Wallace Mason Vaughan,
Wallace Mason Vaughan,
  • April 15, 1946 - December 30, 2017
  • Virginia Beach, Virginia

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Wally was born April 15, 1946. He was a graduate of Princess Anne High School and thereafter served 4 years in the United States Navy, honorably discharged in 1968 and served in the Naval Reserves until 1971. After serving his country, he embarked on a career within the private sector and rose through the ranks to become Production Manager of Planters Peanuts, located in Suffolk, Virginia. While working within a highly branded organization such as Planters, Wally's name and reputation also became branded as he was consistently identified and tapped by authorities within the industry as a subject matter expert. After retiring through various holding companies of Planters for 35 years, Wally continued as an independent consultant to various manufacturers within the industry through 2017.
In succession to his father Wallace Sr., Wally Vaughan Jr. was recognized not only by his family, but by all who came to know him as Patriarch of anything, anytime and anywhere his life would lead. With magnetic charm, his presence in your company was often, if not always, present in your life; wrapping you in smiles, laughter and yes even bewilderment. Immersed in either work or play, preoccupations of deeds, tasks or forms of entertainment were merely subjects in "Wally's world"; if you were with him, deeds were lessons; tasks were morals; and entertainment was simply being alongside him, regardless of the endeavor. Wally was President of Marshall Hunt Club in Suffolk, Va., loved fishing, golfing, NASCAR, playing cards, cooking and antiquing with his wife Sandra. To summarize all of Wally's interest or hobbies; he liked anything you were doing, but loved it more doing it with you and vice versa.
To all of those who knew you Wally, our hearts combined could not resist nor restrain the one heart who called you home. In heaven you will tend to the forest and fields you once walked here, and glide across waters where our hearts await still. You will ace your new course and roar pass the white line, and be triumphed in spirit through history and time. You'll prepare such a feast for all those you knew, and comfort the meekest of souls, including ours too. You'll collect older trinkets for that one soul in mind, then share them with her another place another time. You'll browse about the heavens and find love in each one, and make special that place when it's our time to come. And while you have gone in peace to our Lord, Jesus Christ, you have enriched in us all a piece of your life.