Sherry Kraft
Sherry Kraft
  • January 15, 1922 - February 22, 2015
  • Houston, Texas

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Sherry Goldin Kraft passed away gently with her loving family by her side on February 22, 2015. She left 93 well-lived years behind her as testimony to her deep love of life. She peacefully slipped away with the same grace, presence, and dignity that she brought to her long and fruitful life.
Born in Brooklyn, New York on January 15, 1922, Sherry began a journey filled with family and purposeful work. Sherry and her two brothers, Fred and Jerry, had a childhood filled with love in the midst of a challenging world. The Goldins struggled, like so many others, to make a life in the midst of the Great Depression. It is in these these years that Sherry learned about grace under pressure and the strength of family in a crisis. She never forgot these lessons and remained a frugal, hard-working, generous, stately, and loving woman for the rest of her life.
Sherry worked her way out of hardship graduating from Columbia University to begin a career in social work.
Statuesque and well kept, intelligent and educated, compassionate and interactive, graceful and vivacious ... by all accounts she was quite a catch.
Sherry cherished her her hard-won freedom and independence but longed for a family of her own. She waited until her late twenties for marriage and chose her partner from a number of well qualified competing suitors.
In what was to be a union of 59 years she gave her hand in marriage to Irvin Kraft MD on July 4, 1951.
He was one lucky guy.
Sherry stepped off her rising professional star and readily became the matriarch of this new Kraft family. Four children - Karen, Channa, Elizabeth, and Mark - soon formed the core of her world. She sailed her ship of love and motherhood through seas both calm and stormy. Her children all proceeded into productive and useful lives just as she had intended.
In the later decades of her life, Sherry returned to her profession of social work and was beloved by her patients. Everyone whose lives she touched on her travels or daily activities was captivated by her. Opera, ballet, and theater were her second loves.
With her hair done and nails immaculate, Sherry exited this life in peaceful grace surrounded by her children and grandchildren.
A life lived long and lived well.

The Family Wishes to Offer Special Thanks...
Sherry's life-long best friend was Yvette Jackson. Her husband, Dr. Dan Jackson, is a physician possessing great intellect, humor, and integrity. Their son Dr. Robert E. Jackson, who used to have cookies and milk in Sherry's kitchen when he was a child, grew to become a leading physician in Houston and took on her medical care as his personal mission. He meticulously cared for Sherry over the years with a dogged commitment to loving and compassionate care which included countless house calls. He was singularly responsible for keeping Sherry healthy and vibrant far beyond anyone's highest hopes.
Sherry found so many great new friends at her final home at the Hamptons / Brookdale and the family wishes to thank them all for their love and caring.
Sherry's wonderful and gentle caregivers... Patricia Hudson, Sherella Monroe, Stephanie Elzy, LaQuitta Fabiyi, Latosha Middleton, Thelma Canterberry, Mary Dawson, and Karen Chevalier became a part of our family by opening up their hearts to our mother.