and books, and personal experiences. She liked to be informed and was opinionated but always listened to other points of view and encouraged questions. She even started watching anime shows her grandsons were watching on the Toonami television program so she could discuss the characters and plotlines with them. When any of her family needed her she was always there with practical help and with unconditional love and support. She and her late husband, Willis M. Palmer, fostered strong family ties by their unabashed investment of time and commitment to family.

Sharon Palmer's studies of Biblical Scripture were fueled by her voracious quest for knowledge and understanding and her desire to pass on that knowledge to others through teaching. She wanted to 'know for herself' and she wanted those she taught to 'look it up' and 'confirm' for themselves rather than 'taking her word for it' just as she had done. She enjoyed investing her time and energy into those studies, her Bible filled with personal notes along the margins, and she valued any opportunity presented to her to impart what was gleaned to those who would listen.

Sharon Palmer loved to be in touch with nature and her garden was her favorite setting. She loved the rain and the earth and the process of planting and growing. She always said what she enjoyed most was the outcome of her hard work rather than the labor itself but she spent so many hours out there the creative outlet was obviously refreshing, well maybe not the weed-eater part of it. Her many incarnations of that garden were so magical the children of family friends would come over just to explore her garden like a wonderland. She brought it back after hurricanes had destroyed it and each time it was more beautiful than the last.

Sharon Palmer will be remembered for giving her life to God, giving her love to family and friends, giving her gained knowledge and wisdom in teaching, giving her inspiration to take care of the earth and value it's beauty, and also for giving herself to enjoy life and have fun. In the past, if you wanted to find her you could look for her sitting at her kitchen table reading her Bible or praying or studying. You could find her sitting in the living room having discussions about world events or movie themes with her son. You could find her sitting outside on the patio of Torero's Restaurant with her daughter, listening to news about her grandsons or reminiscing about the last Ichibancon anime convention attended together. You could find her talking with her friends from Bible Study, hashing out questions or setting up the next meeting. You could find her skyping or texting her sisters. You could find her listening to her "Lord of the Rings" soundtrack or watching Star Trek Continues on her computer. You could find her dancing in the rain.

...That was in the past, now she must be found in our memories and in our hearts. Thank you, God, for sharing Sharon with all of us.