Stuart Solomon Auerbach
Stuart Solomon Auerbach
  • September 9, 1932 - August 31, 2017
  • Winter Springs, Florida

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A Beautiful Legacy: A Life of Family, Adventure and Compassion

Stuart S. Auerbach of Winter Springs, 84, passed away peacefully in his home surrounded by his wife and family on August 31, 2017. He was born in Bronx, New York City on September 9th, 1932. He was a Korean War veteran. During his service, he became interested in mine detectors. When he returned to civilian life, he turned what he had learned into a metal detector and treasure hunting business, Kellyco, which became the largest in the world.

Stuart enjoyed a reputation for great competence, fairness and integrity. His vision was to bring families together, preserve history and bring this constructive hobby to the everyday individual. Stuart was a consummate businessman, but also a humanitarian who was well loved for his humanitarian and charitable endeavors as well as for his fine sense of humor. The four words to describe Stuart’s life would be faith, family, adventure and compassion. He understood the importance of adventure and travel to enrich one’s life. To Stuart, when exploring and viewing the world in new ways, a person becomes his or her best self.

Everything was about a holistic perspective and about an international family. Through his business, which involved international sales and trips to distant lands (where one could use the metal detectors to hunt for treasure), Stuart built an international “family.” In this way, he also brought family fun and adventure to the everyday person. In addition, it was a way to gain an appreciation for history and all forms of knowledge.

Stuart opened the doors of the industry for people of all ages and backgrounds. He had compassion and strived to help as many individuals as he could. This could be by mentoring or just by providing a few words of encouragement or direction. To Stuart, success was not just about money, it was about spreading inspiration. New bonds and relationships were created everyday which brought Stuart and family even more love and friendship. Each friendship was like a chain reaction that brought new achievements and innovation to the treasure hunting field. Stuart Auerbach became a legend in the metal detecting/treasure hunting field.

Stuart enjoyed reading, traveling and regular exercise. In his youth, he became interested in body building and placed 2nd in a Mr. Miami contest. Stuart was a loving husband, father, grandfather, brother, friend and world citizen. He was a very spiritual man, who is now at peace with his Lord. Stuart is survived by his wife, Carolyn, his daughter Dione Fetner, his son David Auerbach, grandchildren (Emily Fetner, Clint Auerbach, Devon Auerbach & Carly Auerbach) and by his brother, Roy Auerbach of Carmel, California.

Rest in peace with God our Father,

Your loving family.