Shirley Jean Archuleta
Shirley Jean Archuleta
  • July 4, 1937 - May 27, 2014
  • San Pablo, Colorado

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Shirley was Born: Shirley Jean Medina, July 4, 1937
Returned home at the age of 76

Shirley's death was sudden for most of us because she never showed how sick she was. For her immediate family, however, they always knew better. Shirley was not only a gift but an inspiration to all of us. Therefore, we are here to celebrate her life, not her trials and tribulations.

Some things you may not know about Shirley:
When Shirley was a teenager she lived in California with her relatives. She graduate high school in Beaumont California, which is near Palm Springs. She worked for Mays hamburger joint and they used to listen to the jukebox, and dance the jitterbug...yes they really danced the jitterbug. A true bobbie-soxer. When they would be at a stop light and their favorite song would come on they would hop out of the car and dance. When the light turned green they were all scrambling back into the car. True innocent fun. If you ever witnessed Ed and Shirley dance they were better than the Dancing with the Star Champions.

She loved her humming birds. For those of you who were able to visit Shirley and Ed at the ranch may have witnesses at least a hundred humming birds, and that is not an exaggeration. Visitors were completely fascinated by how many birds swarmed the feeder. She loved fishing, hunting and camping. Many of us I am sure have plenty of stories to share about camping. Which we hope you will share with us.

She came from a very large family, 4 sisters and 4 brothers. Gatherings with the Medina clan was always an adventure. Shirley was very close and had a special relationship with each one. She had 2 daughters, Terry and Tammy. She enjoyed her 4 grandchildren, Princes, Tinka, her Little Love Bug, and Angel Girl. And what can I say about Ed. They were often called Ginger Rogers & Fred Astaire. I even heard them be called Spic & Span. She cared for him and he cared for her. Shirley and Ed were true lifelong partners. They had a special bond. There was no greater love that exists on earth but God's Love.

She was very Spiritual she love God and was a devout Catholic. To some of us she was a surrogate mother. Shirley express so much love in many different ways. If Shirley knew your birthday, you would get a birthday card. I would suspect most of us have received a card from her. To others she was a friend and a confidant. Look around you, this is Shirley. All the love, care and respect she gave, is in this church and tonight you are showing us the love you have for her. Look around you this is whose lives Shirley has touched. Shirley we will miss you and our gift to you is the Rosary we say for you.

Arrangements under the direction of Olinger Highland Mortuary & Cemetery, Thornton, CO.